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Sun 14:32 - Until then
Keep an eye on the news section for all the latest from the WRC and don’t forget WRC+ for full programmes and onboards from this season. Bye for now!

Sun 14:31 - We will return
On 22 January for the opening round of the 2016 season, Rally Monte Carlo

Sun 14:28 - Rally complete
And that's where we'll end our live text service from Wales - and from the 2015 World Championship season. We hope you've enjoyed it.

Sun 14:27 - WRC Drivers’ Standings top 10
1) Ogier: 263 points, 2) Latvala: 183, 3) Mikkelsen: 171, 4) Østberg: 116, 5) Meeke: 112, 6) Neuville: 90, 7): Evans: 89, 8) Sordo: 89, 9) Paddon: 84, 10) Tanak: 63

Sun 14:26 - WRC Manufacturers’ Standings
1) Volkswagen Motorsport: 413, 2) Citroën Total Abu Dhabi World Rally Team: 230, 3) Hyundai Motorsport: 224, 3): M-Sport World Rally Team: 181, 5) Volkswagen Motorsport II: 131, 6) Hyundai Motorsport N: 67, 7) Jipocar Czech National Team: 53, 8) FWRT SRL: 13

Sun 14:25 - Power Stage points
1: Latvala 6m50.3s (3 points) 2: Mikkelsen +2.4s (2 points) 3: Kubica +5.9s (1 point)

Sun 13:16 - Text break
A brief admin pause now. We'll be back soon with the full results and championship standings

Sun 13:16 - Wales WRC 2 FINAL:
1.Suninen 3:15:01.4s, 2.Camilli +19.2s, 3.Breen +1:02.0s, 4.Al-Kuwari +6:14.1s, 5.Koltun +9m09.3s. Camilli loses lead

Sun 13:11 - Wales FINAL
1.Ogier 3:03:02.0s, 2.Meeke +26.0s, 3.Mikkelsen +36.2s, 4.Sordo +2:51.3s, 5.Paddon +3:00.5s

Sun 13:07 - SS19: WRC 2 Giordano
"I hope I will get the car to the end. The rear transmission is going to break. I hope to got over the finish line and then get on the plane home!"

Sun 13:06 - SS19: WRC 2 Suninen
"That's the best way to end the season. A new rally for me and lots to learn."

Sun 13:04 - SS19: WRC 2 Camilli
Heartbreaking stuff on the Power Stage when Eric LOSES the lead to Suninen by 19.2sec! "We still have a problem with the engine, we have no power," the devastated Frenchman explains. "I wanted the victory but it's been a really bad day. That's life. It's tough."

Sun 13:00 - Power Stage podium
More French reflection on the podium, where the top three, Ogier, Meeke and Mikkelsen leave the champagne unopened and hold up a French Tricolor.

Sun 12:54 - Ogier pays respect
Recognising the tragedies in Paris, Ogier and his co-driver Julien get out of the car and stretch a French flag across the windscreen. "Okay, victory here is the best way to finish the season but there is no point to celebrate anything today. We have other things on our mind. It has been a difficult weekend."

Sun 12:50 - SS19: Ogier
No last stage push for Seb who completes ninth fastest to take the rally win by 26sec from Meeke.

Sun 12:48 - SS19: Meeke
Fourth on the Power Stage secures second place overall and the points he wanted for Citroen. Job done. "It felt good this weekend. A tough rally but I enjoyed it. Next year? My garden's a bit overgrown so I might fix it. Let's wait and see..."

Sun 12:45 - SS19: Mikkelsen
2.4sec slower than Latvala. That puts him second on the Power Stage and keeps him third overall. There's grass stuffed in the front of his Polo R. "I always try a little bit! Not too much though because I wanted this podium. I look back on a good performance this year, a lot of podiums and my first win. I can't wait for next year."

Sun 12:41 - SS19: Sordo
A cautious run through the Power Stage nets Dani a decent fourth place in Wales. "Not so bad. The rally was really nice. The car's performance was okay. A good result to finish the year with."

Sun 12:39 - SS19: Paddon
Third quickest on stage so far and it's fifth overall for Hayden. "A difficult weekend but we got the result we wanted. There have been improvements throughout the weekend. Huge thanks to the team. Now I'm looking forward to the new car - and a new me - in 2016."

Sun 12:36 - SS19: Evans
Third quickest so far, 9.6sec off the pace. Looks like sixth place for the Welshman. "A pretty tricky stage to end with. A lot of water. I'm glad to be at the end. No news about next year yet. Have we done enough? Who knows. We've put a massive effort in this year. Definitely there has been progress and we took another big step forward this weekend."

Sun 12:33 - SS18: J WRC Folb
No windscreen and a drafty ride for the Frenchman. "Our windscreen wipers stopped working on the first stage and we couldn't see much so we took out the windscreen so at least we see something!"

Sun 12:32 - SS19: Lefebvre
The Citroen youngster brings his DS 3 home eighth. "Very tricky but a great experience. I'm very happy with the car, fantastic. I have no idea about next year for the moment. I hope to continue in the best car."

Sun 12:30 - SS19: Ostberg
10.4sec off Latvala's stage leading pace and it looks like seventh for Mads and job done in Citroen's battle for runner-up spot in the manufacturers' championship. "After yesterday it was more of a job than before. I'm happy we have secured the points for Citroen. Next year? I can't tell you anything for now..."

Sun 12:27 - SS19: Bertelli
Tenth place for Lorenzo. "A clean rally to end the season with. So far so good. Now we cool down, talk to some people and next weekend we decide what we do next year."

Sun 12:26 - SS19: Kubica
He completes 5.9sec slower than Latvala and it looks like ninth place overall for Robert. We'll find out soon if he'll be back in the WRC next year. "Not so good here, the rear right tyre is gone. Very tough. Only positive thing is that we got to the finish. I would like to do more next year because I feel I improved this season. Okay, not good results in the second half of the year but we've had a lot of technical problems. I think in our position as a small team, it is impossible to beat the factory guys."

Sun 12:19 - SS19: Latvala
A huge push from Jari-Matti, keen to salvage some points from a hugely unlucky event. His time: 6m50.3s - that's 17.7sec quicker than Prokop. "Surprisingly slippery at the end but no problem. More difficult now than it was in the morning, a lot more standing water."

Sun 12:17 - SS19: Prokop
He completes in a benchmark time of 7m08.0s. "A proper stage. Lots of standing water, aquaplaning. Horrible. It should get better for the cars behind. I felt I was pushing a lot of water out of the line."

Sun 12:09 - LIVE TV
Prokop's onboard camera showing lots of rain and standing water in the stage

Sun 12:08 - SS19: LIVE!
Martin Prokop left the start line on schedule at 1208hrs

Sun 11:33 - Power Stage running order
A few tweaks to the start order and intervals to suit the TV schedule. Here's how and when the crews will tackle the stage: 1.Prokop (1208hrs), 2.Latvala (1211), 3.Kubica (1214), 4.Bertelli (1217hrs), 5.Ostberg (1220), 6.Lefebvre (1223), 7.Evans (1226), 8.Paddon (1229), 9.Sordo (1232), 10.Mikkelsen (1235), 11.Meeke (1239), 12.Ogier (1242)

Sun 11:18 - Up next: Power Stage
Crews are on their way to Brenig and the start of the Live TV Power Stage

Sun 11:11 - Wales WRC 2 after SS18
1.Camilli 3:07:18.9s, 2.Suninen 21.6s, 3.Breen 1:31.0s, 4.Al-Kuwari 6:22.0s, 5.Koltun 9m20.5s. Camilli engine worry

Sun 11:09 - Wales after SS18
1.Ogier 2:55:59.5s, 2.Meeke +29.8s, 3.Mikkelsen +46.0s, 4.Sordo +2:49.2s, 5.Paddon +3:04.0s

Sun 11:03 - SS18: WRC 2 Camilli
Big concerns for the WRC 2 leader who drops 16.7sec on stage. "The engine stopped," is all he will say. His lead in the class is 21.6sec over Suninen.

Sun 10:55 - SS18: Mikkelsen
Will you push on the Power Stage? "The points won't really help me because we are third the championship. All I could do is lose my podium. We'll drive an okay stage. There's no chance to do anything unless the guys ahead make a mistake."

Sun 10:51 - SS18: Evans
I just want to finish now. Too risky to push to catch Paddon."

Sun 10:50 - SS18: Sordo
"Fourth position for us would be good so no big push in the Power Stage."

Sun 10:49 - SS18: Paddon
The Kiwi completes third quickest, six-tenths ahead of Evans. "It was fine. The tyres were moving a bit near the end but we lost no time to Elfyn so all okay."

Sun 10:42 - SS18: Lefebvre
"All good experience. My target was to learn the car and the stages. Not so bad for my first appearance here."

Sun 10:41 - SS18: Kubica
1.4sec off Latvala's pace. "It was okay, no big push. It was my first time there and very easy to make a mistake."

Sun 10:38 - SS18: Bertelli
"That was okay. It kept me smiling."

Sun 10:32 - SS18: Latvala
Quickest of the six drivers through so far. We caught up with Jari-Matti at the post stage regroup. "It was quite alright. I was expecting it to be more slippery. I'm saving my tyres for the power stage so it wasn't a stage record time."

Sun 10:20 - Stage info: SS18
Great Orme, 4.74km. The asphalt Great Orme winds around a rocky headland on the edge of Llandudno on the north coast of Wales. It’s a tricky road with pavements and rock faces on one side and a stone wall shielding a drop into the sea on the other. This is where Sébastien Ogier crashed out in the opening stage in 2011 and it’s very easy to make an error here

Sun 09:40 - Next stage: 1020hrs
That's Latvala's start time for the Great Orme stage. We'll resume our live text service then.

Sun 09:39 - Up next: Refuel
Crews are en route to Llandudno for the mid point refuel.

Sun 09:37 - Wales WRC 2 after SS17
1.Camilli 3:04:11.3s, 2.Suninen +33.2s, 3.Breen +1:47.7s, 4.Al-Kuwari +6:34.2s, 5.Koltun +9m21.4s

Sun 09:33 - Wales after SS17
1.Ogier 2:53:16.2s, 2.Meeke +27.9s, 3.Mikkelsen +45.3s, 4.Sordo +2:48.0s, 5. Paddon +3:05.8s

Sun 09:32 - SS17: Ogier
Sixth fastest. "Okay for us. A safe rhythm. All good, no problems at all." Any Power Stage ambitions? "No, I just want to finish like this."

Sun 09:29 - SS17: Meeke
He slots third quickest, 3.4sec off stage leader Latvala. "It seems like three months ago since we started this rally. Enjoyable stages today with a stony base. I've enjoyed my morning so far."

Sun 09:27 - SS17: Mikkelsen
Second fastest. "It was okay. Not taking the biggest risks but trying to stay in touch in case anything happens ahead. You never know..."

Sun 09:23 - SS17: Sordo
"I don't take many risks. It rains a lot in the stage. Very difficult. We try to maintain our position."

Sun 09:21 - SS17: Paddon
Second fastest, 5.1sec slower than Latvala. "Slippery in there with a lot of standing water. I struggled for the rhythm a bit. We can't do much about the manufacturers' championship if Kris stays where he is. Our priority is to keep Elfyn behind."

Sun 09:19 - SS17: Evans
Third quickest. "A very fast stage with changeable grip." Any engine problems? "No, all fine, we were revving it to keep the windscreen clear."

Sun 09:18 - SS17: Ostberg
"A pretty nice stage. I'm just driving to get to the end and being very, very careful. The manufacturer points are the most important thing."

Sun 09:15 - SS17: Kubica
Second quickest to Latvala but looking anxiously at his dashboard. "There was a deep water crossing after the last stage. I thought we had a problem but I think it's just a faulty sensor."

Sun 09:11 - SS17: Bertelli
"An overshoot at a junction. We lost some time but otherwise okay."

Sun 09:10 - Stage info: SS17
Stage info: SS17 Alwen, 10.41km. Alwen is used in the reverse direction to 2014 and is littered with square junctions. Trees have been cut back in places to improve drivers’ vision and it’s likely to be extremely wet and muddy.

Sun 09:10 - Up next: SS17
The Alwen stage well underway. Latvala started at 0852hrs. First five cars are through, no problems reported.

Sun 09:08 - Wales after SS16
1.Ogier 2:47:26.6s, 2.Meeke +30.1s, 3.Mikkelsen +49.1s, 4.Sordo +2:46.6s, 5. Paddon +3:06.3s. Tanak stops

Sun 09:05 - Evans update
Moving now to the start of SS17

Sun 09:04 - SS16: WRC 2 Camilli
The WRC 2 leader through cleanly. "For me this is the hardest stage of the rally. Very slippery. Not easy."

Sun 09:03 - SS16: Ogier
Eighth fastest. "Not really close to the limit. No point to push for me."

Sun 09:01 - SS16: Meeke
Fifth fastest "The grip is quite good. A comfortable run."

Sun 09:00 - SS16: Evans?
Stopped on the road section after SS16. WRC TV crews report a rough sounding engine.

Sun 08:59 - SS16: Mikkelsen
3.6sec adrift of Latvala's time. "I didn't see Tanak. For me, a fine stage. I enjoyed myself."

Sun 08:58 - SS16: Tanak stops
His car is off the road at the 5.05km point. Rear left damage. Crew okay.

Sun 08:55 - SS16: Sordo
Second quickest. "First time on this stage for me. Difficult but I'm happy. Maybe I can push a bit more on the Power Stage."

Sun 08:54 - SS16: Paddon
Quicker than Evans by 2.5sec on stage, and the gap between them in the standings is 6.9sec. "For sure we want to pull clear of Evans, and that stage was not so bad. Perhaps over-driving a bit."

Sun 08:51 - SS16: Evans
Third fastest so far and quick to defend the Welsh climate. "Normally the sun is always shining here. Tricky enough but the grip was good in places. It was alright."

Sun 08:49 - SS16: Ostberg
"There's a lot to deal with in there. The conditions are very different to the recce. A lot of surprises."

Sun 08:48 - SS18: Spectators
Note from Wales Rally GB organisers: the Great Orme Stage is CLOSED to spectators on safety grounds

Sun 08:46 - SS16: Lefebvre
"Was okay for us but I braked too early many times in the first section."

Sun 08:44 - SS16: Kubica
"We have quite worn tyres so we have to take it to the end."

Sun 08:43 - SS16: Bertelli
Second quickest of the five cars through. "It's really tough, a proper Welsh rally but we are enjoying it. Maybe we push a bit more on the Power Stage. Generally I'm satisfied."

Sun 08:41 - SS16: J. Moffett
3.9sec quicker than his brother. "We're happy enough in there."

Sun 08:40 - SS16: S. Moffett
Sam is the first of the Moffett brothers to complete. "Bits and pieces that were very slippery, but I didn't feel I had a great run in there. Let's see how Josh gets on." Josh's overnight advantage was 21.7sec.

Sun 08:37 - SS16: Prokop
Back after a bizarre head-on shunt with Paddon on Saturday. "Good grip early in the stage but the last part is tricky and slippery under braking." He is 20.1sec slower than Latvala.

Sun 08:36 - SS16: Latvala
Back again after Saturday's drive-shaft related retirement. His time 6m46.5s. "A high speed recce for the Power Stage," he says. "The grip is okay, the rain has washed away most of the mud."

Sun 08:25 - Stage info: SS16/SS19
Brenig, 10.64km. A slightly shorter test than the one used last year, Brenig is different in character to other stages. After a fast start it narrows until a 1.3km asphalt stretch leads onto moorland roads. After 6.5km the route meets a reservoir and runs along the water edge to the finish, providing stunning views for TV cameras. There are several surface changes to keep drivers alert

Sun 08:25 - SS16: Wild weather
Weather report from a very wet WRC TV crew in stage: heavy rain, strong winds, low cloud / fog reducing visibility 600metres

Sun 08:21 - Up next: SS16
Latvala is on the start line of the Brenig stage in north Wales. His start time: 0826hrs

Sun 08:18 - Tyre choices
Update from Michelin on the number of LTX force S4 (soft compound) tyres their drivers have taken for Sunday's stages. Østberg and Meeke: 6 tyres. Everybody else: 5

Sun 08:17 - Start intervals
Crews will start today's stages at two minute intervals

Sun 08:17 - Start list
Crews will tackle today's stages in reverse rally classification order headed by Rally2 restarters . Here's how the crews will line up: 1. Latvala, 2. Prokop, 3. S. Moffett, 4. J. Moffett, 5. Bertelli, 6. Kubica, 7. Lefebvre. 8. Østberg, 9. Evans, 10. Paddon, 11. Sordo, 12. Tanak, 13. Mikkelsen, 14. Meeke, 15. Ogier

Sun 08:17 - Weather
Wet and wild overnight, with strong winds and heavy rain. 30kph winds and light rain now in Deeside. It's mild though, the current temperature of 14ºC should hit 16ºC later

Sun 08:16 - Sunday's itinerary
Four stages run without a service break: Brenig 1 (10.64km), Alwen (10.41km) and Great Orme (4.74km) with Brenig 2, the Power Stage, broadcast live on television from 1208hrs. Finish podium in Deeside from 1351hrs

Sun 08:16 - Coming up today
It's day three of three in Wales, the grand finale, and the last day of the 2015 World Rally Championship

Sun 08:16 - Welcome back
To our text coverage from Wales Rally GB - live from the service park in Deeside

Sat 20:38 - We will return
At 0826hrs, when the rally resumes with Brenig stage. Until then, keep an eye on the news section for all the latest. And don’t forget to check out WRC+ for full programmes and onboards from Wales. Bye for now!

Sat 20:37 - Join us on Sunday
For the final day of the rally - and of the 2015 WRC season. Will Ogier round it off with his eighth win of the year?

Sat 20:37 - Stages complete
And that's where we'll leave our live text service for tonight

Sat 20:27 - Wales WRC 2 after SS15
1.Camilli 2:50:34.1s, 2.Suninen +35.0s, 3.Breen +2:14.5s, 4.Al-Kuwari +6:03.1s, 5.Koltun +8m44.8s

Sat 20:22 - SS15: WRC 2 Breen
Third overnight for Craig. "We had a broken damper during that loop and a puncture on this last stage, so not the best end to the day."

Sat 20:16 - SS15: WRC 2 Al-Kuwari
"Rear-wheel drive in the last two stages was like driving an Opel Manta in the 1980s!"

Sat 20:13 - SS15: WRC 2 Suninen
"I've learned a lot!"

Sat 20:12 - SS15: WRC 2 Camilli
"A good lead for tomorrow. I'm really, really happy. I like the mud and the weather here. I'm feeling confident!"

Sat 20:11 - SS15: WRC 2
Camilli rounds off a terrific day with fastest time in WRC 2. His overnight lead over Suninen in second place is 35sec. Breen is 1m39sec further back in third.

Sat 20:06 - SS15: Lefebvre
"A better day today for us. These night stages have been a great adventure."

Sat 20:05 - SS15: Kubica
"Today was okay. A few issues - the puncture and front diff - but that's how it is."

Sat 20:02 - Wales after SS15
1.Ogier 2:40:25.2s, 2.Meeke +35.7s, 3.Mikkelsen +1:00.4s, 4.Tanak +2:41.1s, 5. Sordo +2:55.8s

Sat 20:00 - VW landmark
So it's another Ogier stage win and that's the half century for VW. With 500 fastest times from 713 stages that's an incredible hit rate of 70 per cent!

Sat 19:57 - SS15: Tanak
"The afternoon was quite okay. Now we are just following Sordo's time to hold position and finish the rally." Fourth overnight for Ott.

Sat 19:55 - SS15: Paddon
Fifth fastest and sixth overnight for Hayden. "An improvement on yesterday. We're not on the limit yet. Something to work on and a lot to learn."

Sat 19:53 - SS15: Sordo
Fifth overnight for Dani. "Today I was not very happy after our problems. But okay, we are still here."

Sat 19:52 - SS15: Evans
A strong finish with second fastest on the final stage. "It was alright, it didn't feel special to be honest. It worked out okay."

Sat 19:51 - SS15: Meeke
"It's been another strong day. There was never any intention to catch Ogier. We've done what we needed to do. Another tricky day to come tomorrow."

Sat 19:50 - SS15: Ostberg
Looks like eighth place overnight for Mads. "It's been a tough day. We had a good race, but after the puncture, and a mistake for me, we have to be very, very careful."

Sat 19:45 - SS15: Mikkelsen
Third overnight for Andreas, 1m00.4s off the lead. "It's been a good day. Battling some small problems in the morning."

Sat 19:43 - SS15: Ogier
"For us it's been a great day. Very tough conditions and so much water. Tonight's stages were not so bad though, so much water has washed away the mud."

Sat 19:36 - SS15: Ogier
The rally leader completes his ninth stage today without incident. His time: 7m50.5s. Another stage win for VW here would be their 500th in the WRC.

Sat 19:28 - Up next: SS15
Ogier started the repeat of Aberhirnant at 1926hrs. This is today's final stage.

Sat 19:26 - 2/2 Wales WRC 2 after SS14:
Al-Kuwari in rear-wheel drive only, Fuchs bent steering arm

Sat 19:25 - 1/2 Wales WRC 2 after SS14
1.Camilli 2:42:12.0s, 2.Suninen +15.5s, 3.Breen +2:07.1s, 4.Al-Kuwari +4:54.3s, 5.Koltun +7m50.6s

Sat 19:18 - SS14: WRC 2 Fuchs
He drops more than 4min. "The car is pulling in one direction. I think a steering arm is bent." He's right. The front-left wheel is toeing-in.

Sat 19:16 - SS14: WRC 2 Breen
No delay problems for Breen, but he doesn't have a clean run. "My lights were set wrongly - pointing up at the sky for most of the stage. A stupid mistake."

Sat 19:15 - SS14: WRC 2 Al-Kuwari
Problems for the Qatari who drops 1min27sec. "We are just rear-wheel drive only. I hope I did not delay Breen behind."

Sat 19:12 - SS14: WRC 2 Suninen
He completes one-tenth slower than Camilli. "It's hard to make much of a difference here." The gap between them at the top of the WRC standings is 15.5sec.

Sat 19:10 - SS14: WRC 2 Camilli
More windscreen issues for the Frenchman. He has water running down the inside of his screen.

Sat 19:06 - Wales after SS14
1.Ogier 2:32:34.7s, 2.Meeke +31.0s, 3.Mikkelsen +56.6s, 4.Tanak +2:34.0s, 5. Sordo +2:45.5s. Mikkelsen quickest

Sat 19:04 - SS14: Bertelli
"Tricky. A big gap ahead and behind us. No reason to push."

Sat 19:02 - SS14: Lefebvre
"I tried to push. Three seconds from Mads' time is not too bad."

Sat 19:00 - SS14: Kubica
12.2sec off the pace and it's another stage to forget for Robert. "The lamp pod was too low and I couldn't see a lot. We missed one braking point into a hairpin and had to stop and reverse. The grip was good but I couldn't do any more."

Sat 18:56 - SS14: Tanak
Sixth quickest. "The grip is good. In the position we are now there is no point to take too many risks."

Sat 18:55 - SS14: Paddon
Fifth quickest. His car's gearbox was fixed in service but Hayden isn't sounding comfortable. "Not too bad. I enjoy the night stuff and the grip is good too. I'm just not driving very well. I've forgotten the basics. It should be better than this. I'm not committing like I should do."

Sat 18:51 - SS14: Sordo
11.6sec off Mikkelsen's pace. "The feeling was okay even though it was difficult to see the road. Fun to drive - even though I couldn't see a lot."

Sat 18:49 - SS14: Evans
Six seconds off the pace. "The grip was so good compared to last time. We could have gone harder for sure but it's so difficult to read the road and trust it."

Sat 18:48 - SS14: Meeke
He completes 1sec slower than Mikkelsen. "The time is good but the balance of the car wasn't perfect. Big respect to the supporters out at Irish corner. I'd like to buy them all a beer - but that will have to wait until tomorrow."

Sat 18:45 - SS14: Ostberg
18.6sec adrift. Problem? "Still a tricky stage. I struggled a bit in there in the dark. I couldn't find a rhythm at all."

Sat 18:44 - SS14: Mikkelsen
Five-tenths quicker than Seb. "For me the grip was very constant. Not a problem to drive at all. My lights were set a little high, so I ended up following the tree line! But it was fine - I enjoyed it."

Sat 18:42 - SS14: Ogier
He's through in 11m10.5s. How was it? "One more stage to go and it will have been a great day. Difficult of course but I have to say I was expecting worse here. No fog, just rain and wind. The conditions were better than earlier."

Sat 18:24 - Tyre choices
Update from Michelin on the number of LTX force S4 (soft compound) tyres their drivers have taken for the evening stages. Ostberg and Meeke: 6 tyres. Everybody else: 5.

Sat 18:20 - SS14: Slight delay
Ogier has a revised start time of 1828hrs

Sat 16:19 - Next stage: 1825hs
That's when Ogier will begin the repeat of Dyfnant. We'll take a text break until then. Bye for now.

Sat 16:04 - Service: Paddon
The Kiwi explains more about his crash with Prokop. "We took a wrong turn after SS12 and went maybe 300 metres before we turned around. On the way back we collided with Martin who had made the same mistake. These things happen. We're lucky that for us it's just cosmetic damage. Unfortunately for Martin, he had to park up. We'll make the repairs now and hope for a better run. I love the dark and I'm looking forward to it."

Sat 15:47 - Service: Sordo
"I'm enjoying the stages so far but I expect it will be especially difficult later in the dark. I'm hoping there won't be fog - that would make it even worse."

Sat 15:38 - Service: Meeke
"Conditions this morning weren't so bad, the water almost bound the gravel together. But later the ruts filled with water and on the high speed sections we were aquaplaning. After Mads had his problems it was important that I checked myself. I can't afford any mistakes."

Sat 15:33 - Service: Mikkelsen
"We struggled a bit since we punctured earlier and destroyed the right-rear damper. Not easy. Next time will be in the fog and the dark so even more tricky. I don't think anybody is confident in these sort of conditions."

Sat 15:24 - Up next: Service
Crews are arriving in Deeside for a long-awaited 30-minute service. The next competitive stage is the repeat of Dyfnant, in darkness, from 1825hrs.

Sat 15:22 - Wales WRC 2 after SS13
1.Camilli 2:30:18.6s, 2.Suninen +15.4s, 3.Breen +2:05.9s, 4.Al-Kuwari +3:26.8s, 5.Fuchs +5m04.8s

Sat 15:17 - SS13: WRC 2 Breen
"A couple of places nearly caught me out but all was okay, quite clean."

Sat 15:16 - SS13: WRC 2 Al-Kuwari
"This stage was okay but a bit of confusion with the notes at the end."

Sat 15:15 - SS13: WRC 2 Suninen
3.3sec slower than Camilli. "I have made some mistakes today. In many places I can go faster." He rounds off the loop of stages 15.4sec off the class lead.

Sat 15:13 - SS13: WRC 2 Camilli
The WRC 2 leader completes. "All okay. The windscreen is clearer now. I'm looking forward to tonight, it will be an adventure for sure."

Sat 15:08 - Wales after SS13
1.Ogier 2:21:24.2s, 2.Meeke +30.5s, 3.Mikkelsen +57.1s, 4.Tanak +2:24.6s, 5. Sordo +2:34.4s Ogier's SS11 time adjusted

Sat 15:05 - SS13: Lefebvre
"Easy to make a mistake here. I have no experience in these conditions. I didn't want to push."

Sat 15:04 - SS13: Kubica
17.1sec off the pace. What's wrong? "We have a diff problem. Rear-wheel drive only. I think it started a few stages ago. I thought it was the tyres. Not it's completely gone and the car is impossible to drive."

Sat 14:59 - SS13: Tanak
Quickest so far in 1m33.3s. "The road was really clean. A nice clean run from us. I'm happy with the car today."

Sat 14:57 - SS13: Paddon
"The damage from the crash [with Prokop] isn't causing problems, but the gearbox still isn't working properly. We don't know when the sequential system is working, or when I have to use the manual."

Sat 14:54 - SS13: Sordo
"Impossible to push here."

Sat 14:53 - SS13: Evans
"Much cleaner than this one has been in previous years. Today has been okay for us but the pace is hot at the top. A long night still to come."

Sat 14:51 - SS13: Meeke
1.7sec off Mikkelsen's pace, so he trails rally leader Ogier by 30.5sec. "Everything is going fine. Trying to be as careful as I can. I really can't afford a mistake. There's no chance to take Ogier in a straight fight so I'm content where I am."

Sat 14:48 - SS13: Ostberg
2.1sec off Mikkelsen's pace. "Clean, wet Tarmac. I hope in service the team can stop the car leaking."

Sat 14:47 - SS13: Mikkelsen
Quicker than Ogier by one-tenth. "It was okay but not easy to gauge the grip on these gravel tyres, especially under braking."

Sat 14:45 - SS13: Ogier
His time 1m33.5s. "Different on Tarmac! The surface is really clean but the grip was okay. Maybe a bit too cautious."

Sat 14:26 - Stage info: SS13
Chirk Castle, 2.06km. The only stage that is completely unchanged from last year and a fan favourite. It uses asphalt roads in the castle grounds and harks back to the days of the RAC Rally when the opening leg was filled with parkland tests like this.

Sat 14:25 - Up next: SS13
The Chirk Castle sprint will get underway at 1441hrs

Sat 14:23 - Ogier back in the lead
The Clerk of the Course has corrected Ogier's time on SS11 when he stopped at the scene of Neuville's crash. His awarded time of 11m03.3s gives him the stage win on SS11 and a rally lead after SS12 of 28.9sec

Sat 13:55 - SS12: Prokop
Still stopped at the scene of his crash with Paddon. Prokop's team are sending a tow truck to the scene. Look like game over.

Sat 13:54 - SS12: WRC 2
Camilli fastest in class, with Breen four-tenths slower and Ahlin third. Suninen is fourth fastest, meaning Camilli's lead stretches to 12.1sec.

Sat 13:48 - SS12: Paddon and Prokop
The pair have collided on the road section after SS12. Each went the wrong way after the stage. After Paddon turned back they met each other at a hairpin and connected head-on. Paddon's car has frontal damage but he's off to SS13. No news yet on Prokop's car.

Sat 13:40 - SS12: Lefebvre
Seventh fastest. "A new stage for me but I tried to push. Only five seconds behind Kris isn't too bad. Good for my confidence."

Sat 13:33 - Wales after SS12
1.Meeke 2:20:19.6s, 2.Ogier +2.1s, 3.Mikkelsen +28.3s, 4.Tanak +1:55.9s, 5. Sordo +2:04.1s. Ogier quickest

Sat 13:32 - SS12: Tanak
"Getting better. Important to keep it on the road in these conditions. We're making a few changes to the pace notes for the repeat run."

Sat 13:29 - SS12: Sordo
"The stage is really fast and nice but it's difficult to feel how much grip there is."

Sat 13:27 - SS12: Meeke
"A lot of surface water in there - aquaplaning in sixth gear. After Mads problems I've had to come back off the pace a bit."

Sat 13:26 - SS12: Ostberg
What happened on the previous stage? "I slid wide and got stuck in a ditch - there were people around, but I had to wait for them to come and help."

Sat 13:24 - SS12: Stage times
Ogier quickest of the eight cars through so far. Meeke and Ostberg second and third fastest respectively.

Sat 13:21 - SS12: Mikkelsen
"On the stage earlier today I broke my right-rear damper. It's leaking now and I need to take it carefully to manage it."

Sat 13:19 - SS12: Ogier
"I'm sure I will get the time back - it's not a drama. This one was very tricky, there are places where the grip was close to zero. Lots of standing water on the road."

Sat 13:17 - SS12: Meeke
He completes 3.3sec slower than Ogier. Meeke's lead over the Frenchman - pending VW's efforts reclaim time lost in SS12 - is down to 2.1sec.

Sat 13:12 - SS12: Ogier/Mikkelsen
Ogier completes in 7m44.7s, 7.2sec quicker than his team-mate.

Sat 13:00 - SS12: Delayed
By two minutes. Ogier's new start time: 1301hrs

Sat 12:55 - Stage info: SS12/SS15
Aberhirnant, 13.91km. This is one of the event’s fastest stages, especially the middle section. Drivers who are brave and believe in their pace notes could really make up time. The roads are wide and smooth, but a layer of slimy mud sits on top making grip unpredictable.

Sat 12:54 - Up next: SS12
Ogier is at the arrival control of Aberhirnant. The stage is due to start at 1259hrs.

Sat 12:52 - Wales WRC 2 after SS11
1.Camilli 2:20:29.5s, 2.Suninen +3.6s, 3.Breen +2:05.1s, 4.Al-Kuwari +2:56.2s, 5.Fuchs +4m39.3s

Sat 12:49 - SS11: WRC 2 Breen
Seven-tenths slower than Suninen. "There's a lot of water on the inside of the screen. It's steaming up. I couldn't see the road in places."

Sat 12:48 - SS11: WRC 2 Al-Kuwari
34.3sec slower than Suninen. "I'm not used to driving in these conditions. Very difficult."

Sat 12:46 - SS11: WRC 2 Suninen
"Not such a great stage." It's a great time though - he is 7.7sec quicker than Camilli and now just 3.3sec off his lead.

Sat 12:45 - SS11: WRC 2 Camilli
Reports misting on the windscreen

Sat 12:43 - 2/2 Wales after SS11
Østberg spins, Ogier is delayed passing Neuville and hopes to get his stage time adjusted

Sat 12:42 - 1/2 Wales after SS11
1.Meeke 2:12:31.6s, 2.Ogier +5.4s, 3.Mikkelsen +24.4s, 4.Tanak +1:55.0s, 5. Sordo +1:58.4s. Neuville rolls

Sat 12:34 - SS11: Kubica
"Very difficult stage. The heavy rain came two minutes before we started. With our worn rear tyres it was very difficult."

Sat 12:33 - SS11: Prokop
"Horrible, heavy rain. Difficult to slow down for the hairpins. I stalled at a junction. It's going to be very difficult later in the dark.

Sat 12:30 - SS11: Tanak
"Some places good grip, in others nothing at all"

Sat 12:29 - SS11: Paddon
Fourth quickest despite a gearbox problem. "It was jammed in gear, then I couldn't go any lower than third. Hopefully it's not too serious."

Sat 12:27 - SS11: Evans
Third quickest and almost a smile from the Welshman.

Sat 12:26 - SS11: Meeke
Second quickest, 3sec slower than Mikkelsen. "A really tricky stage. Lots of standing water. This stage has been affected most by the rain. Neuville is parked by the side of the road. It looks like the steering is damaged."

Sat 12:24 - SS11: Ostberg
He loses 1m40sec to the leaders and his door is open when he reaches the finish. It sounds like he's spun, but it's not clear. We'll try and get clarification.

Sat 12:19 - SS11: Mikkelsen
He complete 27.7sec quicker than Ogier. "We pushed hard though the whole stage. Small moments here and there. We took it carefully when we were told to slow down. I'm sorry for him, [Neuville] but these conditions were really tricky."

Sat 12:17 - SS11: Ogier
He completes, and from the splits it looks like he has lost about 30 seconds passing Neuville. "He had a crash and was blocking the road. We had to stop. The co-driver told us to stop completely. The marshals pushed the car aside and we passed. Now we need to get the time back."

Sat 12:13 - SS11: Neuville update
He is trying to get going again.

Sat 12:10 - SS11: Ogier
He slows to pass Neuville's stricken car. Spectators have rolled it back onto its wheels.

Sat 12:08 - SS11: Neuville rolls
The Belgian has crashed 9.1km into the stage. His car is upside down on the road. Crew okay.

Sat 12:04 - Stage info: SS11/S14
Dyfnant, 19.02km. Dyfnant is regarded as one of the event’s toughest stages. It’s wide and fast on mostly hard roads, but muddy in places where lorries have been working. It’s flowing all the way with plenty of enticing corners to encourage drivers to attack. Vegetation has been cleared from the verges so vision is good.

Sat 11:22 - Next stage: SS11
Crews are en route to Ceinws for a refuel then on to the start of Dyfnant. With the earlier eight minute delay the new stage start time is 1201hrs. We'll take a text break until then.

Sat 11:18 - Wales WRC 2 after SS10
1.Camilli 2:08:38.7s, 2.Suninen +11.3s, 3.Breen +2:12.1s, 4.Al-Kuwari +2:29.6s, 5.Fuchs +4m09.5s. Protasov out

Sat 11:14 - Wales after SS10
1.Ogier 2:01:02.7s, 2.Meeke +19.3s, 3.Mikkelsen +46.7s, 4.Østberg +1:57.8s, 5. Tanak +2:08.9s. Sordo gearbox issue

Sat 11:08 - SS10: WRC 2 Gorban
Stopped. Abdulaziz Al-Kuwari is now up to fourth and saw him on stage. "It looks like he's stopped on a hairpin 3km about before the end."

Sat 11:06 - SS10: WRC 2 Breen
Quickest WRC 2 driver through so far. "A great stage. Perfect conditions."

Sat 11:05 - SS10: WRC 2 Suninen
Like Camilli, an incident filled stage. "We made a lot of mistakes." He completes 5.3sec slower than the Frenchman. The gap between them in WRC 2 now 11.3sec.

Sat 11:01 - SS10: WRC 2 Camilli
The category leader reports a spin in the stage. He got away with it.

Sat 10:53 - SS10: Lefebvre
Feeling slightly better after suffering with the 'flu on Friday. "Better in the second loop. I try to push but it's not so easy for me." He holds ninth place.

Sat 10:51 - SS10: WRC 2 Protasov
WRC tracking shows him stopped 7.2km into the stage. He had been third in WRC 2.

Sat 10:50 - SS10: Kubica
Fifth quickest. "All good but not easy because my rear tyres are quite worn. The next two will be difficult.'

Sat 10:49 - SS10: Prokop
Suspects he has a broken rear anti roll bar.

Sat 10:48 - Brynildsen update
Confirmed retired as a result of driveshaft and suspension problems.

Sat 10:46 - SS10: Tanak
"We had a spin in a fast place. I had to stop and reverse. No damage."

Sat 10:45 - SS10: Sordo
He completes with bodywork damage and is hopping mad. "I had a problem changing down through the gearbox - the same problem we had in Germany. I arrived at a corner in fourth, I stalled and after that I went like crazy and hit a barrier. We lost a lot of time time." He drops 34sec to the leaders and slips behind Ostberg in the standings.

Sat 10:40 - SS10: Evans
"Really struggling for traction. It seemed particularly bad in there."

Sat 10:39 - SS10: Meeke
Second quickest, 5.6sec off Ogier's stage leading time. "Neat and tidy. I don't want to make any mistakes. Seb's had a good time here, okay."

Sat 10:37 - SS10: Ostberg
The footwell of his DS3 is filled with muddy water and it's proving a distraction. "It's not feeling so great to be honest. The pedals are slippery and I can feel the water now."

Sat 10:35 - SS10: Mikkelsen
Two-tenths quicker than Neuville. "Not so good. Some mistakes and not perfect at all. Missing the line a bit, getting on the loose and losing time."

Sat 10:33 - SS10: Ogier
8.5sec up on Neuville. "The first stage was more difficult - there was more water - but the rain is keeping it bad for everyone. There is some abrasion in there, but I have two spares so I don't have to think too much about my tyres,"

Sat 10:31 - SS10: Neuville
"I've enjoyed it. I'm really happy and the car is working well. Missing some traction in the standing water in the ruts but I try to push."

Sat 10:18 - Wales after SS9
1.Ogier 1:45:39.5s, 2.Meeke +13.7s, 3.Mikkelsen +38.4s, 4.Sordo +1:36.6s, 5. Østberg +1:46.8s. Mikkelsen quickest.

Sat 10:17 - SS9: Kubica
Seventh fastest. "A good stage for us but I struggle with the steering when there are deep ruts in the hairpins."

Sat 10:14 - SS10: LIVE
The stage running with an eight minute delay. Neuville began at 1013hrs.

Sat 10:10 - SS9: Tanak
A decent run, 1.3sec slower than Mikkelsen. "Parts of the stage are turning to slush."

Sat 10:08 - SS9: Paddon
Now Paddon bags third fastest, nine-tenths quicker on stage than his team-mate Sordo. "Probably more enjoyable than the first pass, the grip is much more consistent. We'll keep the pressure on (the Citroens ahead) and see what we can do."

Sat 10:06 - SS10: Delayed
The stage was due to start at 1005hrs. It hasn't. We'll keep you posted.

Sat 10:05 - SS9: Sordo
Third quickest so far, 1.8sec off Mikkelsen's stage leading time.

Sat 10:02 - SS9: Evans
The local star 4.6sec off Mikkelsen's pace. "It was fine. Pretty tricky, a lot of standing water in there now. A clean enough run."

Sat 10:01 - SS9: Meeke
Second quickest, four tenths slower than Mikkelsen, and the gap to rally leader Ogier narrows a little to 13.7sec. "Okay, but it's really difficult. The surface didn't cut up as much as I was expecting but the amount of water in the ruts is difficult to manage. I'm enjoying my driving, and when it's like that the pace is comfortable."

Sat 09:56 - SS9: Ostberg
He completes 4.3sec off the pace.

Sat 09:54 - SS9: Mikkelsen
A new fastest time, 1.8sec up on Ogier. "The stage conditions are more tricky than before. Maybe I was a bit careful in places but it was fine, just fine."

Sat 09:51 - SS9: Ogier
Fastest. Nine-tenths quicker than Neuville. "A lot of standing water."

Sat 09:49 - SS9: Neuville
Wipers battling against heavy rain, Neuville's Hyundai is first to reach the line. His time is 7m17.1s but he has a flat left-rear tyre. "It happened on a tight corner near the finish. The road was full of water, it was like a sea, and I hit a bank and pushed the tyre off the rim."

Sat 09:39 - SS9: Live
Neuville underway. His start time: 0938hrs

Sat 09:14 - SS9: Start intervals
The second run of Gartheiniog will be shown live on WRC+. To fit the streaming schedule, the start gaps for the first eight cars will go up from two to three minutes.

Sat 09:11 - Wales WRC 2 after SS8
1.Camilli 1:44:43.8s, 2.Suninen +6.5s, 3.Protasov +1:23.0s, 4.Gorban +1:44.2s, 5.Brynildsen +1m45.5s

Sat 09:05 - SS8: J WRC Veiby
"It's been okay, trying to find the right pace to stay in control. I have no idea about the times but I feel confident." His category lead after the previous stage was more than two minutes.

Sat 09:01 - SS8: WRC 2 Ahllin
He loses more than four minutes on stage when he stops to change a puncture.

Sat 08:58 - SS8: WRC 2 Brynildsen
He drops almost 38sec to WRC 2 leader - and fastest man through SS8 - Camilli. "We have only front-wheel drive. It happened towards the end of SS7. It's a pity, we were in a good mood, I was having a good run and the time was looking good before it happened."

Sat 08:42 - Wales after SS8
1.Ogier 1:38:23.3s, 2.Meeke +15.1s, 3.Mikkelsen +40.2s, 4.Sordo +1:36.6s, 5. Østberg +1:44.3s. Østberg 'impact' Latvala retires

Sat 08:37 - SS8: Kubica
Fourth fastest of the 12 cars through. "Surprisingly good grip in there. Not a lot of mud. Cleaner than I expected."

Sat 08:36 - Latvala retires
Jari-Matti reported a broken drive shaft on Saturday's second stage. He won't start the third.

Sat 08:33 - SS8: Tanak
"The day started well. This one perhaps a little too safe."

Sat 08:32 - SS8: Paddon
Seventh fastest. "Not my favourite conditions but I've got to learn them. I need to grow a bigger pair and push some more..."

Sat 08:31 - SS8: Sordo
"Really bad. Here in the narrow sections I have no confidence in my pace notes." Not his finest stage then, but after Ostberg's time loss Sordo is up to fourth.

Sat 08:28 - SS8: Evans
Fourth quickest and distracted a little by a light pod hanging loose.

Sat 08:27 - SS8: Meeke
Third quickest and just 3sec slower than Ogier. "If it keeps raining for the second pass the ruts will be difficult. I have to be clever."

Sat 08:26 - SS8: Ostberg
It's a slow time, just 6sec up on Latvala, and Ostberg is baffled by Mikkelsen-like incident. "I have no idea what the problem is. I felt a big impact on the front-right on a straight. I don't know what it was. It was a big shock."

Sat 08:22 - SS8: Mikkelsen
"I think we have a right-front puncture. I heard something go bang 10km before the finish. After that the car felt strange and lost grip."

Sat 08:20 - SS8: Ogier
1.1sec slower than Neuville but the Frenchman has last night's attacks in Paris on his mind. "Conditions are okay but it's hard to carry on when these kind of things are happening. You realize what we do is secondary. Okay, we'll try to find a better mind later."

Sat 08:18 - SS8: Neuville
A new benchmark of 15m10.1s. "The car is working very well. We've been looking for a good setting for a long time. It's a shame about yesterday. We were very unlucky with what happened to the wheel, it shouldn't have happened."

Sat 08:15 - SS8: Latvala
He's through in 16m18.5s but that won't be fastest time here. "We have a broken drive shaft," he explains. "It snapped after 10km. We can get through, that's not a problem, but it will be slow driving."

Sat 08:08 - Stage info: SS8/10
Dyfi, 25.86km. Dyfi, in the shadow of the Snowdonian mountains, is a GB classic and was last used in this format in the 1990s. It’s fast and smooth, but slimy, on roads the drivers love. A new 4km section in the middle is very different to the rest of the test. The roadsides are overgrown with bracken and vegetation and it is even more slippery than the other parts.

Sat 08:07 - Wales after SS7
1.Ogier 1:23:12.1s, 2.Meeke +12.1s, 3.Mikkelsen +28.7s, 4.Østberg +43.4s, 5.Sordo +1m19.5s. Neuville quickest

Sat 08:05 - SS8: Dyfi LIVE
Latvala began Saturday's second test at 1756hrs

Sat 08:03 - SS7: Paddon
Ninth quickest. "It was okay but the road is already staring to get chewed up. I can't complain though because we get the benefit of better roads on many gravel rallies. Fair's fair."

Sat 07:58 - SS7: Evans
Slowest of the 10 cars through so far, 12.9sec off Neuville's pace. "Unfortunately the car stalled on the second hairpin. Not the start we wanted today."

Sat 07:56 - SS7: Meeke
Fourth quickest, 3.8sec off the pace. "Not too bad, very wet and dark but generally I'm happy."

Sat 07:55 - SS7: Ostberg
A cautious start for the Norwegian. His car is still leaking water and mud into the cockpit. He's mopping it out on the road section. "It's not a distraction when we're on stage."

Sat 07:53 - SS7: Mikkelsen
Third fastest on stage, 2.5sec slower than Neuville. "A good start to the day, tricky with visibility in some places without the extra lights, but it was our decision not to carry them."

Sat 07:49 - SS7: Neuville
"I had a good stage. We have a good rhythm. The visibility wasn't great but I have confidence in my pace notes."

Sat 07:47 - SS7: Latvala
"Conditions were not so bad. The road was grippy, but there was water on the surface in places, which made it slippery. The road itself was feeling good."

Sat 07:43 - SS7: Ogier/Neuville
The returning Neuville goes quickest so far, 1.2sec quicker than Latvala and 5.2sec up on Ogier.

Sat 07:42 - SS7: Driver comments
No stage end reporter in Gartheiniog but we'll bring you news from the WRC TV crews and comments from the road section if we can get them. Our next proper catch up will be after the next test, Dyfi.

Sat 07:37 - SS7: Latvala
He's through in 7m04.6s.

Sat 07:36 - Stage info: SS7/SS9
Gartheiniog, 11.34km. A home test for Elfyn Evans – he lives just a few kilometres from here. Apart from a new finish, this is identical to 2014 with some blisteringly fast parts and great corners. There are plenty of open sections giving drivers good vision and the chance to push. It’s soft and muddy at the start and again in the middle, but drier towards the end.

Sat 07:32 - SS7: LIVE
Headlights blazing, Latvala began the Gartheiniog test at 0729hrs

Sat 07:31 - Tyre choices
Update from Michelin on the number of LTX force S4 (soft compound) tyres their drivers have taken for the opening seven stages. M-Sport/Neuville/Paddon/VW (excluding Mikkelsen): 6. Citroën/Sordo/Mikkelsen: 5

Sat 07:26 - Time check
All times quoted are local. Welsh rally time is CET -1 hour

Sat 07:25 - WRC Live
Don't miss our WRC Live radio service from Wales. Presenters Becs Williams, Lisa O'Sullivan and stage-end reporters Colin Clark and Trevor Agnew are broadcasting now. You'll find a link in the LIVE section.

Sat 07:23 - Start intervals
Crews will start today's stages at two minute intervals

Sat 07:22 - Start list
Crews will tackle today's stages in championship order headed by Rally2 restarters . Here's how the crews will line up: 1. Latvala, 2. Neuville, 3. Ogier, 4. Mikkelsen, 5. Ostberg, 6. Meeke, 7. Evans. 8. Sordo, 9. Paddon, 10. Tanak, 11. Prokop, 12. Kubica, 13. Lefebvre, 14. Bertelli, 15. J. Moffett, 16. S. Moffett

Sat 07:17 - Weather
British forecasters are predicting a wild day ahead, with heavy rain and strong winds especially in the afternoon. It's pretty calm out there now in Deeside, but rain is falling on the opening two stages. The current temperature of 9ºC should hit 12ºC later

Sat 07:16 - Saturday's itinerary
Crews set off from 0500hrs for mid-Wales and a pre-sunrise blast though Gartheiniog (11.34km). The day continues with Dyfi (25.86km) and second runs on Gartheiniog and Dyfi before Dyfnant (19.02km), Aberhirnant (13.91km) and Chirk Castle (2.06km). After these two sections, featuring 109 kilometres of timed stages, the crews will head back to service to prepare for an evening loop on Dyfnant and Aberhinant

Sat 07:16 - Coming up today
Day two of three and the longest day of competition in Wales

Sat 07:15 - Welcome back
To our text coverage from Wales Rally GB - coming to you live from the service park in Deeside

Fri 16:35 - Stages complete
And that's the end of our live text service for today. Join us on Saturday when the rally resumes with the Gartheiniog stage at 0729hrs. Until then, keep an eye on the news section for all the latest and don’t forget to check out WRC+ for full programmes and onboards from Wales. Bye for now!

Fri 16:32 - Wales J WRC after SS6
1.Veiby 1:28:38.2s, 2.Ingram +2:43.1s, 3.Wagner +6:49.0s, 4.Folb +13:24.1s

Fri 16:18 - Wales WRC 2 after SS6
1.Camilli 1:20:59.5s, 2.Suninen +9.4s, 3.Protasov +1:04.2s, 4.Brynildsen +1:07.5s, 5.Gorban +1m31.3s

Fri 16:17 - SS6: J WRC Veiby
The new leader in WRC 3 and Junior WRC. "A good day for me. I'm leading the Juniors so I cannot be more happy." Did you see Gilbert? "He is stopped by the stage. I think a puncture."

Fri 16:12 - SS6: Gilbert
Stopped in stage at the 10.6km mark. He had been leading WRC 3.

Fri 16:08 - SS6: WRC 2 Brynildsen
"We almost fixed the brakes but the pedal is still not right. All day with no service is not easy. Anyway fourth place tonight and we will push hard tomorrow."

Fri 16:06 - SS6: WRC 2 Suninen
Second overnight but he loses time when he catches Quentin Giordano in stage. Giordano was slowed by tape peeling from his windscreen in the stage.

Fri 16:04 - SS6: WRC 2 Breen
How did you lose the time in Hafren? "A puncture. There was a rock in the middle of the road and I found it. Like every other bloody rock this season. So, so, so frustrating." He ends the day 8th in class.

Fri 16:02 - SS6: WRC 2 Camilli
He leads the class "I'm really, really, really excited. It's my first time here and it's an adventure. The rhythm is good and maybe the podium on Sunday!"

Fri 16:01 - SS6: WRC 2 Fuchs
"We lost time here and on the previous on with a broken anti-roll bar."

Fri 15:57 - Wales after SS6
1.Ogier 1:16:03.5s, 2.Meeke +13.5s, 3.Mikkelsen +31.4s, 4.Østberg +43.0s, 5.Sordo +1m18.7s

Fri 15:53 - SS6: Kubica update
He has stopped on the road section after SS6 to try and cool his overheating engine.

Fri 15:52 - SS6: Bertelli
"Very slippery. It's getting dark now too, the visibility in the forest was bad."

Fri 15:51 - SS6: Lefebvre
Reports a spin in stage.

Fri 15:51 - SS6: Kubica
Big problems for the Pole. His car has front end damage, the radiator is blowing out clouds of steam and the front bumper is packed with mud and branches. He says nothing at the stop control and moves off to investigate.

Fri 15:47 - SS6: Prokop
1m18sec off Paddon's time and his car has broken right-rear suspension. "I don't know what is wrong but for the last 20km we are driving with just the front wheels. We lost a lot of time."

Fri 15:45 - SS6: Tanak
"So far we haven't been able to find the speed to fight, but we have a base to work from."

Fri 15:43 - SS6: Paddon
He completes 26.5sec off the pace, his car in 'emergency safe mode'. "We had a hydraulic problem that we were unable to fix, so that meant no paddle shift, no handbrake, no gear display [it's reading reverse at the finish]. All we could do is keep calm and get the car through."

Fri 15:40 - SS6: Sordo
Fifth place overall and the end of a trouble-free day for Dani. "In the battle with Citroen but I can't do much more."

Fri 15:39 - SS6: Evans
"It wasn't so so bad in here but the car felt nervous in Sweet Lamb. Overall things started well but it hasn't been the day we wanted."

Fri 15:37 - SS6: Meeke
5.4sec slower than Ogier but he ends the day a strong second, 13.5sec adrift. "He's so strong in here I knew we'd lose some time. Okay, he's not the target but it's nice to be in the fight."

Fri 15:35 - SS6: Ostberg
6.9sec off Ogier's pace in his mud-filled DS 3. "It's a mudbath in the car," he acknowledges. "But this was quite a nice stage, I had a better rhythm. I enjoyed it."

Fri 15:32 - SS6: Mikkelsen
Seven seconds adrift of Ogier but feeling positive. "I'm getting into the groove now. I missed these stages last year and I felt that today. For sure there are places I can go faster but I'm happy enough with my day.

Fri 15:31 - SS6: Ogier
He's through in 17m15.8s and quicker than Meeke at the 17km split. "Like earlier I drove better on this stage than the first one. Kris is driving well. It won't be easy to win this rally. I'm happy to have finished this day without trouble."

Fri 15:15 - Paddon
The Kiwi stopped on the road before SS6 to work on his car. WRC TV crew reports he was trying to fix a hydraulic problem.

Fri 15:10 - SS6: Small delay
SS6, the final stage of the day, will start at 1510hrs.

Fri 15:06 - Wales after SS5
1.Ogier 58:47.7s, 2.Meeke +8.1s, 3.Mikkelsen +24.4s, 4.Østberg +36.1s, 5.Sordo +1m02.9s

Fri 15:04 - SS4: Breen
He spins and drops 2m25sec. Eric Camilli takes the lead in WRC 2

Fri 15:00 - SS5: Meeke
Second quickest on stage, four-tenths slower than Ogier. The gap between them now 8.1sec

Fri 14:56 - SS5: Ostberg
"More slippery in the afternoon. Very tricky for sure."

Fri 14:54 - SS5: Mikkelsen
1.6sec off Ogier's pace. "Okay, a clean stage. We tried the best we could."

Fri 14:53 - SS5: Ogier
He's through in 2m09.4s. "Okay for us. Still difficult but no problems."

Fri 14:47 - Up next: SS5
Ogier is at the Sweet Lamb start control. His start time: 1447hrs

Fri 14:46 - Wales after SS4
1.Ogier 56:38.3s, 2.Meeke +7.7s, 3.Mikkelsen +22.8s, 4.Østberg +33.2s, 5.Sordo +1m02.4s. Evans punctures

Fri 14:44 - SS4: Kubica
"Massive understeer, much worse than this morning. It must be the changed surface."

Fri 14:43 - SS4: Prokop
A trouble-free stage for Martin, despite a slow split. "More difficult than this morning and the time is slower."

Fri 14:40 - SS4: Tanak
"A bit better but some improvement still to come. The road conditions are polished and pretty consistent for all of us I think."

Fri 14:39 - SS4: Paddon
38.5sec off the pace, but Paddon has a solid explanation. "We had a spin early in the stage and it took us a long time to get the car restarted and turn around. Take out those 15 or 20 seconds and it's not such a bad time."

Fri 14:36 - SS4: Sordo
Fifth quickest so far. "All okay."

Fri 14:35 - SS4: Evans
Fifth after the morning loop, he drops 1m23.1s to the leaders with a puncture. He and co-driver Dan Barritt are straight out to investigate. "I have no idea what happened," says Evans. "We heard a strange rubbing noise in the car and then the tyre started to de-laminate. We drove a long way like that."

Fri 14:32 - SS4: Meeke
A fabulous stage leading time, 5.2sec quicker than Ogier. "He's not the target to be honest. I was able to cope with the polished surface much better than before. I had a good run." Meeke is now 7.7sec off the rally lead.

Fri 14:29 - SS4: Ostberg
10.4sec off Ogier's pace. "Quite slippery in there. The ruts are very polished so it's difficult to find the grip. I'm happy with my driving for most of the stage."

Fri 14:28 - SS4: Mikkelsen
Six seconds slower than Ogier. "My consistency is improving. Seb did a good run I must say. I managed quite okay, I'm happy enough with my stage."

Fri 14:26 - SS4: Ogier
He completes but the splits show he's slower than Meeke. "I understand it. I took it a bit carefully I must say. I could push more in some areas. All okay, not a drama if we lose a couple of seconds in here."

Fri 14:23 - SS4: Prokop
Splits show he's driving slowly

Fri 14:07 - We're back
And the stage is live. Sebastien Ogier is underway!

Fri 13:12 - Itinerary delay
Organisers have confirmed a 35 minute delay to the afternoon's itinerary. The Hafren repeat is due to start at 1404hrs

Fri 12:14 - Next stage: 1329hrs
That's when Ogier will begin the repeat of Hafren. We'll take a text break until then.

Fri 12:01 - Regroup: Paddon
"It's been a morning... but we're making improvements. We had the same problem with the grip levels last year, I need to learn to trust the conditions more."

Fri 11:57 - Regroup: Ostberg
Mads is scooping mud from the cockpit of his DS 3. "Not exactly what I wanted. I'd prefer it to be muddy on the outside only. Today has been good. Just trying a few things with set-up and the driving. We're doing what we need to do in the manufacturers championship so far."

Fri 11:54 - Regroup: Meeke
"Reasonably happy. It's been a good morning. I felt good and the rhythm was good. I've been surprised by the amount of grip available here. You can really commit. I'm happy with my set-up for the afternoon, but the stages change so quickly you can't plan too much - I'm keeping an open mind."

Fri 11:50 - Regroup: Mikkelsen
"The grip is changing all the time. Sometimes it is there, sometimes it isn't. Trying to drive on the limit when it's like that is very challenging! For me the new target is second in the championship. With Jari-Matti gone, I need to win and take two points on the Power Stage."

Fri 11:48 - Regroup: Ogier
"Good to be first on the road today. I'm sure all the drivers would agree. On one hand it was an advantage with the grip, on the other it can be hard being first to discover the conditions and read the grip. By stage three I had a good feeling though. There was better grip there - more compact ground."

Fri 11:44 - Up next: tyre zone
Crews are arriving in Newtown for a regroup and midday tyre fitting zone. There is no service break between Friday's stages.

Fri 11:42 - SS3: WRC 3 Gilbert
The title looking good after his chief rival Tempestini hit trouble in the opening stage. "Enjoying ourselves. Very slippy - especially this one. Okay, we start quite confident, we drive quite safe after Tempestini lost time earlier"

Fri 11:38 - Wales WRC 2 after SS3
1.Breen 40m12.6s, 2.Suninen +8.8s, 3.Camilli +9.8s, 4.Brynildesn +51.4s, 5.Gorban +52.3s

Fri 11:35 - SS3: WRC 2 Brynildsen
Hazard lights flashing and the Norwegian reports a brake problem with his Skoda Fabia R5

Fri 11:31 - SS3: WRC 2 Breen
Fastest WRC 2 time for Breen, who leads the class. He's emotional when he reaches the end of the stage where he claimed the 2011 WRC Academy title with his late co-driver Gareth Roberts. "Some magical memories here. I felt him here with me in the stage. It was like we had an extra passenger."

Fri 11:23 - SS3: WRC 2 Camilli
Fighting with Breen for the class lead. "The conditions are not easy, but I am happy."

Fri 11:22 - SS3: WRC 2 Al-Kuwari
"My first time here in Wales and I'm very happy. The conditions are very slippery but this stage was great."

Fri 11:21 - SS3: WRC 2 Protasov
"The first stage today was really slippery and I was thinking too much about it. I spun there. Now it is getting better."

Fri 11:17 - Wales after SS3
1.Ogier 37:36.3s, 2.Meeke +12.9s, 3.Mikkelsen +16.8s, 4.Østberg +22.8s, 5.Evans +40.3s. Neuville crashes

Fri 11:14 - SS3: Abbring
Stopped at the 27.8km point. Bonnet up. That's two Hyundais in one stage...

Fri 11:12 - SS3: Kubica
He completes 2m56s off the pace after stopping to change a puncture. "I didn't hit anything, I was staying in the middle of the road. After six or seven kilometres I felt a slow puncture. With 20km to go I had to stop and change it."

Fri 11:08 - SS3: Neuville update
Confirmation from Hyundai that he's taken a wheel off. That's him done for the day.

Fri 11:07 - SS3: Prokop
"A really nice stage. We had no test and I'm trying to get the rhythm after the Tarmac in Spain."

Fri 11:05 - SS3: Tanak
"This stage is more polished and less rutted than the ones before. I'm struggling with the rhythm a bit in the car but this is a long rally. I just need to improve."

Fri 11:03 - SS3: Paddon
"I'm trying. We're off the pace at the moment because I'm not trusting the grip. I'm trusting it more now, and this one was better."

Fri 11:00 - SS3: Sordo
"It was okay but I lost maybe 10 seconds with a spin."

Fri 10:59 - SS3: Neuville update
News in from Evans. "It looks like he's gone wide and clipped a tree." Unconfirmed reports say he has lost a wheel.

Fri 10:58 - SS3: Evans
"Difficult to find the confidence in the car. Some places it feels alright, in others I'm struggling."

Fri 10:56 - SS3: Kubica
WRC tracking shows his car stopped 9.3km into the stage

Fri 10:55 - SS3: Meeke
6.9sec off Ogier's pace. "Quite happy. I've only done this stage once before in my life, four years ago. The surface was very different to Hafryn, very slippery and polished. This will be tricky on the repeat for sure."

Fri 10:53 - SS3: Ostberg
The floor of his DS 3 is awash with mud. "I don't know why, It seems like there is a hole in the floor. Otherwise quite a nice stage. A good rhythm. I changed the set-up a bit but I have a better feeling."

Fri 10:50 - SS3: Mikkelsen
6.6sec off the pace. " A bad stage to be honest. The beginning was really bad but it got better. Now I have a good rhythm. A good base for the rest of the day."

Fri 10:47 - SS3: Ogier
He's through in 17m01.8s. "Better conditions in here, the grip was better than the earlier two. I was happy with the feeling of the car. A shame for Jari-Matti, I was looking forward to the fight."

Fri 10:44 - SS3: Neuville
WRC tracking shows his car stopped at the 10.3km point

Fri 10:38 - Stage info: SS3/SS6
Myherin, 30.23km. Back after a year’s absence, Myherin is a drivers’ favourite. It starts with a wide, smooth 3km climb through a string of hairpin bends before crossing a moorland wind farm. After 8km it dives into the trees on twistier roads, leading into a new 3km section in the middle of the test. A return to the wind turbines precedes a fast run to the finish.

Fri 10:37 - Wales after SS2
1.Ogier 20:34.5s, 2.Meeke +6.0s, 3.Mikkelsen +10.2s, 4.Ostberg +15.9s, 5.Sordo +24.7s. Latvala off in a ditch

Fri 10:33 - SS2: Paddon
6.1sec off Ogier's pace and Paddon is deep in thought. "I'm focusing my attention on my driving at the moment."

Fri 10:31 - SS2: Sordo
Fourth quickest on stage so far. No problems reported.

Fri 10:30 - SS3: LIVE
The stages are coming thick and fast this morning. Ogier began the 30km Myherin at 1027hrs

Fri 10:28 - SS2: Evans
Slowest of the seven cars through so far. "I'm struggling to get the car to turn in."

Fri 10:28 - SS2: Neuville
Fourth so far, and that's a better stage than his opener. "The stage was okay. I was a bit distracted to see Latvala's co-driver standing by the ditch."

Fri 10:25 - SS2: Meeke
Closest to Ogier's pace and Kris is up to second in the standings. "Not so bad. I found a good rhythm on the first stage. Surprising to see Jari-Matti off in here, it looks like he went off under braking - a strange part of the stage to go off at."

Fri 10:23 - SS2: Ostberg
Four seconds off Ogier's pace. "All this mud and it's not even raining. All good though. It's nice."

Fri 10:21 - SS2: Mikkelsen
He completes 3.1sec slower than Ogier. Did he see Jari-Matti? "After the second corner he was in a ditch, When I saw him I braked extremely early! A clean stage for us, I'm sorry for him."

Fri 10:18 - SS2: Latvala
WRC tracking shows his car stopped 600metres into the stage

Fri 10:17 - SS2: Ogier
He's first to complete in 2m06.3sec. "It's okay. Slippery, not so easy, I tried to stay on the road."

Fri 10:14 - Stage info: SS2/SS5
Sweet Lamb 1, 3.19km. An initial moorland section leads to the finish in the ‘bowl’ where huge crowds gather to watch jumps, a water splash and tight corners. Sweet Lamb is a purpose built motorsport complex and the roads are well-used and will cut up. Plenty of mud and slime makes this a short but challenging test.

Fri 10:13 - Up next: SS2
We're straight over to Sweet Lamb now. Ogier began the stage at 1010hrs

Fri 10:13 - Wales after SS1
1.Ogier 18:28.2s, 2.Latvala +0.8s, 3.Meeke +4.4s, 4.Mikkelsen +7.1s, 5.Ostberg +11.9s. Ogier the early leader

Fri 10:10 - SS1: Kubica
Tenth fastest. "All okay. Not bad, a good feeling although after we changed the gearbox yesterday the balance doesn't feel like it should do."

Fri 10:08 - SS1: Prokop
"It looks muddy but the grip is not bad. I feel good. Enjoying."

Fri 10:06 - SS1: Tanak
Ninth fastest and the first to report deteriorating stage conditions. "The surface is cutting up, so soft in places. We're doing what we can."

Fri 10:04 - SS1: Paddon
Slowest through so far, 31.2sec off the pace. "It looks like it's very slippery but the grip is not too bad. I'm not trusting the grip at all. What can I do? Give myself a slap in the face."

Fri 10:02 - SS1: Sordo
Quicker than his team-mate Neuville by 3.7sec but the two Hyundai's are slowest through so far. "To be honest I'm happy. The surface is changing and getting more slippery. It's changed a lot since the recce There's a big gap to the people in front..."

Fri 10:00 - SS1: Evans
21.1sec off the pace and an overly cautious start for the Welshman. "Very, very tricky, I felt I didn't carry enough speed in places."

Fri 09:59 - SS1: Neuville
25sec slower than Ogier. Less than we expected from the Belgian who has been rested from the main team here so he can rebuild his confidence. What happened? "In the first kilometre the rear snapped and I had to stop and reverse. That cost me a few seconds." He shakes his head and moves off.

Fri 09:56 - SS1: Meeke
Third fastest, splitting Latvala and Mikkelsen. "Much better grip that I thought but I'd love to be first on the road. One mistake though - I caught a mud bank and lost three or four seconds."

Fri 09:54 - SS1: Ostberg
11.9sec slower than Ogier. How was that? "Not so bad, quite nice conditions on the stage. I expected it to be more muddy and difficult. Okay, it's not Finland but it's better than I expected."

Fri 09:52 - SS1: Mikkelsen
7.1sec off Ogier's pace and that's no surprise after Andreas missed Shakedown. "Difficult for sure, trying to adjust to the grip. I think I managed it okay. I'm happy enough, I got into the rhythm quickly enough."

Fri 09:50 - SS1: Latvala
Eight tenths slower than Ogier, but he had been quicker at the mid-stage splits. What happened? "I didn't know that. It's surprising because the feeling was good. Maybe too cautious in the last section? It wasn't as slippery as I has expected."

Fri 09:48 - SS1: Ogier
His time 18m28.2s. "Difficult, but crazy people in the road in the middle of the stage. Not even moving."

Fri 09:46 - Stage info: SS1/SS4
Hafren, 32.14km. In at the deep end – the longest stage of the rally and a GB classic kicks off the action! The surface is hard but slimy and it’s fast, flowing and smooth throughout. A drainage ditch lines much of the test which drivers can use to ‘hook’ their cars into corners, while big logs have been positioned on the inside of some bends to prevent drivers cutting.

Fri 09:44 - SS1: Live
And underway. Ogier began the stage at 0927hrs

Fri 09:43 - Tom Cave
The Welshman will not start his home round of the WRC this morning after an overnight family bereavement. Cave had been expected to be one of the front-runners in the WRC 2 category.

Fri 09:39 - Andreas Mikkelsen
Started as planned following his flying visit to Germany yesterday for a medical check up. He was given the green light to compete and made it back in time for the ceremonial start.

Fri 09:35 - Time check
All times quoted are local. Welsh rally time is CET -1 hour

Fri 09:31 - WRC Live
Don't miss our WRC Live radio service from Wales. Presenters Becs Williams, Lisa O'Sullivan and stage-end reporters Colin Clark and Trevor Agnew are up and broadcasting. You'll find a link in the LIVE section.

Fri 09:27 - Start intervals
Crews will start today's stages at two minute intervals

Fri 09:26 - Start list
Crews will tackle today's stages in championship order. Here's how the leading crews will line up: 1. Ogier, 2. Latvala, 3. Mikkelsen, 4. Ostberg, 5. Meeke, 6. Neuville, 7. Evans. 8. Sordo, 9. Paddon, 10. Tanak, 11. Prokop, 12. Kubica, 13. Lefebvre, 14. Bertelli, 15. Abbring

Fri 09:24 - Weather
It's November in Wales, so it's no surprise that it's raining. And showers are expected on and off throughout the day. Strong winds too. The current temperature of 9ºC won't change much all day. In short, wrap up.

Fri 09:17 - Friday's itinerary
After a long road section south, crews will tackle a loop of three classic stages in mid-Wales. After Hafren (32.14km), Sweet Lamb (3.33km) and Myherin (30.23km), a regroup in Newtown will enable the crews to change tyres before they complete second runs on the same stages. The leg will conclude with a 45-minute service in Deeside

Fri 09:17 - Coming up today
After a blustery ceremonial start last night in Llandudno, the competition proper begins today with a full schedule of stage action in the Welsh wilderness

Fri 09:16 - We're LIVE
From north Wales, tapping away in the WRC TV compound in a corner of Toyota's engine factory overlooking the Service Park in Deeside

Fri 09:15 - Croeso Cynnes
Iawn ichi gyd i Rali Cymru GB. And a warm welcome to our text coverage from Wales Rally GB, the 13th and final round of the FIA World Rally Championship

Mon 13:55 - Wales Rally GB 2015
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WRC+ Live

SS19 Brenig 2 (Power Stage) (10.64 km)  

Temps partiels

Départ # Pilote Equipe Eligibilité Temps de la spéciale
1. 21 CZEM. PROKOP Jipocar Czech National Team T 00:02:08.8  7:08.0
2. 2 FINJ. LATVALA Volkswagen Motorsport M   6:50.3
3. 14 POLR. KUBICA Robert Kubica   6:56.2
4. 37 ITAL. BERTELLI FWRT srl T   7:08.6
5. 4 NORM. OSTBERG Citroën Total Abu Dhabi WRT M   7:00.7
6. 12 FRAS. LEFEBVRE Citroën Total Abu Dhabi WRT -0.9  7:01.0
7. 5 GBRE. EVANS M-Sport World Rally Team M -2.2  6:59.9
8. 8 NZLH. PADDON Hyundai Motorsport M   6:59.0
9. 7 ESPD. SORDO Hyundai Motorsport M -0.5  7:04.6
10. 9 NORA. MIKKELSEN Volkswagen Motorsport II T -4.8  6:52.7
11. 3 GBRK. MEEKE Citroën Total Abu Dhabi WRT M   6:58.7
12. 1 FRAS. OGIER Volkswagen Motorsport M -0.5  7:02.5
13. 23 IRLS. MOFFETT Sam Moffett +12.2  7:37.2
14. 22 IRLJ. MOFFETT Josh Moffett +12.3  7:47.1
15. 43 FRAE. CAMILLI Team Oreca WRC2   8:01.7
16. 47 FINT. SUNINEN TGS Worldwide WRC2 +2.7  7:20.9
17. 45 IRLC. BREEN Sainteloc Junior Team WRC2   7:13.5
18. 39 QATA. AL-KUWARI Youth & Sport Qatar Rally Team WRC2 +7.0  7:34.6
19. 72 POLJ. KOLTUN C-Rally WRC2   7:31.3
20. 40 PERN. FUCHS Drive DMACK WRC2   7:22.5
21. 38 UKRY. PROTASOV Yurii Protasov WRC2 +1.8  7:14.4
22. 34 FRAQ. GIORDANO Quentin Giordano WRC2 +36.1  8:59.5
23. 50 ESPN. SOLANS ACSM Rallye Team WRC2   8:00.5
24. 71 SWEF. AHLIN Fredrik Ahlin WRC2 +3.1  7:14.3
25. 33 NORE. BRYNILDSEN Motorsport Italia SRL WRC2   7:13.6
26. 73 ANDJ. CARCHAT ACSM Rallye Team WRC2 +24.9  8:28.3
27. 53 NORO. VEIBY Printsport WRC3 +26.7  8:16.3
28. 60 FRAQ. GILBERT Quentin Gilbert WRC3 +21.3  8:03.7
29. 76 ITAE. INGLESI WRC2   8:09.0
30. 80 ITAF. ANDOLFI ACI Team Italia WRC3 +23.5  8:15.6
31. 49 UKRV. GORBAN Eurolamp World Rally Team WRC2 +10.7  8:42.0
32. 65 FRAP. LOUBET Pierre-Louis Loubet WRC3 +17.9  8:00.5
33. 58 FRAT. FOLB Terry Folb WRC3 +24.6  8:26.8
34. 79 BELW. WAGNER William Wagner WRC3 +19.0  7:54.0
35. 82 GBRD. HIGGINS David Higgins +13.6  7:56.1
36. 83 ITAL. HOELBLING Luca Hoelbling +14.7  8:00.7
37. 85 GBRJ. GREER Jonathan Greer   7:51.5
38. 94 ITAA. TADDEI Alessandro Taddei +25.5  8:27.1
39. 88 GBRT. JARDINE Tony Jardine +26.5  8:46.5
40. 75 GBRM. McCORMACK Martin McCormack   7:30.0
41. 89 IRLP. DUFFY Pauric Duffy +16.6  8:04.6
42. 74 POLH. PTASZEK Hubert Ptaszek WRC2 +18.2  7:56.0
43. 87 FINM. VATANEN Max Vatanen +23.2  8:13.6
44. 98 GBRJ. CORNWELL Josh Cornwell +40.5  9:01.4
45. 48 ITAG. LINARI Gianluca Linari WRC2 +39.1  9:16.5
46. 102 GBRM. COTTON Matthew Cotton +44.7  9:22.6
47. 101 GBRT. RODGERS Tim Rodgers +40.4  9:11.1
48. 90 BELC. TANGHE Claudie Tanghe +37.6  9:18.7
49. 92 IRLR. DUGGAN Robert Duggan +19.3  8:00.2
50. 103 GBRJ. PRITCHARD John Pritchard +47.4  9:30.7
51. 105 GBRJ. JONES Jonathan Jones +56.9  9:55.7
52. 96 GBRS. WILKINSON Spencer Wilkinson +32.0  8:57.8
53. 140 GBRR. GILL Rob Gill +37.1  8:58.6
54. 97 JPNK. IZUNO Kohei Izuno   9:52.4
55. 100 GBRT. SIMPSON Tony Simpson +40.7  9:13.0
56. 91 GBRG. GREENSMITH Gus Greensmith +46.8  9:15.2
57. 99 GBRM. HARRIS Mike Harris +56.0  10:02.7
58. 106 GBRD. FLETCHER Des Fletcher +2:38.5  14:34.2



Monte Carlo


Wind: 12 km/h