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Sun 13:24 - Until then
Keep an eye on the news section for all the latest from the WRC and don’t forget WRC+ where you'll find all our stage coverage and onboards from Argentina. Bye for now!

Sun 13:24 - We will return
On 19 May for the championship's fifth round: Vodafone Rally de Portugal

Sun 13:22 - Stages complete
And that's where we'll end our live text service from YPF Rally Argentina

Sun 13:22 - Argentina WRC 2 FINAL
1.Fuchs 4h05m35.7s, 2.Ptaszek +4m36.9s, 3.Al-Kuwari +9m50.9s, 4.Evans +44m50.3s 5.Bestard +1h04m01.9s

Sun 13:10 - SS18: WRC 2 Fuchs
The Peruvian keeps his nerve through the Power Stage to secure the WRC 2 win. Hubert Ptaszek is second with Al-Kuwari third.

Sun 13:07 - Power Stage result
1: Paddon 13m08.0s (3 points) 2: Sordo +11.2s (2 points) 3: Ogier +11.7s (1 point)

Sun 13:05 - Argentina FINAL
1.Paddon 3h40m52.9s, 2.Ogier +14.3s, 3.Mikkelsen +1m05.2s, 4.Sordo +1m17.1s, 5.Østberg +4m56.7s

Sun 13:02 - SS18: John Kennard
Hayden's co-driver gives his verdict. "Stunning. Hayden will be a World Rally Champion."

Sun 13:00 - SS18: Paddon
Hayden wins YPF Rally Argentina by 14.3sec from Seb. He is quickest on the Power Stage by 11.2sec. His first WRC victory. "I almost can't believe it. I gave that stage absolutely everything! Huge thanks to everyone - and especially people following at home in New Zealand. I've been preparing for this stage for three weeks. In the past the tight and twisty stuff really didn't suit me. I didn't think we had a chance - today I just drove the wheels off. We're going to win a lot more with this car."

Sun 12:54 - Paddon wins!
He's on the roof of the car punching the air!

Sun 12:53 - SS18: Ogier
He's through - but he's half a second slower than Sordo. Enough for the win? "It was very rough, I didn't push to the maximum. Whatever the result it's been a great week for us and great to be here."

Sun 12:51 - SS18: Mikkelsen
Third place - his best result in Argentina. "I'm happy with third. After Mexico I had to finish here. Now we are back in the points there will be a big push in Portugal."

Sun 12:49 - SS18: Sordo
The new stage leader: 13m19.2s. "It was good. Okay, a bit disappointed to lose time in the first day but excited by the battle between Hayden and Seb." It's fourth place for Dani.

Sun 12:46 - SS18: Paddon vs Ogier
Paddon 8.5sec quicker than Ogier at the 7km split!

Sun 12:45 - SS18: Ostberg
Quickest so far on stage and Mads bags fifth place. "We have done our best. We were well prepared and did the perfect job inside the car. I can be pleased with that. We will work hard before Portugal."

Sun 12:42 - SS18: Neuville
A decent time, nine-tenths quicker than Tanak's, and he secures sixth place. "A horrible weekend to be honest. Difficult to get a good rhythm with all the trouble we had. A good weekend for the team but not for us."

Sun 12:40 - SS18: Ligato
A great time for Marcos, 2.4sec shy of Tanak's and it looks like seventh place. "Very good rally. We can do good times. Very fast on all the days. I am very happy. I hope to be back again next year."

Sun 12:36 - SS18: Camilli
A much needed clean run for the Frenchman who finishes the rally eighth. "Job done. We are very happy to finish the rally without issues. The car worked well and we have proved a lot. We are happy."

Sun 12:32 - SS18: Solberg
12.2sec slower than Bertelli on stage and Henning should take ninth here. "I enjoyed this weekend. A lot of problems but we're here at the finish."

Sun 12:29 - SS18: Bertelli
He completes 8.7sec slower than Tanak and it looks like 14th place for Lorenzo. "I tried more here on the Power Stage. An improvement in my performance this week."

Sun 12:28 - SS18: Latvala update
His car is stopped on the stage. Jari-Matti is working on the front-left corner.

Sun 12:26 - SS18: Tanak
Quickest through on the first pass, in 13m50.6s, Tanak stops the clock in 13m33.3s this time. He has a front-left puncture. "We had it for the last seven kilometers."

Sun 12:22 - SS18: Latvala
WRC tracking shows him stopped at 8.1km.

Sun 12:12 - SS18: Tanak and Bertelli
Both in stage

Sun 12:11 - Weather update
Less cloud and fog in the opening section than earlier

Sun 12:08 - The Power Stage!
The rally's final stage - the repeat of El Condor - gets underway at 1209hrs. Bonus points on offer here. Watch it live on WRC+.

Sun 12:06 - Argentina WRC 2
after SS17 1.Fuchs 3h50m52.2s, 2.Ptaszek +4m32.8s, 3.Al-Kuwari +10m03.1s, 4.Evans +45m23.5s 5.Bestard +1h03m28.9s

Sun 12:04 - Argentina after SS17
1.Paddon 3h27m44.9s, 2.Ogier +2.6s, 3.Mikkelsen +50.8s, 4.Sordo +1m05.9s, 5.Østberg +4m40.4s

Sun 11:52 - SS17: WRC 2 Evans
The Welshman is 46sec faster than Fuchs. "A seriously hard stage for the car, so I did everything I could to look after it."

Sun 11:51 - SS17: WRC 2 Fuchs
Another stage ticked off by the class leader. "I'm driving very slowly. Very satisfied by this performance but I need to finish to get the points."

Sun 11:47 - SS17: Ligato
A terrific fourth-quickest time from the local hero who is now just 6.7sec behind Neuville in sixth. Can he catch him in El Condor? "I will see. It's a stage I know well and I feel very comfortable with this car."

Sun 11:42 - SS17: Paddon
Third quickest and 19.8sec down on Ogier. He still leads - but by just 2.6sec from Seb! He's gutted and almost lost for words. "A very, very rough stage. Trying to find the balance between not breaking the car... ....very hard to gauge the speed. Not much more to say."

Sun 11:39 - SS17: Ogier
Quickest on stage so far, 13.6sec up on Sordo. "A good stage for me, happy with my driving even if the car set-up wasn't the best. What gap do I want to Paddon? As little as possible!"

Sun 11:37 - SS17: Mikkelsen
14.3sec slower than Sordo. "That should be fine. I took it easy in there, just controlling. I've saved my tyres for the Power Stage. We won't risk everything but I'll give it a go."

Sun 11:33 - SS17: Sordo
16.3sec quicker than Ostberg. "I drove very cleanly. The road is rough so I didn't push. I want to get the points here."

Sun 11:32 - SS17: Ostberg
Another new quickest time, beating Neuville by 9.2sec. "It was a good stage. Quite a big problem with my gear-change but I'm getting used to coping with that."

Sun 11:28 - SS17: Neuville
Quickest so far, 6.7sec up on Camilli. "A clean run but the rear of the car is sliding around too much."

Sun 11:27 - SS17: Ogier vs Paddon
Looks like a big push from Ogier. He's 8.4sec quicker than Paddon at the 5.9km split!

Sun 11:21 - SS17: Camilli
Quickest so far, 5.1sec up on Tanak. "A really good stage. The car is going well. We are on target, improving step-by-step."

Sun 11:20 - SS17: Latvala
"Normally this is one of the stages that I like to drive. Not this time."

Sun 11:16 - SS17: Bertelli
"The road surface is either sand on top of rock or just rock."

Sun 11:12 - SS17: Tanak
His time 19m29.4. "A proper stage. Really rough and slippery. Difficult to do a good time, but I had a good run."

Sun 10:54 - SS17: Conditions
Rough road conditions but visibility is much better than El Condor

Sun 10:35 - Stage info: SS17
Mina Clavero - Giulio Cesare 22.64km This stage is famous for its moonlike landscape across which the road winds. The surface is bumpy and rough throughout and hard on tyres and suspension. The final section towards the finish is lined by towering rocks which fans cling to for stunning views of the final kilometres.

Sun 10:34 - Up next: SS17
Crews are on their way to the classic stage from Mina Clavero. Tanak's start time: 1051hrs

Sun 10:18 - Argentina WRC 2
after SS16 1.Fuchs 3h29m53.4s, 2.Ptaszek +4m25.7s, 3.Al-Kuwari +10m34.9s, 4.Evans +46m09.9s 5.Bestard +1h02m15.9s

Sun 10:04 - SS16: WRC 2 Evans
37.4sec quicker than Fuchs. "Horrible conditions. So hard to know what speed to go at."

Sun 10:03 - SS16: WRC 2 Fuchs
The WRC 2 leader safely through. "No risks for me - in the middle of the road all the way through."

Sun 10:00 - Argentina after SS16
1.Paddon 3h08m46.6s, 2.Ogier +22.4s, 3.Mikkelsen +42.7s, 4.Sordo +1m12.1s, 5.Østberg +4m30.3s

Sun 09:58 - SS16: Ligato
"I couldn't see anything near the start. Very bad. I didn't want to make a mistake."

Sun 09:56 - SS16: Paddon
He completes 7.4sec slower than Ogier. His rally lead now 22.4sec. "A terrible stage. Conditions are absolutely incredible and the engine stalled a couple of times when we were braking for hairpins. Once it took me five seconds to restart. It's something we'll have to work around."

Sun 09:51 - SS16: Ogier
He's through. Exactly 3sec slower than Tanak. "Really tricky. Bad visibility and so many rocks on the road. This is not a stage where you want to push. I'm happy just to get through."

Sun 09:48 - SS16: Mikkelsen
8.8sec slower than Tanak. "We had a spin near the start and lost maybe 10 seconds. Really tricky."

Sun 09:46 - SS16: Ogier vs Paddon
Both in stage. At the 7km split Paddon is just half a second slower than Ogier.

Sun 09:45 - SS16: Sordo
20.5sec slower than Tanak. "Unbelievable, conditions. Very difficult. I've never seen it like this."

Sun 09:44 - SS16: Ostberg
54.5sec off the pace. "We were off the road. A little misunderstanding in the car. It's very difficult in the fog. There was a corner that I wasn't expecting. Spectators quickly got us back underway."

Sun 09:40 - SS16: Neuville
He completes 38sec slower than Tanak and blames poor visibility. "The cloud is going up and down all the time so each driver gets different conditions."

Sun 09:37 - SS16: Solberg
Slowest through so far, 1m30s off the pace. He's shaking his head. "I couldn't see anything at the start. I can't drive in the fog so it was a disappointment."

Sun 09:35 - SS16: Neuville
23sec slower than Tanak at the mid-point split. Problem?

Sun 09:34 - SS16: Ostberg
He stopped at the 6.3km point. Moving again.

Sun 09:34 - SS16: Camilli
21.4sec off Tanak's pace. "Not enjoyable - very hard indeed. Not good to discover the stage like this!"

Sun 09:31 - SS16: Latvala
32sec off Tanak's pace. That's slower than we'd expect. "I tried, but yesterday crash caused a lot of damage to the car and I have to be very careful with it now. I'm not at rally speed today. More like a high-speed recce."

Sun 09:27 - SS16: Bertelli
"We took it easy this time."

Sun 09:24 - SS16: Tanak
He's through in 13m50.6s. "The last four or five kilometres are clear but at the beginning all I could see was the bonnet."

Sun 09:20 - Spectator update
Police estimate there are 65,000 spectators in El Condor

Sun 09:17 - Stage info: SS16
El Condor - Copina, 16.32km. One of the most famous roads in the WRC. Located in the Traslasierra mountains, it boasts stunning views in good weather, but fog and rain transform it into hell. At the start it winds around massive rocks, on which huge crowds perch roadside, before descending on a rough, rock-strewn road across famous iron bridges which hang from canyons. It is smoother near the end and drops 746 metres from start to finish.

Sun 09:16 - WRC Live
Our WRC Live radio service from Argentina is up and running. Presenters Becs Williams, Lisa O'Sullivan and stage-end reporters Colin Clark and Emyr Penlan on air now. You'll find a link in the LIVE section.

Sun 09:15 - Start intervals
Crews will start at three-minute gaps on the Live TV stages

Sun 09:15 - Up next: SS16
Tanak got underway at 0908hrs

Sun 09:14 - Latvala?
That's right. Volkswagen rebuilt his battered Polo R overnight and he's back today

Sun 09:13 - Sunday's start order
Crews will tackle today's leg in reverse rally classification order. Here's how the WRC runners will line-up: 1. Tanak, 2. Bertelli, 3. Latvala, 4. Camilli, 5. Solberg, 6. Neuville, 7. Østberg, 8. Sordo, 9. Mikkelsen, 10. Ogier, 11. Paddon, 12. Ligato

Sun 09:10 - Weather update
All change. After two days of blue skies and sunshine it's a 12˚C and cloudy in Villa Carlos Paz today. Rain is forecast. Out on the high altitude El Condor it is 5˚C, dry but low cloud is limiting visibility to just 50 metres at the start.

Sun 09:10 - LIVE TV stages
WRC+ subscribers can watch both visits to the iconic El Condor - Copina Stage (SS16/SS18) live online today

Sun 09:10 - Coming up today
The grand finale! Three stages in the rock-strewn roads of the Traslasierra mountains. Two passes of El Condor - Copina sandwich the longer Mina Clavero - Giulio Cesare, with bonus points to the fastest three drivers in the final live TV Power Stage.

Sun 09:10 - Buenos días
From Villa Carlos Paz and welcome back to our live text coverage of YPF Rally Argentina

Sat 17:23 - Ogier vs Paddon
Our text coverage of France vs New Zealand resumes at 0908hrs, when the classic El Condor - Copina stage goes live. Until then, keep an eye on the news section for all the latest from Villa Carlos Paz. Bye for now.

Sat 17:19 - Join us on Sunday
For the final, decisive day of competition. Coming up: Three timed runs, two iconic Rally Argentina stages and one awesome Power Stage!

Sat 17:16 - Leaders through
And that's where we'll leave our live text service for tonight.

Sat 17:16 - Argentina WRC 2
after SS15 1.Fuchs 3h14m01.1s, 2.Ptaszek +3m26.4s, 3.Al-Kuwari +10m10.3s, 4.Arias (r) +36m07.8s 5.Evans +46m47.3s

Sat 17:12 - Argentina after SS15
1.Paddon 2h54m45.6s, 2.Ogier +29.8s, 3.Mikkelsen +44.3s, 4.Sordo +1m02.0s, 5.Østberg +3m46.2s

Sat 17:11 - SS15: WRC 2 Evans
"A difficult day with the punctures. Tomorrow is an opportunity to get our pacenotes right for the future."

Sat 17:09 - SS15: WRC 2 Fuchs
Three stages to go and Fuchs' lead stands at 3m26.4s. "It's a difficult position to be in. I can't go flat out now - I just need to finish. We're going to fit all new parts to the car tonight!"

Sat 17:07 - SS15: WRC 2 Al-Kuwari
Trying to stay positive after losing the lead earlier. "It's been a difficult afternoon but what can we do? At least we are still here."

Sat 17:01 - SS15: Bertelli
"A tough day, a lot of issues to work around."

Sat 17:00 - SS15: Camilli
Another trouble-free run today and Camilli is ninth overnight. "A very, very good day today. We learned a lot and we are still here so we are very happy."

Sat 16:57 - SS15: Ligato
He rounds off a good day with the 11th fastest time. He'll start Sunday in sixth place but with Solberg and Neuville both just 4.8sec behind. "The car was not working so well in the twisty sections here. Tomorrow will be very difficult. I must be smart."

Sat 16:55 - SS15: Tanak
Fifth-fastest on stage, 8.2sec slower than Mikkelsen. "The afternoon has been good. The long stage was tricky for the tyres. Otherwise okay, a good rhythm."

Sat 16:37 - SS15: Solberg
7.6sec slower than Neuville and that means the pair tie eighth! "Now I have to push to catch Ligato. I did all I could earlier today when I lost power steering."

Sat 16:35 - SS15: Neuville
Thierry completes 15.1sec slower than Mikkelsen. Is that enough to catch Henning Solberg's eighth position?

Sat 16:32 - SS15: Paddon
He completes 4.5sec slower than Ogier. His rally lead ahead of Sunday's three remaining stages: 29.8sec. "A long way and some tough stages still to go. Thirty seconds to the world champion isn't a whole lot. Looking at today, performance wise there's definitely room for more improvement, but my consistency across the stages has been good."

Sat 16:31 - SS15: Sordo
4.3sec slower than Mikkelsen. He will start the final day 1m02s behind him in the overall standings. "Generally I'm happy with the day. Now the battle with Andreas is difficult but we will try."

Sat 16:29 - SS15: Mikkelsen
Fastest time so far, 1.2sec up on Ogier. In the overall standings Andreas trails Seb by just 14.5sec. "It's been a tough day and I feel very sorry for Jari-Matti. We've just been controlling our pace, that was always our strategy, and I think we've done that well."

Sat 16:28 - SS15: Ostberg
Exactly 17sec slower than Ogier. "The stages this afternoon were nice, in good shape. The hard tyres didn't work so well for the two short ones."

Sat 16:27 - SS15: Ogier
He completes in 13m28.3s. All eyes now on Paddon's final stage performance. Ogier sounding pretty flat about the upcoming challenge. "The plan tomorrow? To go home. I have fought hard all weekend. Sometimes it's hard for people to see that. It's been too long with this disadvantage."

Sat 16:15 - Live now: SS15
Ogier started the repeat of Boca del Arroyo - Bajo del Pungo, Saturday's final stage, at 1608hrs.

Sat 16:13 - Argentina WRC 2
after SS14 1.Fuchs 2h59m09.8s, 2.Ptaszek +3m18.8s, 3.Al-Kuwari +9m02.3s, 4.Arias (r) +29m36.3s 5.Evans +47m15.8s

Sat 16:10 - SS14: WRC 2 Evans
He completes one minute behind Fuchs. He stopped to change another puncture.

Sat 16:08 - SS14: WRC 2 Fuchs
"A long stage. I need to preserve this lead position. I'm driving at no more than 80 per cent."

Sat 16:06 - SS14: WRC 2 Al-Kuwari
His Skoda is in rear-wheel-drive only. "It's very difficult to control the car like this, but getting though the stages is better than taking the Rally 2 penalties."

Sat 16:04 - Argentina after SS14
1.Paddon 2h41m12.8s, 2.Ogier +34.3s, 3.Mikkelsen +50.0s, 4.Sordo +1m03.4s, 5.Østberg +3m33.7s Latvala crash

Sat 16:03 - SS14: WRC 2 Evans
Stopped at 22.2km

Sat 16:01 - SS14: Ligato
Seventh quickest on stage and Marcos passes Henning Solberg to take sixth overall.

Sat 15:57 - SS14: Bertelli
Front-right puncture. "I felt it three or four kilometres before the finish. We lost only about a minute."

Sat 15:54 - SS14: Camilli
"I like this stage. We pushed but the wrong tyre choice I think."

Sat 15:52 - SS14: Solberg
Did you see Jari-Matti's car? "Yes - it looked like a proper one..."

Sat 15:51 - SS14: Neuville
"I saw Jari-Matti's car. It looks like a huge crash. I hope they are both okay. My stage was okay but the engine response was dropping at times."

Sat 15:49 - Latvala update
WRC TV crew on the scene report Jari-Matti and his co-driver Miikka Anttila are okay.

Sat 15:48 - SS14: Paddon
Fastest time so far and Paddon is the new rally leader, 34.3 ahead of Ogier in second. And that comes as a pleasant surprise to the Kiwi. "Really? Wow. That changes things. I'm still struggling with the tyre balance here. I'm after a good clean run on the next stage. We know Seb will be fast there - he has the right tyres - and tomorrow."

Sat 15:44 - SS14: Sordo
Fastest through so far. "A good stage. A lot of movement from the rear of the car on these tyres."

Sat 15:42 - SS14: Mikkelsen
Up to third following Latvala's delay. "Sad to hear about Jari-Matti. He was doing well. For us no drama. We are in the comfort zone."

Sat 15:40 - SS14: Ostberg
22.7sec slower than Ogier. "Quite okay, good grip. Enjoyable to drive over the mountain like that. The road is cleaning a lot. It's a bit like Tarmac in there but slippery off the line."

Sat 15:38 - SS14: Latvala
WRC tracking system shows Latvala stopped. He went off at the 21km point.

Sat 15:37 - SS14: Ogier
"For sure the second loop is more enjoyable. I should lose less than this morning."

Sat 15:20 - SS14: Underway
Running with a 20-minute delay. Ogier's start time: 1515hrs

Sat 15:19 - Argentina WRC 2
after SS13 1.Fuchs 2h36m41.8s, 2.Ptaszek +3m27.1s, 3.Al-Kuwari +7m24.5s, 4.Arias (r) +22m44.6s 5.Evans +46m15.2s

Sat 15:06 - SS13: WRC 2 Al-Kuwari
He completes with the loss of more than 9min and his car looking battered. "We rolled after a 90 degree left-hander. It took us a long time to get the car back. Then we had a flat tyre and now we have only two-wheel drive. I cannot believe my luck." The time loss drops him from 1st to 3rd in class.

Sat 15:00 - SS13: WRC 2 Ptaszek
"Not so bad in there. Really fast. We try our best to check our notes for the future."

Sat 14:58 - SS13: WRC 2 Evans
"I just need to get the car home now. It's important for my championship to get all the points I can."

Sat 14:57 - SS13: WRC 2 Fuchs
The new leader in WRC 2. "It's amazing, a very rough rally. Now I need to be careful to take this rally."

Sat 14:54 - Al-Kuwari update
He rolled into a field and had to replace the rear-right tyre before rejoining the stage. Splits show he has lost more than five minutes - and the lead of WRC 2.

Sat 14:52 - Argentina after SS13
1.Latvala 2h20m37.1s, 2.Paddon +14.5s, 3.Ogier +46.4s, 4.Mikkelsen +55.3s, 5.Sordo +1m17.0s

Sat 14:50 - SS13: Tanak
Fastest on the mid-stage splits but completes sixth quickest - 2.9sec off Latvala's pace. "The feeling was good."

Sat 14:48 - SS13: WRC 2 Al-Kuwari
On the move again

Sat 14:48 - SS13: Bertelli
His earlier turbo problem is fixed. "We had a big impact with a rock in here but we are okay."

Sat 14:45 - SS13: WRC 2 Al-Kuwari
WRC tracking shows the WRC 2 leader's car stopped at 3.74km

Sat 14:44 - SS13: Solberg
"The power steering is fixed. Everything is working fine. I'm trying to keep seventh place."

Sat 14:42 - SS13: Neuville
Third quickest for Thierry. "Yeah, okay, we are still here. I like this stage so I pushed a bit more."

Sat 14:40 - SS13: Latvala
Quickest so far, eight-tenths up on Ogier. "A very fast stage and tricky at the end. In one place a bit too fast in the ruts but otherwise a very good stage."

Sat 14:39 - SS13: Paddon
Quicker than Ogier on the early splits but he's four-tenths slower at the end. He's running a mixed tyre set-up of hard compounds at the front and softs at the rear. "The tyre choice was a compromise. The handling wasn't so bad but right from the start the balance felt a bit unsettled."

Sat 14:35 - SS13: Sordo
3.1sec off Ogier's pace-setting time. "The start of the stage was good, the balance feels good."

Sat 14:33 - SS13: Mikkelsen
1.5sec slower than Ogier. "Everything is fine."

Sat 14:32 - SS13: Ostberg
12.2sec slower than Ogier on a full hard compound set-up. How was it? "A little bit better than earlier. The gearbox downshift problem is still there."

Sat 14:30 - SS13: Ogier
His time: 9m55.8s. "We'll see if my (soft) tyre choice is the correct one. In this one they were okay. I'm not thinking about my rivals - I'm only thinking about my own driving."

Sat 14:25 - Tyre info
News from Michelin on the number and compounds (hard or soft) of LTX force tyres their drivers have for the afternoon loop: VW: 5S. Neuville: 3H&2S. Paddon/Sordo: 2H&3S. Østberg: 4H&1S. Camilli: 6S

Sat 13:49 - SS13 start time
Ogier due to start at 1417hrs.

Sat 13:48 - Itinerary delay
The earlier delay remains so this afternoon's schedule is running 20 minutes late.

Sat 12:35 - Next stage: SS13
The repeat of Villa Bustos - Tanti is scheduled to start at 1357hrs. We'll take a live text break until then.

Sat 12:33 - Up next: Service
Crews are heading to Villa Carlos Paz for the 30-minute midpoint service. You can watch this live via our service park streaming cameras

Sat 12:13 - Argentina WRC 2
after SS12 1.Al-Kuwari 2h23m47.7s, 2.Fuchs +1m55.9s, 3.Ptaszek +5m17.1s, 4.Arias (r)+18m17.7s 5. Bestard (r) +42m59.3s

Sat 12:08 - SS12: WRC 2 Evans
The stage winner, two tenths up on Fuchs, but more than 40m adrift in the standings after his retirement on Friday. "Not a great day because of the puncture. In this last one we took it really steady. We'll come up with a new plan in service."

Sat 12:01 - SS12: WRC2 Al-Kuwari
The Qatari heads to service with a WRC 2 lead over Fuchs of 1m55s. "A tough loop. We ran for 5km with a flat tyre on the first stage. We are balancing things well.'

Sat 11:55 - Argentina after SS12
1.Latvala 2h10m42.1s, 2.Paddon +13.3s, 3.Ogier +45.6s, 4.Mikkelsen +53.0s, 5.Sordo +1m13.1s

Sat 11:53 - SS12: Bertelli
Still bothered by an engine issue. He hopes his team will fix it in service.

Sat 11:52 - SS12: Tanak
"The morning has been good. Trying to carry on where we left off yesterday. Not taking risks but trying to match Mads."

Sat 11:48 - SS12: Solberg
55sec off the pace because of his ongoing power steering problem. He's exhausted and relieved to be on the road the service. "I tried hard because I want to keep seventh. I'm still fighting!"

Sat 11:46 - SS12: Neuville
"We are taking care. It's boring driving now. We have nothing left to play for. Henning has a problem so we should get his 7th place. After that all we can do is test."

Sat 11:40 - SS12: Latvala
Six seconds quicker than Mikkelsen and it's another fastest time for the rally leader. Stats fans take note: this is the 399th stage win of his career and the 550th for the VW Polo R. "Hayden was impressive in the first two and I was struggling with the notes. On the third I though okay now I push - the stage was narrow like Sardegna and we did well."

Sat 11:36 - SS12: Mikkelsen
A great time, six-tenths up on Paddon. "That was a good stage and the loop has been alright. A bit too careful in places but for sure we will try to stay in the fight this afternoon."

Sat 11:35 - SS12: Paddon
4.1sec quicker than Ogier. "We lost far too much in this last stage, in the twisty and slow sections the rear of the car was feeling loose. Jari-Matti is a hard driver to catch but we'll keep the pressure on." Paddon rounds out the morning loop 13.3sec off the lead.

Sat 11:28 - SS12: Ostberg
He's through 8.7sec slower than Ogier. "I'm completely on the limit. A few big moments."

Sat 11:27 - SS12: Ogier
First to complete in 13m43.6s. It's been a difficult morning at the head of the field for Ogier. "Really good loop. I'm happy with what I've done." Have you lost too much time to win here? "I have to stop dreaming, this is how rallies are now."

Sat 11:25 - Stage info: SS12
Boca del Arroyo - Bajo de Pungo 1, 20.52km The opening 5.28km were driven competitively last year but the rest of the test was used as a liaison section. The major hazards are concrete gutters which cross the road, allowing water to flow over the track without washing the surface away. There are 11 in total and nine in just one single 2.5km section! There is plenty to hit on the road sides and anyone running wide could be punished hard.

Sat 11:24 - Argentina WRC 2
after SS11 1.Al-Kuwari 2h09m09.2s, 2.Fuchs +2m03.6s, 3.Ptaszek +4m41.2s, 4.Evans +48m56.2s Al Suwaidi stops

Sat 11:12 - SS11: WRC 2 Evans
He completes 1m57s slower than stage leader Abdulaziz Al-Kuwari "A puncture again. We didn't hit anything"

Sat 11:08 - Argentina after SS11
1.Latvala 1h57m09.2s, 2.Paddon +6.7s, 3.Ogier +34.9s, 4.Mikkelsen +47.0s, 5.Sordo +59.2s Paddon up to 2nd

Sat 11:06 - SS11: Evans update
Moving again. He's lost about 2m30s.

Sat 11:03 - Correction: SS11: WRC 2 Al Suwaidi
stopped at 14.68km. He was 7th in WRC 2.

Sat 11:00 - SS11: WRC 2 Evans
WRC tracking shows him stopped at the 23.7km point

Sat 10:54 - SS11: Solberg
1m29s off the pace. He was slowed on the previous stage by broken power steering.

Sat 10:51 - SS11: Neuville
Fifth fastest so far. A similar pace to his Monaco neighbour Andreas Mikkelsen.

Sat 10:48 - SS11: Latvala
2.6sec slower than Paddon and Jari-Matti's lead over the Kiwi is now a slender 6.7sec!

Sat 10:47 - SS11: Paddon
Another huge time, 24sec up on Ogier. "Trying to push this morning. A few moments in there - lucky to not get a puncture."

Sat 10:46 - SS11: Sordo
He completes 13.6sec quicker than Mikkelsen and narrows the overall gap to 12.2sec. "I really liked it. A really good stage. I can't understand why sometimes they are bad and others are like this."

Sat 10:43 - SS11: Mikkelsen
5.9sec quicker than Ogier. "An okay stage for me but there is a lot of cleaning. We could of course have pushed much harder but not without taking risks. The guys behind will be much faster."

Sat 10:41 - SS11: Ostberg
7.8sec slower than Ogier. "I pushed really hard because this is my favourite stage of the rally. We put a lot of energy into our recce for this one. A very good stage for us."

Sat 10:39 - SS11: Ogier
He completes in 20m58.9s. "I think I'm going to lose a lot here. I have no chance but I did my best. The stage is nice to drive but for sure we cannot fight."

Sat 10:37 - SS11: Paddon vs Ogier
Paddon 11.4sec up on Ogier at the 20km split!

Sat 10:22 - SS11: Stage live
Ogier started at 1016hrs. Ostberg and Mikkelsen also in stage.

Sat 10:15 - SS11: New start time
Ogier should start the stage at 1016hrs. That's a 20-minute delay.

Sat 10:08 - SS11: Delay
The stage has been delayed. Ogier is still on the start line. More news soon.

Sat 09:54 - Stage info: SS11
Los Gigantes - Cantera El Condor 1, 38.68km. Los Gigantes has previously hosted the Dakar Rally. It covers barren and remote territory as it peaks at 1912 metres after 12.40km of climbing from the start on bumpy, sandy roads. After reaching the top, the stage becomes fast and flowing on a clay surface, with few reference points in the wide open environment. There are plenty of cows, horses and sheep roaming the hills and fog is a distinct possibility.

Sat 09:53 - Up next: SS11
Ogier's start time: 0956hrs

Sat 09:50 - Argentina WRC 2
after SS10 1.Al-Kuwari 1h47m12.8s, 2.Fuchs +1m38.0s, 3.Ptaszek +4m03.2s, 4.Arias +4m25.6s 5.Evans +46m58.8s Arias stops, Bestard out

Sat 09:46 - SS10: WRC 2 Arias
He completes with the loss of more than four minutes.

Sat 09:45 - Argentina after SS10
1.Latvala 1h36m31.7s, 2.Paddon +9.3s, 3.Ogier +13.5s, 4.Mikkelsen +31.5s, 5.Sordo +57.3s Paddon up to 2nd

Sat 09:37 - SS10: WRC 2 Bestard
Another WRC 2 driver in trouble. Stopped at 4.5km.

Sat 09:36 - SS10: WRC 2 Arias
WRC tracking system shows Didier Arias stopped at the 16.5km point. He was second in WRC 2.

Sat 09:34 - SS10: Tanak
A great start to the day for Ott who is third quickest despite some distraction. "We tried our best but my side window is opening and directing a strong wind onto my face."

Sat 09:31 - SS10: Bertelli
Back after his turbo-related retirement on Friday but all is not well. "The turbo went and the team didn't finish the work until service this morning. Now it seems we have lost the turbo anti-lag. It doesn't feel like yesterday's problem but we have no engine response."

Sat 09:28 - SS10: Camilli
"We were careful, driving the same way like yesterday but there is improvement."

Sat 09:26 - SS10: Solberg
35sec off the pace and Henning is in considerable discomfort. "The power steering broke in the stage. So, so hard. My fingers are shaking." If he can't fix the problem himself he faces another 59km of stages before service.

Sat 09:23 - SS10: Neuville
A more encouraging time from Thierry who completes 8.2sec slower than his team-mate Paddon. "The first morning where everything is working. I kept a constant rhythm through the stage, trying to have fun."

Sat 09:22 - SS10: Latvala
Slower than Paddon by 2.3sec and his rally lead is trimmed to 9.3sec. "Hayden has done a great stage, because I did too. Good for him but still a long day ahead."

Sat 09:20 - SS10: Paddon
A stunning fastest time from the Kiwi, 7.7sec quicker than Ogier, and he's back up to second place. "I enjoyed that stage, I'm definitely trying. Okay, I'm over-driving in a few places too, so I gave away a few seconds. I expect Jari-Matti will be on a flier too."

Sat 09:18 - SS10: Sordo
The Spaniard is out to keep the pressure on Mikkelsen ahead. "First position is a little bit away but we want to try and catch Andreas." Not here though - he's 2.5sec slower.

Sat 09:16 - SS10: Splits watch
Paddon 5.8sec up on Ogier's time at the 13km split!

Sat 09:14 - SS10: Mikkelsen
Two-tenths slower than Ogier. "A good stage in a good rhythm. Fast but under control. Just what I want."

Sat 09:14 - SS10: Ostberg
12.7sec slower than Ogier. "A really nice rhythm, it felt good. A problem with my gearbox though, related to the downshift. We tried something new but it didn't play out."

Sat 09:11 - SS10: Ogier
His time: 10m06.0s. "Okay, I'm happy with my drive but this isn't a stage I'm very familiar with."

Sat 09:09 - Weather update
Another chilly start in Villa Carlos Paz. The sun has been up for an hour and it's 8˚C in the service park now. The forecast is for a dry, sunny day with some clouds. The temperature should hit a scorching 26˚C later. Latest forecast shows a big change on Sunday with plunging temperatures and heavy rain.

Sat 09:08 - Tyre info
All Michelin WRC runners left service with five S5 (soft-compound) LTX force tyres

Sat 09:04 - Game on!
It's Volkswagen vs. Hyundai as Latvala, Ogier and Paddon resume their three-way battle at the head of the field. Behind them, Mikkelsen and Sordo are in their own scrap for fourth.

Sat 09:00 - Stage info: SS10
Villa Bustos - Tanti 1, 19.71km. It starts on a wide, good-surfaced, fast road with some big corners that demand bravery. However, from 12.30km the road narrows and becomes twisty and rougher, with a couple of water splashes which caught out Andreas Mikkelsen last year.

Sat 08:59 - SS10: Underway
Ogier began the stage on schedule at 0858hrs

Sat 08:56 - WRC Live
Our WRC Live radio service from Argentina is up and running. Presenters Becs Williams, Lisa O'Sullivan and stage-end reporters Colin Clark and Emyr Penlan on air now. You'll find a link in the LIVE section.

Sat 08:56 - Start intervals
Crews will start at two-minute gaps

Sat 08:55 - Gorban?
The only WRC non starter today. Retired.

Sat 08:55 - Saturday's start order
Like on Friday, crews will tackle today's leg in championship order. Here's how the WRC runners will line-up: 1. Ogier, 2. Østberg, 3. Mikkelsen, 4. Sordo, 5. Paddon, 6. Latvala, 7. Neuville, 8. H. Solberg, 9. Camilli, 10. Bertelli, 11. Tanak, 12. Ligato

Sat 08:55 - Time reminder
All times quoted are local. Argentina time is UTC/GMT -3 hours

Sat 08:54 - Saturday's itinerary
Consists of a repeat loop of three stages: Villa Bustos-Tanti, Los Gigantes - Cantera El Condor and Boca del Arroyo - Bajo del Pungo. Between the loops is a 30-minute service back in host townVilla Carlos Paz. You can watch this live via our service park streaming cameras

Sat 08:54 - Coming up today
Drivers face two identical loops of three stages north-west of Villa Carlos Paz. Covering 158.82km, it is the longest leg of the event.

Sat 08:54 - Buenos días
From Villa Carlos Paz and welcome back to our live text coverage of YPF Rally Argentina, round four of the FIA World Rally Championship

Fri 20:09 - We will return
On Saturday at 0858hrs (local) for the opening Villa Bustos - Tanti stage. Until then, keep an eye on the news section for all the latest from Villa Carlos Paz. Bye for now.

Fri 20:08 - Join us on Saturday
For the second full day of competition. Coming up: six stages and a whopping 157 competitive kilometres

Fri 20:05 - Leaders through
And that's where we'll leave our live text service for tonight.

Fri 20:04 - Argentina WRC 2
after SS9 1.Al-Kuwari 1h35m49.0s, 2.Arias +53.3s, 3.Fuchs +1m58.8s, 4.Ptaszek +4m07.0s

Fri 20:03 - Argentina after SS9
1.Latvala 1h26m31.3s, 2.Ogier +7.9s, 3.Paddon +11.4s, 4.Mikkelsen +25.7s, 5.Sordo +49.0s

Fri 20:01 - SS9: Paddon vs Latvala
Latvala wins this headline clash by 1.2sec and ends the day with a rally lead of 7.9sec from Ogier, whose stage win is enough to snatch second place from Paddon by 3.5sec. Latvala says: "it's been a very good day, I'm very pleased. No big mistakes, but I know Saturday will be tough."

Fri 19:52 - SS9: Ogier vs Mikkelsen
Ogier wins this inter-team clash by 1.5sec and bags fastest time so far with 4m55.3s. "I've been on the limit today, I did everything I could. So far it's a good race." Will it be second or third place overnight for Seb?

Fri 19:44 - SS9: Ligato vs Fuchs
Another WRC vs R5 encounter and it's no surprise that Ligato wins in the more powerful DS 3. "It was a nice day. We went off in one stage but apart from that all good," says Ligato.

Fri 19:41 - SS9: Arias vs Al Kuwari
Al Kuwari comes out on top in this battle of the WRC 2 leaders. A heat win by 8.4sec means he'll start tomorrow with a lead of 53.3sec. "A very good day. Very high speeds and some rough parts but we are happy to be leading the rally. Still two more tough days to go," says Al Kuwari.

Fri 19:32 - SS9: Camilli vs Ptaszek
Ptaszek's Peugeot looks battered after the puncture on the previous stage, but its biggest problem is a lack of grunt against Camilli's WRC spec Fiesta. Camilli takes the heat win by 16.9sec. "I'm really happy with the day to be honest," he says. "We got confidence, which is important, and had fun."

Fri 19:25 - SS9: Neuville vs Solberg
A comfortable win for Neuville who completes 11.8sec quicker than Solberg. "The stage was more slippery so it wasn't possible to do a good time. It's been a terrible day for us to be honest. A lot of issues. We wanted to take this rally steady but now we are a long way away."

Fri 19:18 - SS9: Ostberg vs Sordo
Sordo wins the heat by 7.7sec. His time: 4m57.8s. At the stage end Mads offers typically cryptic comments. "I plan to get to the end. Nothing else to do. I just have to drive and that's what I'm doing."

Fri 19:08 - SS9: Standby
The sun is setting, the floodlights are on and our first pairing - Mads Ostberg and Dani Sordo - are on the start line.

Fri 17:46 - Up next: SS9
Friday's leg is rounded off with a second visit to the Fernet Branca Super Special. The first pair of cars will be on stage at 1909hrs. WRC+ Plus subscribers can watch this one live online. We'll take a live text break until then.

Fri 17:43 - Argentina WRC 2
after SS8 1.Al-Kuwari 1h30m35.2s, 2.Arias +44.9s, 3.Fuchs +2m03.1s, 4.Ptaszek +3m58.5s

Fri 17:33 - SS8: WRC 2 Arias
Well cushioned in second place in WRC 2. "We have been losing engine power in the second loop - an exhaust problem I think. We will try to solve that in service and get the car ready for tomorrow."

Fri 17:31 - SS8: WRC 2 Al Kuwari
A great day for the Qatari whose lead in WRC 2 is more than 40 sec. "You certainly need good reactions on these rough stages. This (R5 Skoda) is not so strong as an RRC car so I have to be careful. We had a nice strategy. We didn't plan to be winning stages but we did and now we have a good lead."

Fri 17:25 - SS8: WRC 2 Fuchs
Caught Ptaszek near the finish and was stuck behind him.

Fri 17:23 - SS8: WRC 2 Ptaszek
Completes with a front-left puncture. "We got a slow puncture 8km before the finish. I don't think we damaged the suspension - we were careful."

Fri 17:21 - Argentina after SS8
1.Latvala 1h21m33.1s, 2.Paddon +10.2s, 3.Ogier +10.8s, 4.Mikkelsen +27.1s, 5.Sordo +49.4s

Fri 17:18 - SS8: Ligato
He completes the stage 3.7sec slower than Camilli. "I'm feeling more comfortable in the car now. We are in a good way."

Fri 17:17 - SS8: Camilli
He's more than five minutes off the pace of the leaders, but it's been a clear run so far for the Frenchman. "It's been an adventure. We take some pleasure in this car in the afternoon."

Fri 17:13 - WRC 2 Bestard update
Stopped before SS7 for safety reasons when a broken exhaust directed fumes inside his car. He hopes to return on Saturday.

Fri 17:10 - SS8: Solberg
Looks like seventh overnight for Solberg. "Not bad - a good day and I don't feel tired!"

Fri 17:09 - SS8: Neuville
Slowest of the seven drivers through so far and his Hyundai's engine is ticking over at alarmingly high revs. "There's a strange feeling in the car."

Fri 17:05 - SS8: Latvala
Another fastest time for Jari-Matti and his rally lead over Paddon is 10.2s. "I gave it everything on this stage. I'm really pushing hard."

Fri 17:04 - SS8: Paddon
1.4sec up on Ogier and Paddon is back up to second. "Still pretty neck and neck. I have a problem now with a rear damper - it's nothing serious - and overall I'm really happy with my day."

Fri 17:01 - SS8: Sordo
9.4sec off Mikkelsen's pace. "I didn't have a lot of confidence in my pace notes here. From the recce I didn't really like this stage."

Fri 16:59 - SS8: Mikkelsen
Quickest so far, 1.2sec up on Ogier. "Quite rough in there. I tried to drive neat and tidy. I have found a conformable, safe, pace."

Fri 16:58 - SS8: Ostberg
16.8sec slower than Ogier. "Nothing special. Just enjoying it. Not so enjoyable to see the times though."

Fri 16:56 - SS8: Ogier
He completes in 14m00.6s. "One of my best stages of the loop. As good a stage as I could do, but still I could lose 10sec here. The stage was really nice and I'm having fun in the car."

Fri 16:54 - Argentina WRC 2
After SS7. 1.Al-Kuwari 1h15m18.1s, 2.Arias +24.6s, 3.Fuchs +2m07.4s, 4.Ptaszek +2m17.1s Bestard out

Fri 16:33 - Up next: SS8
The repeat of the Santa Rosa - San Agustin stage kicks off at 1639hrs

Fri 16:31 - Argentina after SS7
1.Latvala 1h07m36.7s, 2.Ogier +6.6s, 3.Paddon +7.4s, 4.Mikkelsen +24.1s, 5.Sordo +37.0s

Fri 16:22 - SS7: Bertelli?
He hasn't started the stage. Looks like he has stopped on the road section from SS6, where he reported an engine problem.

Fri 16:21 - SS7: Neuville
He completes 16.9sec slower than Latvala.

Fri 16:19 - SS7: Latvala
Fastest time so far and Latvala's lead is up to 6.6sec. "A very good stage for us. A good fight going on - the margins are very small. Happy with my driving and the car."

Fri 16:17 - SS7: Paddon
"Yeah, no problems. A little bit rough at the end. I needed to pull it back a bit - I was over driving. A long way to go, but if I can keep this time gap at the end of the day I'll be pleased." He slips behind Ogier but the lead trio remain extremely close.

Fri 16:15 - SS7: Sordo
3.3sec off Ogier's stage leading pace. "Now it's much better."

Fri 16:13 - SS7: Mikkelsen
3.6sec off Ogier's pace. "A beautiful stage. Really enjoying the driving. My pace is comfortable - about 95 per cent. Going safely to avoid the rocks."

Fri 16:11 - SS7: Ostberg
Exactly 14sec slower than Ogier. "Very good. I had a pretty good attack in there. Really on the limit. I try to enjoy myself. It's good fun on the limit."

Fri 16:09 - SS7: Ogier
His time: 10m33.9s. "A good stage. I'm on the limit. The road is much drier."

Fri 16:07 - Up next: SS7
Ogier, Ostberg, Mikkelsen and Sordo in stage.

Fri 16:06 - Argentina WRC 2
after SS6 1.Al-Kuwari 1h03m33.8s, 2.Arias +5.3s, 3.Ptaszek +36.3s, 4.Bestard +2m06.8s, 5.Fuchs +2m08.7s. Fuchs puncture

Fri 15:49 - Argentina after SS6
1.Latvala 57m03.0s, 2.Paddon +4.8s, 3.Ogier +6.4s, 4.Mikkelsen +20.3s, 5.Sordo +33.5s

Fri 15:47 - SS6: WRC 2 Fuchs
More problems for the Peruvian who has to stop to change a front-right puncture

Fri 15:43 - SS6: Ligato
8th quickest, his car looking much better with a fresh front end.

Fri 15:42 - SS6: Camilli
"I know where I'm losing time and I know why. It's all down to experience - knowing where to push and where not to."

Fri 15:40 - SS6: Gorban?
Retired in service

Fri 15:39 - SS6: Bertelli
Drama for the Italian who loses 3min to the leaders in the second half. What happened? "No power at all. I don't know why - not good for sure." He leaves to investigate.

Fri 15:34 - SS6: Solberg
"Okay. I'm going to try and keep the same pace now. A small issue finding the right gears on some corners."

Fri 15:33 - SS6: Neuville
Sixth quickest on stage but almost seven minutes adrift in the standings after his earlier problem. "The car is working. All we can hope for now is to get back in the points."

Fri 15:31 - SS6: Latvala
Third quickest behind Paddon and Ogier. "The battle is good but this stage is not one of my favourites. A lot of impacts in the ruts and I didn't want to push too much."

Fri 15:29 - SS6: Paddon
He hated this stage in the morning but he's quickest so far on the repeat. His benchmark time: 12m54.6s. "I've cleaned up my driving a lot since this morning. The bedrock is pretty hard on the car."

Fri 15:27 - SS6: Sordo
The first driver to voice concerns over the number of rocks on the road. "A lot of stones around in there. Lots of impacts - really bad."

Fri 15:25 - SS6: Mikkelsen
Exactly 4sec slower than his team-mate. "A good stage. A clean run and quite fast I think."

Fri 15:23 - SS6: Ostberg
18.2sec slower than Ogier. "I really enjoyed that stage, I had a very good rhythm in there. Quite happy."

Fri 15:20 - SS6: Ogier
He completes in 12m54.7s. "I'm happy with my stage. Happy with my car. I did everything I could. I expect the road will be rougher on the next stage."

Fri 15:19 - Hyundai service 2
Thierry Neuville's engine was cutting out because a fuel pressure sensor had become disconnected. Team boss Michel Nandan said this 'stupid' problem was most likely due to the connector not being fully locked in place.

Fri 15:18 - Hyundai service 1
Dani Sordo's sticking throttle was caused by a damaged floor pan. Probably the result of a stone impact. Now fixed.

Fri 15:09 - SS6: Underway
Ogier, Ostberg and Mikkelsen in stage

Fri 13:27 - Next stage: 1505hrs
That's when Ogier will begin the repeat loop, starting with the Soconcho - Villa Del Dique stage. We'll take a live text break until then.

Fri 13:24 - Up next: Service
Check out our live stream cameras to follow the 30-minute midday service

Fri 13:21 - Argentina WRC 2
after SS5 1.Al-Kuwari 49m11.6s, 2.Arias +2.5s, 3.Ptaszek +28.6s, 4.Fuchs +52.4s, 5.Bestard +1m25.7s

Fri 13:09 - SS5: WRC 2 Al Kuwari
The Qatari returns to service with a 2.5sec lead in WRC 2. His Skoda looks a little battered. "We had a big spin in the third stage, a fogged up windscreen, then I got stuck behind Fuchs, but okay I'm leading now," he says.

Fri 12:53 - SS5: WRC 2 Fuchs vs Ptaszek
Fuchs wins the heat by 9sec

Fri 12:46 - Argentina after SS5
1.Latvala 44m07.8s, 2.Paddon +5.4s, 3.Ogier +6.9s, 4.Mikkelsen +16.8s, 5.Sordo +30.2s

Fri 12:44 - SS5: Camilli vs Ligato
Ligato a popular heat winner in front of his home crowd. His DS 3 is looking rather blunt without its front bumper.

Fri 12:39 - SS5: Bertelli vs Gorban
Bertelli wins the heat by 4.1s. "It has been a good day but I have a front-right flat tyre in here I think."

Fri 12:33 - SS5: Neuville vs Solberg
Neuville sets a new fastest time: 4m55.9s. That's a small silver lining to an otherwise very cloudy morning. "The car was working properly so I had a good stage. So many problems this year, it's not good for the confidence."

Fri 12:30 - SS5 Tanak?
Sadly not. The alternator problem forces him out before the start.

Fri 12:28 - Service: Ogier
"It's been a great morning. I did what I could. At least on the first stage the overnight dampness helped with the road cleaning, but it will be worse in the afternoon. No real battle for me. I just do my own race."

Fri 12:28 - Service quotes
Drivers head to the nearby service park after SS5. Ogier is approaching the in-control.

Fri 12:27 - SS5: Paddon vs Latvala
Goes Latvala's way by 1.8sec, the Finn setting a new fastest time with 4m56.8s. "So far I have a very good feeling. I'm really enjoying it - only one little mistake."

Fri 12:20 - SS5: Sordo vs Mikkelsen
Mikkelsen's 4m57.1s is the quickest time so far. Sordo slots second, 1.6sec back. "It was good. Very slippery in places. Difficult after our problems before," says the Spaniard.

Fri 12:17 - SS5: Sordo vs Mikkelsen
From the look of the pictures on WRC+ Dani has fixed his earlier throttle pedal problem.

Fri 12:14 - SS5: Ogier wins
The Frenchman takes a clear win by 5.8sec. "The circuit is really nice. Good fun. Unfortunately first is not the best place to be on this one."

Fri 12:12 - SS5: Ogier vs Ostberg
The drivers first and second in the championship are paired in the first heat.

Fri 12:03 - Stage info: SS5
Super Especial Fernet Branca, 6.04km The popular gravel super special stage at the theme park on the edge of Villa Carlos Paz is used in the same format as last year. Two cars at a time drive the twisty circuit which mixes fast corners with slower bends, and also has a jump and a crossover bridge. It’s always a big hit with the fans.

Fri 11:13 - Up next:
The first of two visits today to the Super Special Stage near Villa Carlos Paz. First car due at 1207hrs. We'll take a live text break until then.

Fri 11:08 - Argentina WRC 2
after SS4 1.Al-Kuwari 44m01.9s, 2.Arias +1.5s, 3.Ptaszek +25.8s, 4.Fuchs +58.6s, 5.Bestard +1m17.7s. Evans out before SS3

Fri 11:02 - Argentina after SS4
1.Latvala 39m11.0s, 2.Paddon +3.6s, 3.Ogier +4.4s, 4.Mikkelsen +16.5s, 5.Sordo +28.3s. Neuville loses 6min

Fri 10:58 - Tanak update
Roadside work complete, Tanak is ready to depart. "We have an electricity problem," he says. "Can we continue? We will see." The car starts on the button and he embarks on the 92km journey to the Super Special.

Fri 10:52 - Tanak update
He and co-driver Raigo Molder are trying to fix their car on the roadside close to the end of SS4.

Fri 10:47 - SS4: WRC 2 Al-Kuwari
He takes the category lead despite his car looking a bit second hand. "We lost the front bumper in the previous stage. The car is okay but here we lost 30sec in the dust cloud from Fuchs ahead."

Fri 10:45 - SS4: WRC 2 Fuchs
He should have taken the category lead following Evans' exit. Instead, he drops almost 2min and slips behind Ptaszek. What happened? "Broken power steering. The pump broke and I drove the whole stage without power assistance. My co-driver changed gears for me all the way through."

Fri 10:39 - Tanak update
His car's alternator belt came off in SS4 and the alternator jammed. He is trying to fix it on the liaison section to SS5.

Fri 10:38 - SS4: WRC 2 Ptaszek
"A nice stage - really fast. I lost my rhythm a bit, but we are here and happy."

Fri 10:36 - SS4: Ligato
Big problems for local hero Ligato. The front bodywork of his DS 3 is badly damaged. "I went off in a muddy section after a watersplash and hit a bank. I had to stop and remove the broken radiator because the engine was overheating."

Fri 10:33 - SS4: Camilli
He's noticed something worrying on the dash display. He thinks he might have a turbo problem.

Fri 10:31 - SS4: Neuville
He reaches the finish with the loss of more than six minutes. What happened? "This morning the engine stopped many times and in here I had to get out and try to find a loose connection. The car has had problems since shakedown but I'm not sure they are the same."

Fri 10:27 - SS4: Bertelli
"This one was okay. I feel a big improvement in the car."

Fri 10:25 - SS4: Solberg
Henning completes but didn't see Neuville in the stage. "Quite rough but it was okay. The pace is coming."

Fri 10:21 - SS4: Tanak
Problem? He's 31.8sec slower than Latvala and leaves the stop control without giving any media interviews.

Fri 10:20 - SS4: Neuville
WRC tracking shows his car stopped at the 15.2km point.

Fri 10:19 - SS4: Latvala
Quickest so far, 7.3sec up on Paddon, and the Finn takes the rally lead. "A good stage. I remember it from the last time I drove it. Perhaps I was a little optimistic in some places!"

Fri 10:17 - SS4: Paddon
1.4sec quicker than Ogier. "This was more slippery than the others today, with a bit more loose gravel. It was a lot of fun sliding about but I didn't adjust my driving quickly enough."

Fri 10:15 - SS4: Sordo
A worrying problem for Dani whose car has a sticking throttle pedal. Thierry Neuville reported something similar at the pre-event shakedown.

Fri 10:13 - SS4: Mikkelsen
2.8sec slower than Ogier. "Alright, but the road was quite rough. I had to be clever to try and save the car. I've never before finished Argentina without Super Rally..."

Fri 10:11 - SS4: Ostberg
17.3sec slower than Ogier and Mads sounds calm and in control. "This road is going to clean for sure. A very good stage for us. I drove well. I'm happy."

Fri 10:09 - SS4: Ogier
The champ completes in 14m07.0s. "A good stage, I'm very happy with my driving. The conditions were drier here."

Fri 10:02 - WRC 2 Evans update
Unable to fix his car's electrical problem. Confirmation from M-Sport that he has retired from the day.

Fri 09:52 - Stage info: SS4
Santa Rosa - San Agustin 1, 23.85km. It seems the whole of Argentina packs onto the high banking alongside the iconic watersplash 650 metres after the start, where Petter Solberg famously rolled in 1999. While this river crossing is relatively simple, the next at 1.4km is trickier and could cause issues due to its depth. It’s a fast, open stage on smooth sandy roads, although it becomes bumpier towards the finish.

Fri 09:52 - SS4 Live
Ogier started it at 1352hrs. We hope to catch up with the drivers at the end of this one.

Fri 09:49 - Argentina after SS3
1.Ogier 25m08.4s, 2.Paddon +0.6s, 3.Latvala +4.3s, 4.Sordo +7.3s, 5.Mikkelsen +9.3s. Latvala the stage winner

Fri 09:43 - SS3: WRC 2 Evans
Problems for the WRC 2 championship leader who has missed his 0935hrs start time. His car is parked on the road section before SS3 with an electrical issue. Elfyn and co-driver Craig Parry are working on it.

Fri 09:34 - SS3: Latvala
A new fastest time, 1.4 sec up on Paddon, and Latvala leaps from fifth to third place

Fri 09:29 - SS3: Paddon
Quickest so far! 1.4sec up on Ogier. That moves him second, just six-tenths off the Frenchman's lead.

Fri 09:27 - SS3: Sordo
5.3sec slower than Ogier. Here's how his car looked at the end of the previous stage.

Fri 09:26 - SS3: Mikkelsen
3.3sec slower than pace-setter Ogier.

Fri 09:23 - SS3: Ostberg
15.5sec slower than Ogier. That's a marked improvement on today's first stage.

Fri 09:22 - SS3: Ogier
He's through in 10m39.3s. No quotes for now...

Fri 09:03 - Stage info: SS3
Amboy - Santa Monica 1, 20.44km. This famous stage, last used in 2012, is one of the highlights. It is blisteringly fast on mainly smooth and sandy roads. Even the tighter narrow sections are quick as they twist first one way and then the other as the road rises and falls on a bumpy surface. It ends with a spectacular flat-out blast via two sixth gear corners before jumping over the finish at a cattle grid.

Fri 09:03 - Up next: SS3
Ogier has reached the start control. He'll be underway at 0909hrs

Fri 09:01 - Argentina after SS2
1.Ogier 14m29.1s, =2.Sordo +2.0s, =2.Paddon +2.0s, 4.Mikkelsen +6.0s, 5.Latvala +7.1s

Fri 09:00 - SS2: WRC 2 Evans
The Welshman completes with a right-front puncture. "We drove on it for 4km. I have no idea how it happened. I'm surprised. No big impact."

Fri 08:58 - SS2: Ligato
Ninth-fastest for Ligato on his debut in the DS 3. "A difficult start but everything is okay. We must continue to learn the car."

Fri 08:56 - SS2: Camilli
The Frenchman under pressure to deliver a clean run here after a miserable start to his season. He's more than a minute off Ogier's pace. "Really difficult - even on the recce. With so many rocks around I didn't want to take risks."

Fri 08:54 - SS2: Gorban
"Rough, difficult. A few small mistakes."

Fri 08:51 - SS2: Bertelli
"Okay, but very rough and I think the car is too soft."

Fri 08:49 - SS2: H. Solberg
"Trying to get used to the car again. I enjoyed it, I will get quicker throughout the day."

Fri 08:47 - SS2: Neuville
Slowest of the WRC runners so far, a full 21sec off Ogier's pace and way behind his team-mates Sordo and Paddon. "No confidence at all. I was just driving. I lost my confidence in the opening slippery section."

Fri 08:45 - SS2: Tanak
12.6sec off Ogier's pace. "Rough and tricky. I tried to go as fast as I could. Perhaps I pushed a little too hard. The car was moving around a lot."

Fri 08:43 - SS2: Latvala
The Finn slots fifth-fastest, 3.3sec slower than the stage leading time of his team-mate Ogier. "I think the road position isn't giving me any benefit. Maybe Saturday I'll get some."

Fri 08:42 - SS2: Paddon
A very competitive time, 1.3sec down on Ogier, but the Kiwi is fuming. "A terrible stage, I couldn't get any flow and the dust hanging in the air meant I couldn't see the braking points. I'm really disappointed. I could have done more here."

Fri 08:40 - SS2: Sordo
A great time, 2sec slower than Ogier but the rear bumper is hanging off his Hyundai. "We touched a grass bank on a fast corner near the finish. A small mistake that cost us some time."

Fri 08:38 - SS2: Mikkelsen
A good start, but he completes 2.6sec slower than Ogier. "Terrible. Not a good stage, so slippery. I didn't get the maximum speed out of many corners." He was also distracted by a misting windscreen.

Fri 08:36 - SS2: Ostberg
The Fiesta RS driver completes 20.1sec slower than Ogier but he denies there is a problem. "It's quite okay. Not so bad. Quite a good rhythm in some sections, not perfect in others."

Fri 08:33 - SS2: Ogier
He's through in 13m0.1s. How was it? "It was rough but better than I expected. The second pass will be more difficult. My car set-up is not the best, a bit too soft. The grip was better than I was expecting."

Fri 08:31 - SS2: Water report
WRC TV crews report two extremely deep waterplashes in the opening few kilometres.

Fri 08:30 - SS2: Splits watch
Mikkelsen the quickest of the three drivers to have reached the 5.6km split. Ogier +2sec, Ostberg +6sec.

Fri 08:21 - Tyre info
All Michelin WRC runners left service with five S5 (soft-compound) LTX force tyres

Fri 08:12 - Stage info: SS2
Soconcho - Villa del Dique 1, 24.71km. New in this formation although all but 2kms at the start were used in 2014. The main feature is the river crossings, seven in all as the test winds its way across the hills. The early sections are extremely fast on a sandy surface until the road becomes twistier and rougher at the midpoint. The final part is less rocky again.

Fri 08:11 - Up next: SS2
Ogier's start time for the opening stage is 0818hrs

Fri 08:10 - WRC Live
Our WRC Live radio service from Argentina is up and running. Presenters Becs Williams, Lisa O'Sullivan and stage-end reporters Colin Clark and Emyr Penlan on air now. You'll find a link in the LIVE section.

Fri 08:10 - Start intervals
Crews will start at two-minute gaps

Fri 08:09 - Friday's start order
Crews will tackle today's leg in championship order. Here's how the WRC runners will line-up: 1. Ogier, 2. Østberg, 3. Mikkelsen, 4. Sordo, 5. Paddon, 6. Latvala, 7. Tanak, 8. Neuville, 9. H. Solberg, 10. Bertelli, 11. Gorban, 12. Camilli, 13. Ligato

Fri 08:09 - Weather update
A chilly start in Villa Carlos Paz. Sunrise was 0743hrs and it's a fresh 9˚C in the service park now. The forecast is for a dry and sunny day with some clouds. The temperature should hit 22˚C later.

Fri 08:08 - Time check
All times quoted are local. Argentina time is UTC/GMT -3 hours

Fri 08:08 - Watch it LIVE!
WRC+ subscribers can watch both visits to the Fernet Branca Super Special Stage (SS5/SS9) live online today

Fri 08:07 - Friday's key times
Cars left parc ferme in Villa Carlos Paz from 0615hrs. They will return for the midday service from 1247hrs (you can watch this via our live service park cameras) and then again from 1944hrs before the overnight parc ferme.

Fri 08:07 - Coming up today
The first full day of competition! Friday's itinerary takes drivers south along the sandy roads of the Calamuchita Valley. A morning loop of Soconcho - Villa Del Dique (24.71km), Amboy - Santa Monica (20.44km) and Santa Rosa - San Aguastin (23.85km) is rounded off by the 6.04km Fernet Branca Super Special Stage. The same loop is repeated in the afternoon after a midday service.

Fri 08:07 - We're back
At the desk of text to bring you all the news from the stages of this week's event - one of the roughest and fastest rounds of the WRC season

Fri 08:06 - Good morning
From Villa Carlos Paz and welcome back to our live text coverage of YPF Rally Argentina, round four of the FIA World Rally Championship

Thu 20:00 - We will return
On Friday at 0818hrs (local) when the opening Soconcho - Villa Del Dique stage gets underway. Until then, keep an eye on the news section for all the latest from Villa Carlos Paz. Bye for now.

Thu 19:59 - Join us on Friday
When the proper gravel stage action gets underway. Coming up on Friday: eight stages and 150 competitive kilometres!

Thu 19:57 - Leaders through
And that's where we'll leave our live text service for tonight.

Thu 19:56 - WRC 2: Fuchs leads
He completes in 1m32.1s, two-tenths up on championship leader Evans. Al-Kuwari is third, 1.8sec further back.

Thu 19:39 - Up next: WRC 2
No driver comments from here on, but we'll bring you the results when they are all through

Thu 19:38 - Argentina after SS1
=1.Ogier 1m29.0s, =1.Sordo +0.0s, 3.Tanak +0.1s, 4.Neuville +0.3s, 5.Paddon +0.7s

Thu 19:35 - SS1: Ogier
The world champ matches Sordo's time! That puts him and Dani in the joint lead overnight. "I lost a good second with a small mistake after the jump. Good to be the fastest but the real job starts tomorrow A great atmosphere here tonight."

Thu 19:33 - SS1: Ostberg
Sixth-fastest. "It was quite a nice one. Some gravel in there too!"

Thu 19:31 - SS1: Mikkelsen
3.4sec off Sordo's pace. "A good weekend would be nice after Mexico. This stage was okay but I nearly missed one turn."

Thu 19:29 - SS1: Sordo
He's quicker than Tanak by one-tenth and sounding super confident. "I'm feeling pretty good but this is nothing compared to the rest of the rally." And your target this week? "To win."

Thu 19:28 - SS1: Paddon
The shakedown winner is third quickest. "Quite slippery, but good fun to slide the car around."

Thu 19:26 - SS1: Latvala
"We were caught out here. I almost overshot a junction. I went wide and nearly stalled." The mistake costs him 3.7sec to stage leader Tanak.

Thu 19:24 - SS1: Ligato
8sec off Tanak's pace thanks to a stall on the start line.

Thu 19:22 - SS1: Tanak
The Estonian raises the bar again - his new quickest time: 1m29.1s. "A tricky stage after no proper recce." The drivers made their notes from golf buggies earlier today...

Thu 19:20 - SS1: Neuville
Thierry bags a new quickest time, 1.4sec up on Bertelli. "It was very slippery but we tried our best - it felt like a good time."

Thu 19:18 - SS1: H. Solberg
2.8sec slower than Bertelli but the Norwegian is, as usual, in great spirits. "It feels good to be back in a World Rally Car. I love this rally. I will try my best!"

Thu 19:15 - SS1: Bertelli
A decent start for the Italian - 1.3sec quicker than Camilli. "The confidence is good. We want another event like Mexico."

Thu 19:13 - SS1: Gorban
The MINI driver 6.2sec slower than Camilli. "A difficult stage to know where you have to turn. The proper rally starts tomorrow."

Thu 19:12 - SS1: Camilli
He completes in 1m31.8s. "Not very good because we have no launch control. I was a bit nervous."

Thu 19:10 - SS1: LIVE
Eric Camilli is underway!

Thu 19:09 - WRC Live
Don't miss our WRC Live radio service from Argentina. Presenters Becs Williams, Lisa O'Sullivan and stage-end reporters Colin Clark and Emyr Penlan on air now. You'll find a link in the LIVE section.

Thu 19:06 - SS1 Start order
Crews will tackle Friday's opening leg in championship order. Tonight's order is a bit different. Here's how the drivers will line-up: 1. Camilli, 2. Gorban, 3. Bertelli, 4. H.Solberg, 5. Neuville, 6. Tanak, 7. Ligato, 8. Latvala, 9. Paddon, 10. Sordo, 11. Mikkelsen, 12. Ostberg, 13. Ogier

Thu 18:54 - Stage info: SS1
Super Especial Ciudad de Cordoba, 1.50km A spectacular new night-time street stage in Cordoba city kicks off the YPF Rally Argentina action. It features several donuts at roundabouts and a jump to entertain what are expected to be large crowds.

Thu 18:53 - Weather update
It's been a beautiful warm, sunny day in Villa Carlos Paz. The sun is going down now but it's still a balmy 22˚C. Latest forecast is for more sunny and dry weather for the next couple of days. There is rain forecast for Sunday.

Thu 18:42 - Time check
All times quoted are local. Argentina time is UTC/GMT -3 hours

Thu 18:42 - Thursday's itinerary
Straightforward. Cars left Villa Carlos Paz from 1600hrs. The Super Especial Ciudad De Cordoba (SS1) kicks off at 1908hrs. Cars will return to Villa Carlos Paz for the overnight par ferme from 1958hrs.

Thu 18:42 - The main course?
That's still to come on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Tonight is all about the Super Special. That and the 70km road trip to and from the rally base in Villa Carlos Paz

Thu 18:41 - Coming up tonight
From a country famed for its superb steak and red wine, we present a tasty little starter in the form of a 1.5km Super Special in the city of Cordoba

Thu 18:41 - We're back
At the desk of text to bring you all the news from the stages of this week's event - one of the roughest and fastest rounds of the season

Thu 18:40 - Hello from Villa Carlos Paz
And welcome to our live text coverage of YPF Rally Argentina, round four of the FIA World Rally Championship

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