Coates Hire Rally Australia


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Coffs Harbour
SS20 Wedding Bells II (Power Stage & TV) (9.23 km)


Pos Coche № Piloto Puntuabilidad Tiempo Dif Ant. Dif 1
1. 1 FRAS. OGIER M 2:53:18.0
2. 2 FINJ. LATVALA M 2:53:24.8 +6.8 +6.8
3. 9 NORA. MIKKELSEN 2:54:36.0 +1:11.2 +1:18.0
4. 3 GBRK. MEEKE M 2:55:02.0 +26.0 +1:44.0
5. 5 FINM. HIRVONEN M 2:55:11.6 +9.6 +1:53.6
6. 20 NZLH. PADDON T 2:56:14.2 +1:02.6 +2:56.2
7. 7 BELT. NEUVILLE M 2:57:46.2 +1:32.0 +4:28.2
8. 6 GBRE. EVANS M 2:58:28.0 +41.8 +5:10.0
9. 10 POLR. KUBICA T 2:59:57.8 +1:29.8 +6:39.8
10. 8 AUSC. ATKINSON M 3:02:47.4 +2:49.6 +9:29.4
11. 36 QATN. AL-ATTIYAH WRC2 3:05:11.1 +2:23.7 +11:53.1
12. 35 FINJ. KETOMAA WRC2 3:07:01.5 +1:50.4 +13:43.5
13. 32 UKRY. PROTASOV WRC2 3:07:48.1 +46.6 +14:30.1
14. 37 ITAL. BERTELLI WRC2 3:08:14.1 +26.0 +14:56.1
15. 45 IDNS. AKSA WRC2 3:11:51.3 +3:37.2 +18:33.3
16. 4 NORM. OSTBERG M 3:12:52.8 +1:01.5 +19:34.8
17. 69 AUSM. VAN TUINEN 3:22:10.1 +9:17.3 +28:52.1
18. 38 GRCJ. SERDERIDIS WRC2 3:24:53.1 +2:43.0 +31:35.1
19. 73 ITAF. FRISIERO 3:26:49.1 +1:56.0 +33:31.1
20. 71 AUSA. COPPIN 3:37:46.9 +10:57.8 +44:28.9
21. 70 AUST. SULLENS 3:40:24.1 +2:37.2 +47:06.1
22. 78 AUSM. GRIGG 3:42:18.1 +1:54.0 +49:00.1
23. 76 AUSD. BLAIR 3:43:33.4 +1:15.3 +50:15.4
24. 33 ITAM. RENDINA WRC2 4:16:05.9 +32:32.5 +1:22:47.9

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Sun 17:19 - That's all from the stages
And all from our live text service from Australia. We'll be back next month for the Rallye de France-Alsace (3-5 October). Until then, keep up to date with the latest World Rally Championship news at Good night!

Sun 17:14 - WRC2 top 5 final
1. Al-Attiyah (Fiesta RRC) 3:05:11.1, 2. Ketomaa (Fiesta R5): +1m50.4s, 3. Protasov (Fiesta RRC): +2m37.0s, 4. Bertelli (Fiesta RRC): +3m03.0s, 5. Aksa (Fiesta RRC): +6m40.2s

Sun 17:04 - WRC top 5 final
1. Ogier (VW): 2:53:18.0, 2. Latvala (VW): +6.8s, 3. Mikkelsen (VW): +1m18.0s, 4. Meeke (Citroen): +1m44.4s, 5. Hirvonen (Ford): +1m53.6s

Sun 15:53 - Ogier stats
This is the 22nd win in his career, his 15th with Volkswagen and the 6th win this season

Sun 15:52 - A landmark event for Volkwagen
It's the first ever 1-2-3 finish for VW - and a result that secures them this year's FIA WRC manufacturers' title

Sun 15:49 - SS20: Ogier wins!
And is second quickest in the Power Stage. "Fantastic," he says. "There was no better way to come back after Germany. It was so disappointing to offer the team so little at home, so to deliver the first Volkswagen 1-2-3 here is a great result."

Sun 15:46 - SS20: Second for Latvala
And he's fastest on the Power Stage. "It's been a great fight, I really enjoyed it, but of course I'm annoyed about Saturday's tyre choice - that's where I lost this rally. Overall a good event. These are the sort of fights I need to have if I'm going to be win the title myself one day."

Sun 15:42 - SS20: Meeke quickest so far
and his time of 5m24.5s secures fourth overall. It's another strong rally from the Citroen driver who got closest to the pace of the Volkswagens. "To be honest I think this is my strongest performance to date. I feel I'm really getting closer to the other guys. I have work to do to catch them but I'm enjoying myself."

Sun 15:38 - SS20: Mikkelsen takes third
"This was like a semi-push, we tried to push a little but no risks. Very happy for the team, first time ever for a Volkswagen 1-2-3 - fingers crossed..."

Sun 15:37 - SS20: Hirvonen finshes fifth
And is fastest through the Power Stage so far in 5m25.2s. "A good event. We couldn't get the podium we wanted but a good fight. I tried all I could to fight with Meeke. Not too bad"

Sun 15:35 - SS20: Sixth for Paddon
It’s his best WRC finish to date. “A great result. We haven’t been helped by the reliability of everybody here, but we’ve make good steps since Finland. We’ve got to keep out heads down and keep improving. I hope we can push a bit more in Spain and GB.”

Sun 15:33 - SS20: Seventh for Neuville
"We must be pleased with this. We couldn't expect to expect to do much better coming here with a new car and such little experience. We came here with a mixture of set-ups from different rallies and made real progress. Okay, a small mistake from me on Friday brought up to a bad road position - after that we had no chance."

Sun 15:28 - SS20: Evans' Aussie lesson complete
Looks like eighth for the young Welshman. "A good experience for sure. Okay, not the ultimate result we wanted or the best speed, but on a new event it's all good experience and we can build on this for next year."

Sun 15:26 - SS20: Kubica clears
And it's a largely trouble free Australia debut for the Pole. "It has been a good weekend, with very good driving I think. The characteristic of the stages changes a lot and you have to adapt very quickly. I'm satisfied that my accident was not down to my driving. I got distracted by a warning light and that cost us time but I'm at the finish and enjoying the driving on gravel."

Sun 15:22 - SS20: Atkinson completes
The end of a pretty frustrating rally for the Aussie, who had a disappointing Friday and then struggled at the head of the field on Saturday and Sunday. "Not easy after six months out. We had a fun time, but unfortunately it's my worst finish ever at Rally Australia! Still, great to be back in a World Rally Car at home. I hope we get some more."

Sun 15:19 - SS20: Al-Attiyah wins WRC2!
A clean stage for the Qatari secures him a maximum 25 points in the WRC2 classification. "The best weekend!" he says. "We are so happy to win this race, especially after our crash in Sardegna. It's our first time here and I think this will help our championship."

Sun 15:11 - SS20: Ostberg update
He and co-driver Jonas Andersson are working on their damaged DS3 and hope to complete the stage. They have a provisional start position of 17th.

Sun 15:09 - Power Stage Running Order
This stage is going out on live TV - and WRC+ - so there are a few tweaks to the running order: First through is WRC2 leader Al-Attiyah, followed by Atkinson, Kubica, Evans, Neuville, Paddon, Hirvonen, Mikkelsen, Meeke, Latvala and Ogier

Sun 15:05 - Up next: SS20 The Power Stage
Hold tight. The second decisive pass of Wedding Bells kicks off at 1506hrs.

Sun 15:02 - SS19 Key Points
Ogier will take an 8sec lead into the rally closing Power Stage. Paddon moves up to sixth after Ostberg loses 11 minutes with broken rear suspension. Tanak crashes out of WRC2. WRC Live stage reporter George Donaldson covers his last stage end. Thanks for the tyre temperatures George :)

Sun 14:58 - SS19: Tanak update
DMACK team confirms that Ott and his co-driver Raigo Molder are both out of the car. Medical team on way to the scene. Possible concussion for Tanak.

Sun 14:50 - SS19: Stage stopped
While officials investigate the accident

Sun 14:47 - SS19: Tanak rolls!
The Estonian reportedly hit a bank 5km from the start. He was fifth in WRC2 and the fastest WRC2 driver on all of the stages so far today.

Sun 14:46 - WRC top 5 after SS19
1. Ogier (VW): 2:47:56.1, 2. Latvala (VW): +8.0s, 3. Mikkelsen (VW): +1m14.7s, 4. Meeke (Citroen): +1m41.4s, 5. Hirvonen (Ford): +1m50.3s

Sun 14:42 - SS19: Ogier focused on the finish
He's second fastest, 1.9sec slower than Latvala, and happy with his pace. "It's going well, just one stage to go. We just want to finish for sure."

Sun 14:40 - SS19: Latvala keeps up the pressure
He's the stage winner, in 6m29.4s, and will start the final stage trailing Ogier by 8sec. “We had a good rhythm and with normal driving I can’t catch him, that’s for sure. But you never know, if he spins or something, we’re right there. That’s why we keep going.”

Sun 14:37 - SS19: Mads limps through
His Citroen DS3 has right-hand rear suspension damage and the Norwegian is furious. "I didn't hit anything. I don't know what happened. My bad luck will never f***ing end!. It's unreal, absolutely unreal."

Sun 14:33 - SS19: Meeke steady away
He's 0.9sec slower than Neuville. "I'm happy to follow Mikko's splits, no need to do more. I was sorry to see Mads by the road."

Sun 14:28 - SS19: Ostberg moving again
He reaches the 5.6km split with the loss of 9min

Sun 14:28 - SS19: Hirvonen on the limit
But is time is 1.8sec slower than Neuville's. "I tried to attack but we didn't get enough traction. I drove a perfect stage, we can't do anything more than this." Mikko also has word on Ostberg: "He was stopped in a parking area working on the car."

Sun 14:23 - SS19: Ostberg update
Still stopped. WRC TV crews reporting rear suspension damage. Hirvonen has passed him on stage.

Sun 14:22 - SS19: Paddon through
He's 2.9sec slower than Neuville, but with Ostberg stopped he's up to sixth - and on course for his best finish yet on a WRC rally. "Quite difficult in there. We are trying but we need to tidy up a bit."

Sun 14:19 - SS19: Ostberg stopped!
Stopped 3.2sec from the start

Sun 14:19 - SS19: Neuville clears
Fastest so far in 6m32.8s. "If we can finish like this, in eighth, it's okay. We can't hope to do much on the Power Stage with this road position. The stage was okay, a good clean run - one more to go."

Sun 14:16 - SS19: Times in
Evans quickest so far in 6m38.9s, Kubica +1.2s, Atkinson +15.4s

Sun 14:15 - SS19: Three cars safely through
But no times yet on the system for Atkinson, Kubica, or Evans

Sun 14:06 - SS19: Underway
Atkinson began Bucca, the rally's penultimate test, at 1400hrs

Sun 14:04 - SS18 Key Points
Ogier goes fastest to increase his rally lead to 9.9sec, a gap that Latvala concedes is now too much to close through driving alone. Meeke looking increasingly secure in fourth. Paddon meanwhile takes another step closer to Ostberg in the battle for sixth.

Sun 14:00 - WRC top 5 after SS18
1. Ogier (VW): 2:41:24.8, 2. Latvala (VW): +9.9s, 3. Mikkelsen (VW): +1m06.7s, 4. Meeke (Citroen): +1m39.0s, 5. Hirvonen (Ford): +1m47.0s

Sun 13:50 - SS18: Advantage Ogier
"It starts to looks quite good - 20kms to go, and almost 10 seconds ahead. We have to keep away from mistakes and problems and we should be fine. I was looking at the splits and I'm not sure they were right. I had a good rhythm and a clean stage."

Sun 13:48 - SS18: Latvala: 'It’s not enough'
The split time advantage went back and forth between Latvala and Ogier, but Latvala ends the stage 1.2sec slower, giving Ogier a lead of 9.9sec. “It’s getting really hard to catch him,” Latvala acknowedges. “On driving alone there’s no chance. It’s only if he makes a little mistake. I chose not to have split times in the car so I could keep the same rhythm. Sometimes you have to have the confidence in your speed.”

Sun 13:39 - SS18: Meeke quickest so far
In 12m39.1s. "A really nice run. Last year it was horrible in here. This time I was calm and committed. Once I knew we were quicker than Mikko I backed off a little. I didn't need to do anything more."

Sun 13:35 - SS18: Mikkelsen clear
A steady 12m51.2 keeps him safely in third. Now all eyes are on the battle for the lead between Ogier and Latvala

Sun 13:34 - SS18: Hirvonen on the limit
But he's 3.2sec slower than Meeke. The gap between them now 8sec. "There's nothing more I can do but try to keep the pressure on."

Sun 13:31 - SS18: Paddon vs Ostberg
Paddon's is 1.5sec quicker, and the gap is down to 4.6sec. Paddon says: "At this point perhaps the gap is a little too big, but we'll keep the pressure on and see if anything happens." Ostberg says: "He took less than he did earlier. I thought it went really well. The road is enjoyable, but there are lots of enormous trees by the road and I didn't want to risk retirement or worse."

Sun 13:24 - SS18: Neuville quickest so far
His time is 12m43.5s "I tried some different dampers and it took me a few kilometres to understand how they worked and to get the feel of the car. A good stage though, I found a nice balance."

Sun 13:18 - SS18: Kubica alarm
He puts in a decent time, 5.2sec quicker than Atkinson, but jumps out after the finish control to look underneath his Fiesta. "We heard a bad noise through the stage and I thought it thought it was something mechanical. It looks okay though, just part of the under shield hanging down"

Sun 13:13 - SS18: Atkinson clears
In 13m07.5s - that's 27.3sec quicker than his earlier pass. "A nice stage and I had a better rhythm. Okay, not flat out, but I really enjoyed it."

Sun 13:01 - Afternoon tyre choices
M-Sport and Hyundai drivers left service with 5 hard compound tyres. The VW and Citroen drivers have 4 hard and 1 soft compound tyre.

Sun 12:58 - SS18: Underway
Atkinson began the repeated Shipmans at 1252hrs

Sun 11:25 - Next stage: SS18
The repeat of Shipmans gets underway at 1252hrs. We'll resume our live text service then. In the meantime, keep an eye on the news section of for all the latest from Coates Hire Rally Australia

Sun 11:20 - Up next: Service
Crews are en route to Coffs Harbour for the 30-minute midpoint service

Sun 11:20 - WRC2 top 5 after SS17
1. Al-Attiyah (Fiesta RRC) 2:37:59.9, 2. Ketomaa (Fiesta R5): +2m32.2s, 3. Protasov (Fiesta RRC): +3m27.9s, 4. Bertelli (Fiesta RRC): +3m51.7s, 5. Tanak (Fiesta R5): +4m37.3s

Sun 11:15 - WRC top 5 after SS17
1. Ogier (VW): 2:28:52.1, 2. Latvala (VW): +8.7s, 3. Mikkelsen (VW): +48.2s, 4. Meeke (Citroen): +1m32.6s, 5. Hirvonen (Ford): +1m37.4s

Sun 11:13 - SS17 Key Points
A ragged drive from Latvala meant he wasn’t quickest through Wedding Bells, but he still narrowed the gap on Ogier’s lead thanks to a slower run - allegedly deliberate - by the Frenchman. Kris Meeke was the stage winner. Ostberg was third fastest to keep the chasing Paddon at bay.

Sun 11:00 - SS17: Ogier gives away time!
The rally leader is a seventh fastest, 3.7sec slower than Meeke, which allows Latvala to narrow the gap to 8.7sec. It's a shock time - but Ogier insists it was deliberate. "It was slippery at the beginning and on the slippery part I didn't take any risks, I can afford to. When you have less than 10 seconds [lead] it's not too comfortable, but it's all in the plan. I tried to control it."

Sun 10:53 - SS17: Latvala deflated
It's an on-the-limit drive from Latvala, who is all over the road and ends up going slower than Meeke. "I'm pushing too hard and did a mistake," he says. "I tried, but there were too many slippy places."

Sun 10:46 - SS17: Meeke keeping positive
He's fastest so far, in 5m26s, and trying to remain philosophical about his earlier penalty. "Okay, it would have been nice to be in the battle for third, but I'm really happy with my driving. That's the most important thing."

Sun 10:43 - SS17: steady run for Mikkelsen
He is sixth fastest and secure in third overall. "I'm on the hard tyre, and it's completely damp in there. A beautiful road though, I enjoyed the drive."

Sun 10:36 - SS17: But Ostberg is quicker!
He beats Paddon by nine-tenths to stretch the gap between them to 6.1sec

Sun 10:34 - SS17: Paddon on the limit
"There were parts in there where I was too sideways. I'm trying to take time out of Ostberg - and perhaps overdriving a bit." His time is best so far: 5m28.3

Sun 10:31 - Al-Rajhi update
Co-driver Michael Orr has confirmed that his SS16 retirement was caused by cooling system damage - a stick through the radiator. "No idea how and where - all the water gone so it's all over for Rally Australia," he says.

Sun 10:25 - SS17: Evans quickest so far
His time is 5m32.6s. "An okay run, I think I lost a little at the end - a bit untidy."

Sun 10:21 - SS17: Kubica clear
He completes 7sec quicker than Atkinson. "Okay, a nice stage, a good driving rhythm and I'm enjoying myself."

Sun 10:18 - SS17: Atko's verdict
"A tricky little stage. The surface was damp and the clay surface is muddy and very slippery. You have to take care." His time is 5m42.0s.

Sun 10:16 - SS17: Stage conditions
The road is narrow in places and based on clay, with a loose sandy top. The surface looks damp in places, with the odd puddle and a watersplash to liven things up.

Sun 10:13 - SS17: Atko underway!
And the WRC+ helicam is following his Hyundai through the Wedding Bells forest. This stage is super fast and for the final 10km it would be a surprise if the drivers dropped out of top gear anywhere

Sun 10:09 - Up next: SS17
The first pass of Wedding Bells gets underway at 1006hrs. WRC+ users can watch this stage LIVE

Sun 10:07 - WRC top 5 after SS16
1. Ogier (VW): 2:23:22.4, 2. Latvala (VW): +11.2s, 3. Mikkelsen (VW): +43.5s, 4. Meeke (Citroen): +1m36.3s, 5. Hirvonen (Ford): +1m39.5s

Sun 10:06 - SS16 Key Points
Ogier responds to Latvala’s earlier push by winning the stage and stretching his rally lead to 11.2sec. Further down the order, Ostberg also responds to a challenge for his position, stretching the gap to seventh placed Paddon to 5.2sec. Al Rajhi crashes out of the lead of WRC2, handing the position to Al-Attiyah

Sun 10:01 - SS16: Al Rajhi stops!
And he's lost the lead of WRC2. New leader Al-Attiyah passed him on stage. "I saw him, he has broken the rear suspension. I feel really sorry for him, because he was pushing to the limit but okay, this is the game." Al-Attiyah now has a lead of 2m44s over Ketomaa

Sun 09:55 - SS16: Ogier pulls ahead
He goes fastest and extends his lead over Latvala to 11.2sec. "A good stage for us. Not the right tyre call, but it was important to react to Latvala's time."

Sun 09:53 - SS16: Latvala rues tyre call
The splits show he hasn't been able to close the gap on Ogier - although he doesn't know that. "I don't have the splits in my car but I know I couldn't do much more in there. It would have been better on the soft tyre but I have three hards and only one soft."

Sun 09:49 - SS16: Meeke fastest so far
He completes in 6m40.6s. He reckons the soft compound tyre was the one to go for.

Sun 09:48 - SS16: Mikkelsen eases off
He's seventh quickest. "With Meeke a minute behind the fight is gone. It's all about controlling now. That stage was okay, but I chose hard tyres and they were wrong for the damp conditions."

Sun 09:44 - SS16: No worries for Hirvonen
He left the previous test in a hurry, but Hirvonen is sounding relaxed after a strong 6m41.2s. "Everything is fine, we had a temperature warning on the early one but all is okay."

Sun 09:41 - SS16: Ostberg reponds
He's fastest so far, in 6m41.1s, and extends the gap to Paddon to 5.2sec. "I've lifted my game," he says. "I did a bad job on the first stage and I was a bit pissed off with myself. I felt more comfortable in there and the times come when it's like that."

Sun 09:38 - SS16: Paddon uncomfortable
The battle for sixth swings back Ostberg's way after a poor run for Paddon. "This stage was a bit more technical and slippery. I struggled to find the right rhythm and was over-driving in places. The fight with Mads is not over yet."

Sun 09:34 - SS16: Neuville quickest so far
His time of 6m43.0s is 4.2sec better than Elfyn Evans. "A good stage. A clean run, took it carefully over the jumps but I'm pleased."

Sun 09:27 - SS16: Kubica clears
His time of 6m50.6s is 5.1sec quicker than road opener Atkinson. "In some places very good grip, but in others a lot of mud. A difficult stage but good conditions to learn in."

Sun 09:25 - WRC2 top 5 after SS15
1. Al Rajhi (Fiesta RRC): 2:24:50.9, 2. Al-Attiyah (Fiesta RRC): +3.3s, 3. Ketomaa (Fiesta R5): +2m48.3s, 4. Protasov (Fiesta RRC): +3m41.4s, 5. Bertelli (Fiesta RRC): +3m59.9s

Sun 09:21 - SS15: WRC 2 update
Yazeed Al Rajhi moves back into the lead, his advantage over Nasser Al-Attiyah now 3.3sec

Sun 09:16 - Up next: SS16
Bucca is the roughest stage of the rally, with stones on the road and bedrock poking through for much of the first half. It becomes smoother towards the finish. The clay-based roads are fast, with big straights dotted with crests and jumps.

Sun 09:14 - SS15 Key Points
The fight for victory between VW team-mates Latvala and Ogier hots up. Latvala wins the stage - at the rally’s highest average speed so far of 116kph - to close the gap on leader Ogier to 9.8sec. Meeke regains fourth, after losing it with a time penalty last night, but Mikkelsen is now well ahead in third. Ostberg looking vulnerable in sixth from a hard charging Paddon behind.

Sun 09:07 - WRC top 5 after SS15
1. Ogier (VW): 2:16:44.2, 2. Latvala (VW): +9.8s, 3. Mikkelsen (VW): +34.2s, 4. Meeke (Citroen): +1m33.9s, 5. Hirvonen (Ford): +1m36.5s

Sun 09:03 - SS15: Ogier 'no alarm'
He's 9.8sec ahead of Latvala with five stages to go, but denies he's concerned by the pace of his chasing team-mate. "It's not really a worry. The splits showed I was in front at the beginning, so I tried to back off a little but then lost too much. There's no alarm. Okay, with less than 10 seconds it's not a comfortable lead, but if I do my job it will be fine."

Sun 08:59 - SS15: Latvala turns the screw!
He's quickest, and narrows the gap to rally leader Ogier by 2sec to 9.8sec. "I had a good run for sure. But 2sec is not enough when you want five or six. Still, it's going in the right direction. There is some pressure, and that's good."

Sun 08:56 - SS15: Meeke clear
He's past Hirvonen, and back in the position he held on Saturday night, but with a 59sec gap to Mikkelsen this is as good as it's likely to get for the Briton. "There was another big decision on tyres today, we expected the humidity to stay in the shade, but it's a marginal call. I was happy with my run."

Sun 08:51 - SS15: Hirvonen loses his bonus
He began the day fourth, thanks to Meeke's penalty last night, but he slips back to fifth on SS15. "Meeke was faster, nothing I could do about that." Hirvonen sounding distracted as he heads for SS16.

Sun 08:47 - SS15: Paddon closes on Ostberg
The battle for sixth hots up as Paddon closes the gap on Ostberg to 3.1sec. The Kiwi says: "We're never giving up, we've made some great changes to the balance of the car. That was a good stage." A despondent sounding Ostberg said: "He's taken about 4 seconds, that's too much. We need to turn that around on the next stage. We can do that."

Sun 08:36 - SS15: Evans quickest so far
He completes in 13m10.7s and says he is concentrating on getting his notes right.

Sun 08:35 - SS15: Kubica clear
His Fiesta returned to full health after his off on Saturday. "It was okay, a good stage for us. I was driving very carefully but the more I drive on gravel the more I learn."

Sun 08:33 - SS15: Atko's through
In a time of 13m34.8s. In the dry conditions however, Atko is fighting a losing battle against the gravel. "Even through there has been some rain the main road was completely dry and loose. For sure it's not ideal, but this is life, we're just trying to work on our speed and improving what I'm doing in the car."

Sun 08:20 - SS15 in detail
Sunday’s opener has been shortened by 5.48km but is otherwise similar to 2013. It is fast with little gravel on the surface and a largely clay base. It is well known for a deep watersplash and also for being the stage where Sebastien Ogier crashed three years ago

Sun 08:10 - SS15: Underway
Chris Akinson is in stage. The Hyundai i20 driver began at 0808hrs

Sun 08:08 - Overnight WRC news: 2
Concerned WRC2 front runner Jari Ketomaa, who rolled his car on the first Super Special on Saturday (SS13). Stewards later awarded him a time of 4m27s for the stage, so he remains in third place.

Sun 08:05 - Overnight WRC news: 1
Meeke's penalty for cutting a corner on SS10 was announced at 2100hrs. It dropped him behind Hirvonen, and effectively ends the battle with Mikkelsen for third. Neither Meeke nor the team will comment on the penalty this morning.

Sun 08:00 - Wildlife update
Still no sign of the koalas, which we’ve just about given up on, but it's got a bit Crocodile Dundee recently with the discovery of a potentially deadly funnel-web spider (on a drainpipe) and a whale - or maybe two - near the shore this morning.

Sun 07:49 - Start intervals
Measures to reduce dust clouds are still in place and competitors will start at three minute intervals today

Sun 07:48 - Weather update
After rain on Saturday, it’s looking beautiful out there again today. Not a cloud in the sky, and no rain forecast today. Temperature should hit 23 degrees Celsius.

Sun 07:46 - Sunday’s start order
is based on Saturday’s leaderboard reversed, which puts Atkinson first on the road again. Here’s the full World Rally Car start order: 1. Atkinson, 2. Kubica, 3. Evans, 4. Neuville, 5. Paddon, 6. Ostberg, 7. Hirvonen, 8. Mikkelsen, 9. Meeke, 10. Latvala, 11. Ogier

Sun 07:44 - Cars status
They began to leave the overnight parc ferme from 0650hrs and are en route to the start of Shipmans, 42km up the coast. The stage will start at 0808hrs local [CET +8].

Sun 07:43 - Sunday’s itinerary
features three slightly modified stages from 2013: Shipmans (24.72km), Bucca (10.86km) and Wedding Bells (9.23km). The second pass of Wedding Bells counts as the Power Stage. The winning car will drive over the finish ramp in Coffs Harbour at 1700hrs

Sun 07:42 - Coming up today
Is the final day of the competition, and an unusually full itinerary for a Sunday. Crews will tackle a loop of three gravel stages north of Coffs Harbour this morning, then repeat them in the afternoon after a 30-minute service halt

Sun 07:42 - We’re all set
for day three, reporting live from the Service Park, a stone’s throw from downtown Coffs Harbour

Sun 07:41 - G’day again
from Coffs Harbour and welcome back to our live text coverage of Coates Hire Rally Australia - round ten of the FIA World Rally Championship

Sat 20:34 - Sunday: The grand finale!
The decisive third day of Rally Australia is a bigger challenge than most. Crews will face six stages totaling 89.62 competitive kilometres. The action kicks off with the 24.72km Shipmans at 0808hrs. We'll continue our live text service then. In the meantime, keep an eye on the news section of for all the latest from Coffs Harbour. Good night!

Sat 20:24 - Saturday’s stages complete
Cars are back in the Service Park being prepared ready for Sunday’s stages

Sat 20:21 - WRC top 5 after day two
1. Ogier (VW): 2:03:55.3, 2. Latvala (VW): +11.8s, 3. Mikkelsen (VW): +25.3s, 4. Meeke (Citroen): +26.8s, 5. Hirvonen (Ford): +1m27.2s

Sat 20:15 - SS13/14 Key Points (WRC2)
Al-Attiyah edges past Al Rajhi to snatch the WRC2 lead by 1.8sec. Third placed Ketomaa rolls his Fiesta onto its side. His team-mate Tanak stops under a yellow flag to help put the car onto its wheels, but Ketomaa’s subsequent runs might be disallowed pending a stewards decision tonight. Tanak’s own rally is far from secure - the Estonian’s car is suffering with an electrical problem.

Sat 19:57 - SS13/14 Key Points (WRC)
Ogier wins both the Super Special passes to extend his lead over Latvala to 11.8sec and bag a pair of prize surfboards for himself and Julien Ingrassia. Bonzer! Rapid times from Mikkelsen edge him ahead of Meeke and into third, making it a VW 1-2-3 this evening. Meeke remains in touch, just 1.5sec adrift. Many drivers relieved to clear the muddy Super Special on worn tyres more suited to a drag strip than a rally stage.

Sat 19:37 - SS13/SS14: Ketomaa restarts
He's off again, and it sounds like organisers will take a decision later about whether or not the time will stand.

Sat 19:31 - SS13/14: Ketomaa rolls!
It's a last minute disaster for the Finn, third in WRC2, who puts his Fiesta on its side on the first pass of the Super Special. "I cut the corner too much, hit a post and flipped the car over." He has got the car back to the start line for the second pass, but there is doubt about whether he will be able to start - or be forced out of today's competition.

Sat 19:21 - SS13/14: And the battle for third?
The times took a few seconds to come through but Mikkelsen ends the day third after snatching the place from Meeke on the Super Special. Meeke will start tomorrow trailing his rival by 1.5sec

Sat 19:18 - SS13/14: Ogier clear
He's quickest on both Super Special passes tonight. "Very tricky and slippery. Not an easy stage to end the day with." Not easy, but there's a consolation prize in the form of two custom made surfboards for him and co-driver Julien Ingrassia

Sat 19:17 - SS13/14: Latvala off to bed
The Finn will start tomorrow trailing Ogier by 11.8sec. "Not the day I was looking for today. Wrong tyre choice - that's it. I want to sleep now and forget about the day."

Sat 19:10 - SS13/14: Mikko slithers through
He completes on a set of soft compound tyres worn almost to slicks. "I would have loved some fresh ones here - all that deep mud was going nowhere." What can he do tomorrow? "I don't know. There's a big gap in front and behind me now but I'll keep on trying."

Sat 19:03 - SS13/14: Neuville through
His Hyundai seems to be performing well, despite looking a bit second-hand after his crash on SS12. He's sounding upbeat too: "It's been a perfect day for us. If you consider our position - that we were road cleaning - I couldn't expect much better," he says

Sat 18:55 - SS13/SS14: Meeke and Ostberg
All clear for the Citroen duo. Meeke anxious to see the times of the Volkswagen drivers later on - especially if the road cleans and gives an advantage to his rival Mikkelsen

Sat 18:51 - SS13/14: Tough finale for Kubica
The Pole forced to tackle the Super Special with damaged suspension and two punctured rear tyres after his crash on SS12. "The challange was to get through, and we managed that. We paid the price for a stupid mistake earlier."

Sat 18:43 - SS13/14: Atko clear
And putting a brave face on a difficult day as road opener. "The stages are amazing, the car has been good, but we've had a few things to contend with. It hasn't been the perfect rally for me but there's still a long way to go and I'm going to try and enjoy it."

Sat 18:38 - SS13/14: Evans completes
"Driving wise, a better day than yesterday, but the road position didn't help me early on and then we made the wrong tyre choice in the afternoon. But as far as my development goes, not too bad."

Sat 18:33 - SS13/14: Stages underway
Elfyn Evans is first car through. Tonight's start order is based on Friday's Super Special times with the slowest through first

Sat 16:50 - Up next: The Super Special
Crews are en route to Coffs Harbour for a regroup and then two passes of the 1.56km Super Special. The action kicks off at 1830hrs. We'll resume our live text coverage then. In the meantime, keep an eye on the news section of for all the latest from Coates Hire Rally Australia.

Sat 16:47 - WRC2 top 5 after SS12
1. Al Rajhi (Fiesta RRC): 2:07:34.3, 2. Al-Attiyah (Fiesta RRC): +3.0s, 3. Ketomaa (Fiesta R5): +10.3s, 4. Protasov (Fiesta RRC): +3m33.8s, 5. Bertelli (Fiesta RRC): +4m02.5s

Sat 16:45 - WRC top 5 after SS12
1. Ogier (VW): 2:00:34.8, 2. Latvala (VW): +10.3s, 3. Meeke (Citroen): +23.9s, 4. Mikkelsen (VW): +25.2s, 5. Hirvonen (Ford): +1m21.4s

Sat 16:40 - SS12 Key Points
Ogier is the stage winner and extends his rally lead to 10.3sec over team-mate Latvala. Meeke retakes third from Mikkelsen who loses a couple of seconds in a corner but the gap between them remains slender at 1.3sec. Neuville and Kubica both go off into the scenery - Neuville hits a mail post and loses a front bumper, while Kubica clouts his Fiesta’s right rear corner. Both cars seem to have escaped mechanical damage.

Sat 16:31 - SS12: Meeke up to third
He's third quickest on the stage, and retakes third overall, 1.3sec ahead of Mikkelsen. "I'm happy with my time here. Okay, I'm ahead of Andreas now but unfortunately the Volkswagens were immense in the Super Special last night, so we'll see."

Sat 16:27 - SS12: Latvala fights back
He completes exactly 1sec slower than Ogier - not a big loss on his soft-biased tyre choice. "I have to be happy with this time because I couldn't have done any better. Unfortunately the gap to Seb is now 10 seconds. I have to say he has been driving really well this afternoon."

Sat 16:24 - SS12: Ogier keeps pushing
He's quickest so far in 4m19.8s, "These two last stages have been good, no mistakes. We took advantage of Jari-Matti's wrong tyre choices. Okay, ours wasn't perfect either, but not a bad day."

Sat 16:21 - SS12: Mikkelsen expects to lose third
"I did one mistake on a corner and lost a huge amount of speed. That affected my speed going into the next corner and I gave away a lot of time. I'm pretty sure Kris will take me here."

Sat 16:18 - SS12: Hirvonen pushes on
But with badly worn right-hand tyres, he's 3.7sec slower than Ostberg who is fastest so far. But the time loss isn't as much as he feared. "We didn't lose so much, it's okay. We'll lose some more in the Super Specials, but maybe not too much."

Sat 16:16 - SS12: Paddon vs Ostberg
Ostberg fastest again, to pull 7.8sec ahead. "We lost a bit this afternoon," acknowledges Paddon. "I've tried to adapt to a mixed tyre choice, but with one hard at the rear it's moving around a lot in some corners."

Sat 16:12 - SS12: Kubica crash damage
He completes with damage to the left-hand rear corner of his Fiesta. "I was distracted by a yellow flag system test in the car. We went off braking over a crest," he explains. The Pole's rear wheel has taken an impact but the car is tracking reasonably straight as he drives off.

Sat 16:06 - WRC2 top 5 after SS11
1. Al Rajhi (Fiesta RRC): 2:02:55.1, 2. Al-Attiyah (Fiesta RRC): +7.1s, 3. Ketomaa (Fiesta R5): +12.3s, 4. Protasov (Fiesta RRC): +3m34.1s, 5. Bertelli (Fiesta RRC): +4m00.2s

Sat 16:03 - SS12: Neuville's car damaged
He arrives at the finish with his front bumper missing and a damaged bonnet. "I pushed hard and lost the rear in a corner," he says. "I hit a pole, or a mail post or something, and pulled that down. That cost us the bumper." Mechanically the car seems okay as he drives off.

Sat 16:00 - SS12: Atko clears
And he's glad to see the end of the day's countryside stages: "Definitely not our best day out here. Sweeping the stages this morning and then a bad tyre choice in the afternoon. A double whammy really."

Sat 15:55 - SS12: Underway
Atkinson started the repeat of Valla at 1552hrs

Sat 15:54 - WRC top 5 after SS11
1. Ogier (VW): 1:56:15.0, 2. Latvala (VW): +9.3s, 3. Mikkelsen (VW): +19.7s, 4. Meeke (Citroen): +19.9s, 5. Hirvonen (Ford): +1m11.2s

Sat 15:51 - SS11 Key Points
This stage was all about tyres. Ogier emerged as the new rally leader, with a 9.3sec advantage, thanks to a shrewd decision to fit largely hard compound rubber. Latvala expected rain and fitted softs at the rear, but when the weather stayed warm and sunny the softs gave up and he dropped to second. Evans and Hirvonen suffered the most, haemorrhaging time on an all-soft set-up best suited to monsoon season.

Sat 15:31 - SS11: Meeke closes on third
Helped by his hard tyre choice Meeke is second quickest and edges closer to Mikkelsen. The gap between them now 0.2sec

Sat 15:28 - SS11: Latvala acknowledges error
He completes 13.4sec slower than Ogier. "I had two hards at the front and two softs at the rear. That was the wrong choice. We should have had four hards. According to the information I had there was an expectation of more showers - but they never came and the rear tyres overheated."

Sat 15:24 - SS11: Ogier takes the lead!
A stage winning time of 26m39.4s edges him past Latvala and gives him a rally lead of 9.3sec "Four hard tyres would have been the best in there. I had 3 hards and 1 soft, so it wasn't the perfect choice, but at least better than Jari-Matti I guess. We had a clean and nice stage."

Sat 15:20 - SS11: Hirvonen in trouble
He completes with his soft compound tyres extremely worn. "Yeah, the sun was shining all the time. The tyres are quite well used..." And his expectations for the three stages still to run today? "We're going to lose quite a lot in the next ones unfortunately."

Sat 15:14 - SS11: Ostberg edges past Paddon
Ostberg grabs sixth from Paddon and pulls 6.6sec ahead. He's not saying what tyres he used but he left service with four hards and two softs.

Sat 15:09 - SS11: Kubica on wrong tyres too
"We got it wrong. The weather forecast showed a very high probability of rain. I was looking at both sets five minutes before we left, but when your team-mates go for soft, that's what you go with."

Sat 15:06 - SS11: Evans rues tyre choice
He left service with 5 soft compound tyres. "We were expecting rain and it didn't happen. Nothing more we can do," he shrugs. He is 32sec slower than Neuville.

Sat 15:04 - SS11: Neuville satisfied
He's on hard compounds all round, and his time of 27m09.7s is quickest so far. "I think it was the right choice" he says

Sat 15:02 - SS11: Atkinson's verdict
The Aussie is first through the repeated Nambucca. His time of 28m19.9s is 33.6sec quicker than his earlier pass. "It is completely dry now - we got some good tyre wear in there!" His front soft-compound tyres are badly worn. Sounds like the hard compounds might be the way to go...

Sat 14:33 - Tyre choices
Drivers left service with a varied selection of hard and soft compound tyres for this afternoon's repeat loop. Here's who has what: Hirvonen

Sat 14:27 - Weather update
WRC TV crews report sunny skies and a largely dry Nambucca stage

Sat 14:25 - Welcome back
to our coverage of Coates Hire Rally Australia. SS11, the repeated Nambucca, is about to get underway after a break for the 30-minute midday service

Sat 11:42 - Next competitive stage
Is the repeat of Nambucca, which kicks off at 1424hrs. We’ll resume our live text service then. In the meantime keep an eye on the news section of for all the latest from Coffs Harbour

Sat 11:34 - Yves Matton on Meeke's day so far
"He did a good morning and fighting for third is what we ask him to do. We want him to try and keep the podium but also to finish the rally. Especially after Germany, we want the points to keep second in the manufacturers' championship. At the moment he's doing what we ask him to do. If he wants to get third then for sure he has to push."

Sat 11:30 - Malcolm Wilson on Evans' day so far
"Elfyn was quite lucky with the radiator leak - he didn't even know it had happened. But he's used his mechanical skills, and cut his hand in the process, but he's back here now."

Sat 11:27 - Malcolm Wilson on Hirvonen's day so far
"You can see that road cleaning has made a difference today, which is why it was such a shame that Mikko lost those places late on Friday. Having said that, Mikko is driving very well, and there's still a long way to go. It's still quite close."

Sat 11:21 - Atkinson hamstrung
The Aussie says he's powerless to do much more than drive safely from his position of first on the road. "We're really not in a position where we can fight for the front now, and it would look even worse if we chucked it off."

Sat 11:18 - Evans explains his radiator fix
"I don't know where we picked it up, but a branch did quite a lot of damage to the radiator, making two holes. Luckily we carry a sort of putty to seal holes and that repair seems to have held okay."

Sat 11:14 - Up next: Service
Crews are en route to the midday 30-minute service at Coffs Harbour

Sat 11:13 - WRC2 top 5 after SS10
1. Al Rajhi (Fiesta RRC): 1:34:27.4, 2. Al-Attiyah (Fiesta RRC): +9.2s, 3. Ketomaa (Fiesta R5): +25.6s, 4. Protasov (Fiesta RRC): +3m05.3s, 5. Bertelli (Fiesta RRC): +3m25.8s

Sat 11:11 - Weather update
More light rain showers on SS10. Spectator umbrellas up. Brighter conditions and no rain here in Coffs Harbour

Sat 11:07 - WRC top 5 after SS10
1. Latvala (VW): 1:29:31.5, 2. Ogier (VW): +4.1s, 3. Mikkelsen (VW): +16.1s, 4. Meeke (Citroen): +16.9s, 5. Hirvonen (Ford): +36.4s

Sat 11:04 - SS10 Key points
Volkswagen drivers Latvala, Ogier and Mikkelsen claim the top-three stage times, and now occupy the same positions overall. Meeke slips to fourth, but remains less than 1sec behind. Paddon does a great job of defending his sixth place from the more experienced Mads Ostberg.

Sat 10:58 - SS10: Meeke slips to fourth
He takes a huge cut on the final corner but can only manage fourth quickest, and loses third to Mikkelsen by 0.8sec. "That was a nice stage and I'm quite happy. Jari-Matti is on an incredible push. I'll just try to stay in my own rhythm. When Jari-Matti and Seb get into their groove they're hard to catch. I'll do my best."

Sat 10:53 - SS10: Latvala wins the stage
He goes 1.5sec quicker than Ogier and makes it two wins from two stages today. At the stage end he looks calm and controlled. "I have a very good feeling, I'm really enjoying my driving. I'm relaxed and enjoying these fabulous stages."

Sat 10:47 - SS10: Advantage Ogier
In a time of 4m25.2s Ogier the new stage leader - as predicted by Mikkelsen. His car is missing a section of its front bumper. "It happened on the second corner, I was too close to the inside and clipped a bank. Every second counts."

Sat 10:43 - SS10: Now Mikkelsen is quickest
He beats Hirvonen by 3.1sec but reckons the drivers following will be even faster. "Kris is coming for sure, there's cleaning on this one, and I expect the guys behind will be quicker. I'm happy with my driving."

Sat 10:38 - SS10: Hirvonen fastest so far
His time is 4m28.6 - despite a near miss: "I tried a bit but we made a mistake and slid wide, almost into a ditch, on one of the tarmac sections."

Sat 10:35 - SS10: Paddon holds sixth
The Kiwi keeps Mads at bay with the fastest time so far - 0.5sec quicker than Ostberg. "This is my sort of stage," he says. "We made a couple of adjustments to the ride height and that worked. This road reminds me of the ones at home. When its like this there's no better feeling than driving a rally car."

Sat 10:30 - SS10: Ostberg fastest so far
The Norwegian goes 1.3 sec quicker than Neuville. "I think we did okay, just one mistake, but apart from that not bad." Will it be enough to close the gap on Paddon ahead?

Sat 10:28 - SS10: Kubica settling in
The Pole is 3.5sec slower than Neuville's quickest time so far, and still tweaking his pace notes after Friday's slower, more technical stages. "All okay, but today's stages are completely different to yesterday's, they're much wider and faster, and we're taking some time to adjust our notes to the conditions."

Sat 10:22 - SS10: Evans completes
He's 3.3sec slower than Neuville, but hasn't been affected by the holed radiator on the previous test. "The repair seems to have held up, we were panicking a little bit, though."

Sat 10:19 - SS10: Neuville clears
And he's 10.2sec quicker than Atko. "It was a big push - maybe a bit too much in places - but I enjoyed it, I wanted to have fun."

Sat 10:16 - SS10 Start intervals
The top ten cars will start at four minute gaps for this live TV stage

Sat 10:14 - SS10: Atkinson completes
In a benchmark time of 4m41.9s. "An awesome stage, a nice bit of road. Very loose though, so the guys behind will benefit, it's not damp at all."

Sat 10:09 - SS10: Underway
Chris Atkinson started at 1006hrs. Live TV showing his Hyundai rocketing off the line. No sign of rain and his car is kicking up some dust so road conditions appear to be dry

Sat 10:02 - SS10 in depth
Valla was run in 2011and 2013 but returns this year in a slightly different format - with it's length trimmed by 6kms to 8.96km. Starts on a good road with loose gravel. There are also small sections of tarmac. The stage runs on both wide and narrow roads crossing quite a few narrow bridges along the way.

Sat 09:55 - WRC user?
Then get set for SS10 Vala, which will be shown LIVE on WRC . First car will start at 1006hrs

Sat 09:54 - WRC2 top 5 after SS9
1. Al Rajhi (Fiesta RRC): 1:29:45.1, 2. Al-Attiyah (Fiesta RRC): +13.3s, 3. Ketomaa (Fiesta R5): +24.1s, 4. Protasov (Fiesta RRC): +3m02.8s, 5. Bertelli (Fiesta RRC): +3m21.7s

Sat 09:50 - SS9: More grief for Tanak
The WRC2 contender was hampered by two broken driveshafts on Friday. And he reckons another has broken on SS9.

Sat 09:42 - SS9 Key points
Latvala takes the rally lead after a winning time through the rally's longest stage. His VW team-mate and overnight leader Ogier drops to second, 2.6sec adrift. Citroen's Meeke moves up to third, 11.6sec further back, but has Mikkelsen, in the third VW, breathing down his neck 0.1sec behind. Hirvonen is fifth, but falling behind the lead pack

Sat 09:34 - WRC top 5 after SS9
1. Latvala (VW): 1:25:07.8, 2. Ogier (VW): +2.6s, 3. Meeke (Citroen): +14.2s, 4. Mikkelsen (VW): +14.3s, 5. Hirvonen (Ford): +31.5s

Sat 09:31 - SS9: Latvala into the lead!
A fastest time of 27m01.6s moves him in front in the overall standings, 2.6sec ahead of his team-mate Ogier. And he's sounding cool, calm and collected. Latvala says his speed felt comfortable, with no risks and no big attack. He likes the open countryside roads too, and says they remind him of his home stages in Finland.

Sat 09:25 - SS9: Meeke up to third
He's 0.7sec faster than Mikkelsen, and on Michelin's soft tyres, but felt a gamble might have paid off. "I'm happy with my drive, but maybe we missed an opportunity with the hard tyre. It would have been very brave, but that might have worked better."

Sat 09:21 - SS9: Evans in trouble
We're hearing that Evans is working to fix a holed radiator on the road section after SS9. Sounds like a stick punched through the radiator on the stage

Sat 09:17 - SS9: Latvala vs Ogier
Both are through, and Latvala's quicker by 3sec to move ahead of his team-mate in the overall standings. Ogier said: "My drive wasn't perfect, okay 3sec lost here but I know I can do better. I'll try that on the next one."

Sat 09:14 - SS9: Mikkelsen's in
In the first of the Polo Rs and in a fastest time so far of 27m12.8s. "For sure there's a lot of road cleaning but I'm happy with that. Clean and tidy, no mistakes. Trying to explore the limits without going over them. Very calm and relaxed in the car."

Sat 09:11 - SS9: Hirvonen outpaced
27m25.6s is a great time, but Mikko is looking at the pace of his rivals. "It went pretty well, but we can't match the pace of the Vokswagens on these fast sections. We'll keep trying but it's going to be tough."

Sat 09:09 - SS9: No splits for Ogier
So we'll have to wait until the end to find out how he's doing...

Sat 09:08 - SS9: Decent start for Ostberg
The Norwegian sets a time of 27m37.5s and sounds a little happier than he did yesterday. "Not such a bad start. We're still losing time to the leaders, but it's not so bad considering the road cleaning. I was surprised by how dry the surface was."

Sat 09:05 - SS9: Kubica clears
In a time of 28m09.4s and all's well with his Fiesta's gear shift. "It's all sorted. On the road section it worked intermittently, but once we got on the stage it worked perfectly. That was a smooth stage for us, my pace notes were a bit too slow, but it's a completely different topology from yesterday, so that's to be expected."

Sat 09:02 - SS9: Latvala splits
Are looking incredible. He's fastest so far at the 25km midpoint split - 30.8sec quicker than Neuville

Sat 08:58 - SS9: Neuville's in
And he's beaten his Hyundai team-mate Atko's time by 52 seconds. "Quite a lot of road cleaning but I had a really nice run. The stage puts a smile on your face. I did my best, used every inch of the road, but the guys behind will be another minute faster because of the road cleaning."

Sat 08:55 - SS9: Atko's verdict
"An amazing stage, really good fun. Some big slides in places, and it's loose towards the end." And what of the rain? "It hasn't made much difference. There's no mud to speak of."

Sat 08:55 - SS9: Atko's verdict
"An amazing stage, really good fun. Some big slides in places, and it's loose towards the end." And what of the rain? "It hasn't made much difference. There's no mud to speak of."

Sat 08:48 - SS9: Atko completes
The Australian reaches the finish in a benchmark time of 28m53.5s

Sat 08:31 - SS9: Kubica update
He started the stage on time. His first split time suggests that all is well in his Fiesta

Sat 08:30 - SS9 Underway
Hyundai's Chris Atkinson started at 0818hrs

Sat 08:11 - Kubica in trouble?
The Pole is about 8km from the start of Nabucca but has radioed in a gear shift problem. M-Sport are talking him through a temporary fix. Sounds like a different, and less serious, problem than the one that took him out of Rallye Deustchand

Sat 08:08 - SS9 in detail
A slightly shorter stage than last year’s version, Nambucca is fast and flowing with big corners and plenty of crests and jumps. Small sections of asphalt are dotted through the test to add a further challenge

Sat 08:08 - Wildlife update
Still no sign of the koalas we’ve been warned out. So far the highlights have been a white rabbit and a sort of parrot

Sat 08:08 - Friday start intervals
The roads might be damp, but the measures to reduce dust clouds are still in place and competitors will start at three minute intervals today

Sat 08:07 - Weather update
After Friday’s beautiful warm and sunny conditions, we’ve woken up to cloud and light rain in Coffs Harbour. It’s cooler too - just 17 degrees Celsius now and predicted to hit 20 by mid afternoon

Sat 08:07 - Saturday’s start order
is based on Friday’s leaderboard reversed, which puts leader Atkinson first on the road. Here’s the full World Rally Car start order: 1. Atkinson, 2. Neuville, 3. Evans, 4. Kubica, 5. Ostberg, 6. Paddon, 7. Hirvonen, 8. Mikkelsen, 9. Ogier, 10. Latvala, 11. Meeke

Sat 08:07 - Cars status
They began to leave the overnight parc ferme from 0645hrs and are en route to the start of Nambucca, 69km to the south. The stage will start 0818hrs local [CET +8].

Sat 08:06 - So six stages today
and one more more full day of competition to go until the winner crosses the finish ramp on Sunday

Sat 08:06 - Coming up
Saturday’s second day features a loop of two gravel stages that will be repeated in the afternoon: The massive Nambucca (48.92km) and the Valla Live TV stage (7.92km). The day ends with two more passes of the mixed gravel/tarmac Super Special Stage

Sat 08:06 - We’re back
at the desk of text, at the rally’s Service Park in the C.Ex Coffs International Stadium, a stone’s throw from downtown Coffs Harbour

Sat 08:05 - G’day again from Coffs Harbour
and welcome back to our live text coverage of Coates Hire Rally Australia - round ten of the FIA World Rally Championship

Fri 20:04 - Saturday's competition
Kicks off with the monster 50km Nambucca at 0818hrs. We'll continue our live text service from 0810hrs. Until then, keep an eye on the news section of for all the latest from Coffs Harbour. Good night!

Fri 19:58 - Friday's stages complete
Cars are back in the Service Park being fettled ahead of Saturday's stages.

Fri 19:56 - WRC2 top 5 after day 1
1. Al Rajhi (Fiesta RRC): 1:01:04.4, 2. Al-Attiyah (Fiesta RRC): +7.1s, 3. Ketomaa (Fiesta R5): +23.1s, 4. Protasov (Fiesta RRC): +2m23.6s, 5. Bertelli (Fiesta RRC): +2m46.5s

Fri 19:54 - WRC top 5 after day 1
1. Ogier (VW): 58m05.8s, 2. Latvala (VW): +0.4s, 3. Mikkelsen (VW): +3.5s, 4. Meeke (Citroen): +4.1s, 5. Hirvonen (Ford): +7.9s

Fri 19:37 - Weather update
It's lashing it down with rain. We could be in for a very different rally tomorrow if the rain continues through the night

Fri 19:34 - SS7 & SS8: Ogier leads!
It's only a slender one, but Ogier is out front by 0.4sec. Some achievement considering his position as road opener. "Fantastic," he says. "I tried to push all the day, in spite of the slippery conditions. It was not an easy job."

Fri 19:31 - SS7 & SS8: Latvala slots second
and just 0.4sec off the lead after a day that started with concern over his brakes. "We struggled early today and I was not too comfortable until we bled the brakes. After that, step-by-step, we have been improving over the whole day."

Fri 19:27 - SS7
And 3.5sec off the lead after a positive day. "It's been very good. I'm happy with my driving, no big mistakes and no big risks either. Okay, I feel I could have done these time last year, but only by taking big risks."

Fri 19:24 - SS7 & SS8: Meeke slips to fourth
The Briton now 4.1sec off the lead - not helped by slippery start position at the Super Special. However, with Saturday's start order based on positions after SS6, Meeke should benefit tomorrow.

Fri 19:19 - SS7 & SS8: Top three all change
The tight time gaps, and two stages run together, have had a big impact on our top three.

Fri 19:10 - SS7
Looks like tenth tonight for the Belgian. "A quite okay day. Okay, we cannot change what happened earlier when we went wide and broke something, but we have made some useful changes and we have some more still to do. Better than I expected.”

Fri 19:08 - SS7 & SS8: Strong finish for Hirvonen
He's quickest so far on SS8: “I’m happy that we managed to fight through and be only 5sec off the lead. I can’t point at any one thing that has changed, but my driving feels good.”

Fri 19:06 - SS7 & SS8: Ostberg through
And relieved to complete an up and down day. “It’s been a tricky day for sure. We have done a few mistakes and have had some problems with the car too. We have make some changes this afternoon and I hope tomorrow will be a better day. We have to focus.”

Fri 18:56 - SS7
Looks like ninth overnight for Elfyn who has found today tough going. "From the recce tomorrow's stages seem more open fast and flowing and that should help me."

Fri 18:52 - SS7
But his times aren't great and he is beaten by Paddon on both laps. "Really, really tricky. We're on the hard tyres from this afternoon's loop and it's easy to make a mistake and take a wheel off in a stage like this."

Fri 18:45 - SS7 & SS8: Paddon's progress
“It hasn’t been too bad today. It has been difficult though, and maybe some of the changes we made took the car in the wrong direction. Tomorrow’s stages are just like home to me, I know them and I’m feeling very positive about the day.”

Fri 18:42 - SS7 & SS8: Atko completes
"It's good fun in there, there's a bit of water around so it's slippery. Good for the spectators."

Fri 18:39 - SS7 & SS8 Stage details
A new Super Special Stage again for this year. Run just behind the service park. The surface is a mixture of dusty tarmac and gravel roads with concrete barriers between the lanes

Fri 18:37 - SS7
Is changed from the rest of the day. Chris Atkinson is through first.

Fri 18:28 - Weather update
A small amount of rain has fallen on the Super Special Stage in the last hour. It has stopped now.

Fri 17:10 - And then...
The all-new Super Special Stage. The first of two passes starts at 1830hrs. We'll be back then...

Fri 17:03 - Up next: Regroup
Crews are en route to a regroup in Coffs Harbour before tonight's Super Special Stage

Fri 17:01 - WRC2 Update
After SS6, Al Rajhi [Fiesta RRC] leads by 9.4sec from Al Attiyah [Fiesta RRC]. Ketomaa [Fiesta R5] is third, 26.1sec further back. Protasov [Fiesta RRC] and Bertelli [Fiesta RRC] round off the top five. Ott Tanak thinks he has a clutch problem. He is seventh, 3m56s off the lead.

Fri 16:54 - WRC top 5 after SS6
1. Meeke (Citroen): 54m50.4s, 2. Latvala (VW): +2.1s, 3. Ogier (VW): +2.6s, 4. Mikkelsen (VW): +5.2s, 5. Hirvonen (Ford): +5.2s

Fri 16:51 - SS6 Key points
Latvala is the stage winner and jumps from fifth to second place but Meeke holds the rally lead by 2.1sec. It remains tight at the top however with the top five covered by just 5.6sec. Neuville has fixed the rear suspension he damaged on the previous test

Fri 16:42 - SS6: Atko in the wars
He loses another 1m29s to the leaders. "We had to take it easy in there. There's a strange feeling in the rear, something’s not right and at the front the sump guard is still hanging down because we haven't had the time to put it back on."

Fri 16:40 - SS6: Paddon distracted
"It hasn’t been a bad day, but in this one we had a loose brake pedal and a lot of oil warning lights, so there were a few distractions."

Fri 16:38 - SS6: Kubica off line
His misaligned steering wheel is still giving him trouble. "Especially in the fast corners I'm off the line and you have to be precise there. My brain is thinking I'm steering but I'm not steering enough. The confidence this afternoon was not there. It's a bit annoying - maybe I'm too sensitive to these things."

Fri 16:33 - SS6: Meeke delighted
He's third fastest, 1.5sec slower than Latvala, but that's enough to hold the lead by 2.1sec. He punches the air as he arrives at the stop control. "I said to [my co-driver] Paul, that’s the speed we have to drive at to compete with the Volkswagens. What a buzz! What a nice stage."

Fri 16:27 - SS6: Evans critical
"I'm just struggling to settle into a comfortable rhythm early in the stage. I'm not relaxing enough - it's just not happening. I hope it will tomorrow."

Fri 16:24 - SS6: Hirvonen
The Finn sounds more positive that he has for a while, but finishes the stage 0.1sec slower than his rival Mikkelsen. "Okay, but I would have preferred to have taken Mikkelsen here. We're not so far behind, it's not too bad."

Fri 16:19 - SS6: Neuville back up to speed
The Belgian is third quickest so far having fixed his damaged Hyundai. "A small part broke on the rear suspension, but I fixed it and the car is working okay now."

Fri 16:15 - SS6: Ostberg perplexed
He's 14.3sec slower than Latvala and can't understand why. "The feeling was quite okay but the times are not okay. It's difficult because I don't know exactly why. I think I need the assistance of my engineers to help me."

Fri 16:11 - SS6: Mikkelsen clear
The Norwegian is 4.9sec slower than his team-mate Latvala. "The pace is surprisingly good. A few mistakes at the start and the end, where I lost the line, but the middle was good. I'm taking no risks and we're enjoying ourselves."

Fri 16:08 - SS6: Latvala satisfied
He's fastest so far in 14m22.7s. "That was a good stage and I really enjoyed. In a couple of places it was still slippery, but overall I'm happy."

Fri 16:05 - SS6: Ogier completes
And he's pleased to be so close to the leaders after a difficult day as road opener. "I'm really happy. We are not so far from the lead tonight so we can be proud of what we've done today. The second loop was better than the first but I'm overall I'm happy."

Fri 16:02 - SS5: It's another Polo 1-2-3
That’s the 35th stage 1-2-3 for the Polo R World Rally Car in 23 rallies.

Fri 15:59 - SS5: Atkinson hassled
His car's sump guard is dragging along the road - as it had been after the previous test. "We arrived at the start just before our start time, so we didn't have any time to fix it. It was a rush. There wasn't enough time to get ourselves prepared."

Fri 15:56 - SS5: Paddon
He completes 6.9sec slower than Latvala. "It's okay. The surface is a bit more sandy and rutted than the previous stage. We will have a bit of a push in the next one. "

Fri 15:52 - SS5: Meeke best of the rest
He's fourth quickest, and closest to the trio of Polo R's that have locked out the top three times. "I'm happy with my performance," he says. "We knew the Volkswagens would be really fast."

Fri 15:46 - SS5: Evans clear
"It's getting better, but I was too cautious over the big jumps towards the end."

Fri 15:45 - SS5: Neuville through
But his Hyundai has right-hand rear suspension damage and its wheel is badly out of alignment. "It happened on one of the first corners, I hit a stone on the exit of a corner. I thought it was okay, but one kilometre later this happened." He's still able to drive the car, but dropped 1m56s during the stage

Fri 15:39 - SS5: Neuville in trouble!
WRC TV crews report his Hyundai has rear suspension damage

Fri 15:38 - SS5: Small steps for Ostberg
The Norwegian is 3.3sec slower than Latvala: "Progressing, and this was better than the first one but the time is not so good. We need to push harder. It;s not easy to make up the time we lost earlier."

Fri 15:35 - SS5: Mikkelsen through
He's 2.0sec slower than Latvala. "Happy enough with my driving. I'm trying as hard as a I can with no big risks. I think I'm doing a good job."

Fri 15:32 - SS5: More improvement for Latvala
He's 0.5sec faster than Ogier. "The grip was good and it's getting better for us. It's a lot faster now than before."

Fri 15:28 - SS5: Ogier
Is through first in 6m16.4s. "Better grip than this morning, for sure. Okay for us." His time is 13.2sec than his earlier pass today.

Fri 15:22 - SS5 Underway
Ogier began the repeated Bellingen at 1520hrs

Fri 15:21 - Top three stats
Meeke (Citroen), Hirvonen (Ford) and Mikkelsen (VW) are separated by 2sec - which equates to just 55.69 metres after 57.09km of competition

Fri 15:17 - WRC top 5 after SS4
1. Meeke (Citroen): 34m08.1s, =2. Hirvonen (Ford): +2.0s, =2. Mikkelsen (VW): +2.0s, 4. Ogier (VW): +4.7s, 5. Latvala (VW): +5.8s

Fri 15:16 - SS4 Key points
Ogier is the stage winner but Meeke holds the rally lead by 2.0sec from Hirvonen and Mikkelsen who are tied in second. It’s tight at the top with the top five covered by just 5.8sec. Ostberg’s earlier handing problem traced to a broken rear diff. Road surface generally cleaner than earlier pass.

Fri 15:07 - SS4: Atko surprised
He's slowest of the WRC crews, 13.5sec off Ogier's pace. "I had a good rhythm in there, no problems, just off the pace. I'm surprised."

Fri 15:04 - SS4: Better feeling for Paddon
The Kiwi is just 4.1sec off Ogier's pace after tweaks in service to reduce understeer. "We made some changes and the car is more positive with the front now. It's better, but there are still a few places where I'm too hesitant."

Fri 15:01 - SS4: Kubica steering issue
The Pole reports that his car's steering wheel isn't centred straight and it is distracting him.

Fri 14:58 - SS4: Meeke a bit flat
The rally leader can only manage sixth quickest but has no obvious explanation. He doesn't sound concerned.

Fri 14:56 - SS4: Evans upbeat
He's 5.4sec slower than Ogier and far happier at the wheel of his Fiesta RS. "That was a lot better - and I think that's down to me because the car is perfect. I'm trying to keep in the middle of the road."

Fri 14:52 - SS4: Hirvonen safely through
He's third quickest so far, 2.4sec slower than Ogier. "The Volkswagen guys are going very well..." he acknowledges

Fri 14:50 - SS4: Neuville lacking
The Belgian is just 3.2sec slower than Ogier, but feels he could have been quicker. "We are using Finland-spec dampers and on this stage they weren't ideal and we were missing traction." He hopes they will be better suited to the two stages that follow.

Fri 14:47 - SS4: Imporvement for Ostberg
Citroen replaced a faulty rear diff in Ostberg's DS3 in service. "We noticed the problem on the third stage and it knocked my confidence. With the new diff it's an improvement. The time isn't great though." He is 7.1sec slower than Ogier.

Fri 14:42 - SS4: Mikkelsen
The third VW driver is safely through in a time 3.3sec slower than Ogier. "There's a clean line now, but it's still slippery and I was a little bit wide in places. A clean run though."

Fri 14:40 - SS4: Latvala closer
He was 8sec slower than Ogier on the earlier pass. This time he's just 0.5sec adrift. "At the beginning it went well, and I was faster than Ogier, but I was too sideways in the second half, and sometimes in the wrong gear. I stopped to bleed the brakes before the stage because I didn't like the feeling."

Fri 14:37 - SS4: Ogier through
And he's happy enough now the road has been swept by the whole WRC field. "For sure it's cleaner than this morning. It was okay, I have a good feeling in the car," he said. His time is 6m19.9s.

Fri 14:30 - SS4 Underway
Sebastien Ogier began the repeat pass of Hydes Creek at 1427hrs

Fri 12:07 - Next stage
The afternoon loop kicks off with the repeated Hydes Creek test at 1427hrs local [CET +8hrs].

Fri 12:00 - WRC2 top 5 after SS3
1. Al Rajhi (Fiesta RRC): 29m05.4s, 2. Al-Attiyah (Fiesta RRC): 7.3s, 3. Ketomaa (Fiesta R5): 12.5s, 4. Protasov (Fiesta RRC): 1m06.6s, 5. Bertelli (Fiesta RRC): 1m34.5s

Fri 11:56 - WRC2 Update
Al Rajhi [Fiesta RRC] leads by 7.3sec from Al Attiyah [Fiesta RRC]. Hampered by a turbo problem, Ketomaa [Fiesta R5] holds third, 5.2sec further back. Tanak is 3min adrift as a result of a broken front diff, while championship leader Bertelli is 5th

Fri 11:45 - Up next: Service
Crews are en route to Coffs Harbour for the 30-minute midday service halt

Fri 11:41 - WRC top 5 after SS3
1. Meeke (Citroen): 27m44.5s, 2. Mikkelsen (VW): +2.4s, 3. Hirvonen (Ford): +3.3s, 4. Ogier (VW): +8.4s, 5. Latvala (VW): +9.0s

Fri 11:37 - SS3: Key points
A second stage win for Meeke moves him into the rally lead, 2.4sec ahead of Mikkelsen with Hirvonen 0.9sec further back in third. Slippery road surface makes life difficult for early runners, especially former leader Ogier who slips to fourth. Ostberg, Evans and Atkinson struggling to adjust to the conditions.

Fri 11:30 - SS3: Atko frustrated
He's 28.6sec off Meeke's pace and slowest of the WRC drivers. "I'm disappointed, obviously. I just couldn't get into a rhythm, couldn't get into the flow, and when you're in that position you have to back off. If you take six months away, it can takes time to get back into the rhythm. It's frustrating. I have to pull my finger out now."

Fri 11:25 - SS3: Paddon
“No problems - just the driver. We haven’t done these stages before and I thought there would be more grip that there has been. We seem to have a lot of mid-corner understeer, and that doesn’t help the confidence. We’ll see if we can improve it in service.”

Fri 11:21 - SS3: Meeke takes the lead
Another stage win moves Meeke to the top of the standings, 2.4sec ahead of Mikkelsen in second. "I'm really happy with my morning. I've done the best I could, okay we're leading but by a small margin. When you're eighth on the road you'd like to think you could lead. Let's see what happens on the second pass . There are a lot of different tyre options."

Fri 11:16 - SS3: Evans frustrated
The youngster is 24sec slower than his team-mate Hirvonen. "I'm just finding it difficult to settle in. I don't have a lot of confidence. When you're in that position, if it doesn't feel right, you don't push. We're here to learn."

Fri 11:13 - SS3: Hirvonen quickest so far
He's a three time winner in Australia and he's sounding super confident. "The stages are so technical but it felt pretty good. I reckon our choice was correct, let's see how the guys behind do."

Fri 11:12 - SS3: Neuville too safe?
Another decent time for the Belgian who is trying to make the most of his road position. "There's no clean line as such but there are some corners where it is an advantage. I was on the soft tyres, which I think was the right choice, but I think I was trying to protect them too much."

Fri 11:07 - SS3: Ostberg struggling
He completes 10.2sec slower than Mikkelsen and is lacking confidence in the Citroen. "I'm losing quite a lot of time, struggling to find the grip and the perfect rhythm. I'm going to change something in service now."

Fri 11:04 - SS3: Mikkelsen flies
His time of 14m47.6s is quickest so far

Fri 11:01 - SS3: Latvala
He completes with his Polo sporting a damaged rear bumper. No problems reported by Latvala. "It's getting better all the time."

Fri 11:00 - SS3: Ogier clears
He's through in 14m56.7s. "A good stage for me. I'm happy with what I have done in the car. The loop was loose, of course, apart from the shakedown section. I couldn't have done any better."

Fri 10:55 - SS3 in detail
Unchanged since 2013, the 24.91km Newry is fast and flowing but rough in places, with several narrow sections in the forests.

Fri 10:53 - SS3: Stage is live
Sebastien Ogier began the stage at 1039hrs

Fri 10:52 - WRC top 5 after SS2
1. Ogier (VW): 12m56.2s, 2. Meeke (Citroen): +2.2s, 3. Mikkelsen (VW): +3.1s, 4. Hirvonen (M-Sport Ford): +5.2s, 5. Latvala (VW): +7.7s

Fri 10:51 - SS2: Key points
Citroen’s Kris Meeke is the stage winner and moves up to second overall. Ogier reports a more slippery road surface than SS1. He continues to lead the rally but his advantage is down to 2.2sec. Elfyn Evans loses time with a stall at a hairpin. Latvala’s earlier brake problem is cured.

Fri 10:47 - SS2: Paddon
The Hyundai driver is eighth quickest so far. "Not too bad, but when it's slippery like this it's very easy to overdrive."

Fri 10:43 - SS2: Meeke up to second
He's fastest on SS2 in a time of 6m26.2s. "We need to be doing a good job because the guys ahead are doing that too. These two short stages have been okay, but I think the next long one will make all the difference - that's when we'll see which tyres are the right ones"

Fri 10:39 - SS2: 'stupid mistake' for Evans
The Fiesta RS driver drops around 15 seconds. "A stupid mistake really. We were perhaps a foot wide going into a hairpin and the screen got covered in dust. We stalled and couldn't see where we should go. We gave away the time for nothing."

Fri 10:35 - SS2: Hirvonen clear
His time of 6m27.9 is 0.3sec slower than Neuville's. "It's alright, not bad. But looking at the times it's really close - even Ogier's not far away."

Fri 10:33 - SS2: Neuville rapid
The Belgian is quickest so far in 6m27.6s but still cross about his mistake on the opening stage. "I'm still a bit angry with myself after losing the time on SS1. It was all down to me checking the water temperature. This one was okay but the rear is sliding about too much. But the time is not so bad."

Fri 10:30 - SS2: Bumpy ride for Ostberg
He's 1.6sec off Mikkelsen's time. "Better than the first stage [where he went off] but there were a lot of jumps bumps on the stage and I struggle in those - they can affect the car a lot. There's not a lot more I can do."

Fri 10:26 - SS2: Mikkelsen fastest so far
His time is 6m28.3 - that's 1.3sec quicker than Ogier. "A clean stage but for sure the road will get faster and faster for the guys behind. I make one small mistake, so not a perfect run, but it's a good start to the rally."

Fri 10:24 - SS2: Latvala's Polo cured
After a dodgy start on SS1, he's just 0.3sec slower than Ogier this time. "I struggled on the first stage with the brakes, the pedal was very soft but now everything is okay. The grip wasn't too bad."

Fri 10:21 - SS2: Ogier through
And he reports and a looser, more slippery surface than SS1. "This one was worse for sure, but not a bad stage for me. We'll have to wait and see." His time is 6m29.6s

Fri 10:18 - SS2 in detail
Run in identical format to 2013, Bellingen threads through forests on narrow roads, with trees close to the edge. It is undulating with plenty of dips and jumps.

Fri 10:16 - SS2: Stage is live
Sebastien Ogier began the stage at 1011hrs

Fri 10:15 - WRC top 5 after SS1
1. Ogier (VW): 6m26.6s, 2. Mikkelsen (VW): +4.4s, 3. Meeke (Citroen): +5.6s, 4. Hirvonen (M-Sport Ford): +6.9s, 5. Latvala (VW): +7.4s

Fri 10:11 - SS1: Key points
Ogier is the stage winner and moves into an early rally lead of 4.4sec over his VW team-mate Mikkelsen. Little evidence of road cleaning so far. Some drivers reckon SS1benefited road opener Ogier because a section had been driven on Thursday as Shakedown. Latvala loses time with a brake problem. Spins for Kubica and Ostberg. Nose-heavy landings for Neuville and Paddon.

Fri 09:59 - SS1: Atko eighth quickest
A strong start for the Aussie, who last drove his Hyundai i20 WRC at Rally Mexico in March. "I'm just trying to get into the rhythm, which isn't perfect yet, as you might expect after such a long time out of the car."

Fri 09:56 - SS1: Scary start for Paddon
The Kiwi completes 9.1sec slower than Ogier and breathing a sigh of relief. "Grip levels are very inconsistent. The first half was really, really loose. We had a bit of a moment over a jump that kicked the car off the road and onto its nose. I think we got away with it..."

Fri 09:51 - SS1: Spin for Kubica
"Okay, but very slippery, we had a small spin in a damp, muddy section before a hairpin. We lost maybe four or five seconds. No problem on the gravel, but we have to consider this."

Fri 09:50 - SS1: Decent start for Meeke
He's third quickest so far in 6m32.2s. "That was okay, but I reckon the first car on the road had an advantage here. We were here at shakedown so part of the road had been swept. Also the opening section was more slippery for the later car."

Fri 09:46 - SS1: Cautious start for Evans
"I didn't have a great run to be honest. The conditions are tricky, very loose in most places, and we're here to learn. I didn't want to risk anything on the first stage. It'll come, I'm sure." His time is 10.7sec slower than Ogier's.

Fri 09:42 - SS1: Hirvonen through
And he's third quickest so far, 6.9sec off Ogier's pace. "Really slippery, the grip level is changing all the time, but it was okay," said Hirvonen

Fri 09:41 - SS1: Heavy landing for Neuville
"We went over a sixth gear jump and had a big, big landing on the nose. After that I was checking the water temperature - which seems okay - but I got distracted and went straight on at a junction."

Fri 09:38 - SS1: Ostberg off
The Norwegian completes 19.5sec slower than Ogier who is quickest so far. "We went off the road in a junction. Not sure what happened, it was pretty clear. I had maximum understeer and just couldn't get in. We had to stop and turn around. We've lost a lot of time."

Fri 09:35 - SS1: Mikkelsen rues tyre choice
The Norwegian has the hard compound Michelins on his Polo, but he doesn't reckon they were the right choice. "It was so slippery in there. I thought it would be dry but the first section was completely damp. A clear run though, no mistakes."

Fri 09:33 - SS1: Latvala brake concern
He's next to complete, and is a massive 7.4sec slower than his VW team-mate. He sounds worried. "I'm not happy with the brakes, I have no confidence - it's very difficult to drive like this. I have to try and bleed them."

Fri 09:30 - SS1: Ogier clears
He completes in a benchmark time of 6m26.8s but shakes his head when he sees a split time for Jari-Matti that is 8.8sec quicker. It appears to be a rogue time. "No problem for me at all, no mistakes," days Ogier. "For sure I will not be the fastest but it’s been a good stage."

Fri 09:19 - SS1: Stage is live
Volkswagen's Sebastien Ogier began the stage at 0918hrs

Fri 09:18 - Looks familiar?
Thursday’s Shakedown test took place on a 4km section of Hydes Creek, but driven in the opposite direction

Fri 09:18 - SS1 in detail
Hydes Creek is a new stage but features 3km of roads used in the opposite direction last year. It’s technical with many surface changes, varying from mud, to loose gravel and clay

Fri 09:17 - Wildlife update
There’s a koala warning sign on the road between Coffs Harbour and the Service Park, but we haven’t see any yet

Fri 09:17 - Friday start intervals
The dry roads mean cars will kick up huge dust clouds. Competitors will start at three minute intervals today to give the dust time to settle

Fri 09:16 - Weather update
It’s a beautiful warm and sunny Spring day in Coffs Harbour. Temperature predicted to hit 22 degrees celsius

Fri 09:15 - Friday's start order
is based on championship standings, which puts leader Ogier first on the road. Here’s the full World Rally Car start order: 1. Ogier, 2. Latvala, 3. Mikkelsen, 4. Ostberg, 5. Neuville, 6. Hirvonen, 7. Evans, 8. Meeke, 9. Kubica, 10. Paddon, 11. Atkinson

Fri 09:15 - Cars have left service
and are en route to the start of SS1, Hydes Creek , which kicks off at 0918hrs local [CET +8].

Fri 09:14 - So six stages today
and two more full days of competition to go until the winner crosses the finish ramp on Sunday

Fri 09:14 - Coming up
Friday’s opening day features a loop of three gravel stages that will be repeated in the afternoon: Hydes Creek (10.73km) Bellingen ( and Newry (24.91km). The day ends with two passes of a new mixed gravel/tarmac Super Special Stage

Fri 09:13 - We’re seated
at the desk of text, at the rally’s new-for-2014 Service Park in the C.Ex Coffs International Stadium complex

Fri 09:13 - G’day from Coffs Harbour
and welcome to our live text coverage of Coates Hire Rally Australia - round ten of the FIA World Rally Championship

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