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Thu 20:24 - Until then
Keep an eye on the news section for our end of leg report and don’t forget WRC+ where you'll find stage footage, highlights shows and onboards. Bye for now!

Thu 20:23 - We will return
On Friday from 0715hrs (local) when the rally resumes with the 6.52km Chmielewo stage

Thu 20:22 - Leaders through
And that's where we'll leave our live text service for tonight.

Thu 20:21 - Poland WRC2 after SS1
1.Kruuda 1m48.2s, 2.Lappi +0.1s, 3.Evans +0.9s, 4.Tidemand +1.1s, 5.Gilbert +1.7s

Thu 20:20 - WRC 2 update
Estonia's Karl Kruuda leads WRC 2 overnight, one-tenth ahead of Esapekka Lappi. Elfyn Evans is third, eight-tenths further back.

Thu 20:09 - SS1: WRC 2 resumes
World Rally Car entries complete, the WRC 2 runners are back on track. There are 25 competing here in Poland. No more stage end quotes tonight but we'll bring you the overnight standings.

Thu 20:06 - Poland after SS1
1.Neuville 1m46.2s, 2.Mikkelsen +0.2s, 3.Tanak +0.3s, 4.Ogier +0.4s, 5.Latvala +0.7s

Thu 20:01 - SS1: Ogier vs Neuville
The main event goes Neuville's way by four-tenths. He wins the stage in 1m46.2s and leads the rally overnight. "I tried to be smooth and take care of my tyres," he says. "It was more slippery than I thought. Okay, I'm not happy with my stage but the time is good. And so is beating Seb!" Ogier meanwhile is lucky to escape unscathed after drifting his Polo wide on the final left-hander and destroying a piece of stage furniture. "I didn't drive so well," he acknowledges, "but it's just a few tenths difference so no worries."

Thu 19:53 - SS1: Mikkelsen vs Sordo
Mikkelsen the new stage leader in 1m46.4s. How was that? "The feeling is very good so far. Always nice to have a good start." Sordo is 1.3sec slower.

Thu 19:51 - SS1: Ostberg vs Latvala
Latvala wins the duel and slots second quickest, four-tenths slower than Tanak. Latvala says: "I'm quite pleased with this start. I know I can improve, I was too hesitant with the brakes and the throttle in places." Ostberg says: "In the first corner Jari-Matti completely sprayed my car with mud - it took half a lap to clean my windscreen!"

Thu 19:47 - SS1: Paddon vs Tanak
Tanak storms through in a new fastest time of 1m46.5s. No surprise considering his pace here last year. "A very clean stage with no pushing - a really nice way to start the rally. I will go out tomorrow and do my best. Some nice stages are waiting." Eight-tenths slower, Paddon says: "A nice clean start. Looking forward to the rally starting again in the morning."

Thu 19:42 - SS1: Camilli vs Lefebvre
A strong opener for Lefebvre who beats Camilli by 1.5sec and sets another fastest time. "Good for us, the grip was much better than last year," says Lefebvre. Camilli says: "I tried to do my maximum but the mixture of surfaces was tricky. It will be better tomorrow."

Thu 19:38 - SS1: Solberg vs Bertelli
Bertelli wins this all-Fiesta battle in a new quickest time of 1m48.1sec. "I enjoy these super specials. Perhaps I was too cautious here but I will be quicker on the repeats." Solberg is 1.7sec slower but sounding chipper: "I enjoyed it, I hope to do more tomorrow."

Thu 19:34 - SS1: Breen vs Al Rajhi
Breen is quickest so far in 1m48.9s. He says: "Nice to be back in the car - last year I was commentating here! This is the golden ticket. I'll take each stage as it comes. A dream." Al Rajhi says: "In general an okay start."

Thu 19:31 - SS1: Kremer vs Groban
Skoda R5 driver Kremer takes an unexpected win over the MINI World Rally Car of Gorban. Kremer says: "A lot of mud thrown up on my windows - I couldn't see much." Gorban reports that his car was down on power. "We didn't have a enough fuel in the tank and on the long corner we lost supply."

Thu 19:26 - SS1: Evans vs Tidemand
Up next, two of the favorites for victory here in WRC 2. And it's a narrow win, by two-tenths, for Evans who sets a new fastest time of 1m49.1s. Evans says: "It was good, quite a clean run. I'm looking forward to the battle - it's going to be a hot one." Skoda driver Tidemand says: "More slippery than I expected but that's how it is. The rally starts tomorrow."

Thu 19:21 - SS1: Fuchs vs Suninen
Fuchs wins the heat in a new quickest time of 1m50.1s. "An amazing rally, some very fast drivers here so I need to work hard," he says. Suninen says: "Not a great stage for me. We try to continue in a better way tomorrow. I want to fight for the win."

Thu 19:18 - SS1: Aasen vs Bestard
Bestard spins and Aasen takes a comfortable win. "More grip than I expected. An okay run," says Aasen, who is one-tenths quicker than Kajetanowicz. Bestard says: "A spin in fifth gear but we didn't hit anything. We were very lucky."

Thu 19:14 - SS1: Kajetanowicz vs Ptaszek
Kajetanowicz takes the heat win in 1m51.3s. "A great stage but I was really careful. I have a bad memory of this stage a few years ago. It's not great to be first on the road, it's very slippery. Okay, we won the heat but it's not a great time - believe me." Ptaszek, back after missing Sardinia while his co-driver recuperated from injury, is nine-tenths slower. "It felt good to fight with the European champion!"

Thu 19:08 - SS1: Live
Kajetanowicz and Ptaszek are on stage in a Ford Fiesta R5 and Skoda Fabia R5 respectively. Organizers have been busy with the hosepipes to keep dust down and there are a few puddles on track.

Thu 19:01 - Tyre info
All of Michelin's WRC runners have selected five soft compound LTX Force tyres for tonight's stage.

Thu 19:00 - Time zones
All times quoted here are local. Poland time zone is Central European Summer Time (CEST)

Thu 18:59 - Watch SS1 LIVE
WRC users can watch tonight's stage live. Steaming starts at 1900hrs CEST. Still time to sort a subscription if you haven't already.

Thu 18:57 - Weather
Dry and warm conditions for now in Mikolajki but overhead clouds are building and a change is on the cards. The temperature is 27˚C and the humidity is rising. It will be no surprise if it starts to rain very soon. There is heavy rain forecast for Friday.

Thu 18:54 - AWOL
Slovakian Junior WRC driver Martin Koči is out already. He rolled his DS 3 during this morning's shakedown.

Thu 18:54 - Thursday's start order 2/2
Valeriy Gorban is the first of the WRC drivers (on track at 1924hrs) and Sébastien Ogier and Thierry Neuville will be the headline pairing at 1952hrs. The rest of the WRC 2 runners come through next, followed by the Junior WRC and Drive DMACK Fiesta Trophy entries

Thu 18:53 - Thursday's start order 1/2
A custom order for the super special, headed by the two leading Polish entrants. European champion and three-time Poland winner Kajetan Kajetanowicz will take on 'The Ptock' Hubert Ptaszek in the opening duel at 1908hrs, followed by a batch of WRC 2 runners.

Thu 18:53 - Stage info: SS1
Mikolajki Arena 1, 2.50km. The rally roars into life at a purpose-built super special stage next to Mikolajki’s service park. Two cars at a time tackle the short test, scene of Jari-Matti Latvala’s 2009 heartbreak when he crashed in the final stage and wrecked Ford’s 1-2 finish. The surface seems to have less gravel on the top this year, with more of an asphalt / concrete base.

Thu 18:52 - Thursday's itinerary
With just the one stage it's pretty straightforward: The first car crossed the start ramp at 1600hrs. First pair of cars on the super special at 1908hrs. First car back into Mikolajki parc fermé: 1928hrs

Thu 18:51 - Coming up on Thursday
We've already had shakedown and the ceremonial start. This evening the 67 crews face the first of 21 special stages. The competitive action gets underway with the first of three runs through the 2.5km Mikolajki Arena special stage - within sight of our text base here at rally headquarters.

Thu 18:49 - Raring to go
Three weeks after Rally Italia Sardegna, we're back at the text desk to bring you all the news from the Polish stages

Thu 18:49 - Good evening
From Mikolajki and welcome to our live text coverage from PZM 73rd Rally Poland, round seven of the FIA World Rally Championship

Mon 15:57 - 73rd PZM Rally Poland
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SS1 Super Special Stage Mikolajki Arena -1 (2.50 km)


Pos Coche № Piloto Copiloto Equipo Puntuabilidad Grupo Classe Tiempo Dif Ant. Dif 1
1. 3 BELT. Neuville BELN. Gilsoul HYUNDAI MOTORSPORT M RC1 1:46.2
2. 9 NORA. Mikkelsen NORA. Jaeger Synnevaag VOLKSWAGEN MOTORSPORT II T RC1 1:46.4 +0.2 +0.2
3. 12 ESTO. Tanak ESTR. Molder DMACK WORLD RALLY TEAM T RC1 1:46.5 +0.1 +0.3
4. 1 FRAS. Ogier FRAJ. Ingrassia VOLKSWAGEN MOTORSPORT M RC1 1:46.6 +0.1 +0.4
5. 2 FINJ. Latvala FINM. Anttila VOLKSWAGEN MOTORSPORT M RC1 1:46.9 +0.3 +0.7
6. 7 FRAS. Lefebvre FRAG. Moreau ABU DHABI TOTAL WORLD RALLY TEAM RC1 1:47.1 +0.2 +0.9
7. 4 NZLH. Paddon NZLJ. Kennard HYUNDAI MOTORSPORT M RC1 1:47.3 +0.2 +1.1
8. 20 ESPD. Sordo ESPM. Marti HYUNDAI MOTORSPORT N T RC1 1:47.7 +0.4 +1.5
9. 37 ITAL. Bertelli ITAS. Scattolin F.W.R.T. RC1 1:48.1 +0.4 +1.9
10. 49 ESTK. Kruuda ESTM. Jarveoja DRIVE DMACK TROPHY TEAM WRC2 RC2 1:48.2 +0.1 +2.0
11. 41 FINE. Lappi FINJ. Ferm SKODA MOTORSPORT WRC2 RC2 1:48.3 +0.1 +2.1
12. 5 NORM. Ostberg NORO. Floene M-SPORT WORLD RALLY TEAM M RC1 1:48.4 +0.1 +2.2
13. 6 FRAE. Camilli FRAB. Veillas M-SPORT WORLD RALLY TEAM M RC1 1:48.6 +0.2 +2.4
14. 52 ESTS. Parn GBRJ. Morgan TAIF MOTORSPORT WRC2 RC2 1:48.8 +0.2 +2.6
15. 8 IRLC. Breen GBRS. Martin ABU DHABI TOTAL WORLD RALLY TEAM RC1 1:48.9 +0.1 +2.7
16. 31 GBRE. Evans GBRC. Parry M-SPORT WORLD RALLY TEAM WRC2 RC2 1:49.1 +0.2 +2.9
17. 33 SWEP. Tidemand SWEJ. Andersson SKODA MOTORSPORT WRC2 RC2 1:49.3 +0.2 +3.1
18. 16 NORH. Solberg AUTI. Minor Henning Solberg RC1 1:49.8 +0.5 +3.6
19. 40 FRAQ. Gilbert BELR. Jamoul Quentin Gilbert WRC2 RC2 1:49.9 +0.1 +3.7
20. 32 PERN. Fuchs ARGF. Mussano Nicolas Fuchs WRC2 RC2 1:50.1 +0.2 +3.9
21. 35 DEUA. Kremer DEUP. Winklhofer BRR BAUMSCHLAGER RALLYE & RACING TEAM WRC2 RC2 1:50.2 +0.1 +4.0
22. 51 POLJ. Kołtun POLI. Pleskot C-RALLY WRC2 RC2 1:50.3 +0.1 +4.1
23. 38 NORM. Aasen NORV. Engan DRIVE DMACK TROPHY TEAM WRC2 RC2 1:50.4 +0.1 +4.2
24. 53 FRAJ. Maurin FRAO. Ural Julien Maurin WRC2 RC2 1:50.4 +0.0 +4.2
25. 36 FINT. Suninen FINM. Markkula TEAM  ORECA WRC2 RC2 1:50.6 +0.2 +4.4
26. 18 UKRV. Gorban UKRV. Korsia EUROLAMP WORLD RALLY TEAM RC1 1:50.8 +0.2 +4.6
27. 43 AUSS. Pedder AUSD. Moscatt Scott Pedder WRC2 RC2 1:50.8 +0.0 +4.6
28. 30 SAUY. AlRajhi GBRM. Orr YAZEED RACING T RC1 1:51.0 +0.2 +4.8
29. 45 SWEE. Bergkvist SWEJ. Sjoberg Emil Bergkvist WRC2 RC2 1:51.0 +0.0 +4.8
30. 48 POLK. Kajetanowicz POLJ. Baran LOTOS RALLY TEAM WRC2 RC2 1:51.3 +0.3 +5.1
31. 39 FRAY. Bonato FRAD. Giraudet Yoann Bonato WRC2 RC2 1:51.6 +0.3 +5.4
32. 54 FRAP. Loubet FRAV. Landais Pierre-Louis Loubet WRC2 RC2 1:51.7 +0.1 +5.5
33. 34 POLH. Ptaszek POLM. Szczepaniak THE PTOCK WRC2 RC2 1:52.2 +0.5 +6.0
34. 46 HUNF. Turán HUNG. Zsiros TURÁN MOTORSPORT EGYESÜLET WRC2 RC2 1:52.3 +0.1 +6.1
35. 42 FRAQ. Giordano FRAT. Salva Quentin Giordano WRC2 RC2 1:53.1 +0.8 +6.9
36. 56 QATK. Suwaidi GBRM. Clarke CULTURE & SPORT QATAR RALLY TEAM WRC2 RC2 1:53.1 +0.0 +6.9
37. 81 UKRO. Tamrazov ITAN. Arena Oleksii Tamrazov RC2 1:53.4 +0.3 +7.2
38. 55 BRAI. Dhiel BRAE. Da Silva RMC MOTORSPORT WRC2 RC2 1:55.0 +1.6 +8.8
39. 69 ITAA. Crugnola ITAM. Ferrara Andrea Crugnola WRC3/JWRC RC3 1:55.8 +0.8 +9.6
40. 67 NORO. Veiby NORS. Skjærmoen PRINTSPORT WRC3/JWRC RC3 1:56.2 +0.4 +10.0
41. 64 FRAT. Folb FRAF. Le Floch SEBASTIEN LOEB RACING WRC3/JWRC RC3 1:56.3 +0.1 +10.1
42. 62 ITAS. Tempestini ITAG. Bernacchini Simone Tempestini WRC3/JWRC RC3 1:56.6 +0.3 +10.4
43. 57 NLDJ. van den Heuvel NLDJ. Gillis Jim van den Heuvel WRC2 RC2 1:57.2 +0.6 +11.0
44. 71 AREM. Al Mutawaa GBRS. McAuley ABU DHABI RACING WRC3/JWRC RC3 1:57.8 +0.6 +11.6
45. 47 FRAA. Foulon FRAG. Delarche Alain Foulon WRC2 RC2 1:58.2 +0.4 +12.0
46. 63 FRAV. Dubert FRAA. Coria Vincent Dubert WRC3/JWRC RC3 1:58.6 +0.4 +12.4
47. 68 POLT. Gryc POLM. Kusnierz RALLYTECHNOLOGY WRC3 RC4 1:59.0 +0.4 +12.8
48. 70 POLŁ. Pieniążek POLP. Mazur Łukasz Pieniążek WRC3/JWRC RC3 1:59.5 +0.5 +13.3
49. 66 FRAR. Martel FRAV. Lemoine MARTEL WRC3/JWRC RC3 1:59.6 +0.1 +13.4
50. 65 CHEM. Burri FRAA. Levratti RENAULT SPORT RALLY TEAM WRC3 RC3 2:00.4 +0.8 +14.2
51. 85 DEUM. Griebel DEUE. Kremer Marijan Griebel RC4 2:02.2 +1.8 +16.0
52. 104 GBRG. Greensmith ITAA. Gelsomino Gus Greensmith DDFT RC4 2:03.2 +1.0 +17.0
53. 111 FRAN. Ciamin FRAT. de La Haye Nicolas Ciamin DDFT RC4 2:03.7 +0.5 +17.5
54. 101 PRTB. Sousa PRTH. Magalhães Bernardo Sousa DDFT RC4 2:03.9 +0.2 +17.7
55. 109 NORO. Solberg SWEP. Barth Oscar Solberg DDFT RC4 2:04.1 +0.2 +17.9
56. 106 GBRJ. Armstrong IRLN. O'Sullivan Jon Armstrong DDFT RC4 2:04.3 +0.2 +18.1
57. 103 GBRO. Pryce GBRD. Furniss Osian Pryce DDFT RC4 2:04.4 +0.1 +18.2
58. 107 POLJ. Brzeziński POLJ. Gerber Jakub Brzeziński DDFT RC4 2:05.0 +0.6 +18.8
59. 102 FINM. Vatanen FRAM. Vilmot Max Vatanen DDFT RC4 2:05.7 +0.7 +19.5
60. 112 KENK. Patel GBRP. Hall Karan Patel DDFT RC4 2:09.5 +3.8 +23.3
61. 83 FRAP. Casado FRAL. Zurbach Philippe Casado RC3 2:11.1 +1.6 +24.9
62. 44 PRYA. Bestard Poletti PRYF. Vidal Mendonca Augusto Bestard WRC2 RC2 2:15.8 +4.7 +29.6
63. 84 FINT. Lario FINS. Ryynänen Taisko Lario RC4 12:02.2 +9:46.4 +10:16.0



Mikolajki, Poland


Wind: 6 km/h