Tue 02 Jul 2024

LISTEN NOW: WRC Backstories – Heikki Kovalainen

Though best known for his accomplishments on the racing circuits, Heikki Kovalainen initially found his passion for motorsport through following rallying's exhilarating Group B era.

Kovalainen's journey into racing began when he had the chance to drive a go-kart around an empty yard, an experience which set him on a path that led to an illustrious career, producing four Formula 1 podiums and an outright race win.

However, his Finnish roots and enduring love for rallying never faded, and when the opportunity to enter in Rally Japan in 2022 came up, he jumped at it.

In the latest episode of the WRC Backstories podcast, Kovalainen delves deep into his career journey with Becs Williams, sharing how his heart has always been with rallying.

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