Thu 25 Jan 2024

How the new WRC points system works

Rallye Monte-Carlo signals not just the start of a fresh season, but also the introduction of a brand-new points system aimed at intensifying competition.

The revamped structure, outlined in the 2024 FIA World Rally Championship Sporting Regulations, brings a strategic edge to each rally, ensuring fierce competition until the very end.


A conservative approach to save tyres for the Wolf Power Stage will not cut it this year. Let’s break it down.


The Old vs. The New
Previously, points were awarded based on the overall rally result. The winner received 25 points, with a sliding scale down to the 10th-placed finisher who earned just one. The Wolf Power Stage provided a bonus, bringing the maximum possible score to 30.


In 2024, the perfect score remains 30, but the key change is that points are now awarded throughout the rally, not just at the finish.

Mid-rally momentum
On Saturday, points will be awarded based on the general classification after the final time control. This mid-rally reward system adds an extra layer of excitement and keeps competitors on their toes. The points breakdown is as follows:


1st: 18 points

2nd: 15 points

3rd: 13 points

4th: 10 points

5th: 8 points

6th: 6 points

7th: 4 points

8th: 3 points

9th: 2 points

10th: 1 point


IMPORTANT: To secure these points, drivers must finish the rally on Sunday. In case of a non-finish, the points pass to the next eligible competitor.

Sunday showdown
Sunday adds another layer of drama with additional points on offer based on the individual classification of the final day’s stages only. It's like a short, intense sprint within the rally itself.


This unique structure not only maintains the thrill of the competition but also offers competitors a golden opportunity to recover from any setbacks they may have faced earlier in the rally. Points will be distributed as follows:


1st: 7 points

2nd: 6 points

3rd: 5 points

4th: 4 points

5th: 3 points

6th: 2 points

7th: 1 point


Wolf Power Stage push
The Wolf Power Stage, concluding each rally, continues to provide a nail-biting finish. Bonus points are awarded to the top five performers based on their times for the stage:


1st: 5 points

2nd: 4 points

3rd: 3 points

4th: 2 points

5th: 1 point


These updates do not affect the core concept of determining an overall rally victor. As always, the crew with the lowest total time across the entire event will be crowned the winner.


Starts: Thursday, July 18, 2024 at 4:31:00 AM
Starts: Friday, July 26, 2024 at 7:00:00 AM
Starts: Saturday, July 27, 2024 at 6:00:00 AM