Thu 26 Oct 2023

This extra-special Audi Quattro E2 could soon be yours...

Rewind to the summer. To Secto Rally Finland. To a very special car on a very special stage: Matias Henkola’s Audi Quattro E2. Remember it? Of course you do.

It’s a car which lit up Jyväskylä, made all the noise and blended the splendour, majesty and madness of Group B with today’s sustainable message.

And now it’s for sale. Henkola – the man who owns Secto Automotive – is selling the Audi. He wants to make an even faster one.

“I will be sad to see this car go. It’s a fantastic car, but we want to go to the next level now.

“The car we have now is kind of the second evolution for us. It has the bigger turbo, sequential gearbox and some tricks, but I want us to make a new one.”

The spectacular Secto-liveried Audi, which runs on P1 fuel and sustainable LubriCan lubricants, is for sale at this auction.

While some components in the car have been modernised to improve the driving experience and make it even more fun, Henkola won’t change one aspect of the car. The engine.

“The noise,” he said, “is so important in this sport. The sound this car makes people smile, but more importantly, it makes them remember seeing the car. And when they see the car, they see a sustainable car having zero impact on the environment. That’s also very important!”

The WRC is positioned as an industry-leading championship in the fields of innovation and development, evidenced by the switch to 100 per cent sustainable fuels at the beginning of the 2022 season.

This fossil-free fuel, which continues to be developed on the WRC stages by P1 Fuels, is made up of liquid synthetic hydrocarbons that are produced from converting alcohols into synthetic hydrocarbons. It contains no fossil components and the energy required to produce the fuel is obtained entirely from renewable sources such as wind, solar and hydro power.

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