Fri 21 Apr 2023

Ogier handed time penalty on Friday evening

Sébastien Ogier has been handed a one-minute time penalty for not having his safety harness correctly fastened whilst in motion during SS2 of Croatia Rally.

The Frenchman had been fifth after day one but was penalised by event stewards following a hearing on Friday evening at the rally base in Zagreb.

The stewards’ decision said that Ogier and co-driver Vincent Landais did not have their safety harnesses correctly fastened while the car was in motion following a tyre change on SS2, Stojdraga-Hartje 1.

Ogier explained that, after changing a wheel on SS2, he had buckled his safety belts and had started to drive initially slowly until the safety belts were properly fastened. He had then asked for confirmation from co-driver Landais as to whether he was ready and if they could start driving.

He also explained that after they had started to drive faster the safety belts were fastened, but admitted that he was trying to position his FHR device until the end of the stage. He added that he was unaware that Landais had not positioned his FHR device nor that he had incorrectly fastened the safety belts, as Landais had confirmed he was ready to continue. Landais apologised for this lapse.

The penalty drops Ogier to seventh overall behind Takamoto Katsuta and Pierre-Louis Loubet with two days of the rally remaining.

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