Mon 27 Mar 2023

Fourmaux backs Fiesta Rally2’s potental

Adrien Fourmaux is feeling confident that his Ford Fiesta Rally2 is capable of fighting at the sharp end of the WRC2 field this season.

The M-Sport Ford youngster drove a top-level Puma in 2022 but has shifted his focus to the premier support category this year. He holds seventh in the championship after two outings, with a fifth-place finish in Monte-Carlo and seventh place in Mexico earlier this month.

Fourmaux was set to claim the runners-up spot in Mexico, but a mid-stage stop to replace a failed auxiliary belt on the final day saw him tumble down the order. Nevertheless, a handful fastest stage times, including a win in the bonus points-paying Wolf Power Stage, have given the Frenchman confidence in his Ford Fiesta Rally2.

“I am really, really happy with our performance [in Mexico],” he said. “Our pace was really strong and, with the mechanical issue, it’s just motorsport - it can happen. We still got some points for the championship, and we won the Power Stage, so it was worth us trying to fix it.

Acknowledging that there is always room for improvement, Fourmaux added: “We know we have some things to improve on [with the car], especially on Tarmac, but it’s not so far away and some improvements are coming over the next few months. It takes time, but I am quite confident we can catch the others.”

And the next challenge is just around the corner – the Croatia Rally, which takes place from 20 - 23 April. Fourmaux is hoping for wet weather in Zagreb, to give both himself and his Fiesta a chance to really shine.

“The car is really good on Tarmac when the conditions are tricky,” he explained. “When it’s fully dry, like it was in Monte-Carlo, we are struggling - but we are working on that. In Croatia, even when it’s fully dry, the grip is so low because the cuts are so dirty.”

WATCH: Fourmaux goes up on two wheels
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