Fri 27 Jan 2023

Vettel WRC drivers dont get the limelight they deserve

Recently retired Formula 1 world champion Sebastian Vettel believes rallying deserves a bigger spotlight, revealing he keeps a close eye on the FIA World Rally Championship.

Taking to the stage at the Race of Champions pre-event press conference alongside Petter and Oliver Solberg among others on Friday morning, the four-time F1 world champion elaborated on recent comments that he might one day turn his hand to rallying.

“I have a huge admiration for rally drivers,” expressed the 35-year-old, later adding: “I think the drivers are great, they do not get the limelight they deserve.

“The skill is incredible, the discipline too.

“It feels like I arrive with a screwdriver and a hammer whereas they arrive at turn one with the full toolbox. Whatever might happen, they are equipped with the right-fitting tool.”

And as for getting into a rally car himself?

“It would be a lot of work but maybe something after a while that if it starts to itch…it would be a great challenge.”

Vettel was interrupted by Solberg senior during his comments, to invite him to take one of the cars from Petter’s personal museum for a drive. Asking if Petter would have insurance for him, the Norwegian quipped that he would trust him more than if Oliver drove them.

Vettel also revealed his interest in following the WRC. “I always did a little bit. Not every sector split, but the rallies and the stages.

“…I remember the days when Petter was winning and competing…I just always admired the fact you go so fast without kerbs and track limits. Whatever is next to you doesn’t matter - the terrain or the conditions.”

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