Thu 09 Jun 2022

Taka conquers Italy fears

Takamoto Katsuta brought home another solid haul of points at Rally Italia Sardegna on Sunday, but there was one corner where he really killed the speed.

That corner was a high-speed left-hander on Sassari -  Argentiera where, two years ago, the Japanese driver got quite the fright. 

His Yaris World Rally Car was slightly out of line coming over a crest and clipped a bank on the inside which pitched the car into a spectacular barrel roll, ending Katsuta’s rally. 

Sassari - Argentiera once again played host to the bonus points-paying Wolf Power Stage last weekend, although the Japanese driver admitted to easing off this time around. Can you really blame him?

“Honestly, I was completely killing speed on this corner,” Katsuta told “Of course, if I am in the fight, then I go for it and I need to push. 

“This time, especially with nobody coming from behind, I didn’t need to do anything special. I just needed to bring the car home and take some points for the team and everything. 

“Of course it was in the back of my mind, but like I said, I didn’t need to push in this moment and maybe in some ways it was good that we were in this position,” he added. 

Katsuta also shed some light on a radiator issue he picked up in the watersplash at Coiluna - Loelle.

“Many things happened, actually,” he explained. “After regroup, there was absolutely no time and we were very rushed. It was my mistake, but I forgot to put the hybrid on and we had no hybrid boost. 

“On that stage, in the watersplash, I was not really flat-out but straight away we got an alarm for the radiator. After that, I was having to take care quite a lot and I was really frustrated with myself.”

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