Fri 11 Mar 2022

Fan influx predicted for Croatia

Croatia Rally organisers are expecting 350,000 fans to attend next month’s third round of the FIA World Rally Championship.

The 21 - 24 April event appears in the WRC for a second time after last year’s debut. Covid-19 measures meant crowds were severely restricted then, but with those controls eased, fans will flock to the Zagreb-based asphalt encounter.

Croatia’s location at the crossroads of central and south-east Europe means fans can travel there relatively easily and Daniel Šaškin, president of the organizing committee, is expecting an influx.

“It is a very demanding sports event that will be taking place in front of the audience for the first time,” he explained.

“We are expecting a staggering number of 350,000 spectators, so we invite visitors to take care of the environment and reduce traffic congestion by carpooling in order to reach the venue.”

Early bird discount tickets for designated fan zones which went on sale in the middle of February quickly sold out and it is expected that the rally will become one of Croatia’s biggest-ever sports events.

After a Thursday evening start ceremony in the heart of the capital, competitors will face 20 stages covering almost 300km before Sunday afternoon’s finish back in the city.

While many of the stages are familiar from 2021, this year’s route stretches further west towards the Adriatic coast.

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