Xion Rally Argentina

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Thu 20:21 - Join us again
Not only is Friday’s leg the longest, but it also may show changes by the minute due to the unexpected weather. See you later!

Thu 20:19 - More tomorrow
Xion Argentina Rally resumes tomorrow for a long day which starts when the first car leaves parc fermé at 6:25 for service before a long drive to SS2, Las Bajadas-Villa del Dique at 8:08.

Thu 20:11 - Argentina WRC 2 after SS1
1.Katsuta 2m02.4s, 2.Guerra +01.2s, 3.A. Heller +02.9s., 4.Kajetanowicz +3.9s, 5.P. Heller +04.9s.

Thu 20:10 - Argentina WRC 2 Pro after SS1
1.Greensmith 2m03.2s, 2.Ostberg +01.1s.1, 3.Bulacia +1.5s.

Thu 20:10 - Argentina after SS1
1.Tänak 1m58.6s, 2.Ogier +1.6s, 3.Meeke +1.7s, 4.Mikkelsen +2.0s, 5.Neuville +2.1s.

Thu 19:57 - SS1 Neuville
Some spectacular slides by the Belgian did not pay well in terms of his stage time (2m007s). "If this superspecial was a challenge, I can't imagine how difficult it could be the rest of the first leg out there"

Thu 19:54 - SS1 Ogier
Sébastien has a smooth drive in the C3 WRC, but can't get close enough to Tänak. "You need to be clever in these conditions, especially because we don't know what to expect after tonight"

Thu 19:51 - SS1 Tänak
Toyota Gazoo Racing's Ott Tänak shows such a good pace that he beats Kris Meeke's time by an impressive 1.7s in this short special stage. "This is simple: we don't know how wet or muddy we will tackle the rest of tomorrow's stages, but it seems it might prove a tough day"

Thu 19:48 - SS1 Evans
The Welshman is about one second and a half off the pace compared to Meeke. "In my opinion, it will be a case of focusing to stay on the road"

Thu 19:45 - SS1 Meeke
He appears fastest of the lot right now in his Yaris by 0.3s. "We are good in the rain, but I guess none of us gets a clear idea of how the hilly roads can be next morning in these conditions"

Thu 19:42 - SS1 Lappi
The works Citroën driver sets second fastest time in the top class. "Nothing wrong here, but actually the tough part of the events comes tomorrow"

Thu 19:39 - SS1 Sordo
The Spaniard set exactly the same time than Latvala (2m00.9s). "Tomorrow might be a tricky day with difficult conditions. Dealing with a slippery surface all around will not be easy"

Thu 19:36 - SS1 Latvala
Jari-Matti was really close to Mikkelsen's time. He finished only 0.3s slower...including a dog barking at his Toyota in full swing! "I like friends on the road, but not specifically this sort of!. We were lucky nothing bad really happened"

Thu 19:32 - SS1 Suninen
Commited Finn pushed too hard and spun his Fiesta in one of the stage's roundabouts. He almost hit the barrier! His time: 2m02.1s.

Thu 19:30 - SS1 Mikkelsen
First WRC car on the road tonight (Hyundai) completes the wet course in 2m00.6s. "This stage was very slippey and it was difficult to see. I am pleased, anyway"

Thu 19:27 - SS1 Greensmith
"I'd like to think I can be the fastest guy in my class since tomorrow when the rally goes to the really longer stages, but this is a good start for sure"

Thu 19:26 - SS1 Greensmith
Ended as best WRC 2 Pro so far after grabbing a 2m03.2s time for the almost 2-km. stage.

Thu 19:23 - SS1 Ostberg
Some mad slides by Mads in the mud. His time here was 2m04.3s in a Citroën C3. "I feel confident for the weekend because I know this rally quite well, although what I don't know so well is this car!".

Thu 19:21 - SS1 Bulacia
"I can already spot a lot of fans from my country with their flags, so I feel happy to have started the rally. I'll try to do my best tomorrow"

Thu 19:19 - SS1 Bulacia
The 18-year old youngster from Bolivia completes SS1 in 2m04.7s.

Thu 19:18 - SS1 Guerra
Bento Guerra improved his rivals times driving his Skoda fabia R5. "I was not sure about my time, but it seems it is not so bad!"

Thu 19:15 - SS1 A. Heller
"This is just the start. Tomorrow is a much longer day. We wanted to enjoy this superspecial and I am pleased about how it went".

Thu 19:14 - SS1 A. Heller
The Chilean just finished the stage 1s faster than Kajetanowicz in his Ford Fiesta.

Thu 19:12 - SS1 Kajetanowicz
“Lots of people watching. I made a mistake by spinning in a wet roundabout”.

Thu 19:10 - SS1 Kajetanowicz
He completes the 1.9-km track in 2m06.3 after a short spin near the finish

Thu 19:07 - Standby
Kajetanowicz on the line awaiting his 1908hrs start time.

Thu 19:07 - Lots of fans!
Despte the weather, lots of fans are waiting for the first proper action f the event...some of them with their umbrellas opened!

Thu 19:02 - Tyres
All WRC drivers have chosen 5 Michelin LTX Force Medium compound rubber.

Thu 19:02 - Stage info
SS1 Super Especial Villa Carlos Paz, 1.90km Xion Rally Argentina blasts into action with a street stage in the centre of host town Villa Carlos Paz. The show starts on mixed surface roads of asphalt and gravel (it should be muddy by now...) next to San Roque Lake, featuring jumps, hairpin bends and fast sections to keep the crowds excited.

Thu 19:01 - WRC+ LIVE
Head to WRC+ to watch All Live from Xion Rally Argentina, including every stage broadcast live, breaking service park news and expert studio analysis.

Thu 19:00 - Start intervals
Three-minute between cars for this superspecial.

Thu 18:58 - Thursday's running order
We'll be running in reverse order this time, with WRC 2 driver and three-time European champion Kajetan Kajetanowicz from Poland first on the road. Here's how they will line up: 1.Kajetanowicz, 2.A. Heller, 3.Guerra, 4.Bulacia, 5.Ostberg, 6.Greensmith, 7.Mikkelsen, 8.Suninen, 9.Latvala, 10.Sordo, 11.Lappi, 12.Meeke, 13.Evans, 14.Tänak, 15.Ogier, 16.Neuville.

Thu 18:55 - Weather
The famous sunny fall time in Central Argentina has not certainly been a feature of the last 48 hours. The sky remained overcast and showers stopped only during the afternoon, just to come back before the cars leave Service Park. Today’s temperatures have not moved much from 13 to 15°C. However, the forecast shows improvements for tonight, Friday and especially the weekend.

Thu 18:53 - Thursday's vital stats
Here's what's on the itinerary. Start: 1908hrs. Number of stages: 1. Stage distance: 1.90km. Finish: 1933hrs (early check-in allowed in parc fermé).

Thu 18:51 - What's happening?
After this morning’s Shakedown, pouring rain hasn’t stopped in the rally area until now. Not even for a while after two days! This means competitors should face damp and muddy conditions in the first part of the event.

Thu 18:48 - We're live
At and the WRC app to bring you all the action from the championship's fifth round, a rally that had six different winners in as many years lately!

Thu 18:44 - ¡Hola todos!
We welcome you from Carlos Paz in the region of Córdoba to our live text coverage of Xion Rally Argentina.

Tue 04:47 - XION Rally Argentina 2019
Watch the 26 min. Preview Magazine on!

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Tramo Nombre Distancia (Km) Primer coche Status
Día 1 - 17.11.2017
SS1 Pilbara I 9.71 08:13 COMPLETED
SS2 Eastbank I 19.05 08:36 COMPLETED
SS3 Sherwood I 26.68 09:39 COMPLETED
TC3B Coffs Regroup OUT / Coffs Service IN 11:24 COMPLETED
SS4 Pilbara II 9.71 12:37 COMPLETED
SS5 Eastbank II 19.05 13:00 COMPLETED
SS6 Sherwood II 26.68 14:03 COMPLETED
SS7 Destination NSW SSS - I 1.27 16:54 COMPLETED
SS8 Destination NSW SSS - II 1.27 17:04 COMPLETED
Día 2 - 18.11.2017
TC8D Coffs Parc Ferme OUT - Coffs Service IN 06:00 COMPLETED
SS9 Nambucca17 48.89 07:18 COMPLETED
SS10 Newry17 I 20.87 08:56 COMPLETED
SS11 Raceway SSS 1.37 09:44 COMPLETED
TC11B Coffs Regroup OUT - Coffs Service IN 10:49 COMPLETED
SS12 Welshs Creek 33.49 12:22 COMPLETED
SS13 Argents Hill (Live TV) 12.24 13:08 COMPLETED
SS14 Newry17 II 20.87 14:16 CANCELLED
SS15 Destination NSW SSS - III 1.27 16:54 COMPLETED
SS16 Destination NSW SSS - IV 1.27 17:04 COMPLETED
Día 3 - 19.11.2017
TC16D Coffs Parc Ferme OUT - Coffs Service IN 06:40 COMPLETED
SS17 Pilbara Reverse I 9.93 07:38 COMPLETED
SS18 Bucca16 31.90 07:56 COMPLETED
SS19 Wedding Bells16 I (Live TV) 6.44 09:08 COMPLETED
TC19B Coffs Regroup OUT - Coffs Service IN 10:33 COMPLETED
SS20 Pilbara Reverse II 9.93 11:46 CANCELLED
SS21 Wedding Bells16 II (Power Stage) 6.44 13:18 COMPLETED
TC21B Technical Zone OUT - Coffs Service IN 6.44 14:16 COMPLETED



Torsby, Sweden


Wind: 8 km/h