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Sat 19:39 - Goodbye for tonight
As we try and digest everything that happened during a thrill-a-minute afternoon loop, we're going to end the Live Text for the evening. Remember to keep checking for all the latest news and reports after the second leg of ADAC Rallye Deutschland.

Sat 19:26 - WRC 2 standings after SS15
1. Rovanperä 2h 34m 29.8sec 2. Andolfi +2.9sec 3. Kopecký +5.9sec 4. Kajetanowicz +7.8sec 5. Kreim +40.2sec 6. Ciamin +1m 04.0sec

Sat 19:24 - SS15: Kreim
Fabian Kreim has also had a great run, he's the third driver to set a time 3.1sec down on Kopecký - he's fifth now fifth overall.

Sat 19:23 - SS15: Pieniazek
The same could be said for Pieniazek, the Pole is 5.2sec down but he's seventh in class.

Sat 19:22 - SS15: Ciamin
A cracker of a time for Ciamin, he matches Rovanperä by crossing the flying finish 3.1sec down and he's fifth overall now.

Sat 19:17 - SS15: Lefebvre
Stéphane Lefebvre has lost more time on this test, he's 1m 11.5sec as he reaches the end of the stage.

Sat 19:14 - SS15: Andolfi
Fabio's lost the lead! He was 6.8sec slower than the fastest stage time and 3.7sec slower than Rovanperä. The 17-year-old has moved into the lead by 2.9sec.

Sat 19:14 - SS15: Rovanperä
Rovanperä is 3.1sec down on Kopecký - the gap between them is just 5.9sec.

Sat 19:13 - SS15: Kajetanowicz
Kajetanowicz completes the stage now, he's 5.6sec slower than Kopecký and he's lost the position to the Czech driver by 1.9sec.

Sat 19:09 - WRC standings after SS15
1. Tänak 2h 23m 27.1sec 2. Sordo +43.7sec 3. Latvala +44.5sec 4. Neuville +52.5sec 5. Lappi +58.8sec 6. Mikkelsen +1m 50.7sec.

Sat 19:04 - SS15: Tänak
Tänak rounds out the manufacturer entries to complete the day and he's 2.0sec down on his team-mate, his lead is now 43.7sec. He says: "It was a mega fight today with Seb, we were pushing really hard. I must say I was not feeling too comfortable on the first loop. It is a big shame for Seb."

Sat 19:01 - SS15: Ogier
Ogier just loses 0.5sec on this stage, he was green through the splits but he's lost a bit of time late on. He says: "I pushed as much as I can, now it is full risk because I have nothing to lose any more. It is disappointing for sure, at this moment you just want to cry. We had a strong performance this weekend and you don't get the reward for it."

Sat 18:58 - SS15: Neuville
Thierry is 2.2sec down on the fastest time on this stage and he's 8.8sec behind Latvala overall. "We are not really on the pace, we struggle a bit with the handling. If you push hard it is easy to make a mistake and I did one earlier."

Sat 18:55 - SS15: Latvala
Blimey, Latvala is absolutely charging through this stage - he's 0.4sec faster than his team-mate and 3.5sec quicker than Sordo. He's only 0.8sec behind the Spaniard now, the battle for second tomorrow is going to be mega! "It was a big push out there I tell you. There was a bit of a moment on the gravel early on but it was okay. These fights are great, you really have to push yourself."

Sat 18:52 - SS15: Sordo
Sordo crosses the flying finish, ending his day, and he's 3.1sec down on Lappi after initially matching the Finn. "Looks like I lost a little bit of time."

Sat 18:48 - SS15: Lappi
Esapekka is quickest through the stage, 0.9sec faster than Suninen. He says: "Step-by-step we are improving, but much better than yesterday."

Sat 18:47 - SS15: Breen
Craig has limped the C3 to the end of the day, he does a great job to get the car to the finish just 1m 26.1sec down. He's dropped from sixth to behind Mikkelsen, Suninen and Østberg. He jumps out immediately to look at the damage. He tells Colin: "I tried, I didn't have a good start to the stage and I just got caught out by some loose."

Sat 18:43 - SS15: Mikkelsen
Ahead of that, Andreas Mikkelsen has completed the stage now, 2.2sec down. "We keep on working and finding out things. We're taking steps, that is the main thing. Now I try to use a little bit more handbrake, it is not the most efficient way to turn the car but it seems to work."

Sat 18:42 - SS15: Breen
He takes a big cut on a right-hander and then sends him wide - into the same field Elfyn Evans ended his day on the first run of this stage!

Sat 18:41 - SS15: Breen
Oh no Breen goes off! He's too fast through a corner and goes into a field, he's got some suspension damage but he's carrying on to the end.

Sat 18:40 - SS15: Suninen
Suninen takes full advantage of that spin, he's 6.1sec up across the flying finish. He says: "It has been a good day from that side so I can be quite happy for this day that I have been improving and making some good times. But there are some things I would like to improve - driving fast in the corners."

Sat 18:38 - SS15: Østberg
Mads completes the stage now, he was 5.1sec down at the second split after his stall, how different will that be once Suninen completes? Mads is speaking to Colin at stage end: "The car just stalled, you cannot pull the handbrake without the car stalling. We're just going through all the things that can go wrong really."

Sat 18:34 - SS15: Suninen
Teemu breaks the beam at the first split point and he's 0.8sec up 3.48km in.

Sat 18:34 - SS15: Østberg
Oh dear! A small stall for Østberg but he quickly gets it going again.

Sat 18:31 - SS15: Østberg
Eriksen counts down the time for Østberg as the pair blast off into Römerstraße.

Sat 18:26 - SS15: Serderidis
Jourdan Serderidis gets us started for the final time today on the second run of Römerstraße.

Sat 18:22 - SS14: Kreim
Fabian Kreim is up to fifth overall, he's just 3.1sec slower than Kopecký - the latter also up to fourth after issues for everybody else!

Sat 18:18 - SS14: Lefebvre
It's all change on this stage, Lefebvre has lost 1m 02.8sec and he's slipped to fifth in the class standings now. That's given Andolfi the lead.

Sat 18:14 - SS14: Rovanperä
Although, just as we type that last message, Rovanperä has put in a corking time on this test - he's 5.3sec down on his team-mate and that's put him 5.3sec ahead of Kajetanowicz and only 0.8sec behind Andolfi, who dropped 10.3sec to Kopecký on this test.

Sat 18:13 - SS14: Kajetanowicz
Kajto crosses the line now, he's 15.8sec down on Kopecký but he should be third once the rest of the WRC 2 cars filter through.

Sat 18:09 - SS14: Camilli
Such disappointment for Eric Camilli, he has had to retire before the start of SS14 - he's had an alternator problem in his Fiesta.

Sat 18:06 - SS14: Griebel
Griebel rounds off the 12 WRC runners to come through this stage, he's 27.1sec down in his DS 3.

Sat 18:03 - SS14: Tänak
Ott can't match Ogier's fastest stage time, but he's still go an advantage of 42.2sec over Sordo so he doesn't need to push too hard. He tells Molly: "There is nothing about pushing any more. In the tricky places I was just being careful and on the smooth asphalt I can just push. The balance is a lot better than it was earlier as well."

Sat 18:00 - SS14: Ogier
Oh my word, Ogier is flying through this test as he looks to recover from having to replace a broken wheel on the last stage - he's 2.3sec faster than Dani Sordo. He's back ahead of his team-mate. "Unfortunately we will get not so much out of this rally, but what can you do at this moment? We were trying hard, but it is part of the game."

Sat 17:57 - SS14: Neuville
Thierry completes stage 14 of this year's Rally Germany and he is 4.2sec slower than the joint fastest stage time, Latvala is pulling clear in third. He says: "I had a very good stage to be honest, but I think we are a little too stiff on the springs, with the speed I am driving we should be on the pace."

Sat 17:54 - SS14: Latvala
Latvala is trying to chase down Dani Sordo for second overall, and he's done his quest a great service in this stage as he matches team-mate Esapekka's fastest stage time! Sordo's advantage is only 4.3sec now. He's looking around for something in the footwell as he pulls into stop control, it's a bottle of water! He says: "It is a big fight, we had a very, very good stage. Dani has been pushing harder than this morning so it is going to be quite a battle."

Sat 17:51 - SS14: Sordo
Dani Sordo can't quite secure the fastest stage time on this test, but he's not far off - only 0.8sec down. A replay shows he knocks the mirror off the right-side of the car on a hay bale. The fans at that point gratefully collected that! He tells Molly: "The mirrors in this rally are kind of in a bad place with the chicanes! I can't do more on this stage, it was better than this morning though."

Sat 17:48 - SS14: Lappi
Lappi was 0.1sec up at the middle split, but he's 0.7sec down at the final split. However, he finds time late on and he's 1.2sec quicker across the line! His advantage over Breen is now 8.6sec. "It is okay. Couldn't come faster to be honest, quite a clean stage." That's the Esapekka understatement we all know and love!

Sat 17:45 - SS14: Breen
Craig Breen reaches stop control 2.6sec to the good, how will that compare to Lappi? The pair are battling for position today. He says: "I'm enjoying it, it is just class being in the middle of something. In the last few rallies I've been out on my own opening the road, or near to it, but this is just class."

Sat 17:42 - SS14: Mikkelsen
Andreas completes the stage now, he's 2.5sec off the fastest time. "We had an okay stage, I tried to be a little more aggressive now with the handbrake."

Sat 17:39 - SS14: Suninen
Teemu Suninen is 1.2sec to the good as he passes the flying finish now. He says: "I will drive for the time if needed, but I'm really sure Seb has good pace so I can go full throttle and he will pass me."

Sat 17:37 - SS14: Østberg
His team-mate meanwhile, is at stage-end talking to Molly. "Very slippery, not really a line for me. I think when the other WRC drivers come there will be a clean line. I tried my best, but for sure I think it will get faster this time."

Sat 17:36 - SS14: Breen
Craig Breen is also into the opening kilometres of this stage, Scott Martin warning the Irishman of spots where there could be gravel dragged on from the cuts.

Sat 17:36 - SS14: Mikkelsen
The i20 driver is also out onto the penultimate stage of the day and he's 1.2sec slower than Suninen at the opening split.

Sat 17:33 - SS14: Suninen
Teemu Suninen is learning all the time on his asphalt rally debut and he's still setting quicker times than Østberg - 0.4sec up at the first split.

Sat 17:29 - SS14: Østberg
Torstein Eriksen is rattling off the notes as quickly as he can as Mads takes to the stage in his Citroën C3.

Sat 17:24 - SS14: Serderidis
The second run of Freisen is live as Jourdan Serderidis gets the test underway!

Sat 17:12 - SS13: Bonato
Citroën has confirmed on Twitter that Bonato has retired due to a technical issue

Sat 17:00 - WRC 2 standings after SS13
1. Camilli 2h 18m 21.9sec 2. Lefebvre +25.0sec 3. Andolfi +25.6sec 4. Kajetanowicz +26.2sec 5. Rovanperä +31.4sec 6. Kopecký +45.7sec

Sat 16:55 - SS13: Huttunen
Jari Huttunen has made it to the end, he's lost 13m 34.7sec on this stage - that's dropped him from fifth to 13th as it stands.

Sat 16:52 - WRC standings after SS13
1. Tänak 2h 08m 44.0sec 2. Sordo +42.8sec 3. Latvala +47.9sec 4. Neuville +49.5sec 5. Lappi + 1m 01.8sec 6. Breen +1m 09.2sec

Sat 16:50 - SS13: Bonato
Yoann Bonato has stopped just before the finish of Panzerplatte.

Sat 16:48 - SS13: Tempestini
Simone Tempestini, in the second of the factory-entered Citroën C3 R5s has lost a considerable chunk of time on the stage, he's 3m 06.5sec down on Kopecký

Sat 16:45 - SS13: Lefebvre
Lefebvre has completed the stage 11.1sec down on Kopecký but he's jumped ahead of but he's jumped ahead of Rovanperä, Kajetanowicz and Andolfi on that stage to go up to second provisionally.

Sat 16:40 - SS13: Greensmith
Greensmith has stopped on stage.

Sat 16:39 - SS13: Kopecký
Jan Kopecký completes the stage. He's 19.3sec quicker than Camilli and 17.5sec faster than team-mate Rovanperä as he looks to move back up the standings.

Sat 16:38 - Malcolm Wilson
All Live catches up with Malcolm Wilson: "I haven't managed to speak to Seb, not a good day. First Elfyn goes off and basically out of the rally and then didn't expect Seb to get a puncture. It is amazing because his pace after that was the same as Dani. I mean hopefully he can get ahead of Teemu and Andreas but basically I think seventh is the most he can hope for. The championship isn't looking as good as it was a few minutes ago. But there are still four rallies left and as you can see, anything can happen. "It is a blow don't get me wrong, but we've been in this game a long time. Everyone will be back fighting at the next event."

Sat 16:32 - SS13: Griebel
The German - local to the area - is the last to complete Panzerplatte, he's 1m 11.4sec down.

Sat 16:29 - SS13: Tänak
Ott is flying, he completes the stage just 0.2sec slower than Sordo. His lead over the Spaniard is 42.8sec after Ogier's issues. He's informed of Ogier's puncture: "We had a puncture on the previous one actually. On this stage it was a bit distracting at points because I saw Seb so close to me and I backed off a little bit."

Sat 16:27 - SS13: Ogier
Ogier makes it through to the end now, 1m 43.0sec down on Sordo, he has dropped to what will be ninth once Tänak completes the stage. What happened to him? "Puncture. Don't know how it happened, same line like always. We know it is a bit of lottery with the rocks."

Sat 16:23 - SS13: Neuville
Thierry Neuville is the next to make it to the finish and he's 5.4sec slower than his team-mate. He's told about Ogier's problem: "That's part of the game obviously and you can see what happened to me last year, a puncture for Seb I guess? The car was good, I kept a clean rhythm and didn't take any risks."

Sat 16:19 - SS13: Latvala
Dani Sordo is up to second! Latvala is 5.7sec slower than the Hyundai driver on this test and Sordo gains a place, his advantage 5.1sec.

Sat 16:16 - SS13: Sordo
Dani Sordo is a big fan of the Panzerplatte, he's 6.9sec faster than anyone at the end of this 38.57km test. He tells Colin: "I'm happy with the car and with the performance on this stage. In the morning this stage was also good for us. I want to do well on the next two stages because the Toyotas look like they're faster."

Sat 16:14 - SS13: Ogier
Ogier's second split is now on the board and he's 1m 40.5sec down compared to Craig Breen 17.08km in.

Sat 16:13 - SS13: Lappi
Esapekka breaks the timing beam at the flying finish 1.2sec down. He says: "Not perfect for sure, it is hard to manage. I think my tyre management is okay but I am just missing the perfect feeling."

Sat 16:10 - SS13: Ogier
Ogier is now back at full speed in his Fiesta.

Sat 16:09 - SS13: Breen
Craig Breen completes the stage, further ahead on Panzerplatte, and he's 3.4sec faster than Suninen as he continues his fine form today. He says: "Didn't push as much as I wanted in there. I had a bad tyre in that one, thankfully there is a tyre fitting zone next."

Sat 16:08 - SS13: Ogier
He's going again now, but we're hearing he's moving slowly.

Sat 16:08 - SS13: Ogier
Ogier has stopped 8.4km into the stage!

Sat 16:07 - SS13: Mikkelsen
Andreas Mikkelsen has lost a few seconds as he completes this stage, 4.7 seconds to be exact.

Sat 16:05 - SS12: Greensmith
Just a note on Gus Greensmith, he's only 4.4sec slower than Kopecký on Arena Panzerplatte and he's set that time with a broken thumb. He broke it trying to repair the Fiesta's diff yesterday - good effort from that man to continue that pace with a broken thumb!

Sat 16:04 - SS13: Suninen
Teemu Suninen is the next to greet Colin Clark at stop control, he's 7.1sec up on the target time. "I was struggling with the tyres, it was difficult to manage them but it was only my second time ever with the WRC car here and maybe that is part of the learning."

Sat 16:03 - SS13: Østberg
Østberg completes the longest stage of the rally for a second time. How did the Norwegian find that run? "I'm not so happy to see my time in there because the feeling with the car was better but the time was worse. I just need more time in the car basically just so I can understand how you drive it."

Sat 16:01 - SS13: Sordo
Dani Sordo and Jari-Matti Latvala have set the same opening split, both are 0.9sec faster than Breen.

Sat 15:57 - SS13: Breen
Craig Breen is on for a cracking time as goes 1.5sec faster than Suninen at the second split point on the test.

Sat 15:55 - SS12: Rovanperä
Kalle reaches stage end 4.4sec slower than his team-mate. "We had some mistake here and lost some time. We have to be careful on the next one so we don't have any punctures and then we'll assess from there."

Sat 15:54 - SS13: Suninen
Teemu Suninen is the fastest on SS13 so far, he's 3.7sec up on Østberg at the 17.08km split.

Sat 15:53 - SS12: Camilli and Kajetanowicz
Eric Camilli matched Kopecký through the mid-stage split but he's lost time late on and he's 3.2sec down. The second Fiesta of Kajto Kajetanowicz is 3.3sec off the fastest time.

Sat 15:52 - SS12: Bonato
Yoann Bonato crosses the line 7.7sec down on Kopecký as he completes the test.

Sat 15:51 - SS12: Kopecký
Back on Arena Panzerplatte, Kopecký reaches the end of the stage - the first of the WRC 2 cars through the flying finish. He comments: "We just need to focus now on our performance which has to be perfect."

Sat 15:49 - SS13
We've got cars onto the longer Panzerplatte stage. At the moment Teemu Suninen is currently the fastest driver through the first split.

Sat 15:48 - SS12: Griebel
Marijan Griebel completes the WRC runners in his Citroën DS 3 WRC and he's only 16.8sec off the pace. A decent time for a previous-generation machine. He adds: "A lot of spectators here, I enjoyed it quite a lot but unfortunately we have intercom problems."

Sat 15:45 - SS12: Tänak
The Neste Rally Finland winner, the leader on this rally, Tänak is on a charge once again. He's dropped 0.7sec to Sordo on this test but his lead is still 13.6sec. "I had a good clean run, the feeling was better. There was no risk, but I was more happy. I'm happy to go for the long one now."

Sat 15:42 - SS12: Ogier
Sébastien Ogier is the next to complete Arena Panzerplatte in his M-Sport Ford Fiesta and he is just 0.2sec slower than Sordo! He says: "We are trying our best, it was a good clean stage to us."

Sat 15:39 - SS12: Neuville
Thierry Neuville is through the flying finish and he has lost 3.1sec to his team-mate on this test, Sordo has moved ahead of him in the overall standings as well. Neuville will be fifth by the time Ogier and Tänak reach stage end. "I could not match his time. I had a really good stage, but obviously he has something I couldn't find in the set-up yet."

Sat 15:36 - SS12: Latvala
Latvala is having a back and forth battle with Sordo and on this stage he's 1.3sec slower than the Spaniard. Sordo is just 0.6sec behind now. He tells Molly: "It is a great battle, I thought I had a good run but it seems Dani is even faster."

Sat 15:33 - SS12: Sordo
Dani Sordo is the next to reach stop control and he's 2.4sec quicker than Breen! "Looked like the car is working really well in these conditions. I am really confident when the surface is like this. The problem is I was slower on the last two stages before this."

Sat 15:30 - SS12: Lappi
Lappi flies through the Gina jump on his way to the flying finish and he's 2.4sec down on the Irishman. That's reduced Lappi's advantage to 8.6sec ahead of Breen now. "Not a clean run, a lot of dirt on the roads. A few mistakes but quite okay."

Sat 15:27 - SS12: Breen
Breen is carrying on his good form - which netted him a stage win on SS11 - and he's provisionally quickest through this one as well. He's 1.1sec up on Teemu. "Made a little change in service, definitely feeling confident with the whole thing. Just conserving the tyres so I can go like the clappers in the next one."

Sat 15:24 - SS12: Mikkelsen
Andreas Mikkelsen is the second Norwegian through to the end of the stage and he's 2.1sec slower than Suninen. He tells Molly: "We try as good as we can. Maybe it was a bit better now, we made some changes - very small."

Sat 15:21 - SS12: Suninen
Teemu is the fastest driver on the board at the end of this stage, he's 2.4sec up. He says: "It was okay, nothing special. I want to do my best and hope to be faster."

Sat 15:18 - SS12: Østberg
Østberg completes the stage now, how have the changes in services affected things in this test?: "It felt a little bit better, but I had less grip in the car as well. The time is better but it is still a bad time. It felt faster than the time shows."

Sat 15:17 - SS12: Suninen
Teemu Suninen breaks the beam at the first split point and he's 1.6sec faster than Østberg

Sat 15:11 - SS12: Østberg
Mads is the next onto the stage in his C3

Sat 15:08 - SS12: Serderidis
Jourdan Serderidis engages first and powers off onto the Baumholder military training complex! He gets things underway on the afternoon loop.

Sat 15:03 - We're back!
There's just five minutes until the afternoon loop gets underway with the second run of Arena Panzerplatte

Sat 13:28 - Technical break
On that note from rally leader Ott Tänak, we'll take a break now but we'll return for the second run of Arena Panzerplatte at 15:08 local time.

Sat 13:27 - Tänak
Rally leader Ott Tänak just finishes his chat with Tommi Mäkinen and he's now talking to All Live: "It has been a very tough morning, we knew it would be completely different. There was a lot new to me that I was having to adjust to. I was having to push hard to get a rhythm. We managed to increase the lead but it was very hard. I do everything I can, I know we can be a lot better, especially in Baumholder. We had far too much understeer and I was really pushing, but let's say it was not an easy push."

Sat 13:25 - Neuville
Championship leader Thierry Neuville talks to All Live: "I think we are pushing, we are trying. I didn't do the stages last year, even the last one was new for me. The only reference I have is my team-mate Dani and we were almost level except for on the long stage. We are going to attempt to put the diff from yesterday morning back on."

Sat 13:22 - Ogier
Seb Ogier is also asking questions about his performance this morning: "Another good loop for us, another clean drive. The gap didn't really change compared to Ott, it changes a little bit in the wrong direction! For the championship it is no secret that I want to win to achieve maximum points. We have to keep trying, this afternoon will be very hot and I can improve in the afternoon I hope. I don't think we can find much more in the car, it feels really nice to drive. I just need to keep pushing harder, I am close to the limit already but maybe there are some places I can be even closer to the limit. That's rally, you need to be on the limit without crossing it."

Sat 13:20 - Järveoja
Ott Tänak's co-driver Martin Jarveoja is chatting to All Live: "Today in the morning the rhythm was maybe not the best but already on the last one the feeling was already better so lets see what the afternoon brings."

Sat 13:17 - Latvala
Jari-Matti finishes his chat with team boss Tommi Mäkinen and his engineers and now he talks to All Live about his thoughts on the morning's stages: "It was overall a good morning, but then Dani did an amazing time on Panzerplatte. But on the last two stages they were working very well for us and we were gaining time on Dani and Thierry. We don't do big changes in service, just a very small thing on the front."

Sat 13:14 - Mikkelsen
Andreas Mikkelsen is the next to answer questions in the media zone. "It is challenging for sure, we just try to improve basically. All corners are different, all the stages are different in rally. We are improving, we are closer and closer but for sure I want to be up there fighting for the win and the good results. We will do some changes in service to make the car better on the entry to the tight corners. If we can sort out the entry then it will be better."

Sat 13:12 - Lappi
Esapekka Lappi is asked whether he'll be making any changes in service: "I think we go stiffer springs, stiffer rollbar because the Baumholder was difficult for me, the car was rolling around on those stages. It is clean and easy on the country stages, even with a soft car it was easy on those roads. On Baumholder with the really high grip it wasn't pleasant."

Sat 13:10 - Breen
Craig Breen is also discussing his morning performance: "It is nice to get things in a good way again, waking up from my slumber perhaps. Nice to come back with some positivity. No changes in service last night which was really good, I made a mistake with set-up yesterday because I thought it would work on the stages. It didn't work then but we kept it the same and it's worked this morning. "This morning I can just let it go and do what we want."

Sat 13:08 - Markkula
Mikko Markkula is also chatting to Becs in the media zone and he's asked about Suninen's development: "It has been a learning curve for Teemu this weekend, we only did 150kms of testing before this rally and I think he is doing well. He is only 0.2sec/0.3sec per kilometre to the fastest guys already."

Sat 13:06 - Østberg
Mads also gives his thoughts on the morning loop, and the eye exercise he was doing before SS11: "It is something I have from my coach to really free my eyes to work better and have a better flow in mind basically." He's also asked about the conversation with his engineer in the media zone: "We're just trying to develop the car basically, I need to change the car a little bit and my own style as well. But I think we need to meet halfway. It is important to bring forward every option we have for set-up."

Sat 13:03 - Torstein Eriksen
WRC All Live talks to Østberg's co-driver Torstein Eriksen as he heads into the media zone before technical regroup which leads into service. "It is going really well. It is very enjoyable. After the podium in Finland I try to be back down to normal again for this weekend. The stage times here are good despite the problems yesterday."

Sat 12:59 - WRC 2 standings after SS11
1. Camilli 1h 49m 15.0sec 2. Kajetanowicz +22.9sec 3. Andolfi +26.2sec 4. Rovanperä +32.0sec 5. Lefebvre +32.5sec 6. Huttunen +52.7sec

Sat 12:57 - WRC standings after SS11
1. Tänak 1h 41m 23.8sec 2. Ogier +14.1sec 3. Latvala +41.8sec 4. Neuville +41.9sec 5. Sordo +43.7sec 6. Lappi +49.8sec

Sat 12:54 - SS11: Lefebvre
Stéphane Lefebvre has dropped behind Rovaperä now, the Finn up to fourth. Lefebvre was 0.8sec down on the Skoda driver and he's now 0.5sec behind in the standings.

Sat 12:53 - SS11: Evans
WRC All Live has caught up with M-Sport Ford's Richard Millener: "It sounds like he has had quite a big impact with the sump guard underneath and even with his repair skills I don't think it will be possible to repair. So we'll have to arrange recovery. "It looked like a small mistake, and he just ran slightly wide. It looked like there was something in that grass that was quite hard and it has caused quite a bit of damage."

Sat 12:48 - SS11: Andolfi
Fabio Andolfi was green through both the splits but he loses time in the closing section and he's 1.9sec off the fastest time.

Sat 12:47 - SS11: Kajetanowicz
The LOTOS Rally Team driver is just slipping further away from the lead, he's 2.2sec slower than Camilli and is now 22.9sec off the lead in the class standings.

Sat 12:45 - SS11: Camilli
Camilli continues his strong run through the morning loop, he's just 1.5sec off the Czech driver.

Sat 12:45 - SS11: Kopecký
Jan Kopecký is 5.1sec quicker than Bonato as the first two WRC 2 cars reach the end of the stage.

Sat 12:42 - SS11: Tänak
The Estonian is so close to setting the fastest time on this test, he's just 0.5sec off Breen's pace. However, he's extended the lead back out to 14.1sec. "For this one I tried to improve a bit and the feeling was better. Our main target this afternoon is to find more balance and have another good loop."

Sat 12:40 - SS11: Ogier
Second-placed Sébastien Ogier is across the line now, he's 2.1sec down on what looks like a stage-winning time from Craig Breen. "Top of the times is always Toyota! I am really pushing, on the last stage I did a perfect stage. It looks almost impossible but I am pushing as hard as I can without being stupid. It looks like under the bonnet something is working well [on the Toyotas]."

Sat 12:38 - SS11: Neuville
Thierry Neuville has dropped down a position, he's slipped behind Latvala by only 0.1sec and is now in fourth place. He tells Colin: "There's no chance for us to resist against their speed. I am pushing really hard. This stage I didn't do last year and I am really on the edge."

Sat 12:34 - SS11: Latvala
Latvala completes the stage now, he's 1.6sec slower than Breen but he's jumped ahead of Sordo in the overall standings by 1.9sec. He says: "Not completely satisfied with my performance, some of the guys were a bit quicker than me, maybe I was braking too late."

Sat 12:32 - SS11: Sordo
Dani Sordo doesn't seem to like these country lanes as much as the military tracks early in the loop. He reaches stop control 3.9sec down.

Sat 12:32 - SS11: Evans
Oh no what a shame for Evans! He has understeer going through a right-hander 2.9km into the stage and goes off the road and into a field, it looks like a front-left wheel has been damaged.

Sat 12:30 - SS11: Lappi
Esapekka puts the second-fastest time on the board, he's 0.3sec off the Irishman's stage time. "It has been better. The road characteristics have changed, it has been much cleaner."

Sat 12:28 - SS11: Breen
Craig beats his team-mate! He's 0.5sec up on Østberg and a replay shows he's making the most of the jump in the latter half of this test. "I'm definitely enjoying it today. Nice stages, high-speed. I'll try and get as high as this car will let me."

Sat 12:26 - SS11: Mikkelsen
Mikkelsen loses 4.5sec on this test, how did he find it out there? "I'm trying the best I can, trying different things in every junction trying to make it work. Germany has a lot of junctions! We will figure it out."

Sat 12:24 - SS11: Suninen
Teemu Suninen can't topple Mads on this test, he's 2.1sec down at the flying finish. "It is going in the right direction, but on the last stage I made mistakes on four or five stages."

Sat 12:22 - SS11: Østberg
Speaking of Mads, he's completed the stage now 24.7sec up on Serderidis and 1.9sec faster than Suninen at the 6.58km split. He says: "The times have not been horrible. On Panzerplatte our time is not really bad considering the length of the stage. We're trying to work to take away some of the understeer."

Sat 12:18 - SS11: Suninen
Suninen breaks the beam at the first of two splits and he's 0.9sec slower than Østberg.

Sat 12:15 - SS11: Østberg
The Citroën driver begins the final stage of the morning loop now, just after it looks like he's doing an eye exercise in the car before the start.

Sat 12:10 - SS11: Serderidis
Serderidis gets Römerstraße going now!

Sat 12:01 - SS11
The start of SS11 will be delayed by four minutes after the delay to SS10. Jourdan Serderidis will get the action started at 12:10.

Sat 11:57 - Stage info: SS11
Römerstraße 1, 12.28km Another narrow road, countryside test which was new for last year. However, there are a couple of forays onto wider main roads – a 2km section after the start with sweeping corners between fields and a short link after 5.6km. There are plenty of fast straights, some parts are lined by trees and a couple of chicanes to control the speeds.

Sat 11:51 - SS10: Lefebvre
Lefebvre is fortunate to hold onto fourth, he's 5.6sec off the fastest stage time and 1.5sec slower than Kalle Rovanperä, the young Fabia R5 driver is just 0.3sec behind the Frenchman now.

Sat 11:50 - SS10: Huttunen
Jari Huttunen has put a very respectable time on the board, just 1.4sec slower than Kopecký.

Sat 11:49 - SS10: Andolfi
Fabio Andolfi is 6.9sec down on the fastest stage time, but he's 0.8sec quicker than Kajetanowicz so he closes the gap from third to second.

Sat 11:46 - SS10: Camilli and Kajetanowicz
The Fiesta R5 driver is through to stop control and he's 0.8sec down on Kopecký. However, he's 6.9sec faster than Kajetan Kajetanowicz so his lead grows to 20.7sec.

Sat 11:43 - SS10: Kopecký
Kopecký is the first of our WRC 2 cars through to stage end as he looks to recover from his puncture on Panzerplatte. The next car through is Bonato, who is 7.4sec slower.

Sat 11:41 - SS10: Tänak
Seb's quicker than one Toyota as Ott is 3.1sec slower than his fellow Yaris driver. Ogier gains 0.7sec but the lead is still 12.5sec. He says: "Everything was okay, we had a lot of wrong information from our gravel crew."

Sat 11:39 - SS10: Ogier
The M-Sport Ford driver can't match Lappi's fastest time - he's 2.4sec slower - but his advantage over Neuville is up to 25.4sec. He adds: "All Toyota in front like always. I had a really good stage, I can't do any more. I was on the limit."

Sat 11:37 - SS10: Neuville
Not the best time from Thierry, he's 7.4sec slower than Lappi's benchmark time. Sordo is only 2.4sec behind Neuville now. What does he tell Molly at stage end? "I really pushed hard on this stage so it must be something not working properly."

Sat 11:35 - SS10: Evans
Evans has lost a position on this stage, he's fallen behind Lappi as he completes the stage 7.9sec down on the Finn. He says it was a spin that cost him time: "We had a spin on the very first hairpin, I touched the throttle and it went round like a Mk2 Escort."

Sat 11:33 - SS10: Latvala
Latvala is 1.3sec slower than his team-mate and he only just misses the chance to leapfrog Sordo in the overall standings. Latvala is just 0.4sec behind the Spaniard now. "It is a very interesting fight and really, really good. Esapekka is also charging now so he is getting closer!"

Sat 11:32 - SS10: Sordo
Dani's lost time on this one, he's 4.4sec slower than Lappi. The Toyota driver has closed back in on Sordo in the overall standings. There's a bit of hay bale on his i20. He says: "This type of stages we have a lot of understeer. I don't have grip in the front. I do as much as I can but the Toyotas seem fast in these types of roads."

Sat 11:29 - SS10: Lappi
What a time from Esapekka! He takes Breen's time and he lowers it by 3.1sec! The gap between the pair has grown to 11.3sec now.

Sat 11:27 - SS10: Breen
Another great run from Craig, he's taken 2.1sec out of the fastest time on stage so far but Lappi is quicker than him by a couple of tenths on the splits.

Sat 11:25 - SS10: Mikkelsen
Mikkelsen can't match Teemu, he's 3.8sec behind the Finn. He's still got a 20.2sec gap to Suninen though. "I'm struggling to get the timing right. When I'm braking the car wants to go straight."

Sat 11:24 - SS10: Suninen
Suninen stays faster across the flying finish, he's 1.3sec up on the Norwegian in his Fiesta. A great shot from the inside of the front-left wheel well shows how much those brakes are working. He says: "It was an okay stage. A lot of things I need to improve, mainly in the corners - on the straights I can't go much faster."

Sat 11:22 - SS10: Østberg
Mads reaches the end of the stage now and he is happier with the car in this one: "It is okay, a lot cleaner stage in there but still quite a lot of understeer. But a much better feeling now.

Sat 11:18 - SS10: Suninen
But then he takes time out of the Citroën driver on the second, at 8.13km he's 0.8sec to the good.

Sat 11:17 - SS10: Suninen
Through the first split 4.88km in to the test Suninen has matched Østberg's time.

Sat 11:14 - SS10 and SS11 tyres
After the tyre fitting zone following Panzerplatte, all the crews have taken five hard compound tyres.

Sat 11:13 - SS10: Østberg
The onboards are a joy to watch on All Live, Mads is taking every inch of road he can as he looks to gain as much time on the cars ahead as possible.

Sat 11:11 - SS10: Østberg
The Norwegian gets SS10 underway now as well.

Sat 11:08 - SS10: Serderidis
And unfortunately Jourdan stalls at the first hairpin, he gets it recovered quickly though.

Sat 11:08 - SS10: Serderidis
Jourdan Serderidis has his eyes on the clock and, after a slight delay, he's powering onto the third stage of Saturday morning.

Sat 10:56 - SS9: Solans and Loubet
Both Nil Solans and Pierre-Louis Loubet are listed as retirements after their issues on Panzerplatte.

Sat 10:53 - 10 minute warning
After the crews make a stop in the tyre fitting zone in Birkenfeld, we've got 10 minutes until Jourdan Serderidis takes to SS10 - Freisen.

Sat 10:42 - Stage info: SS10
Freisen 1, 14.78km Freisen is the first of two fast country lane stages, including a couple chicanes to keep speeds in check. The roads are narrow for much of the test with plenty of opportunities to cut corners, although hay bales have been positioned in places to prevent bigger cuts. Used in the same format as 2017.

Sat 10:30 - WRC 2 standings after SS9:
1. Camilli 1h 33m 43.9sec 2. Kajetanowicz +13.8sec 3. Andolfi +19.7sec 4. Lefebvre +25.5sec 5. Rovanperä +27.3sec 6. Huttunen +49.6sec

Sat 10:27 - SS9: Kopecký and Bonato
Skoda Motorsport is reporting on Twitter that Kopecký lost time having to change a flat tyre. Bonato has Tweeted that he also had to change a tyre on the stage as well.

Sat 10:24 - SS9: Loubet and Solans
Pierre-Louis Loubet has stopped 32.9km into Panzerplatte. While Nil Solans has also stopped at the 25.4km mark.

Sat 10:21 - SS9: Greensmith
A great run for Gus Greensmith, he's fifth fastest through the stage and he's now 12th overalll after his driveshaft issues yesterday afternoon.

Sat 10:18 - WRC standings after SS9:
1. Tänak 1h 26m 48.5sec 2. Ogier +13.2sec 3. Neuville +33.6sec 4. Sordo +39.0sec 5. Latvala +42.5sec 6. Evans +47.5sec

Sat 10:13 - SS9: Lefebvre
Lefebvre is on the pace in his Citroën C3 R5, he's 1.7sec faster than Andolfi and provisionally he's up to fourth in the class standings.

Sat 10:11 - SS9: Andolfi
Fabio Andolfi is having a great run through the mornign loop, he's fastest again on this stage - 2.5sec up on his rivals.

Sat 10:09 - SS9: Rovanperä
Kalle jumps ahead of Kopecký and Bonato in the WRC 2 standings. On the stage, he's 6.7sec slower than Kajetanoiwcz.

Sat 10:08 - SS9: Kajetanowicz
Kajetan Kajetanowicz goes fastest on the stage, he's 0.4sec faster than anyone so far.

Sat 10:07 - SS9: Camilli
Eric Camilli is the next through - after Bonato's troubles - and he's 1m 34.0sec quicker than Kopecký. The Frenchman moves into the lead as it stands.

Sat 10:06 - SS9: Kopecký
Kopecký has completed the stage now, his split times are being bettered by 1m 34.5sec by Eric Camilli so he'll likely lose his lead after this one.

Sat 10:04 - SS9: Griebel
Marijan Griebel rounds out the WRC runners now, 1m 16.6sec down on stage-winner Dani Sordo.

Sat 10:03 - SS9: Tänak
Ott takes a major cut in the closing kilometres of this stage! He gets away with it though and he's only 0.6sec slower than Sordo, his lead is back up to 13.2sec. Colin tries to ask about Ott's wide moment towards the end of the test: "I don't know, I don't really know what you're talking about. I don't think the missing front aero part will make much of a difference."

Sat 10:01 - SS9: Ogier
Ogier is second quickest in the stage, he's just 3.2sec off the pace. A good run for Seb through this test as the gap to Neuville grows to 20.4sec. "I didn't have so much confidence at the beginning, it was very slippy and I expected higher grip."

Sat 10:00 - SS9: Neuville
Neuville is 6.5sec off his team-mate at the end of this test. He's asked if he can do anything to beat Ogier: "There's nothing to be honest, the car was not working at all. I cannot brake hard at all, and with the diff I am using at the moment I cannot do anything."

Sat 09:58 - SS9: Kopecký
The Skoda Motorsport driver is moving again now.

Sat 09:57 - SS9: Evans
Evans was up on Latvala in the opening splits, but he's lost time to Jari-Matti now - he's 5.0sec behind the Finn. "What can I say? Dani's had a good stage. Had a good rhythm and didn't make any mistakes. It was more slippery than we expected in the first one but then we would expect it to be the same for everyone."

Sat 09:56 - SS9: Kopecký
WRC 2 leader Jan Kopecký has stopped 24.3km into the stage

Sat 09:55 - SS9: Bonato
Yoann Bonato is moving again. At the second split he's 3m 19.5sec off Kopecký's pace.

Sat 09:55 - SS9: Latvala
Latvala can't repeat his stage-winning performance from SS8, he's 7.5sec slower than Sordo on the stage and he's dropped behind the Spaniard in the overall standings. "We have too much understeer. I don't know if I'm driving a bit too aggressively, we'll have to calm it down."

Sat 09:53 - SS9: Sordo
Dani's charging this morning! He's 6.3sec faster than Breen and he's pulled 14.1sec away from Lappi.

Sat 09:51 - SS9: Bonato
Bonato has stopped 11.9km into this test.

Sat 09:51 - SS9: Lappi
Lappi is 4.4sec slower than Breen and the difference between them is down to 8.2sec now. This is turning into a cracking fight between them. He says: "I don't think there's much gravel in this one."

Sat 09:49 - SS9: Breen
Craig Breen sticks the fastest time on the board now, he's 6.9sec to the good at the end of this test. He tells Colin: "I don't know what it is going to do behind, but reasonable enough run. We're just trying to manage the tyres."

Sat 09:47 - SS9: Mikkelsen
Mikkelsen can't lower the time, he's 1.4sec down across the flying finish. "I really normally loved this stage, last year we almost won it. Far from that pace now I feel, I am trying the best I can in the junction. I'm really struggling to know what to do in the junctions."

Sat 09:45 - SS9: Suninen
Teemu immediately lowers the benchmark time by 3.1sec in his M-Sport Ford Fiesta, a great time for a man who is tackling asphalt for the first time. He says: "It was an okay stage, it was a big surprise how much we needed to manage the tyres. Okay it wasn't tricky, but it was a big surprise to have to do it during the rally while competing with the others."

Sat 09:44 - SS9: Østberg
Østberg is the first full-time WRC driver to reach stop control. Colin asks if the feeling is okay in the car: "No, not a better feeling. Okay the power is there but the car was not nice through there. We did a set-up change and it didn't work, there was lots of understeer especially when I tried to go on the throttle."

Sat 09:42 - SS9: Sordo
Dani Sordo is the fastest through the second split, he's 1.8sec up on everybody else 17.08km in.

Sat 09:39 - SS9: Evans
There's a decent battle between Evans and Latvala forming for fourth place in the overall standings and at the opening split the Welshman is 0.2sec faster.

Sat 09:39 - SS9: Suninen
Suninen doesn't seem to have any nerves as he takes more time out of his rivals on the 24.29km split. He's the second quickest at that point, only Breen is quicker.

Sat 09:35 - SS9: Latvala
SS8 winner Latvala is 1.1sec down at the first split, he can't match Sordo's early pace on this, the longest test of the rally.

Sat 09:33 - SS9: Sordo
Dani Sordo is flexing his asphalt muscles now, he's 1.2sec quicker than anyone at the first timing line.

Sat 09:31 - SS9: Breen
Craig Breen is on a big charge, at the first split he's 1.0sec quicker than Suninen.

Sat 09:30 - SS8: Solans
Back on the baby brother of Panzerplatte, Solans has gone 11.5sec slower than Andolfi. Combined with another 40sec penalty for leaving service 4mins late, he's provisonally dropped to ninth in class.

Sat 09:28 - SS9: Suninen
Casting our eyes onto the Panzerplatte stage, we've got six cars onto the test and Suninen has set the fastest first split 7.4km in.

Sat 09:27 - SS8: Andolfi
Fabio Andolfi has the fastest stage time to his name now! He's 0.6sec to the good as he powers his Skoda across the flying finish. He's only 1.6sec behind Kalle now.

Sat 09:25 - SS8: Rovanperä
The 17-year-old has lost time to Kajetanowicz on this test - the gap between them is now 6.8sec. Rovanperä is still fifth as it stands.

Sat 09:23 - SS8: Kajetanowicz
Cracker of a time from Kajto, he's only 0.7sec down - the second-fastest stage time for the Pole.

Sat 09:22 - SS8: Camilli
He has lost a position to Camilli. The Fiesta driver is 1.2sec slower than Kopecký but he's 6.9sec quicker than Bonato so moves up to second.

Sat 09:21 - SS8: Bonato
Yoann Bonato has lost 8.1sec to the leader on this test, he's now 30.3sec down and could have lost a position in the standings to Camilli as well.

Sat 09:21 - SS8: Kopecký
WRC 2 leader Jan Kopecký completes SS8 - as our WRC crews start to begin the 38.5km Panzerplatte test - and he's set a 5m 47.0sec.

Sat 09:19 - SS8: Tänak
Rally leader Ott Tänak has lost some time to the chasing pack on this test, he's 3.2sec down on Jari-Matti's stage winning time and 1.7sec slower than Ogier. His lead is still 10.6sec. "For sure it is dirty, but the rhythm was not great and I felt a bit stiff. But we can improve on the next one for sure."

Sat 09:17 - SS8: Ogier
The Frenchman takes out a marker on a corner as he pushes towards the line, he's 1.5sec slower than Latvala but, more importantly for him, he's 2.0sec faster than Neuville. He comments: "I didn't expect such a dirty stage. It was low grip, so we try to do better on the next one."

Sat 09:15 - SS8: Neuville
Neuville has lost a chunk of time as well, the conditions seem to be catching out a lot of people. He's 3.5sec down on Latvala and he's now just 7.9sec in front of the Finn. "I just struggled a little bit with the handling. Especially in the tight corners, I have no grip. It is getting more dirty so that is challenging."

Sat 09:13 - SS8: Evans
Elfyn was on a charge yesterday, but he's taking some time to settle back into that groove as he crosses the flying finish 4.8sec slower than Latvala. That's dropped him down a place in the overall standings as well, he's slipped to fifth. Is he happy with that run? "The stage felt okay but it is very, very slippery." He was surprised to have lost so much time on this one.

Sat 09:11 - SS8: Latvala
Jari-Matti beats Sordo! He was 1.1sec down at the split but he finds time in the second half of this test and he lowers the fastest stage time by 0.1sec! He says: "It is alright, quite slippy in some places. I didn't feel the grip was the best, some loose stones and gravel in some places. But it was a good start."

Sat 09:09 - SS8: Sordo
Sordo's starting his day off in a positive fashion, he's 0.7sec faster than Breen as he pulls into stop control. "I didn't drive very well in some hairpins, I tried to push but I think in a few little places I will have lost a bit of time."

Sat 09:07 - SS8: Lappi
Lappi is the next to complete Arena Panzerplatte and he's second-fastest across the flying finish, 2.6sec slower than Breen. "It was quite tricky to be honest, not easy to find a rhythm, let's see how the long one goes."

Sat 09:05 - SS8: Breen
Cracking time by Craig Breen, he's 3.6sec up on the competition as he crosses the flying finish. How is he finding this? "I was wide at one junction and a little bit raggedy and messy so there is room to improve."

Sat 09:03 - SS8: Mikkelsen
Andreas Mikkelsen goes fastest, he's 0.6sec to the good on the 9.43km stage. He tells Molly Pettit at stage end: "Still struggling in the junctions with this new style. I find it easy in third gear or fourth gear but when it's tighter I'm still using my old style."

Sat 09:01 - SS8: Suninen
A spin for Teemu right towards the end of the stage! He misjudged the junction and span. No damage done, he reaches stage end 2.4sec down on Østberg. He says: "Just braked on the gravel, went wide a bit on the gravel but that's how it is when starting first on the road."

Sat 08:59 - SS8: Østberg
Mads completes the stage now, he's 24.9sec up on Serderidis and he's also faster than Suninen at the midpoint split. Asked about the 'crazy' Gina jump: "It was probably crazy! There was a lot of unseen gravel on the road as well."

Sat 08:56 - SS8: Suninen
Suninen is also out on to the stage now as he gets his first taste of the Baumholder military training complex

Sat 08:53 - SS8: Østberg
Four minutes after Serderidis, Mads powers his Citroën onto the stage now.

Sat 08:48 - SS8: Serderidis
Jourdan Serderidis gets the day underway now!

Sat 08:46 - Stage info: SS8
Arena Panzerplatte 1, 9.43km The short sprint on the daunting Baumholder military ranges of previous years has been extended into a middle-distance challenge this year. It features the famous Gina jump and a mix of surfaces, covering smooth and broken asphalt, cobble stones and bumpy concrete.

Sat 08:43 - Road order
The crews will tackle the stages in this order: 1. Serderidis 2. Østberg 3. Suninen 4. Mikkelsen 5. Breen 6. Lappi 7. Sordo 8. Latvala 9. Evans 10. Neuville 11. Ogier 12. Tänak 13. Griebel

Sat 08:40 - Tyres
All the crews have taken five Michelin hard compound tyres for this morning.

Sat 08:37 - Weather
It’s another glorious day in Germany, sunshine prevails at the moment but will rain come to spice things up later?

Sat 08:35 - Saturday’s schedule
It’s a trip to the Baumholder military testing area for the crews today. They’ll come face-to-face with the dreaded hinkelsteins that punish anyone who strays ever so slightly off the racing line. Starting the day off is the 9.43km Arena Panzerplatte stage - a mix of the similarly named stage and the longer Panzerplatte test from 2017. After that is the opening test’s bigger brother - the 38.57km Panzerplatte stage. A tyre fitting zone follows before the action shifts to the country roads with Freisen (14.78km) and Römerstraße (12.28km). The morning loop is repeated in the afternoon.

Sat 08:34 - WRC 2 update
Jan Kopecký leads the support category standings after a clean run through Friday’s six stages. He’s 22.2sec ahead of Yoann Bonato, who is getting the most out of Citroën’s C3 R5. Eric Camilli is in third with fellow Fiesta driver Kajetan Kajetanowicz in fourth.

Sat 08:31 - What a day we have in store
After Ott Tänak dominated proceedings on Friday. he holds a 12.3sec lead over reigning champion Sébastien Ogier, who himself is 15.1sec ahead of drivers’ championship leader Thierry Neuville. 10.4sec back in fourth, after a great run yesterday, is Elfyn Evans with Jari-Matti Latvala one second back.

Sat 08:29 - We’re live
On and the WRC App (available on to download for free on iTunes and Google Play), bringing all the action from a second full day of rally goodness.

Sat 08:25 - Guten Morgen
And hello once again to ADAC Rallye Deutschland

Fri 19:22 - That's all folks
With the last of our WRC 2 cars heading back to service, we'll call it a day on the Live Text. We'll be back bright and early tomorrow for the first run of Arena Panzerplatte, which is scheduled to start at 8:48

Fri 19:13 - WRC 2 standings after SS7
1. Kopecký 1h 04m 6.8sec 2. Bonato +22.2sec 3. Camilli +22.3sec 4. Kajetanowicz +37.0sec 5. Rovanperä +38.8sec 6. Solans +46.5sec

Fri 19:12 - WRC standings after SS7
1. Tänak 59m 22.6sec 2. Ogier +12.3sec 3. Neuville +27.4sec 4. Evans +37.8sec 5. Latvala +38.8sec 6. Sordo +42.7sec

Fri 19:11 - SS7: Camilli
Camilli comes close to upsetting the order, he's second fastest through this test - 1.2sec slower. But, more importantly, he's only 0.1sec behind second-placed Yoann Bonato

Fri 19:10 - SS7: Kreim and Tempestini
Both drivers were just 1.0sec down on the WRC 2 leader at the split midway through the stage but they've both lost time in the second half of the test. Kreim is 3.5sec down and Tempestini is 5.4sec slower.

Fri 19:05 - SS7: Solans
Nil Solans goes through second-fastest, he was 0.3sec up at the split but then drops time in the closing sectors to finish 2.2sec down.

Fri 19:04 - SS7: Lefebvre and Bonato
The two Citroën R5s are through to stop control. Lefebvre is 2.8sec down, while Bonato is 6.4sec off the stage-winning time.

Fri 19:01 - SS7: Rovanperä
Rovanperä has lost a lot of time on the second half of this test, he was just 0.9sec down at the 4.28km split but lost an extra 5.0sec to finish 5.9sec behind Kopecký

Fri 18:59 - SS7: Andolfi
Andolfi can't match his pace from the previous stage, he's 5.8sec down despite setting a green split time after his first lap of this circuit-like stage.

Fri 18:57 - SS7: Pieniazek and Huttunen
Lukasz Pieniazek has put in a decent time, he's 5.5sec down on Kopecký. Meanwhile, Huttunen is just 2.7sec off the pace.

Fri 18:56 - SS7: Greensmith
Gus is through to the end of the stage now and he's 45.4sec down. He doesn't look too happy in that Ford Fiesta R5. He's asked what the issue is: "Driveshaft, nothing we can do. Can't fix it. We've got it home and we'll just treat the rest of the rally as a test."

Fri 18:53 - SS7: Kopecký
Jan Kopecký rounds out his day now as he pulls into stop control, a 5m 29.3sec for him. He says: "The conditions were not easy today, hopefully tomorrow it will be dry. I think the pace is nice, if I had to push more I think I would make small mistakes, and small mistakes can affect this rally."

Fri 18:52 - SS7: Griebel
Griebel is the last of the WRC cars through, 19.6sec down, and he's speaking to Colin: "This stage was really good, I was trying to push hard on this. The WRC 2 cars are really fast on this and I think I beat them on every stage so far, but only just!"

Fri 18:50 - SS7: Serderidis
Jourdan is the last of our current-generation World Rally Cars through to stop control and he's 23.6sec off the pace.

Fri 18:48 - SS7: Suninen
Suninen is the next through the flying finish and he is eighth fastest in the stage times, 4.6sec down. He adds: "I've learnt how to drive this car on asphalt, it has been a really nice experience and hopefully we have similar tomorrow."

Fri 18:46 - SS7: Breen
The Irish fans are out in force on this test and he's 4.8sec slower than Tänak as he completes the leg. "I struggled a bit in places, I don't think our road position helped much but it should be more level tomorrow."

Fri 18:44 - SS7: Østberg
Mads is 7.1sec down at the end of the stage, he's still struggling with his air intake issues. "It is never easy, but what can we do? Mistakes happen and unfortunately it happened to us today. It is not easy to do this stage with less power, it upsets the rhythm."

Fri 18:42 - SS7: Evans
Elfyn holds onto fourth place, he's 0.6sec quicker than the Finn so the difference between them is 1.0sec. He tells Colin: "I was hoping we could do something in here. I wanted to push and we had a clean run. Not completely satisfied with the one before this."

Fri 18:40 - SS7: Latvala
Jari-Matti loses 4.0sec on this test, what's his thoughts on this one? "It's been a good fight with Elfyn. I've been pushing really hard, I've made a few small mistakes and that happens when you're pushing hard!"

Fri 18:38 - SS7: Mikkelsen
Mikkelsen is the slowest of the crews through the stage as it stands, he's 5.2sec down. He says: "The last two stages I think we have been going particularly well, we just stopped trail braking and rolling into the corners. It takes a while to change 10 years of driving style but it is getting better and better."

Fri 18:36 - SS7: Sordo
Sordo has set a good time on this one, he's just 0.2sec slower than Lappi and 2.3sec down on the fastest stage time. "Tomorrow is another day, today I tried to push to the maximum and it was difficult to be in the fight because they were very fast in front."

Fri 18:34 - SS7: Lappi
Lappi goes second fastest across the stage, 2.1sec down on his team-mate. Is he happy with that? "No, the dust has got no better. I guess I just need more testing to see where the limit is in these dirty places. Let's see if we can improve for tomorrow."

Fri 18:32 - SS7: Tänak
Where's he finding the time? Tänak is 3.2sec up on Ogier after this 9km test, he's got a 12.3sec gap to the Frenchman in the overall standings. "I can't complain. This morning it didn't feel perfect but still the times were there, obviously the car had the speed and it was just a case of getting it more comfortable to me. I'm actually quite enjoying it now."

Fri 18:30 - SS7: Ogier
Ogier completes the stage and he extends his advantage over Neuville by another 1.1sec. Colin mentions to Ogier that he's doing a lot better than in Finland: "Yeah that is the good news of the day! It is hard to fight against the package of Ott and the Toyota. I think the aero is okay, the chassis worked very well."

Fri 18:28 - SS7: Neuville
Thierry Neuville ends his day now as he pulls into stop control. He tells Colin: "It was difficult but to be honest we were on it all the time and we pushed very hard. We just hit a bit of a straw bale in a chicane. It is difficult for us to match the times of the guys running behind us."

Fri 18:26 - SS7: Ogier
Seb breaks the timing beam at the mid-stage split and he's 1.0sec up on the Hyundai driver.

Fri 18:24 - SS7: Ogier
Ogier takes to the stage and he's a bit messy through the first 90degree right-hander but it doesn't cost him any time.

Fri 18:22 - SS7: Live!
Thierry Neuville gets the final stage of the day underway.

Fri 18:16 - SS7
We're back! The weather still looks good and we're set for the final stage of the day!

Fri 17:39 - A short break
On that note, we'll take a short break but we'll be back for SS7 - Wadern-Weiskirchen - at 18:21 local time

Fri 17:34 - WRC 2 standings after SS6
1. Kopecký 58m 37.5sec 2. Bonato +15.8sec 3. Camilli +21.1sec 4. Kajetanowicz +30.5sec 5. Rovanperä +32.9sec 6. Andolfi +42.9sec

Fri 17:33 - SS6: Solans
Solans has dropped to seventh after his time penalty, he'll have to put the pedal down if he wants to move back up the order.

Fri 17:32 - WRC standings after SS6
1. Tänak 54m 15.1sec 2. Ogier +9.1sec 3. Neuville +23.1sec 4. Evans +34.4sec 5. Latvala +34.8sec 6. Sordo +40.4sec

Fri 17:29 - SS6: Camilli
Camilli's lost time through this one, he was green on the first three splits but he completes the stage 9.3sec off the pace. He's still third overall though.

Fri 17:28 - SS6: Kreim
Good time on the board from Fabian, just 4.9sec down.

Fri 17:27 - SS6: Kajetanowicz and Ciamin
Kajetanowicz is 9.2sec slower across the flying finish, but he moves up to fifth in class after Solans' penalty while Nicolas Ciamin's time on the board is 14.7sec down.

Fri 17:25 - SS6: Solans
What a shame for Solans, he's set the fastest time on the stage - 0.2sec faster than Lefebvre - but thanks to his penalty he's dropped to sixth.

Fri 17:24 - SS6: Bonato
This was definitely a stage for French Citroën C3 R5 drivers as he goes 1.8sec slower than Lefebvre. Combined with a 40sec penalty for Solans - who checked into time control four minutes late - he's up to second in the standings.

Fri 17:22 - SS6: Lefebvre
Stéphane Lefebvre has lit up the timing screens, he was 5.1sec faster than Andolfi at the 17.44km split and he reaches the flying finish 3.2sec faster than the Italian

Fri 17:20 - SS6: Rovanperä
Kalle was up on the final split by 0.7sec but he loses time on the run to the line, he's second fastest - 1.1sec down.

Fri 17:18 - SS6: Andolfi
Go on Fabio! Andolfi crosses the line 1.3sec faster than Kopecký. He's moved ahead of Huttunen in the WRC 2 standings as well, the Finn was 7.6sec slower on the stage.

Fri 17:17 - SS6: Pieniazek
Decent stage for Pieniazek, he's 10.9sec off the pace: "Clean stage for us, difficult day but we are trying different things. In the morning there wasn't supposed to be rain but there was rain, in the afternoon there was meant to be rain and there isn't rain!"

Fri 17:16 - SS6: Greensmith
Gus was only 6.2sec down at the third split, but his spin has cost him. He's 46.7sec down across the line and at stop control he's got out the car and he's checking for any damage. Molly asks him what's wrong: "Driveshaft again, I think it's broken."

Fri 17:14 - SS6: Kopecký
"It was very different from this morning. The day is still long and tomorrow we have Panzerplatte." Good run from the Czech champion.

Fri 17:12 - SS6: Griebel
Griebel rounds things off for the World Rally Cars as he pulls his DS 3 into stop control. How did he find Mittelmosel? "I'm really enjoying it, I made no mistakes. The tyres were the right choice I think so all is fine."

Fri 17:11 - SS6: Greensmith
Half-spin for Greensmith as he negotiates a junction, he put a tyre on the dirt and that sends him round.

Fri 17:10 - SS6: Serderidis
That smile still hasn't left Jourdan, he's 1m 14.9sec off the pace but he's still enjoying himself in this World Rally Car: "The second time was much better because there was no rain! We enjoy more and more, we're learning the car more. Maximum fun!"

Fri 17:08 - SS6: Suninen
Teemu Suninen's brakes are glowing white hot as he negotiates the hairpins towards the end of this stage. He's just 10.1sec down. "I enjoy the stage now, the weather conditions are more equal for everybody. I want to improve, but from where we were in the morning we have already improved."

Fri 17:05 - SS6: Breen
Craig Breen is 9.0sec down on this stage, not too bad from the Irishman he's eighth overall as it stands. What does he say to Molly? "It was a bit strange in some places to have a wet reference from this morning and then push harder this time."

Fri 17:04 - SS6: Østberg
Østberg is battling through the lack of power in his C3, he's 17.0sec off the pace. "A mistake happens, it is clearly a mistake, nothing has broken." Not too happy from the Norwegian

Fri 17:01 - SS6: Evans
The M-Sport Ford driver has had another decent run through the stage, but he's lost time to Latvala - the Finn is only 0.4sec behind him now. Evans stays fourth for the time being. "I would rather have beat him! But no problems in there."

Fri 17:00 - SS6: Latvala
Latvala has minimised his time loss on this test, he's only 5.6sec off his team-mate. He should be happier with that, how does he feel though? "I'm quite happy with the time we lost on this stage. It is a good step forward. There is still another step I need to do with the car. But I'm still not confident enough in the dirty places. We did some changes to the front differential."

Fri 16:58 - SS6: Mikkelsen
Mikkelsen is third fastest through the stage, 7.6sec down on the Toyota rocketship out front. Is he happy with that? "The style reminds me of when I did this rally with Thierry before Christmas - the Monza Rally - when I was his passenger. I'm trying this new style with no trail braking at all."

Fri 16:55 - SS6: Sordo
Sordo drops more time on this test, he's 9.1sec down on Tänak. What does he stay at stage end? "It's just incredible. I just drive the maximum. For me it is was a clear stage. I can do nothing more."

Fri 16:54 - SS6: Lappi
Lappi is 10.5sec slower across the line, he's shaking his head as he pulls into stop control. He tells Molly: "I just don't know what to do to be honest. Clearly I'm not brave enough but I feel that I'm on the limit. I need to analyse what he's [Tänak] doing differently."

Fri 16:51 - SS6: Tänak
That doesn't intimidate Ott though! He's the quickest through the stage - 1.6sec quicker. That's extended his lead out to 9.1sec in the overall standings. He's asked about his advantage over Ogier: "Still faster than Seb! The conditions are so, so tricky. We don't want to do any mistakes. In these conditions it is tough to drive."

Fri 16:49 - SS6: Ogier
Seb's through to the end of the stage and he's 7.2sec faster than his title rival through this test. He's now 14sec faster than Neuville overall.

Fri 16:44 - SS6: Lappi
Lappi's lost time in the opening split, he's 1.9sec slower than Neuville.

Fri 16:43 - SS6: Tänak
The Estonian is extending out the gap at 9.89km, he's 1.1sec faster than Ogier.

Fri 16:41 - SS6: Tänak
Ott's on it, he's 0.4sec faster than Ogier at the opening split. Meanwhile, Ogier is 2.5sec up on Neuville at the second timing beam

Fri 16:38 - SS6: Ogier
The M-Sport Ford driver breaks the timing beam at the 6.3km split - the first of four on this test - and he's 1.4sec faster.

Fri 16:34 - SS6: Go!
It started on time in the end, Thierry Neuville launches the Hyundai into the vineyards.

Fri 16:33 - SS6
Slight delay to the start of SS6, it'll give us a moment to catch our breath after a cracker of a stage five.

Fri 16:30 - Østberg update
WRC All Live has talked to Citroën team principal Pierre Budar about Østberg's engine troubles: "He has an engine problem, it is in fact air intake temperature which is too high because of a mistake in the service. It was during the replacement of a front bumper. It affects the intake. He will have to run with it for all the afternoon. The air intake temperature is too high and the engine management is doing its own adjustment with the power. There's nothing he can do."

Fri 16:28 - SS5: Bonato
Yoann Bonato has dropped a position on this one, he's 13.1sec off Kopecký's benchmark, and he's 10.6sec down on Nils Solans, which has allowed the Spaniard up into second.

Fri 16:27 - SS5: Lefebvre
Stéphane Lefebvre is looking to move back up the order after a slow run through Mittelmosel thanks to the rain shower, he's only 4.3sec off the fastest time.

Fri 16:24 - SS5: Rovanperä
The 17-year-old continues his learning experience in Saarland, he's only 7.4sec down on his team-mate after this one.

Fri 16:23 - SS5: Solans
Nil Solans is having another great run, he's the second fastest through the stage - just 2.5sec off the pace.

Fri 16:23 - SS5: Loubet
Pierre-Louis Loubet is back on a decent pace after his morning issues, he's 14.9sec down on Kopecký's time.

Fri 16:22 - SS5: Huttunen and Andolfi
Two more cars come through the end of the stage now, Andolfi is 7.1sec off the pace while Jari Huttunen is 11.1sec down.

Fri 16:21 - SS5: Pieniazek
Lukasz Pieniazek has lost 22.2sec on this stage, does he explain how he's dropped that time? "We'll see if we've gone with the best compound. Struggling today, trying to find some rhythm and confidence." He doesn't reveal which compound he's running on his Fabia.

Fri 16:19 - SS5: Greensmith
Greensmith is across the line now and he's 11.5sec down on the Skoda driver. He says: "It started okay, but we thought it would have been wetter than that. We had some softs on which overheated towards the end. We also lost the brakes early on."

Fri 16:18 - SS5: Kopecký
The WRC 2 leader completes the stage now, an 11m 41.6sec to his name after the fourth stage of the day. "It is really close, I'm really happy this battle is going on. I'm glad I chose the hard tyres for this one, it dried up at the last minute so I'm glad I changed my plan."

Fri 16:16 - SS5: Griebel
Local driver Marijan - he lives about 20km away from the rally base in Bostalsee - is through to the end of the stage and he's 35.8sec down on Tänak's stage-winning time. He says: "This one was really enjoyable, no rain, no intercom problems. I just drove it and it was a lot of fun."

Fri 16:15 - SS5: Serderidis
Serderidis is the 12th WRC car through to the end of the stage and he's 1m 05.0sec down, not that he's not too fussed by that. He's got a massive smile on his face as he reaches stop control. "The most difficult part is learning the car. We did 65km of tests, it is a lot of work to learn the set-up and the characteristics of the car."

Fri 16:12 - SS5: Suninen
A great camera shot from inside the Fiesta's wheel well shows how hot Teemu's brakes are getting. He's 11.7sec down on the fastest time across the line. He tells Colin Clark: "I'm feeling that I'm doing better and better. I was struggling with the rhythm a bit at the beginning and lost a few seconds.

Fri 16:10 - SS5: Breen
Craig doesn't look to have had the same problems, he's 8.0sec down. "I said there at the end that I can't release it and let it flow like I wanted. I'm in the ballpark but I wanted to be in the fight for a podium."

Fri 16:09 - SS5: Østberg
The Norwegian completes the stage now and he's 23.7sec slower than the fastest time on this test. Does he give a reason why he's lost some pace? "I don't know, we have an engine problem and I have lost power. We did a mistake and we don't have engine power. It feels the same problem that we had yesterday."

Fri 16:06 - SS5: Evans
Elfyn's set a great time through this stage, he's only 4.8sec behind Tänak and he's moved ahead of Latvala in the overall standings by 0.9sec. "I don't really know where we are overall, but it was a good clean stage. The balance was a lot better than the first run that's for sure."

Fri 16:04 - SS5: Latvala
Miikka Anttila is calling out the pace notes as Latvala goes 6.8sec down across the finish line. "It is an okay time, I can see Tänak and Ogier are going fast. I can't match them that's for sure."

Fri 16:02 - SS5: Mikkelsen
Mikkelsen is still struggling it would seem, he's 11.5sec down as he reaches stop control. "I try to work again more and I had a good look in service to try and understand even more. Did some adjustments, it feels very unnatural, but maybe they'll feel natural in time."

Fri 16:00 - SS5: Sordo
Dani Sordo is the next through the finish, he's 9.5sec down. "My target is to go a bit higher than Lappi, the people in front are really fast and it is difficult. Some places are really dirty and slippy, it is hard to find the limit."

Fri 15:58 - SS5: Lappi
Lappi's lost a bit of time again on this one, he's 10.5sec down on Tänak after the second run of Stein und Wein. He says: "Full poison for me, so no chance." Best explain that, he is calling the dust that comes out from the cuts poison. We don't know why either.

Fri 15:55 - SS5: Tänak
Ott's found the time! He's gone fastest through the stage by 0.3sec, what a turn around from the Estonian after being a second down 8.2km in. "This one is like a normal German challenge again, it was quite tricky in places. It is very messy, it is like polished mud in places."

Fri 15:54 - SS5: Ogier
Seb is using every little bit of road he can and it seems to have paid off for him, he's 3.1sec faster across the flying finish. "At least I can judge from Thierry that it was good, but we have to wait to Ott. This morning we were missing a bit but now we will see."

Fri 15:52 - SS5: Neuville
Thierry's through to the end of the stage now, and he's speaking to Colin Clark: "I don't know, I tried to push. You can always go faster but it is really tricky, there were plenty of places in my pace notes where it should have been muddy but it was completely dry. I also lost the bite on the brakes as well."

Fri 15:50 - SS5: Tänak
He still can't match Ogier through the splits, 12.05km in he's 0.8sec down.

Fri 15:47 - SS5: Tänak
Ott Tänak can't match Ogier through the first split, he's 0.2sec slower.

Fri 15:46 - SS5: Ogier
He's quickest through the second split as well, 2.9sec quicker to be exact.

Fri 15:44 - SS5: Ogier
Ogier is through the 3.77km timing line and he's 1.2sec faster than Neuville.

Fri 15:40 - SS5: Neuville
Neuville powers onto the stage and gets the afternoon underway!

Fri 15:39 - Tyre news
All the crews have taken 5 hard Michelin tyres for the afternoon loop

Fri 15:37 - SS5 stage guide
Stein und Wein 2, 19.44km Last used in 2015, this year’s version has a revised finish. It is fast and flowing with a mix of wide main roads and narrow vineyard tracks. There are plenty of hairpins and many chances for drivers to save valuable tenths of a second by cutting corners.

Fri 15:33 - Some news from service
A bit of news from service, Pierre-Louis Loubet was hamstrung this morning with a bent rear axle on his Hyundai i20 R5.

Fri 15:29 - Welcome back
We're in position, ready and waiting for the afternoon loop to begin

Fri 13:50 - Technical break
With the standings settled after the morning loop, we'll take a break and return before the second run of Stein und Wein at 15:39!

Fri 13:45 - WRC 2 standings after SS4
1. Kopecký 33m 27.4sec 2. Bonato +5.4sec 3. Solans +6.5sec 4. Camilli +9.9sec 5. Greensmith +13.7sec 6. Kajetanowicz +18.4sec

Fri 13:43 - WRC standings after SS4
1. Tänak 30m 35.0sec 2. Ogier +7.2sec 3. Neuville +10.9sec 4. Lappi +19.7sec 5. Sordo +21.8sec 6. Latvala +22.4sec

Fri 13:42 - SS4: Camilli
Eric Camilli is really giving it some beans this morning, this is another stage where he's been running close to the front. Just 0.6sec slower than Rovanperä on this test.

Fri 13:41 - SS4: Ciamin
Nicolas Ciamin goes fifth fastest through the stage and he's 11th in class - having been given a 10sec time penalty for checking into TC3 a minute late.

Fri 13:39 - SS4: Kajetanowicz
The Pole wheels his LOTOS Rally Team car to the end of stage four and he's 2.9sec down.

Fri 13:36 - SS4: Lefebvre and Bonato
The Citroën drivers are still on decent pace here. Lefebvre is just 0.8sec off the pace and Bonato is 4.3sec down.

Fri 13:33 - SS4: Rovanperä
And Kalle goes fastest through the stage! Only by 0.2sec though

Fri 13:32 - SS4: Solans
Another cracker of a stage from Solans, he's just 1.0sec off the pace.

Fri 13:31 - SS4: Andolfi and Loubet
The next two cars through to the end are Fabio Andolfi in a Skoda and Pierre-Louis Loubet in a Hyundai. The former is 3.1sec down and the latter is 1m 00.7sec slower.

Fri 13:29 - SS4: Huttunen
Oh Jari Huttunen! The Finn is so close to stealing away the top spot on the stage - he's just 0.2sec down as he reaches the stop control.

Fri 13:28 - SS4: Pieniazek
Lukasz Pieniazek goes second fastest in the class, a time 2.2sec down on our pacesetter at the moment.

Fri 13:27 - SS4: Greensmith
Gus can't top him though, he's 3.0sec down across the flying finish.

Fri 13:26 - SS4: Kopecký
Jan Kopecký is through to the end of the stage now, the first of our support category runners, and he's put down a 5m31.7sec for the other R5 runners to aim at.

Fri 13:24 - SS4: Griebel
Griebel rounds off the WRC runners and he's 20.8sec down in his DS 3.

Fri 13:23 - SS4: Serderidis
Jourdan Serderidis is 28.7sec down as he looks to get even more comfortable in the 2018-spec Fiesta. "It was very fun here today, we just had rain on the second stage. We had a lot of fun on this stage, playing in the field a little bit but still a lot of fun."

Fri 13:21 - SS4: Suninen
Suninen hooks a wheel into the ditch but he survives until the end of SS4, 7.9sec slower than Tänak. He comments: "It was an okay morning loop. A lot of things I need to improve. The little bit of damage was on the last stage, I hit something and I don't know what."

Fri 13:19 - SS4: Breen
Craig is fighting through dirty stages now, there's a lot of gravel on the road as he reaches the end of this one. He's 5.9sec off the stage-winning time. "Nice, enjoyable. Just unbelievable luck to get caught on the rain on the previous one. I just can't believe our luck on Fridays."

Fri 13:17 - SS4: Østberg
Mads ticks off the Friday morning loop now and he's 6.6sec down on Wadern-Weiskirchen. He says: "It is okay, it is always a tricky rally and this is like a new stage again. But the time is not good and that is a shame."

Fri 13:15 - SS4: Evans
Elfyn drops a position overall on this stage, he's 4.7sec slower than Tänak and 1.4sec down on Latvala. The Welshman is 7th overall now. "The junctions are quite gravelly, it is just that point at the exit where you have to use the handbrake to get it round. Otherwise it is okay."

Fri 13:13 - SS4: Latvala
Jari-Matti's down on his team-mate, 3.3sec to be exact. Is he happy with his time on this test? "It is not good. Let's go to service and we'll be wiser." An easy no to that question.

Fri 13:11 - SS4: Mikkelsen
Mikkelsen is the third Hyundai through to stop control and he's 7.7sec off the pace. What does he say at stage end? "I just tried to work on my driving style. This car takes a different style than I'm doing. I'm just trying to work. I just try to be more aggressive on the steering wheel."

Fri 13:08 - SS4: Sordo
Dani Sordo is the next to break the timing beam at the flying finish and he's 3.0sec down - matching Ogier's time. "I try to drive as fast as I can. It was difficult because there isn't much grip. I don't know the time but the feeling is good."

Fri 13:07 - SS4: Lappi
Esapekka Lappi is closer to his team-mate's pace on this one, he's just 1.8sec down. "The feeling was okay to be honest. Just on the previous stage the end was so dirty and I'm not brave enough to drive on those sorts of conditions. I didn't like it and that's why I'm nervous when the dirt comes - I don't want to make a mistake."

Fri 13:05 - SS4: Tänak
Tänak has set another cracker of a time, he's 2.3sec up on Neuville across the lone and his lead looks to have extended. He tells Jules: "It was a very clean stage. I had everything good so it is going in a good rhythm at the moment. Stability is improving as well I guess."

Fri 13:03 - SS4: Ogier
The Frenchman has lost time on this stage, he's 0.7sec down on Neuville at the end of this test. "It was okay, much more grip than last year. Still a bit dusty but it was okay. Tried our best this morning, couldn't do much more than that."

Fri 13:01 - SS4: Neuville
The Belgian completes the morning loop now and he's speaking to Julian Porter at stage end. "The car is working. I wasn't disturbed in the stage before, it was just a small leaking with oil. I think we were struggling this morning with dust, I think I have a little less rhythm in the corners because I'm driving fast and the times are not as quick as they should be."

Fri 12:57 - SS4: Ogier
Sébastien Ogier is also onto the stage now and he's making full use of the cuts on this test

Fri 12:54 - SS4: Neuville
Neuville gets the stage underway now!

Fri 12:53 - SS4 weather watch
It's not wet, for the time being at least, with sun and 23C warmth!

Fri 12:47 - SS4 stage guide
Wadern-Weiskirchen 1, 9.27km New for 2017, Wadern-Weiskirchen weaves through open fields, with plenty of opportunities for corner cutting. The roads are narrow and it is littered with junctions, but the sections linking them are very quick. It’s a lapping stage and crews tackle the same roads twice before peeling off the ‘circuit’ to the finish. If it’s wet, the junctions will be very muddy.

Fri 12:07 - A short break
With SS3 wrapped up, we'll take a short break and return before SS4 - Wadern-Weiskirchen - at 12:53

Fri 12:06 - WRC 2 standings after SS3
1. Kopecký 27m 55.7sec 2. Bonato +1.3sec 3. Solans +5.2sec 4. Camilli +9.5sec 5. Greensmith +10.7sec 6. Kajetanowicz +15.7sec

Fri 12:05 - WRC standings after SS3
1. Tänak 25m 28.3sec 2. Ogier +4.2sec 3. Neuville +8.6sec 4. Lappi +17.9sec 5. Sordo +18.8sec 6. Evans +18.8sec

Fri 12:04 - SS3: Scandola and Suarez
Our last two WRC 2 cars make it to stop control. Scandola is 20.8sec off the pace and Suarez is 25.0sec down.

Fri 12:03 - SS3: Camilli
Eric Camilli has a solid run to the stage end of this one, he's 19.0sec down on Kreim.

Fri 12:01 - SS3: Kreim
Our German champion - making his first start of the season at this rally - has had a great run through this test. He's 6.7sec faster than Bonato!

Fri 11:57 - SS3: Bonato and Lefebvre
What a time from Yoann Bonato! He's 8.5sec faster than anyone as he reaches the flying finish! His fellow C3 R5 driver Stéphane Lefebvre is 54.5sec down.

Fri 11:56 - SS3: Rovanperä
Kalle has a decent enough run through this test, he's 16.6sec down on his Skod Motorsport team-mate.

Fri 11:54 - SS3: Loubet
Pierre-Louis Loubet though, has had the opposite experience on this one - he's 2m 08.8sec off the pace.

Fri 11:53 - SS3: Solans
Nil Solans is on a great run this morning, he's 0.3sec down on the fastest WRC 2 time.

Fri 11:53 - Neuville
Michel Nandan gives All Live an update on Thierry Neuville's car. The Monegasque explains that a loose pipe caused the issue, but Neuville has now tightened it and it should be fine for the next one.

Fri 11:52 - SS3: Greensmith
An onboard from Pieniazek's car shows Greensmith is changing the left-rear tyre on his Fiesta in the road section after the stage.

Fri 11:50 - SS3: Huttunen and Andolfi
Jari Huttunen has lost time as well, he's 18.8sec down while Fabio Andolfi is third fastest as it stands, 14.2sec slower.

Fri 11:49 - SS3: Pieniazek
The Pole's spin has cost him on this one, he's dropped 18.1sec to the fastest pair after 22.00km.

Fri 11:47 - SS3: Greensmith
Gus has had a really great run through Mittelmosel, he's matched Kopecký's time on this one!

Fri 11:47 - SS3: Kopecký
Kopecký is across the line now and his benchmark time is a 14m 09.6sec

Fri 11:45 - SS3: Griebel
Further up the road, Griebel is the last of the WRC runners to finish in a time 1m 24.7sec slower.

Fri 11:44 - SS3: Greensmith and Pieniazek
Oh my word, Gus is more than halfway through this stage and the rain is intense, this could make things interesting if it is like this in SS4 as well. The rain's caught out Lukasz as well as he spins under braking.

Fri 11:42 - SS3: Serderidis
We go on board with the Greek driver and the rain is pretty heavy at this point. He's 1m 50.3sec off the pace.

Fri 11:40 - SS3: Suninen
Teemu Suninen also completes the stage with his windscreen wipers going. There's definitely some moisture in the air now. He's 34.2sec off the pace.

Fri 11:38 - SS3: Breen
Back at the finish, Craig Breen is the next to put a time on the board and he's 22.1sec down - only just faster than his team-mate. He says: "I had a massive rain shower in the middle of the stage, it was a full wet road for abut 3 or 4km. Friday normally puts things upside down for me."

Fri 11:37 - Neuville
Oh dear, oh dear. Thierry Neuville has stopped 2km after the end of SS3 to work on the car. He's moving again now though.

Fri 11:36 - SS3: Østberg
Mads Østberg looks to have struggled through this one, he's 22.4sec down across the line. What does he tell Colin? "I struggled a bit on the hairpins. It is very difficult to use the handbrake and when you have such little time in the car it is difficult. At one of the hairpins I span."

Fri 11:34 - SS3: Evans
Evans goes fourth fastest through to the end of the stage, he's 8.3sec slower than Tänak and level in the overall standings with Dani Sordo. "It was an okay stage, I pushed very hard. The grip has been surprising low this morning."

Fri 11:32 - SS3: Latvala
Latvala can't match the pace of his Estonian team-mate, he's 13.4sec down as he pulls into stop control. He's asked if he had a good run through the stage "I have no idea, I don't know the times. Some places I was hesitating." He gets told the time by Colin: "Yeah, that's a bad time."

Fri 11:30 - SS3: Mikkelsen
Andreas Mikkelsen is the slowest through the stage as it stands, 18.2sec slower than Tänak. "I had a half-spin in that one. If I push harder then I have understeer. I tried to change my driving style but I can't seem to figure it out."

Fri 11:28 - SS3: Sordo
Carlos Del Barrio is quickfire on the notes as Dani Sordo powers across the flying finish 12.7sec off the pace. He tells Colin: "I tried to do my best."

Fri 11:26 - SS3: Lappi
Lappi can't match his team-mate, he's 13.1sec down across the line. "Okay, I didn't feel so bad. I tried my best, I lost a little bit of confidence towards the end, it was a little bit slippy. But for sure I wasn't expecting to lose that much time."

Fri 11:24 - SS3: Tänak
Back on the stage though, and Tänak has demolished the fastest time so far! He's 5.0sec faster than Ogier and he's back into the overall lead. Colin asks if he's happy with the car: "To be honest not yet, the stability is struggling a bit in tricky places. We're learning all the time, I've never done this rally in the Yaris before."

Fri 11:23 - SS3: Neuville
As Ogier pulled into stop control, we overheard Colin Clark mentioning Neuville's car was leaking gearbox oil. We'll bring more on that as we get it.

Fri 11:22 - SS3: Ogier
The reigning champion lowers the marker by 2.3sec through the flying finish. He's 4.3sec slower than Tänak at the final split though! "It is a dirty stage in places, a bit slippery. But we are trying to drive clever and it is not so bad."

Fri 11:20 - SS3: Neuville
Thierry Neuville reaches stop control now and he's benchmark time is a 12m 32.5sec. He tells a grape-eating Colin Clark: "I had the feeling like I was doing a good stage this time. I don't know if there is dust on the stage or something because it is very low grip."

Fri 11:18 - SS3: Lappi
Esapekka is still a bit off the pace of the front-runners, he's 2.2sec down on Neuville at the second split.

Fri 11:17 - SS3: Tänak
He's storming through this test! At the 9.89km timing point he's 3.3sec up.

Fri 11:14 - SS3: Tänak
Tänak, though, is flying in the opening kilometres! He's 1.9sec faster than Neuville at the first split.

Fri 11:13 - SS3: Ogier
The first split time for Ogier is 0.4sec down at 6.3sec but he's only 0.1sec down at 9.89km

Fri 11:09 - SS3: Ogier
Two cars are onto this test as Seb Ogier launches his Fiesta.

Fri 11:06 - SS3: Neuville
So after a one minute delay, Thierry Neuville is off and into the grapevines.

Fri 11:06 - SS3: Stage delayed
We've got a touch of a delay to the start of this test, we'll let you know when it gets going!

Fri 10:59 - SS3 guide
Mittelmosel 1, 22.00km The initial section is all about the vineyards above the Mosel river. It is littered with hairpins, both downhill and uphill, and tricky junctions among the grapes. After exiting the vines, there is a 1.3km blast along a main road to the village of Rivenich, which drivers leave across open fields. The stage becomes more open before ending with another string of hairpins.

Fri 10:58 - SS2: Lefebvre
Stéphane Lefebvre hustles the Citroën C3 R5 to the end of the opening test and he's 2.4sec off the pace having initially been faster than Kopecký through the first three splits.

Fri 10:56 - SS2: Rovanperä
Kalle is on a learning weekend this time, as he tackles his first asphalt WRC event and he's 9.8sec down on his team-mate as he reaches the flying finish.

Fri 10:55 - SS2: Solans
Nils Solans has had a cracker of a stage, he was green through the splits but he just loses a fraction of time right at the end - he's just 0.3sec down.

Fri 10:53 - SS2: Andolfi
Andolfi also breaks the timing beam at stage end and he's 16.5sec down.

Fri 10:52 - SS2: Pieniazek and Huttunen
Lukasz Pieniazek has lost time on that test it would seem, he's 18.5sec down. Jari Huttunen meanwhile, is second fastest through the stage, 6.2sec off the pace.

Fri 10:51 - SS2: Greensmith
Gus Greensmith completes this one 6.4sec down on the Czech driver. He says: "No test, big accident and only five slower than Jan so I'll take that after this week. Some areas could have been a bit better but I'll take that. Big thanks to Stu Loudon for stepping in."

Fri 10:50 - SS2: Kopecký
The first of the WRC 2 crews through to the stage end is Jan Kopecký in his Skoda Fabia R5 and he sets a 11m 34.3sec for the rest of the class to aim at. He tells Jules: "It is nice, the stage is fully dry. You have to be careful because the WRC cars are cutting everywhere and it is quite slippery."

Fri 10:48 - SS2: Griebel
Marijan Griebel is the last of our WRC cars through to stop control in the previous-generation Citroën DS 3 WRC. He's only 41.4sec down. "Definitely it is not easy, this car is so amazing fast. The end of the stage wasn't the best with the rhythm."

Fri 10:46 - SS2: Serderidis
Jourdan Serderidis is through in the fourth Fiesta, the 2017 WRC Trophy champion crosses the line 1m 05.3sec down. Wide-eyed, he says: "Enormous stage now! It was fun, a lot of fun! On the set-up we have to change several things to be more precise and stop it drifiting as much."

Fri 10:43 - SS2: Suninen
Teemu Suninen completes his second stage on asphalt, and he's 11.3sec off his team-mate's stage winning time. He tells Julian: "I was able to enjoy, but a lot of challenges with a new car on a new surface, but just need to improve the driving."

Fri 10:41 - SS2: Breen
Two Citroëns through to stage end now as Breen completes the stage 8.8sec slower. "Yeah incredibly polluted. I was so cautious not to make any mistakes and to get brakings in on time. It was a clean run though, no moments."

Fri 10:40 - SS2: Østberg
Mads is the second slowest through the stage so far, he's 9.2sec off Ogier's pace. "I was very happy with that to be honest, I enjoyed the stage to be honest. To have been away from asphalt for so long and to come back and be relatively competitive is good."

Fri 10:37 - SS2: Evans
M-Sport Ford's Elfyn Evans breaks the beam at the flying finish and he's 8.4sec behind, seventh fastest through the stage as it stands. "Quite a lot of understeer which is surprising compared to what we had in the shakedown. Many sections are already very dirty and very difficult."

Fri 10:35 - SS2: Latvala
Jari-Matti Latvala keeps the steady flow of cars crossing the finish line going and he's 4.8sec down on Ogier, the Frenchman's time looks unbeatable at the moment. "It is in the ballpark of Seb's time. There are places where the dirt is coming onto the asphalt so I had to be careful."

Fri 10:33 - SS2: Mikkelsen
Andreas Mikkelsen is the third of the Hyundai i20s through to stop control and he is 9.5sec off the benchmark time on this test. What's his view after this one? "We tried of course, I don't feel really perfect. We had a clean stage but I need to be more aggresive on the steering wheel and adjust my driving style a bit. The stage is getting very dirty as well."

Fri 10:31 - SS2: Sordo
Dani Sordo looks a bit off the pace through SS2, he's 7.4sec off the pace. He has had a lot of time away from the car though. "I didn't feel really good with the car. We need to improve for the next one, it was difficult."

Fri 10:29 - SS2: Lappi
Esapekka Lappi breaks the timing beam at the flying finish and he's 5.0sec slower than Ogier. How did he find Stein und Wein? "There is big cuts near to the finish, I've been on the middle of the road. The time is not the fastest but quite a relaxed driver and very clean."

Fri 10:27 - SS2: Tänak
The Toyota driver is through to the end of the stage now and he can't match the fastest time so far, he's 1.7sec down. He tells Julian Porter: "It was a very clean run. I didn't feel too comfortable at high-speed, stability is not so nice."

Fri 10:25 - SS2: Ogier
And Seb immediately betters Thierry's time by 1.0sec, he's looking good on the splits as well - no one has gone better through a split as it stands. "It is very close. Basically same time. Feeling is good, but not so much grip this morning."

Fri 10:23 - SS2: Neuville
And he completes the test now, a 10m 51.2sec to kick things off. He says: "I'm not happy with the rhythm, I struggle a bit with understeer and oversteer all the time. There are differing levels of grip. I was just not confident enough in the behaving."

Fri 10:21 - SS2: Neuville
Thierry's gaining the time back it appears, at 12.05km into the stage he's only 0.1sec slower than Ogier.

Fri 10:18 - SS2: Tänak
Ott's onto the test and at the opening timing beam he's 0.9sec slower than Ogier

Fri 10:16 - SS2: Ogier
The splits are coming through now, and at the 3.77km opening split Ogier is 1.0sec up on Neuville

Fri 10:12 - SS2: Neuville
And with that, Thierry Neuville powers onto the first stage of the day

Fri 10:11 - Tyres
WRC tyre choices for this morning: Citroën - 4 hard + 2 soft Ogier & Evans - 4 hard + 1 soft Toyota - 5 hard Suninen - 4 hard + 2 soft Neuville & Mikkelsen - 4 hard + 2 soft Sordo - 4 hard + 1 soft

Fri 10:06 - Eyes on the skies
It’s another beautiful day in Germany, but there’s been talk of rain later on so we’ll keep our eyes peeled for that!

Fri 10:02 - Start list:
The crews line up in championship order today: 1. Neuville 2. Ogier 3. Tänak 4. Lappi 5. Sordo 6. Mikkelsen 7. Latvala 8. Evans 9. Østberg 10. Breen 11. Suninen 12. Serderidis 13. Griebel

Fri 09:59 - Friday’s itinerary (afternoon)
After heading back to service at Bostalsee, the morning loop is run again with the second pass of Stein und Wein starting at 15.39

Fri 09:56 - Friday’s itinerary (morning)
It’s a trip to the Mosel valley vineyards today, but crews won’t have time to sample the grapes (unless they’re very unlucky) with three stages on the agenda. The action starts with the 19.44km Stein und Wein followed by the 22.00km Mittelmosel test and the 9.27km Wadern-Weiskirchen blast.

Fri 09:52 - How’s it looking?
After yesterday’s crowd-pleasing sprint through the Wendelinuspark, Ott Tänak leads the way in his Toyota Yaris WRC. Just 0.1sec behind him is WRC 2 leader Kalle Rovanperä who had a storming run through the Super Special Stage. Regular WRC 2 front-runner Ole Christian Veiby, who is running this weekend as a non-priority driver in a Skoda Fabia R5, is third overall - 0.2sec behind, with Dani Sordo a further two-tenths down in fourth. Jan Kopecký is fifth and sixth is Sébastien Ogier.

Fri 09:49 - We’re Live
On the WRC App and Remember, you can also watch all the action, with awe-inspiring onboards of the crews powering through the asphalt tests, on WRC+ All Live

Fri 09:46 - Willkommen Zurück
Or welcome back, in English, to the second day of action at ADAC Rallye Deutschland

Thu 20:46 - With that... Goodbye!
With the WRC and WRC 2 cars through to the end, we'll end the live text for this evening, but don't despair! We'll back for SS2 - Stein und Wein - which begins at 10:11 local rally time. See you then!

Thu 20:44 - WRC 2 standings after SS1
1. Rovanperä 2min 11.3sec 2. Kopecký +0.5sec 3. Scandola +1.2sec 4. Kajetanowicz +1.3sec 5. Camilli +1.4sec 6. Lefebvre +2.1sec

Thu 20:40 - Overall standings after SS1
1. Tänak 2min 11.2sec 2. Rovanperä +0.1sec 3. Sordo +0.4sec 4. Kopecký +0.6sec 5. Ogier +0.9sec 6. Mikkelsen +1.0sec

Thu 20:38 - SS1: Suarez
Jose Suarez completes the WRC 2 class, he's in a Hyundai i20 R5 and finishes 4.6sec down.

Thu 20:35 - SS1: Scandola
Our penultimate WRC 2 competitor through the flying finish is Umberto Scandola in his Skoda Fabia R5, he's dished out a few hits on the hay bales but he's set a great time through the stage - third fastest in class and only 1.3sec down.

Thu 20:33 - SS1: Camilli
Eric Camilli is making his return to WRC 2 after competing in the season-opening Rallye Monte-Carlo. He's in an M-Sport Ford Fiesta R5 - having tested the VW Polo R5 for a good few months - and he's 1.5sec slower, fourth in class.

Thu 20:31 - SS1: Tempestini
Simone Tempestini starts the stage with the door open on his Citroën C3 R5, but a sharp turn quickly gets it shut. That's not distracted him too much, he's 4.0sec down.

Thu 20:28 - SS1: Kajetanowicz
Kajetan Kajetanowicz is onto the stage in his LOTOS Rally Team Ford Fiesta, he's third fastest through the test, just 1.4sec off the pace.

Thu 20:26 - SS1: Rovanperä
17-year-old Kalle Rovanperä is onto the stage now and he's taking no prisoners on his asphalt debut. He's fastest through the stage he's 0.6sec faster than his team-mate, you wouldn't know he's not done a sealed-surface rally in this car before! He's also second overall, faster than Dani Sordo and only 0.1sec slower than Ott Tänak!

Thu 20:23 - SS1: Guerra
Mexican driver Benito Guerra is onto the stage and he's showing no signs of dropped confidence after his off on Monday during a pre-event test as he pops in the third fastest time! 2.7sec off Kopecký's best effort.

Thu 20:20 - SS1: Ciamim
Three Hyundai i20 R5s complete the stage as Nicolas Ciamin powers through the stop line - after giving the bales a bit of abuse along the way - and he goes fourth, 3.6sec down.

Thu 20:17 - SS1: Huttunen
It's Jari Huttunen's turn to do his thing on the opening stage. He's in a Hyundai Motorsport-entered i20 R5. He secured a podium in Finland, he'll be aiming to repeat that in this rally. He's had a decent start, 4.7sec off the pace for the Finn.

Thu 20:14 - SS1: Bonato
Yoann Bonato is in a privateer C3 R5 as he waits for the marshals to rearrange some of the hay bales. He's had a solid run through this one, 4.8sec off the pace.

Thu 20:12 - SS1: Lefebvre
Citroën's C3 R5 takes on the Super Special now at the hands of Stéphane Lefebvre. The Frenchman is 2.2sec down but he's second fastest in class and ninth fastest overall! Great run for him.

Thu 20:09 - SS1: Loubet
Pierre-Louis Loubet powers his Hyundai i20 R5 around the hay bales - he does clip a few mind - and he's made a mess of the roundabout donut as well! That's cost him time, he's 6.4sec down.

Thu 20:06 - SS1: Solans
The reigning Junior WRC champion Nil Solans takes to the stage in his striking gold-coloured Ford Fiesta R5. He's 5.2sec down, the slowest of the WRC 2 crews through this test.

Thu 20:03 - SS1: Andolfi
It's another Skoda onto the stage as Fabio Andolfi shows off his skills to the assembled fans soaking in the evening sun here in St. Wendel. He clips the kerb on the roundabout but it does him no harm. He's 3.9sec down on the fastest WRC 2 time.

Thu 19:59 - SS1: Pieniazek
We're back onto our WRC 2 runners now and first up is Lukasz Pieniazek in his Skoda Fabia R5, he's 3.4sec down on class leader Kopecký after this test.

Thu 19:57 - SS1: Neuville
Our final WRC car onto the stage is also the championship leader and he keeps both the mirrors on his i20 but he's just eighth fastest - 2.0sec down. "It doesn't matter, but I expected to have a little less grip and they were overheating which wasn't easy. Looking forward to tomorrow, it is going to be tough. It is always so nice to see the fans, it is going to be a good show for them and I hope I can get some strong points for the championship."

Thu 19:54 - SS1: Ogier
The reigning champion is onto this test and he's knocked a mirror off his Fiesta - one lucky fan might be able to pick up a spare for their road car! He's set a good time though, he's 0.9sec down on Tänak after this one. "There are bales everywhere so it is easy to hit things. It is not a really enjoyable stage, it is so slow. But the real rally starts tomorrow."

Thu 19:51 - SS1: Tänak
Here's the man of the moment, Ott Tänak dominated in Finland and he's laid down a marker to the rest of the field - 0.4sec faster than Sordo across the line. "It was terrible, never had that bad a super special. It is tight for these cars and there is so much understeer. I guess it must be the same for everybody because it really is terrible." Hmm, didn't expect him to say that after his fastest run.

Thu 19:48 - SS1: Lappi
It's Esapekka's turn to set a time on this stage and the Finn's flying, despite a few understeery moments he's 1.1sec down on Sordo. He says: "I'm a bit confused, it felt horrible. But about tomorrow, it's a challenge, for some ways I just like the challenge of this rally - that's why I like it, I like to beat the challenge."

Thu 19:44 - SS1: Sordo
It's the return of Sordo to the WRC and he's back with a bang, he's set the fastest time on this stage - 0.2sec up on the Skoda driver! He says: "We are doing quite well this year, we are here for fighting. Let's see tomorrow, it is a long day and a long rally."

Thu 19:42 - SS1: Mikkelsen
So the first of the Hyundais are onto the stage and Mikkelsen also clips a bale! They're taking one hell of a beating this evening. He's so close to toppling Kopecký, just 0.4sec down on the Czech as finishes the stage. "They told us to wait, we stopped the car. Then with eight seconds until we started they gave us our time card and told us to start. We didn't get the car started right on time."

Thu 19:39 - SS1: Latvala
Latvala was second-fastest on Shakedown and the Yaris WRC driver has stopped on the roundabout! He pushed a bale out the way as he was doing his donut. The stewards may take a look at that! He's only lost 2.0sec on the stage though. He tells Molly: "I don't know, the car didn't start the slide as I thought and then I clipped the bale. It's not the end of the world."

Thu 19:35 - SS1: Evans
We've got a Ford on the stage now as Elfyn Evans flings his Fiesta through Wendelinuspark. He completes the stage in the same time as Østberg, 3.2sec down. He says: "I'm really looking forward to this one, the stages are looking great so let's wait and see."

Thu 19:33 - SS1: Østberg
Two C3s in a row onto the stage as Mads tackles the Super Special Stage now. He's clipped a hay bale with the rear of his car but it's done him no harm. He can't match Kopecký though, he's 3.2sec off the Czech driver's pace as he leaves a good smoke screen donuting around the final roundabout. "I have no power, I don't know why, but absolutely no power in the engine. I had to spin the wheels on the car because the engine kept dying all the time." Oh dear, let's hope he resolves that quickly.

Thu 19:29 - SS1: Breen
It's the first of the Citroën's through the stage - one of the most successful manufacturers at this rally in the 21st century - and Breen clips a bale. That doesn't slow him down though as he sets a time just 0.5sec down on Kopecký. He says: "It was nice, just enjoyed it. I grew up on asphalt, it's what I love."

Thu 19:26 - SS1: Suninen
Teemu is making his asphalt debut in a World Rally Car this weekend and he's flying around this stage! He's got a bit of understeer and he's 2.7sec off the benchmark time as he crosses the flying finish. "This stage I felt a lot of understeer and needed to pull the handbrake way too much."

Thu 19:24 - SS1: Griebel
Marijan Griebel moves us back into the WRC class now after a WRC 2 interlude, he's tackling this stage in a previous generation Citroën DS 3 WRC. He crosses the line 4.7sec slower than Kopecký and he says: "I was enjoying it as there was a lot of spectators from my home area. I was on the soft tyres and the car was moving around quite a bit, maybe the hard would have been better."

Thu 19:20 - SS1: Kopecký
He's got a 100 per cent winning record this season, can he take a fourth win in Germany? He's made a great start, he's 3.6sec faster through to the end of the stage! He's happy with that performance: "Let's see tomorrow, but I think the competition is very high. It is nice to look around and see all these cars with really fast drivers."

Thu 19:17 - SS1: Greensmith
Great start for Gus, he's just 0.7sec slower than Kreim. He tells Molly at stage end: "Body feels sore, mind feels good! Good to get that one out the way, it's a great stage for the fans."

Thu 19:15 - SS1: Greensmith
Gus Greensmith is out in his Ford Fiesta R5, Stuart Loudon in the co-drivers seat rather than Craig Parry after Gus's crash in testing on Friday.

Thu 19:14 - SS1: Kreim
Even though he's in a WRC 2 car he's had a clean run through the stage and he's 23.2sec faster than Serderidis. He says: "Really nice stage, very good for the spectators. A lot of fun and quite good!"

Thu 19:12 - SS1: Kreim
So Fabia Kreim is out now, he's a German champion and he's tackling the event in a Skoda Fabia R5.

Thu 19:10 - SS1: Serderidis
Oh no! Drama for Serderidis, he's clipped a kerb and it's taken the tyre off the rim! He's continuing but he won't wanted to have started like that.

Thu 19:08 - SS1: Live!
Here we go then, the action starts now as Jourdan Serderidis powers his M-Sport Ford Fiesta onto the stage

Thu 19:04 - Tyres
The crews have made their tyre choices: All except Toyota - 4 soft and 1 hard Toyota - 5 hard

Thu 18:59 - Start list
The starting order for the first stage looks like this: 1. Serderidis 2. Kreim 3. Greensmith 4. Kopecký 5. Griebel 6. Suninen 7. Breen 8. Østberg 9. Evans 10. Latvala 11. Mikkelsen 12. Sordo 13. Lappi 14. Tänak 15. Ogier 16. Neuville.

Thu 18:56 - Stage guide
SSS St Wendel, 2.04km All-new asphalt stage in the Wendelinus park, on the outskirts of St Wendel, which runs immediately after the opening ceremony in the town itself. Expect plenty of twists, turns and slides as it includes part of a skateboard park – and a large crowd!

Thu 18:53 - Weather
It’s a sunny one today in Germany, with temperatures in the high 20s, those Michelin wet tyres shouldn’t need to be used this evening.

Thu 18:50 - WRC 2 non-starter
Eddie Sciessere is listed as a non-starter, which is why the entry is only 18 - not the 19 as the final entry list showed.

Thu 18:49 - WRC 2 continued
As well as the Skodas, Gus Greensmith will take part in the rally after his testing crash last week, but he’ll be partnered by Stuart Loudon in the Ford Fiesta R5 as regular co-driver Craig Parry is still recovering. Also competing in a Fiesta is Kajetan Kajetanowic, Nil Solans and Eric Camilli - the latter taking part in his first event since Rallye Monte-Carlo. Citroën brings its pair of C3 R5s for Stéphane Lefebvre and Simone Tempestini, while Yoann Bonato will be competing in a privately-entered example of the car. Jari Huttunen will participate in a factory-prepared Hyundai i20 R5, with Nicolas Ciamin and Pierre-Louis Loubet entered in privateer i20s.

Thu 18:46 - WRC 2 entry
There’s 18 WRC 2 crews tackling the mixture of country lanes, grapevine-surrounded tracks and the fearsome Baumholder military complex’s roads that make up Rallye Deutschland. Jan Kopecký has the chance to take the championship lead from Skoda Motorsport team-mate Pontus Tidemand as the latter skips this round. However, Kopecký’s team-mate this weekend is Kalle Rovanperä, the 17-year-old looking to make amends after breaking the suspension on his Fabia R5 while leading in Finland.

Thu 18:43 - Runners and riders
13 WRC cars have headed to Rally Germany - the ninth round of 2018. M-Sport Ford has four Fiestas set to tackle the sealed surface event with Sébastien Ogier, Elfyn Evans and Teemu Suninen joined by Jourdan Serderidis. Hyundai has three i20s entered as Thierry Neuville and Andreas Mikkelsen are joined by the returning Dani Sordo. Toyota Gazoo Racing also has a trio of cars with Ott Tänak looking to defend his 2017 victory, he’s joined in the team by Jari-Matti Latvala and Esapekka Lappi. Citroën bring a pair of C3s for Mads Østberg and Craig Breen. Meanwhile, Marijan Griebel is tackling the rally in a previous-generation Citroën DS 3 WRC.

Thu 18:41 - This evening
The asphalt action kicks off with the 2.04km St. Wendel Super Special Stage.

Thu 18:40 - What’s happened today?
Earlier today, the focus was on shakedown and Toyota Gazoo Racing showed no signs of struggling to switch from gravel to asphalt as Ott Tänak and Jari-Matti Latvala topped the times. Ogier was third, 0.1sec ahead of title rival Neuville. Dani Sordo was fifth while Craig Breen and Elfyn Evans were joint sixth.

Thu 18:37 - What’s the state of play?
Thierry Neuville currently has a 21-point lead over Sébastien Ogier in the drivers’ standings, with Hyundai also leading the manufacturers’ championship by 26 points. Both will be looking to bounce back from a frustrating Neste Rally Finland at an event they’ve both won in recent years.

Thu 18:34 - We’re live
On and the WRC app, bringing text updates about all the on-stage action from the iconic event.

Thu 18:31 - Guten Tag Live Texters
And welcome to the second all-asphalt rally of 2018 - ADAC Rallye Deutschland!

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Ganadores de tramos

Tramo Nombre Ganador Equipo Tiempo
SS1 Pilbara I (9.71 km) NORA. MIKKELSEN
Hyundai Motorsport 5:17.2
SS2 Eastbank I (19.05 km) NORA. MIKKELSEN
Hyundai Motorsport 9:56.3
SS3 Sherwood I (26.68 km) NORA. MIKKELSEN
Hyundai Motorsport 12:51.1
SS4 Pilbara II (9.71 km) NORA. MIKKELSEN
Hyundai Motorsport 5:14.0
SS5 Eastbank II (19.05 km) BELT. NEUVILLE
Hyundai Motorsport 9:48.8
SS6 Sherwood II (26.68 km) NORA. MIKKELSEN
Hyundai Motorsport 12:38.1
SS7 Destination NSW SSS - I (1.27 km) BELT. NEUVILLE
Hyundai Motorsport 1:02.4
SS8 Destination NSW SSS - II (1.27 km) BELT. NEUVILLE
Hyundai Motorsport 1:00.9
SS9 Nambucca17 (48.89 km) BELT. NEUVILLE
Hyundai Motorsport 26:53.6
SS10 Newry17 I (20.87 km) FINJ. LATVALA
Toyota Gazoo Racing WRT 12:10.7
SS11 Raceway SSS (1.37 km) ESTO. TÄNAK
M-Sport World Rally Team 1:15.3
SS12 Welshs Creek (33.49 km) BELT. NEUVILLE
Hyundai Motorsport 17:44.8
SS13 Argents Hill (Live TV) (12.24 km) BELT. NEUVILLE
Hyundai Motorsport 6:42.4
SS14 Newry17 II (20.87 km)
SS15 Destination NSW SSS - III (1.27 km) IRLC. BREEN
Citroën Total Abu Dhabi WRT 1:02.3
SS16 Destination NSW SSS - IV (1.27 km) ESTO. TÄNAK
M-Sport World Rally Team 1:01.8
SS17 Pilbara Reverse I (9.93 km) GBRE. EVANS
M-Sport World Rally Team 5:23.1
SS18 Bucca16 (31.90 km) NZLH. PADDON
Hyundai Motorsport 16:57.4
SS19 Wedding Bells16 I (Live TV) (6.44 km) BELT. NEUVILLE
Hyundai Motorsport 3:55.5
SS20 Pilbara Reverse II (9.93 km)
SS21 Wedding Bells16 II (Power Stage) (6.44 km) FRAS. OGIER
M-Sport World Rally Team 3:32.6



Torsby, Sweden


Wind: 10 km/h