COPEC Rally Chile

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Sun 13:53 - Until then
Keep an eye on for all the latest news and analysis, and don't forget WRC+ All Live for stage recaps and loads of exclusive extras. See you in Portugal.

Sun 13:53 - Finish control
All stages done, so that's where we'll end our live text service from Chile.

Sun 13:53 - What is next
Vodafone Rally de Portugal marks the return of the championship to Europe (30 May-2 June).

Sun 13:52 - Manufacturers championship points after Chile
1.Hyundai Shell Mobis 178, 2.Toyota Gazoo Racing 149, 3.Citroën Total 143, 4.M-Sport Ford 100.

Sun 13:52 - Drivers championship points after Chile
1.Ogier 122, 2.Tänak 112, 3.Neuville 110, 4.Meeke 59, 5.Evans 55, 6.Loeb 39, 7.Mikkelsen 36, 8.Lappi 34.

Sun 13:27 - Chile WRC 2 after SS16
1.Katsuta 3h29m26.7s, 2.Guerra +3m06.1s, 3.Cancio +5m07.2s, 4.Vidaurre +5m27.3s, S. Israel +6m37.7s.

Sun 13:25 - Chile WRC 2 Pro after SS16
1.Rovanperä 3h23m46.3s, 2.Ostberg +23.6s, 3.Greensmith +3m49.0s, 4.Bulacia +5m42.3s.

Sun 13:24 - Chile after SS16
1.Tänak 3h15m53.8s, 2.Ogier +23.1s, 3.Loeb +30.2s, 4.Evans +1m36.7s, 5.Suninen +3m15.6s, 6.Lappi +3m45.4s, 7.Mikkelsen +4m39.0s, 8.Meeke +7m33.4s, 9.Rovanerpä +7m52.5s, 10.Ostberg +8m16.1s.

Sun 13:22 - SS16: Tänak
He returns on top of the WRC podium with victory in South American soil: "It's great to finish this first edition of Rally Chile like this. It's been three very demanding days which required plenty of concentration and energy. I am happy for myself and particularly for the guys at Toyota Gazoo Racing. We lost the lead in two events before, so it was out time to win now."

Sun 13:15 - SS16: Tänak
Ott Tänak and Martin Järveoja are Copec Rally Chile winners! Plus, they were fastest in the Wolf Power Stage, 1.3s quicker than Ogier. We'll bring you his quote as soon as we we get it.

Sun 13:13 - SS16: Ogier
He wins the push for second position overall by just 7.1s after three days of action and takes the championship lead: "I am surprised that my time here was not so bad because the extinguisher went off and the smell in the cockpit was so bad I almost went unconscious. It's a good second place in Chile after an interesting battle with Loeb"

Sun 13:09 - SS16: Loeb
He was just 0.7s slower than Latvala's benchmark. Loeb takes a fantastic podium result in the Hyundai: "Congratulations to Hyundai Motorsport for making a very good job. We had a solid pace and the last two days were particularly satisfying. I am happy to see I am among the front-runners again."

Sun 13:05 - SS16: Evans
The Welshman completes the Chilean event in fourth place, just ahead of his team mate: "It was a possitive rally for the team, but it was never easy. Conditions were mostly difficult. We gave everything we had until last night and today we took it a little easier."

Sun 13:01 - SS16 Suninen
Driving his M-Sport Ford Fiesta, the Finn is happy to have got some points for him and the team: "It's a good result for us with two good final positions for Elfyn and me. We were able to catch some nice points. M-Sport did a good work here."

Sun 12:58 - SS16: Lappi
Depiste his problem, his time was quickest so far: "I didn't have enough steering angle, so I spun. The gear lever was very hard when I tried to select first speed again. At least my split times in this Power Stage were good until that happened."

Sun 12:54 - SS16: Split watches
Esapekka Lappi had a very long slide, did a half spin in his C3 WRC and lost alsmost 20s.

Sun 12:53 - SS16: Mikkelsen
He wasn't able to find the same pace like in Argentina two weeks ago: "This was disappointing after our good wrork the other side of the Andes. I think my biggest mistake was to make very agressive notes during the recce. We saw that was not OK in Leg 1 and after that we lost confidence. There were other drivers crashing and we didnt want that for us."

Sun 12:49 - SS16: Meeke
He is not precisely happy with his final result in Copec Rally Chile: "It was a difficult event and certainly not a result to go home pleased."

Sun 12:45 - SS16: Latvala
He considerably improved his morning time here: "We didn't know about what to expect. It was wet earlier, but now the road was better, so were our times."

Sun 12:42 - SS16: Rovanperä
The young Finn wins this rally by a 23.6s margin over Mads Ostberg: "This feels great because we had not had a good start to the season, so a win is fantastic, even more in our first visit to this country. Big thanks to the team because they did everything right. I am also please with my own performance in these demanding roads."

Sun 12:38 - SS16: Ostberg
He was second in WRC 2 Pro: "I am happy that we were to get some more speed out of the car in Chile. It's a pity we were denied of a new win due to technical issues after leading during the first day."

Sun 12:33 - SS16: Greensmith
The Briton gets one more podium result in WRC 2 Pro: "It was an eventful rally for me, but at least here we are in the Top-3 again. There were a few problems, but the overall feeling is good"

Sun 12:30 - SS16: Bertelli
Happy to finish his first gravel event in a long time: "This rally was like growing up for me because I had to get used to a few things after almost two years without competing in this kind of surface. Being out of training can really change one's pace. The rally was tricky, but I enjoyed coming here."

Sun 12:20 - SS16 Underway
Lorenzo Bertelli and Simone Scattolin pulling their Fiesta WRC in the last 12.5 kms of this new event in the world series.

Sun 12:00 - Wolf Power Stage running order
1.Bertelli, 2.Greensmith, 3.Ostberg, 4.Rovanperä, 5.Latvala, 6.Meeke, 7.Mikkelsen, 8.Lappi, 9.Suninen, 10.Evans, 11.Loeb, 12.Ogier, 13.Tanak.

Sun 11:58 - Wolf Power Stage start intervals
Four-minute gaps in this last test of the event.

Sun 11:44 - Break
We are taking a break, but don't go far because in half an hour we will be ready for the Wolf Power Stage.

Sun 11:25 - Chile WRC 2 after SS15
1.Katsuta 3h20m48.1s, 2.Guerra +2m59.5s, 3.Cancio +5m54.6s.

Sun 11:17 - Chile WRC 2 Pro after SS15
1.Rovanperä 3h15m20.7s, 2.Ostberg +27.8s, 3.Greensmith +3m44.8s, 4.Bulacia +5m33.2s.

Sun 11:13 - Stage info: SS16
Bio Bio 2, 12.52km The Wolf Power Stage crosses the Nahuelbuta mountain range, starting by the Biobio river and finishing close to the Pacific Ocean coast, overlooking the Golfo de Arauco. The road is narrow and twisty as it climbs under trees for the opening 6km, before becoming wider and faster as it plunges downhill through a couple of hairpins to the finish.

Sun 11:12 - Chile after SS15
1.Tänak 3h07m56.5s, 2.Ogier +21.8s, 3.Loeb +26.4s, 4.Evans +1m31.3s, 5.Suninen +3m10.4s, 6.Lappi +3m20.4s.

Sun 11:10 - Did you know?
At present time, 64 year-old Eliseo Salazar is an inspiration for most of motorsport competitors in his country. After being 1978 Argentinian Formula 4 champion, he went to Europe to do Formula 3 and in 1981 he became the first ever Chilean to start a Formula 1 Grand Prix. He races for four teams until 1983 before entering the Le Mans 24 Hours in the Group C days, participate in the Indy 500 in the 1990s and finish his career just a few years ago as a rally driver not only in the Dakar but also in the national series, Rally Mobil.

Sun 11:06 - SS15: Tänak
Loeb won the stage and Ott Tänak was third, 3.5 down.

Sun 11:03 - SS15: Ogier
So close! Actually, Ogier was not able improve Loeb's mark here and was just 0.7s slower. They head the final stage 4.6s away!

Sun 11:01 - SS15: Loeb
His time was good enough to beat Lappi by 5.1s.

Sun 11:00 - SS15 Split watches
Halfway through the stage, Sébastien Ogier is getting faster split times than Sébastien Loeb.

Sun 10:57 - SS15: Evans
Elfyn completes San Nicolás test 8.8s slower than Espakka Lappi. Top three drivers tot ackle the stage now, so there could be changes in the watches.

Sun 10:54 - SS15: Suninen
Teemu drives his Fiesta to second, 3.9s off Lappi's time.

Sun 10:51 - SS15: Lappi
The Finn is fastest so far, his gap over Meeke 4.2s.

Sun 10:50 - SS15: Split watches
Esapekka Lappi is driving his Citroën C3 to quicker splits than Meeke in the first three sections.

Sun 10:49 - SS15: Mikkelsen
Andreas was 12.5 slower than Kris Meeke in his Hyundai i20 WRC.

Sun 10:48 - SS15: Four finishers
Jari-Matti Latvala, Lorenzo Bertelli, Kris Meeke and Andreas Mikkelsen have completed the stage. From that group, the best time goes to Meeke (8m17.9s), 7.5 clear of his team mate.

Sun 10:38 - SS14: A. Heller
Chilean WRC 2 driver Alberto Heller stopped at 16.8km in SS14. They crashed the Ford Fiesta, but the crew is safe.

Sun 10:31 - SS15: Underway
The penultime stage is on.

Sun 10:27 - Stage info: SS15
San Nicolàs, 15.28km Another well-known stage from national rallies, San Nicolàs undulates throughout on fast and smooth roads. It starts on a wide, flowing forest road before a junction makes the track narrow and tricky with several sharp bends. It becomes even narrower at the midpoint and remains technical for the rest of the way.

Sun 10:27 - Chile WRC 2 Pro after SS14
1.Rovanperä 3h06m48.5s, 2.Ostberg +29.1s, 3.Greensmith +3m32.9s, 4.Bulacia +5m10.8s.

Sun 10:22 - Chile after SS14
1.Tänak 2h59m44.4s, 2.Ogier +24.6s, 3.Loeb +29.9s, 4.Evans +1m20.9s, 5.Evans +1m20.9s, 6.Lappi +3m18.8s.

Sun 10:20 - SS14: Tänak
The overall leader is clearly showing a smooth drive to make sure he grabs the win. Third here, 5.2s behind Ogier: "Both French guys are being quick because of their fight. I am keeping a good pace and trying to save my tyres for the Power Stage a little bit"

Sun 10:17 - SS14: Ogier
He is 3.8s faster than Loeb in his battle for second place: "I had to commit myself here. I had some doubts because you need a fine line in this test, but yes, I was determined to push harder"

Sun 10:14 - SS14: Loeb
He set the quickest time so far with a 10m17.7s time: "This road is very narrow and very fast. I was hesitating in some corners. If you are not accurate, you are off the way"

Sun 10:12 - SS14: Split watches
Sébastien Ogier is defending himself from Sébastien Loeb's attack and was faster than the Hyundai in the first three sections of the stage.

Sun 10:10 - SS14: Evans
Elfyn was 8.5 slower than Suninen in Lircay: "I am trying to look after everything in the car and make it to the finish"

Sun 10:07 - SS14: Suninen
The Finn takes his Ford Fiesta WRC to finish just one tenth of a second faster than Esapekka Lappi0s mark!: "It's a tight batlle. The gap is not enough, but at least I enjoyed driving this special stage"

Sun 10:05 - SS14: Lappi
The Finn did well and was 5.0s faster than Meeke: "For my confidence, it is not the same when the road offers more grip than when it doesn't. These are challenging stages for sure"

Sun 10:02 - SS14: Mikkelsen
He was 18.3s off Kris Meeke's pace: "I am playing a safe leg at the moment. It was foggy in some place, so I didn't want to take silly risks"

Sun 10:00 - SS14: Meeke
He is already focusing on the Power Stage: "This stage had a loose surface. I do what I can, but I am really looking forward to the Power Stage now"

Sun 09:57 - SS14: Bertelli
In his opinion, probably the most technical stage he has been to: "This was really the most technical road I have ever driven. Great stage, but so demanding. You really have to drive here"

Sun 09:54 - SS14: Latvala
He really like the challenges of SS14: "This is really a rally road. It has a rough surface. I liked it. It is nice, but very difficult at the same time, so if you are fighting for a position like Ogier and Loeb it is very easy to make a mistake"

Sun 09:41 - SS14: Underway
It's getting warmer and sunnier...and Latvala is flat out in the road.

Sun 09:26 - Stage info: SS14
Lircay, 18.06km One of the few non-forest stages of the event. Lircay traverses soft low-level hills on narrow and fast roads with plenty of blind crests. A smooth surface aided by a little bravery to attack the crests will reward the brave. It’s not high-speed and not technical, but precision is certainly needed.

Sun 09:25 - SS14: Weather
No rain at the end of the stage. The fog is lifting, so there is visibility for approximately 200 metres. Dry surface. And...the sun is threatening to break through!

Sun 09:00 - Chile WRC 2 after SS13
1.Katsuta 3h00m43.6s, 2.A. Heller +16.4s, 3.Guerra +2m48.3s.

Sun 08:59 - SS13: Katsuta
The Japanese is trying to keep the WRC 2 he got late during Leg 2: "It's good to be in the lead and keep up making quick stage times. I'd like to drive safely, but we can't relax a lot because our gap is not huge"

Sun 08:56 - Chile WRC 2 Pro after SS13
1.Rovanperä 2h56m05.3s, 2.Ostberg +32.8s, 3.Greensmith +3m19.8s, 4.Bulacia +4m46.5s.

Sun 08:55 - SS13: Bulacia
The young man from Bolivia said: "The stage was truly beautiful, but it is slippety like the roads we drove last Friday. The car feels very well"

Sun 08:52 - Chile after SS13
1.Tänak 2h49m25.7s, 2.Ogier +29.8s, 3.Loeb +30.9s, 4.Evans +1m11.1s, 5.Suninen +3m02.6s, 6.Lappi +3m16.4s.

Sun 08:52 - SS13: Ostberg
The Norwegian is pushing, yet he can be just 1.1s than Rovanperä in Bio Bio: "It's not a big gap for our hopes. I can't handle the car nicely in these conditions. We tried to have a softer set-up, but it is not really helping much"

Sun 08:48 - SS13: Rovanperä
He has a comfortable WRC 2 Pro lead of over 30s: "I am OK, but we know Mads Ostberg is coming quickly from behind. I was spinning a lot in slow corners here"

Sun 08:46 - SS13: Tänak
The Estonian finishes 5.7s off Meeke's pace, leaving the Northern Ireland driver as stage winner: "My plan is to stick to the rally lead, of course. It's not easy because at the beginning it was a mix of mud and fog"

Sun 08:43 - SS13: Ogier
He gave up approximately 4s to Loeb and now they are merely 1.1s apart: "This is going to be a very competitive day as far as I can see. The truth is I can't do any better than this"

Sun 08:40 - SS13: Loeb
The Hyundai Motorsport driver is third si far, 1.2s down on the quickest time: "It was not a perfect stage for me because the grip was changing all the time, so I made a few mistakes here and there. I'd like to move to second, so we will see"

Sun 08:37 - SS13: Evans
He is asked if these conditions are familar for him as a Welshman: "Yes, actually in some places it looked pretty much like home. I had quite a clean run"

Sun 08:34 - SS13: Suninen
Teemu is trying the tyres in the difficult conditions the leg started this morning in Chile: "I am checking how the tyres work like this and I am glad to see my time here was good"

Sun 08:31 - SS13: Lappi
The Finn had a difficult stage in slippery ground: "There is a chance to push for fifth place, but here it was difficult to drive properly because the road is so slippery"

Sun 08:29 - SS13: Mikkelsen
He was 9.3s off the pace: "As far as my popsition is concernced, I am like in no man's land, so there is not su much to fight. However, it is good t try some changes in the car. Conditions are wet and very different today again"

Sun 08:25 - SS13: Meeke
The Toyota driver completed the test just 00.4s quicker than Latvala: "It was quite a nice stage, similar to Rally GB. I have some WRC 2 Pro guys to catch up this morning if I want to move up the overall classification"

Sun 08:22 - SS13: Bertelli
Lorenzo is steadily driving the final part of the rally: "It was OK. I had a nice drive with less fog in the end of the stage"

Sun 08:20 - SS13: Latvala
He feels sorry for what happened yesterday and is focused on doing well today: "I really wanted a podium finish, so I was pushing really hard. Taking risks is like that. I am sorry for the team. My target for this leg is being fast in the Power Stage. Bio Bio felt like driving in Wales on a foggy morning"

Sun 08:09 - SS13 Underway
Jari-Matti Latvala pushing his Toyota as hard as possible now.

Sun 08:08 - Foggy start
There is fog in the stage, so crews can add that challenge to their Bio Bio drive.

Sun 08:06 - Standby
Latvala on the line awaiting his 0808 hrs start time.

Sun 08:03 - Stage info: SS13
Bio Bio 1, 12.52km Sunday’s opener crosses the Nahuelbuta mountain range, starting by the Biobió river and finishing close to the Pacific Ocean coast, overlooking the Golfo de Arauco. The road is narrow and twisty as it climbs under trees for the opening 6km, before becoming wider and faster as it plunges downhill through a couple of hairpins to the finish.

Sun 07:58 - WRC+ LIVE
Head to WRC+ to watch All Live from Copec Rally Chile, including every stage broadcast live, breaking service park news and expert studio analysis.

Sun 07:58 - Start intervals
Three-minute intervals between cars.

Sun 07:57 - Sunday's running order
There is a different order today, which sees the Toyota Yaris WRC of Jari-Matti Latvala and Mikka Anttila first on the road: 1.Latvala, 2.Bertelli 3.Meeke, 4.Mikkelsen, 5.Lappi, 6.Suninen, 7.Evans, 8.Loeb, 9.Ogier, 10.Tänak.

Sun 07:57 - Weather
Maybe foggy in some areas. Temperatures ranging from 9° to 17°C range. Sunrise: 0741 hrs. Sunset: 1756 hrs.

Sun 07:54 - Sunday's itinerary
Copec Rally Chile has four more special stages to challenge the crews this morning. Bio Bio (12.52) opens the day at 0808 hrs and then is the final test and Wolf Power Stage at 1218 hrs. In between, drivers must do Lircay (18.06 km) and San Nicolás (15.28) km.

Sun 07:54 - Sunday’s vital stats
Here's what's on the itinerary. Start: 0715 hrs (first car out of parc fermé). Number of stages: 4. Stage distance: 58.38km. Finish: 1345 hrs.

Sun 07:53 - Non-starters
Thierry Neuville will not restart, but Jari-Matti Latvala will after his retirement shortly before the end of SS12.

Sun 07:52 - WRC 2 Pro/WRC 2:
Kalle Rovanperä (Škoda Fabia) overtook Mads Østberg’s Citroën C3 R5 in the WRC 2 Pro to lead the category. In WRC 2, Takamoto Katsuta was the very last minute surprise of Leg 2 when he took the lead in his Ford, a privilege that until then was for the local Alberto Heller in a similar Fiesta.

Sun 07:52 - Preview 2/2
The big news of the day? A massive multiple roll by Thierry Neuville and Nicolas Gilsoul in their Hyundai. The crew escaped unharmed, but the car was destroyed.

Sun 07:51 - Preview 1/2
Ott Tänak (Toyota Yaris WRC) leads by 30.3s from Sébastien Ogier (Citroën C3 WRC). Yesterday, there was a nice battle for the third spot on the podium which included Jari-Matti Latvala until the very last special stage of the day when he sent his car into a ditch and retired with a broken driveshaft. In the best Hyundai i20, Sébastien Loeb was solid and set quick times during the day, gaining several positions and making it to parc fermé in a remarkable third place.

Sun 07:51 - We're live
Through and the WRC app we want to bring you all the action.

Sun 07:50 - Good morning
The season’s sixth round is just about to finish, so we are all up to see what happens with the final stages of Copec Rally Chile.

Sat 17:20 - Until then
Keep an eye on for all the latest news and analysis, and don't forget WRC+ All Live for stage recaps and loads of exclusive extras. Bye for now.

Sat 17:20 - Join us on Sunday
For the rally's final day. Coming up are the final 58.38 competitive kilometres and the all-important Wolf Power Stage. The action kicks off with the 12.52 km Bio Bio stage at 0808 hrs. Don't forget to adjust your clocks!

Sat 17:15 - Chile WRC 2 after SS12
1.Katsuta 2h52m10.1s, 2.A. Heller +6.0s, 3.Guerra +2m14.7s, 4.Cancio +3m58.1s.

Sat 17:14 - SS12: Latvala update
He stopped after hitting a rock on a ditch with front left and damaged driveshaft.

Sat 17:10 - Chile WRC 2 Pro after SS12
1.Rovanperä 2h47m38.7s, 2.Ostberg +36.1s, 3.Greensmith +2m52.7s, 4.Bulacia +4m11.5s.

Sat 17:06 - Chile after SS12
1.Tänak 2h41m05.5s, 2.Ogier 30.3s, 3.Loeb 35.4s, 4.Evans 1m06.3s, 5.Suninen 3m03.0s, 6.Lappi 3m13.3s, 7.Mikkelsen 3m43.4s, 8.Rovanperä 6m33.2s, 9.Ostberg 7m09.3s, 10.Meeke 7m21.9s.

Sat 17:00 - SS12: Tänak
Not fastest this time, but he leads Copec Rally Chile more comfortably than yesterday: "I lost some time because it was raining all of a sudden and there was deep fog in the middle of the stage. We were safe and I am pleased my gap is larger now"

Sat 16:58 - SS12: Ogier
He completes the stage, but now he starts to feel pressure from Loeb, who is barely 5.1 behind him overall: "I lost some time with less grip because there is now a puring rain in the area. Tomorrow it could be a nice fight with Sébastien Loeb"

Sat 16:51 - SS12: Meeke
He played safe mode in SS12 to make it to the finish: "There was nothing serious to fight for in my position, so I took it easy, mainly to save tyres"

Sat 16:50 - SS12: Loeb
The Frenchman is quickest so far and climbs up to a virtual podium place after Jari-Matti Latvala's misfortunes : "It was a possitive day for us. Here, it was foggy at the beginning. We are pleased to be quick and free of problems in the i20 WRC. Latvala's problem in this stage makes it easier to settle in third place"

Sat 16:47 - SS12: Latvala
His Toyota has stopped 7.1 km from the start and some steam comes out of it. He is having a look around the Yaris.

Sat 16:45 - SS12: Evans
The Welshman is satisfied with fifth position: "It was a solid day. Of course, I'd like a littl bit more in terms of results, but that's how it is"

Sat 16:42 - SS12: Suninen
He thinks Leg 2 was better for him than Leg 1: "We had a better pace, for sure. I want to do more, but I tried my best"

Sat 16:39 - SS12: Mikkelsen
After set-up changes, he also enjoyed the afternoon loop: "My car had some set-up changes after the mid-day service, so I got more fun than before in the last few hours"

Sat 16:36 - SS12: Lappi
He is feeling better with his rally now: "To be honest, step by step I am enjoying a bit more. I would need more kilometers to get more confidence in the car and get closer to the other's pace"

Sat 16:35 - SS12: Bertelli
The Italian safely completes the second day of action: "There were great stages, even if a little foggy recently. It was important to finish this leg"

Sat 16:20 - SS12 Underway
The intermediate leg of the event is coming to and end now that SS12 is underway with Lorenzo Bertelli's Ford Fiesta WRC first on the road.

Sat 16:15 - Stage info: SS12
Pelún 2, 16.59km This is a classic forest stage of Chilean rallying. It begins with a fast section on a wide road before dropping downhill from 9km through tight hairpins to finish at the Biobió river, the country’s second biggest waterway. There are breathtaking views overlooking the river en route to the finish. Likely to be one of the fastest stages of the rally.

Sat 16:06 - Chile WRC 2 after SS10
1.A. Heller 2h41m15.6s, 2.Katsuta 7.3s, 3.Guerra 2m04.4s.

Sat 16:04 - Chile WRC 2 Pro after SS11
1.Rovanperä 2h37m06.2s, 2.Ostberg 31.9s, 3.Greensmith 2m41.0s, 4.Bulacia 3m45.7s.

Sat 16:01 - Chile after SS11
1.Tänak 2h30m51.0s, 2.Ogier 33.2s, 3.Latvala 45.4s, 4.Loeb 49.3s, 5.Evans 1m19.5s, 6.Suninen 3m01.9s.

Sat 15:59 - SS11: Greensmith
The Briton is not in the same pace as his main two colleagues: "We had a good morning, but now the power steering problems is back one more time. It's annoying"

Sat 15:57 - SS11: Ostberg
He was 2.2s quicker in his Citroën C3 R5than the young Finn: "We are improving our pace again. It's a shame what happened to us this morning, but we will continue with the pressure"

Sat 15:55 - SS11: Rovanperä
He is feeling some pressur by Mads Ostberg again: "I can see he is pushing again. It seems the tyre choice we made is working well in both our cars"

Sat 15:52 - SS11: Tänak
And he is fastest again, so he is now 33.2 in front of Sébastien Ogier in the overall results: "It's important to be clean in these roads and find a right balance in the pace we set in each stage"

Sat 15:49 - SS11: Ogier
He got second quickest time. His gap with Loeb was 1.8s: "Everything is fine. Maybe my tre choice is not so bad. It's a little foggy in some places"

Sat 15:46 - SS11: Latvala
The Finn was just 3.6s shy of Loeb's mark: "I am having problems to keep the rear end of my car stable. It looks like these stage don't suit my car like yesterday´s"

Sat 15:42 - SS11: Meeke
Second fastest so far, 3.1s behind Loeb: "Good news about my times in the afternoon. I am trying to get back to rythm"

Sat 15:40 - SS11: Loeb
He is pleased with his pace today: "Being faster on every split and not making mistakes are helping to gain a lot of time, so I am happy"

Sat 15:37 - SS11: Evans
Strugglilng with his car handling a little, he said: "It was a good run all in all. I felt some understeer toward the end of the stage, but I can't complain"

Sat 15:34 - SS11: Suninen
The Finn admitted he needed more confidence here: "I struggled a bit with confidence. I think the worn out tyres had to do with that"

Sat 15:31 - SS11: Mikkelsen
Progressively going better, according to his own words: "We had a clean stage. Actually, we were kind of discovering the place. It was fine"

Sat 15:28 - SS11: Lappi
He feels the surface too loose: "The road was so loose here that I had no proper lines to take and there was not much more I could do"

Sat 15:12 - SS11: Underway
The penultimate test of the day is underway with the same running order since this morning.

Sat 15:11 - Neuville explains his crash
The Belgian just visited the Service Park using crutched a few minutes ago, but he is in good mood and well: "We are both safe. We had a proper check at the local hospital, so I am using these crutches only for a short time to avoid the pain in my leg. Our pace notes were too optimistic, it seems. We had the place like flat over crest, but landed a bit out of the road at high speed, hitting a small bank that caused that heavy roll series. By then, there was not way to get rid of that situation. We didn't want to be crash dummies and this is not good for the championship, but we are now looking forward to Portugal and test the car again next Friday"

Sat 15:06 - Stage info: SS11
Maria Las Cruces 2, 23.09km Maria Las Cruces runs south to north along the Nahuelbuta mountain range at one of the highest points of the Arauco area. The road is wide for most of the way with plenty of fast bends and jumps before it becomes straighter near the finish. It’s uphill from start to finish and little tree cover means crews can see the challenge ahead. A drivers’ dream!

Sat 15:06 - Chile WRC 2 after SS10
1.A. Heller 2h26m07.1s, 2.Katsuta +14.1s, 3.Guerra +1m48.7s.

Sat 14:59 - Chile WRC 2 Pro after SS10
1.Rovanperä 2h22m17.9s, 2.Ostberg +34.1s, 3.Greensmith +2m22.3s, 4.Bulacia +3m20.9s.

Sat 14:56 - Chile after SS10
1.Tänak 2h16m36.3s, 2.Ogier +30.1s, 3.Latvala +40.5s, 4.Loeb +48.0s, 5.Evans +1m12.3s, 6.Suninen +2m47.1s.

Sat 14:54 - SS10: Rovanperä
The young Finn is in control of the WRC 2 Pro division: "The Skoda feels nicer to drive with new dampers. Hopefully I cna keep a good gap ahead of Mads Ostberg"

Sat 14:51 - SS10: Tänak
He looks relaxed as rally leader: "I lost about 4 seconds here, but that is not much considering my tyre choice is made more for the coming stages"

Sat 14:48 - SS10: Ogier
He was 0.4s faster than fellow Frenchman Loeb, so he is first among crew who finished the stage: "We really had to push to get this time. The car has some set-up changes that I like"

Sat 14:46 - SS10: Latvala
He lost 6.2 in his fight with Sébastien Loeb: "It was not a good stage for me. Apparently, this road didn't suit me somehow even if everything felt OK along the course"

Sat 14:43 - SS10: Meeke
He is more comfortable at the wheel of the Yaris now it has been fixed: "For sure it is much better to drive the car after all the work they have done on it a couple of hours ago. Everything is performing well now"

Sat 14:39 - SS10: Loeb
He improves Evans' time by 4.7s: "I guess times are quite good. I didn't know what to expect from the tyres here because I was fighting the car a lot"

Sat 14:37 - SS10: Evans
He was 0.7s quicker than Suninen, but he ist concerned about tyres: "There was a lot of tyre talk in the mid-day service, so we are now checking how our choice works"

Sat 14:33 - SS10: Suninen
He agrees the grip is high now: "The grip has been incredible in this test. So much that I thought I was driving on tarmac in some places"

Sat 14:31 - SS10: Mikkelsen
The Hyundai driver is cruising to the end of today's leg: "It's important for us to take manufacturers points home, so I am being cautious. The car is good, so it's all about eh driving now"

Sat 14:29 - SS10: Lappi
He noticed a big condition change on stage: "It's strange that we come from a long time over slippery surfaces and now the ground is really abrasive, with lot more grip"

Sat 14:25 - SS10: Bertelli
His Ford Fiesta WRC has now been repaired: "The fixed th twisted stuff of the car in the service park, so of course now it is nice to drive it again"

Sat 14:17 - Tyres
All drivers have 5 hard tyres, except Ogier, who has 3 hard and 2 mediums.

Sat 14:11 - SS10 Underway
Cars have their service works done and crews ad a rest, so now the tenth special stage of the event is being held.

Sat 14:05 - Chile WRC 2 after SS9
1.A. Heller 2h11m46.9s, 2.Katsuta +12.0s, 3.Scuncio +1m2.2s,.4, 4.Guerra +1m34.4s, 5.Vidaurre +3m01.5s.

Sat 14:00 - Did you know?
Unlike other countries in the world and more specifically in the region (Argentina, for example, has a motorsport tradition of almost 100 years!), Chile has a relatively young national rally championship. 19 seasons after their first domestic efforts in the sport, the country is now ready to taste some WRC flavour!

Sat 13:59 - News in the battle for third
Jari-Matti Latvala has been credited with the time he lost when delayed behind team-mate Kris Meeke in this morning's opening stage, following the Briton's roll. The clerk of the course has reduced the Finn's time by 12.5sec, meaning Latvala is now 13.6sec clear of Sebastien Loeb in third place.

Sat 13:54 - Stage info: SS10
Río Liía 2, 20.90km Saturday afternoon’s opening test tracks the path of the Lia river from start to finish. It’s fast at first on a smooth and flowing road but after 2km it becomes incredibly twisty for the rest of the way, offering no respite for drivers and co-drivers. Straights are few and drivers must find a good rhythm. Towards the finish the stage opens and the surface becomes harder.

Sat 13:53 - We're back
Ready to follow Copec Rally Chile's in Leg 2 afternoon loop? So we are!

Sat 12:04 - Break
We take a break until the rally get closer to the start time of SS10, which is exactly 1408 hrs.

Sat 11:59 - Service Park: Tänak
He can only be happy with the fact he faces the afternoon loop later still leading Copec Rally Chile: "I am happy. These stages were smooth, but trick in places, particularly the first one. The second pass will be a little easier for us because now we know the roads better. I am glad to hear Neuville and Gilsoul are safe. However, that accident doesn't make us think we could slow our pace down becase we are only halfway through the event"

Sat 11:55 - Service Park: Ogier
He might be second, but he is not pleased with what according to him is a lack of speed in his car: "I know being second overall is good. I know that the championship points is good business. I know the we have been consistent since the beginning of the season, but I am not entirely happy because I feel we lack the speed to push for a rally win. Against Ott Tának, for example, the only thing I could do here in coming stages is be clever with the tyre choice"

Sat 11:47 - Neuville/Gilsoul update
Hyundai Motorsport team director Andrea Adamo has confirmed that Thierry Neuville and co-driver Nicolas Gilsoul have no injuries other than bruising after being airlifted to hospital in Concepcion for checks. Wonderful news!

Sat 11:42 - Chile WRC 2 Pro after SS9
1.Rovanperä 2h10m56.2s, 2.Østberg +51.8s, 3.Greensmith +1m54.8s, 4.Bulacia +3m02.7s.

Sat 11:33 - Teams into service
Crews are arriving back at the regroup ahead of service in Concepción for their cars to be revised. Then iit will be refuelling time at Talcahuano before rejoining the action for SS10 at 1408hrs.

Sat 11:19 - SS9: Neuville update
As part of the procedure following big accidents, Thierry Neuville has been checked on the scene by medical services and brought to the hospital in Concepción for further examination. More information to come later today.

Sat 11:16 - SS9: Ostberg
He took his Citroën C3 R5 2.7s faster than Rovanperä despite brakes problems: "I've had brake problems since the first stage today. All the fluid went out in the rear brakes and I am lucky to be here. Unfortunately, this might cost us the class win and I guess it's going to be difficult to keep in the fight"

Sat 11:13 - SS9: Rovanperä
The WRC2 Pro leader is feeling a strange sensation in one of the Skoda's dampers: "It is great to keep leading depiste a strange feelilng I am noticing in one of the shock absorbers. It might be a pressure problem because the car doesn't feel the same in every corner. I am waiting for the service park to get the Fabia checked"

Sat 11:11 - Chile after SS9
1.Tänak 2h02m46.7s, 2.Ogier +34.6s, 3.Latvala +51.0s, 4.Loeb +52.1s, 5.Evans +1m11.7s, 6.Suninen +2m45.8s.

Sat 11:08 - SS9: Tänak
Now the Toyota driver improves Loeb's mark by just 0.2 and sets the top time around Pelún!: "Gaps are very, very small, but I feel fine because we are driving nice and clean. We have no worries at the moment"

Sat 11:06 - SS9: Ogier
The current champion got so close to Meeke's and Latvala's times. It was only three tenths of a second among them in this stage: "We are doing the best we can, but we have some issues to be faster. It is interesting to see we could take good points from Chile, hopefully, but we would like to be quicker"

Sat 11:01 - SS9: Latvala
Now he is the new second in the stage, just by 0.1s compared to Kris Meeke's mark!: "I just got out of the car to check my rear tyres and I can see they are finished. Like this, it was a hard drive during the last few kilometers. Maybe we all expected less rubber waste today"

Sat 10:57 - SS9: Meeke
The Northern Ireland's driver is visibly recovering from his eraly morning dramas and set second fastest time in SS8, 3.1s behind Loeb: "I can get some fresh air and breather without the windscreen at 150 kmh and I get so much noise inside the car, but I happy my times are getting better and better"

Sat 10:53 - SS9: Loeb
Humble words from someone winng so many titles. He took his Hyundai to first position so far here, 4.0s quicker than Evans' Ford: "Earlier, I was struggling with the fog, but now everything is better. I am starting to understand the car, which was different to what I was used to. I feel this can be a good rally for us"

Sat 10:49 - SS9: Evans
Finshed the morning loop with a good time: "I am 6.5s quicker than Lappi here and that is OK. Now we are heading to the Service Area and we will talk to the team in case we need some work to do in the car or some set-up change"

Sat 10:45 - SS9: Suninen
Noticing better conditions: "The rally is progressively getting to more normal conditions, but it is still quite of a challenge"

Sat 10:44 - SS9: Split watches
From the four drivers who completed the test, Esapekka Lappi appears quickest, 4 seconds flat ahead of Suninen.

Sat 10:41 - SS9: Mikkelsen
The Norewgian feels in a different place compared to his recce work because of the light changes: "We did the recce in quite dark conditions and now we are driving in sun light, so it all looks pretty different from the cockpit"

Sat 10:37 - SS9: Lappi
He seems worried about his tyres: "I was hoping that soft or medium compuonds would last longer because it was cold in the morning, but it didn't happen and that is making my day more difficult"

Sat 10:35 - SS9: Bertelli
He rolled the Ford, but it was not so bad: "I just went wide, then hit a bank witht he rear end at the exit of a corner and rolled. Fortunately, we are fine and so is the car, because after that we were able to go on"

Sat 10:23 - SS9 Underway
Privateer Lorenzo Bertelli first on the road in his Ford Fiesta WRC, followed by Esapekka Lappi, Teemu Suninen, Andreas Mikkelsen, Elfyn Evans and Sébastien Loeb in the running order.

Sat 10:11 - Stage info: SS9
Pelún 1, 16.59km This is a classic forest stage of Chilean rallying. It begins with a fast section on a wide road before dropping downhill from 9km through tight hairpins to finish at the Biobió river, the country’s second biggest waterway. There are breathtaking views overlooking the river en route to the finish. Likely to be one of the fastest stages of the rally.

Sat 10:07 - Chile after SS8
1.Tänak 1h52m37.8s, 2.Ogier +30.8s, 3.Latvala +47.5s, 4.Loeb +51.9s, 5.Evans +1m07.5s, 6.Suninen +2m31.1s.

Sat 10:07 - SS8: Tänak
The Estonian completed the stage 1.2s slower than Loeb (who gets fastest mark): "Thierry's accident can happen to anyone in a place like that. These two stages were very tough for the tyres"

Sat 09:57 - SS8: Ogier
The Frenchman is pleased so far: "I just hope Neuville and Gilsoul are well right now because that is the most importnt thing. My C3 is not exactly great this morning, but we are still in the fight"

Sat 09:54 - SS8: Red flag
The stage has been red flagged following Neuville's accident. More details when we have them.

Sat 09:54 - SS8: Latvala
His time is barely 0.2 slower than Loeb's!: "The place where Neuville crashed is a flat over crest. I lifted there and yet I went wide, so it is a nasty place. My time is good, so I am improving"

Sat 09:46 - SS8: Neuville update
Neuville's Hyundai i20 is on its side after a crest in the stage. The car looks badly damaged but both Neuville and co-driver Nicolas Gilsoul are out of the car.

Sat 09:44 - SS8: Meeke
By finishing 3.7s behind Loeb, he is now second quickest in his test: "It wasn't my plan to be this fast without the windscreen, but it was obviously good news to be told that at the time control"

Sat 09:41 - SS8: Neuville
The Belgian rolled his Hyundai at 13.9km.

Sat 09:40 - SS8: Loeb
The Frenchman was 4.5s faster than Elfyn Evans in his Hyundai i20 WRC: "I really enjoyed the stage and the car feels pretty well. I pushed hard, so I am pleased to see the time was not bad"

Sat 09:37 - SS8: Evans
Nice fight in this stage between him and and Sébastien Loeb. The Welshman is second quickest so far: "It was nice, but not perfect. I was struggling in some sections"

Sat 09:34 - SS8: Suninen
Like others, he is taking care of his tyres: "I made some mistakes getting to the end of the test and I had to take it easy on the rubber, too"

Sat 09:32 - SS8: Mikkelsen
He lost two places overall so far and has now dropped behind Esapekka Lappi: "I am being too careful, trying to get my pacenotes right in this first visit to Chile"

Sat 09:31 - SS8: Split watches
In the Mikkelsen-Suninen battle, the Finn was almost 9.5s faster than the Hyundai at halfway point.

Sat 09:29 - SS8: Lappi
Esapekka is suffering tyre waste: "I was slow because I completely killed the tyres in SS7. Had I ushed harder, I would probably have not made it to the finish"

Sat 09:26 - SS8: Bertelli
He is happy with more sunshine: "The day is getting better and this stage was fantastic, the best of the rally so far for me. I just got a junction wrong at the end of it"

Sat 09:09 - SS8: Underway
Lorenzo Bertelli is now driving through the first pass of María Las Cruces.

Sat 09:02 - Stage info: SS8
Maria Las Cruces 1, 23.09km Maria Las Cruces runs south to north along the Nahuelbuta mountain range at one of the highest points of the Arauco area. The road is wide for most of the way with plenty of fast bends and jumps before it becomes straighter near the finish. It’s uphill from start to finish and little tree cover means crews can see the challenge ahead. A drivers’ dream!

Sat 09:01 - Chile WRC 2 after SS7
1.A. Heller 1h45m48.2s, 2.Katsuta +16.2s, 3.Scuncio +1m17.7s,.4, 4.Guerra +1m29.3s.

Sat 08:55 - Chile WRC 2 Pro after SS7
1.Rovanperä 1h42m31.7s, 2.Ostberg +38.6s, 3.Greensmith +1m49.1s, 4.Bulacia +2m51.8s.

Sat 08:54 - Chile after SS7
1.Tänak 1h38m08.3s, 2.Ogier +27.7s, 3.Neuville +29.1s, 4.Latvala +48.5s, 5.Loeb +53.1s, 6.Evans +1m04.2s.

Sat 08:52 - SS7: Tänak
The leader thinks the surface is wetter than he thought: "Most of us thought it was going to be drier, but it is not like that. This stage was as challenging as the ones we drve yesterday"

Sat 08:46 - SS7: Neuville/Latvala
The Finn lost enough time in Río Lía to lose third position. Thierry Neuville is now in the Top-3.

Sat 08:45 - SS7: Meeke
He explained the accident: "It was a slow corner where I ran too wide. There were trees near the edge of the road, I hit some and damaged the car"

Sat 08:44 - SS7: Ogier
Sébastien slowed down when he saw Meeke off the road: "I had to slow down there because the corner was tricky and I didn.t want to make a mistake, particularly becaues I'd say I feel the car has some understeer"

Sat 08:41 - SS7: Latvala
He drove behind Neuville at faster pace for some kilometers: "I think Thierry didn't realize we were behing him after he went off the road. In these cases, we should have time benefit"

Sat 08:39 - SS7: Neuville
He thinks the road is almost as slippery as yesterday: "I can't see many changes on the stages. It is so tricky" I bet my stage was good overall"

Sat 08:38 - SS7: Meeke
He pulled over to let car behiud him go by.

Sat 08:37 - SS7: Split watches
In the third section, Thierry Neuville was 0.8s faster than Ott Tänak.

Sat 08:35 - SS7: Loeb
He was sliding too much as he felt there is not grip yet: "It's early in the morning and there is not grip at the moment. I was sliding too much everywhere, so I am surprised my time here is not that bad"

Sat 08:33 - SS7: Evans
He went off the road near the start, but his car is fine: "I had quite a big moment going completely off the road for several meters, but fortunately the Fiesta shows no damage"

Sat 08:32 - SS7: Suninen
Happier than yesterday with improving conditions: "I'd say the morning is starting better than yesterday because conditions have improved and it is definitely easier to drive"

Sat 08:30 - SS7: Mikkelsen
He got stuck in a dtich: "The feeling is better than yesterday on the road, but I lost time when I got stuck in a ditch for a while because the car is understeering"

Sat 08:29 - SS7: Meeke
There is big damage in his Yaris. He rolled before restarting the stage.

Sat 08:27 - SS7: Meeke
Kris Meeke is moving again, just behind team mate Jari-Matti Latvala.

Sat 08:25 - SS7: Bertelli
The Italian found mixed conditions in this leg's opening stage: "First it is very slieppery again, then you find some ruts on the road and finally you get grip. I have a bit of understeering"

Sat 08:23 - SS7: Meeke
His Toyota has stopped 2.4 km from the start.

Sat 08:20 - SS7: Split watches
Andreas Mikkelsen (Hyundai) and Teemu Suninen (Ford) are fighting for eighth overall. Until the second section, the Norwegian was proving faster in both splits.

Sat 08:09 - SS7: Underway
Lorenzo Bertelli is up and running.

Sat 08:08 - Stage info: SS7
Rio Lia 1, 20.90km Saturday’s opening test tracks the path of the Lia river from start to finish. It’s fast at first on a smooth and flowing road but after 2km it becomes incredibly twisty for the rest of the way, offering no respite for drivers and co-drivers. Straights are few and drivers must find a good rhythm. Towards the finish the stage opens and the surface becomes harder.

Sat 08:05 - Standby
Bertelli on the line awaiting his 0808hrs start time.

Sat 08:03 - SS7: Weather report
At 4.5km Stage is polish on the lines, clear sky. Stage temperature +3 and Ambient temperature of +3. Stage start damp and clear sky too.

Sat 07:44 - Tyres
All WRC drivers have chosen 5 medium compound except Ott Tänak, who has chosen 6.

Sat 07:42 - WRC+ LIVE
Head to WRC+ to watch All Live from Copec Rally Chile, including every stage broadcast live, breaking service park news and expert studio analysis.

Sat 07:41 - Start intervals
Two minutes for SS7, three minutes for SS8 and SS9.

Sat 07:36 - Saturday's running order
Participants will be running in a different order today. WRC privateers Lorenzo Bertelli and Simone Scattolin from Italy will be seen first on the road in their Ford Fiesta. Here's how: 1.Bertelli, 2.Lappi, 3. Mikkelsen, 4.Suninen, 5.Evans, 6.Loeb, 7.Meeke, 8.Neuville, 9.Latvala, 10.Ogier, 11.Tänak.

Sat 07:34 - Weather
Partly cloudy and temperatures getting just milder: 11°C in the morning and 16°C before mid-afternoon. Same humidity rates as yesterday. Sunrise: 0740 hrs. Sunset: 1756 hrs.

Sat 07:33 - Saturday's itinerary
The schedule today offers three stages to be run twice each. They are Río Lía (20.90 km), María Las Cruces (23.09 km) and Pelún /16.59 km). There is a mid-day service in between.

Sat 07:32 - Saturday's vital stats
Here's what's on the itinerary. Start: 0645 hrs (first car out pf parc fermé). Number of stages: 6. Stage distance: 121.16km. Finish: 1830 hrs.

Sat 07:30 - So, what's happening?
After leaving the Service Park at 0645 hrs, competitors are driving little more than 70 km of liaison to SS7.

Sat 07:24 - Non-starters
P2 driver Benjamín Israel, a regular in the national series here, is not restarting his Citroën DS3 R5 this morning.

Sat 07:19 - Preview 2/2
Mads Østberg dominated WRC2 Pro in his Citroën, but he was later overtaken by Škoda youngster Kalle Rovanperä, even if only by 2.4s. With some problem in his Ford, Gus Greensmith lies third. Alberto Heller takes his Fiesta R5 to the WRC2 lead in front of his people. Takamoto Katsuta is second and the series’ new leader Benito Guerre third.

Sat 07:17 - Preview 1/2
Ott Tänak /Toyota Yaris) was the man to beat yesterday in unknown territory as Chile is a new venue in the championship. He finished the day 22.5s clear of Sébastién Ogier (Citroën), Jari-Matti Latvala was quick in most of the stages and is third, 28.8s behind the Estonian. Sébastien Loeb put his experience to good use, won the Concepción superspecial in the evening and moved his Hyundai up the field to complete the opening leg in sixth position.

Sat 07:15 - We're live
Through and the WRC app we want to bring you all the action.

Sat 07:10 - Good morning
And welcome back to our live text coverage of Copec Rally Chile in its first edition.

Fri 20:21 - Join us tomorrow
It's getting late in Chile and there is work in the both the Service Park and in the Concepción superspecial stage, but from here it is all for now, Join us again for the rally's intermediate day featuring another six stages and 121.16 competitive kilometres. The action kicks off with the 20.90 km Río Lía test at 0808 hrs.

Fri 20:19 - Chile WRC 2 after SS6
1.A. Heller 1h31m05.6s, 2.Katsuta +24.5s, 3.Guerra +1m14.5s,.4, 4.Cancio +2m41.2s, 5.Nobre +6m48.5s.

Fri 20:03 - Chile WRC 2 Pro after SS6
1.Rovanperä 1h28m07.0s, 2.Ostberg +02.4s, 3.Greensmith +1m44.2s, 4.Bulacia +2m35.0s.

Fri 19:32 - Chile after SS6
1.Tänak 1h24m12.8s, 2.Ogier +22.4s, 3.Latvala +28.8s, 4.Neuville +29.5s, 5.Meeke +46.5s, 6.Loeb +48.7s, 7.Evans +1m01.4s, 8.Mikkelsen +2m08.1s, 9.Suninen +2m09.1s, 10.Lappi +2m18.3s.

Fri 19:26 - SS6: Suninen
At the wheel of a Fiesta WRC, he completes the Concepción stage in tenth position: "Even until the last kilometers of the day, the results were not possitive for us. Recently, I hit a barrier and had to select reverse.We need better luck than this"

Fri 19:23 - SS6: Loeb
By setting a 2m06.9s mark, the Hyundai driver is fastest overall here, sixt tenths quicker than Thiery Neuville: "I enjoyed this stage so much because with all the people around it looked like a video game. I am glad we made progress during the day"

Fri 19:21 - SS6: Lappi
The Finn gets to the end of Day 1 in his Citroën: "Of course I wanted to do more, but it was a really complicated day for many of us. Things went better in the afternoon, though"

Fri 19:18 - SS6: Latvala
He is fourth in his Yaris WRC: "I am OK now after a disappointing last stage over gravel a while ago after my mistake. Road position is very important in toda's rallies, so it makes a difference. Today, I wanted to be good in every stage, not just some of them"

Fri 19:15 - SS6: Mikkelsen
He was 0.1 slower than Evans and hopes to gain some time tomorrow: "I am going to sleep and start from scratch during the following leg because today I was not up to my expectations and I want to make good use of the car, which is well-balanced now"

Fri 19:12 - SS6: Evans
The Welshman was spectacular and got some smoke our his tyres, but he was fifth, 2.4s behind the fastest driver: "Overall, my day was not so bad, but in recent stages we gave so much time that we will have to recover in Leg 2"

Fri 19:09 - SS6: Meeke
He sets second quickest time, his gap with Neuville was 1.4s: "During the recce it was foggy and it changed today in the stages, so a lot changed from the car. We will get to a better place since tomorrow"

Fri 19:06 - SS6: Tänak
The Estonian is third, 2.3s behind Thierry Neuville: "It was a good morning for me and an even better afteroon. I am getting a great feeling with the car. I will try to keeo this focused in the next two days. Today it was all about traction and our engineers at Toyota Gazoo Racing did a great job. They found a balance in the Yaris and I drive as quick as possible. Chile is as nice as demanding""

Fri 19:04 - SS6: Ogier
The champion feels he can do more: "It was a challenging day. There is no doubt about it. I couldn't match Tänak's speed, but I'll try to reach him tomorrow. We will see what happens because there is a long way to go yet"

Fri 19:03 - SS6: Neuville
He made it to the Leg 1 finish with a better time than Ogier: "I don't know if this is exactly the position where I'd like to be, but I'll try harder in coming stages. I could fight Latvala's position for a start"

Fri 19:01 - SS6: Neuville/Ogier
The belgian beats The Frenchman by 1.6s in the crowded superspecial stage.

Fri 18:58 - SS6: Underway
There is some tarmac taste for Chilean spectators now as the last stage of the day is being held in Concepción streets.

Fri 18:02 - Standby
Copec Rally Chile will take some time untl it get readu for its superespecial in town! SS6 is scheduled at 1855 in the streets of Concepción. Join us.

Fri 17:51 - Stage info: SS6
Concepcion - Bicentenario, 2.20km The opening leg ends with an early evening street stage in the centre of Concepción. The 2.20km test passes the city’s theatre and the monument commemorating the earthquake and tsunami which hit the region in 2010.

Fri 17:50 - Chile WRC 2 after SS5
1.A. Heller 1h28m47.0s, 2.Katsuta +27.6s, 3.Guerra +1m16.4s.

Fri 17:40 - Chile WRC 2 Pro after SS5
1.Rovanperä 1h25m53.9s, 2.Ostberg +02.7s, 3.Greensmith +1m37.7s, 4.Bulacia +2m33.2s

Fri 17:33 - Chile after SS5
1.Tänak 1h22m03.0s, 2-Ogier +23.1s, 3.Latvala +29.4s, 4.Neuville +31.8s, 5.Meeke +47.4s, 6.Loeb

Fri 17:30 - SS5: Bertelli
He had a problem with his pacenotes soon before the finish: "I must have got my pacenotes wrong because I missed a junction near the end. There is one more test in town now, so here we go"

Fri 17:23 - SS5: Loeb
They Hyundai driver keeps being impressive and now takes sixth position from Elfyn Evans after setting secind fastest time again: "I have been pushing hard all afternoon and I am pleased with most of this leg and particularly after finishing 3.7s behind Tänak here"

Fri 17:20 - SS5: Lappi
He claims more mileage on the car would help: "I need more kilometers in the C3 to get more confidence and be faster"

Fri 17:17 - SS5: Latvala
Arrived to time control very angry with himself: "I was quickets all stage long until the last split. I can't believe I was so fool to stall the car in a junction. I could have won this stage!"

Fri 17:15 - SS5: Mikkelsen
He almost rolled the Hyundai: "The car was on two wheels and we were lucky not to roll after losing the rear end. The i20 is fine, so I'll try to be better tomorrow even if it is the hardest day"

Fri 17:11 - SS5: Evans
He dropped 12s in his battle with Kris Meeke: "I am not surprised. I couldn't commit in this stage"

Fri 17:08 - SS5: Meeke
Fighting with Evans, but not pleased at all: "It's OK to be third quickest so far in this stage, but I am hesitating in some corners and I don't know what is missing"

Fri 17:04 - SS5: Ogier
He insists he is giving as much as he can: "I am giving everything I have, but Tänak is very fast again this afternoon"

Fri 17:02 - SS5: Neuville
He confirmes he is trying his best: "I just pushed like hell here because I can see cleaner lines than before. But I am not happy with trying this hard and not knowing how I will start tomorrow"

Fri 16:47 - Chile WRC 2 Pro after SS4
1.Rovanperä 1h11m06.4s, 2.Ostberg +01.9s, 3.Greensmith +1m16.7s, 4.Bulacia +2m05.9s

Fri 16:45 - SS5 Underway
Neuville is already doing his second pass through Espigado.

Fri 16:44 - Stage info: SS5
Espigardo 2, 22.26km Another forest stage but less flowing and with fewer trees than the previous test. It’s generally narrow, but fast, on a firm surface and peaks at almost 730 metres above sea level, featuring spectacular views of the Biobió region. A steep uphill section will work the cars hard.

Fri 16:43 - SS4: Nobre
Brazilian Paulo Nobre's Skoda is stopped 11.2 km after the start.

Fri 16:42 - Chile after SS4
1.Tänak 1h07m59.6s, 2-Ogier +17.3s, 3.Latvala +23.6s, 4.Neuville +24.2s, 5.Meeke +40.3s, 6.Evans 42.0s +03.6s, 7.Loeb +47.9s, 8.Mikkelsen +1m40.0s, 9.Suninen +1m43.2s, 10.Lappi +2m03.0s.

Fri 16:37 - SS4: Greensmith
He took his Fiesta to the stage's finish line unhappy with steering problems: "It seems that when we fix one problem, other one suddenly comes. It was hard to do half a stage without power steering"

Fri 16:36 - SS4: Bertelli
The last of the World Rally Cars in the orad completed SS4 1m26.2s slower than Tänak.

Fri 16:30 - SS4: Suninen
The M-Sport Ford driver didn't show signs of confidence at the end of El Puma 2: "Despite the road being more consistent, I am not please with my performance and the other guys are prving so fast today"

Fri 16:27 - SS4: Loeb
The Frenchman comes up second overall, 9.8s behind Ott Tanak after an impressicve drive: "I felt like this long stage was the right time to put some pressure and push harder, Luckily, everything went well for me and I am happy about my work here"

Fri 16:24 - SS4: Lappi
Eight place on stage after his time here for the Citroën man: "For sure there is better grip than before, but maybe I was too slow"

Fri 16:21 - SS4: Latvala
The Finn proves fast and finishes second to Tának by a 10.7s margin: "Generally, it was a good test for me. I tried to keep my lines as smooth as possible. Nothing seriours happened, so that's fine"

Fri 16:18 - SS4: Mikkelsen
He can't improve his other 5 rivals time, but he is optimistic: "There is more grip than in the morning. Even lilke that, I am not driving 100%, but the i20 WRC feels well, so I'd say we are going in the right direction"

Fri 16:14 - SS4: Evans
He was just one tenth of a second quicker than Meeke: "The surface looks like polilshed getting closer to the trees, but actually I can't complain about this time"

Fri 16:11 - SS4: Meeke
The Toyota driver completes the stage third so far, 12.4 slower than Ott Tänak: "The road feels nicer than earlier, but it is still not enough for a clean run"

Fri 16:09 - SS4: Tának
The Estonian was flying through El Puma 2! He was 11.2s faster than Ogier's mark and 17.6 better than Neuville's: "The car feels much better than in the morning and that makes me more confident overall"

Fri 16:06 - SS4: Ogier
6.4s faster than the championship leader and admitting he can´t fight Tänak harder than this: "This second pass might be better only in some areas, but in the forest there is noto so much grip. I'm on the limit"

Fri 16:03 - SS4: Neuville
Not that he is unsatisfied with his work, but he is still missing something today: "At the beginning, the stage was OK, but not near the end. It's still very slippery and I too no unnecessary risks"

Fri 15:57 - SS4: Split watched
Tänak is in the modd for a ctach-up! In the third sections of the longest rally stage, he was 7s quicker than Neuville . with Ogier 3.9s behind him.

Fri 15:51 - SS4: Split watches
In the second section. Sébastien Ogier (Citroën) appears faster than Ott Tänak (Toyota) and Thierry Neuville (Hyundai)

Fri 15:40 - SS4 Underway
Thierry Neuville and Nicolas Gilsoul are underway in the Hyundai.

Fri 15:32 - Tyres
Again, all Michelin WRC drivers preferred 5 medium compounds for this loop.

Fri 15:30 - Start intervals
Three-minute gaps in the afternoon among competitors.

Fri 15:16 - Stage info: SS4
El Puma 2, 30.72km El Puma is the longest stage of the rally and extremely technical. It opens on a wide hard- packed clay surface with long corners and crests, before descending over the next 7km to meet the Carampangue river. It follows the river on a medium speed road before turning away uphill on a track full of sharp and narrow bends and under a thick canopy of trees. The test becomes wider and faster as it descends towards the finish.

Fri 15:13 - We're back
There's still plenty of action to enjoy. Copec Rally Chile helds three more special stages in a few more minutes.

Fri 12:51 - Standby
We will be back from Concepción later for the second part of Leg 1 in Chile.

Fri 12:50 - Did you know?
Unlike other countries in the world and more specifically in the region (Argentina, for example, has a motorsport tradition of 100 years), Chile has a young national rally championship. 19 seasons after their first domestic efforts n the sport, the country is now ready to taste some WRC flavour!

Fri 12:49 - Service Park: Ogier
He might be second overall, but Neuville is pishing hard from third as they are only half a second apart: "I am more relaxed now that I was able to phone my wife home and see how things went in hospital with our son. Nothing serious, just checking routine. The morning was not too bad even if we never had grip. Plus, we are facing the sun most of the time and all of sudden we barely see shades. Regarding what happened in SS2, I guess nobody can ever be happy with a situation like that. My car is fine and I hope we can be faster in the afternoon"

Fri 12:34 - Service Park: Tänak
He is leading Copec Rally Chile by 6.1s over Sébastien Ogier: "I should be happy until now, but making it here was tough. This new rally is very challenging all the time. It's fast and it's slow, It's constantly changing with the slippery surface and the sun and shades between trees. originally, the balance of the car was not the best, but somehow it improved later. Here, front-runners are have not such a handicap for starting first line in other events because anyway the ground has not much grip for nearly all of us"

Fri 12:20 - Service Park: Neuville
Thierry Neuville is not happy with the time he was given in the stage that was red-flagged: "This rally is too demanding to be dropping time for a red flag on a stage. There are crests and blind corners, most slippery roads, so you can'r relax because the other aren't doing it. There, I was being quicker in the first couple of splits, but ended up losing 6.6s with the leader"

Fri 11:59 - Chile WRC 2 after SS3
1.A. Heller 50m58.7s, 2.Katsuta +04.4s, 3.Guerra +41.4, 4.Cancio +1m58.5s, 5.Nobre +3m45.5s.

Fri 11:52 - Chile WRC 2 Pro after SS3
1.Ostberg 49m23.0s, 2.Rovanperä +10.9s, 3.Greensmith +42.3s, 4.Bulacia +1m34.5s.

Fri 11:49 - Chile after SS3
1.Tänak 47m13.6s, 2.Ogier +6.1s, 3.Neuville +06.6s, 4.Latvala +12.9s, 5.Meeke +27.8s, 6.Evans +29.6s, 7.Loeb +38.1s, 8.Mikkelsen +1m11.9s, 9.Suninen +1m14.1s, 10.Lappi +1m40.2s.

Fri 11:46 - SS3: Rovanperä
The young Finn is find it tough at the wheel of his Skoda Fabia: "I am losing time against my rivals because I didn't feel comfortable where there was no grip. Now, it is drier, but there are places where you can't tell if it actually muddy. Probably I need to change some details in my car"

Fri 11:44 - SS3: Ostberg
Pleased to be on top of the WRC 2 Pro class like some days ago in Argentina: "Despite being a trick morning, I am driving fine and it is good to be leading the category even though I had to be cautious in some places"

Fri 11:41 - SS3: Greensmith
The Briton is just hoping to get to the Service Park to make some minor repairs in his Fiesta R5 and change part of its set-up: "It's a tough event, indeed. I am trying to make it to the Service Park. I'd like to repair the small damage in the front of the car I did in SS1 and change the set-up a bit"

Fri 11:38 - SS3: Bertelli
The last entrant of the WRC cars on the road has completed the morning loop: "This stage was not easy and you had to be very focused. The car is not perfect, but so far, so good"

Fri 11:35 - SS3: Suninen
He completes the stage almost 30s behind Thierry Neuville: "I couldn't push harder than this, especially in places where there was fog. One just can't trust when visibiilty is not good"

Fri 11:32 - SS3: Loeb
He set fifth fastest time in his Hyundai i20 WRC: "This rally can be tricky in several places. However, I am pleased not to make any big mistake. Little by little, I am catching up with the pace setters"

Fri 11:30 - SS3: Lappi
Esapekka is trying his best in the new car: "The car is brand new and yet it is performing quite well. I am trying my best in every stage"

Fri 11:28 - SS3: Latvala
Very good work in this test for the Finn who makes it in second place, a mere two tenths of a second behind Neuville: "Obviously the time is good, but I can't still be happy yet because I did some mistakes before the end of the stage"

Fri 11:26 - SS3: Evans
He is fifth si far, 14.4s slower than Thierry Neuville's mark: "It keeps foggy out there and I haven't been able to catch a nice rythm yet"

Fri 11:23 - SS3: Meeke
Kris thinks a series of factors are turning Rally chile harder than expected: "I have been struggling with a number of things. We can't see through the many trees along and the lack of grip is remarkable"

Fri 11:21 - SS3: Tänak
He was very close this time, finishing only 00.7s off Neuville's pace: "There are thing to improve, but overall it is a possitive morning for us"

Fri 11:19 - SS3: Ogier
The Citroën driver afirms it was hard to beat Neuville with the Hyundai in new tyres: "He had new tyres here, so he was expected to do well. There is low visibilty in some places, but it is not so bad up to this point"

Fri 11:16 - SS3: Neuville
The championship leaderwas nearly 4s faster than Ogier, but he thinks he should be closer in the time charts after his given time in SS2: "It was a very demanding test. I don't know if my time here is enough to compensate what happened in the stage before, where I believe we could hae done a better time"

Fri 11:09 - SS3: Split watches
Second split is located 10.41 km from the start, which is litle less than 50% of this 22.26 km stage. Until now, Neuville sets the quicker times, with Tänak 1.7s and Ogier 3.0s slower.

Fri 10:59 - SS3: Underway
Thierry Neuville opens the road during Leg 1 and is cruising through Espigado's first run.

Fri 10:56 - Chile WRC 2 after SS2
1.A. Heller 35m11.9s, 2.Katsuta +05.3s, 3.Guerra +27.7s, 4.Cancio +1m36.3s, 5.Nobre +2m25.3s.

Fri 10:54 - SS3: Start time in some more minutes
10:57 is this special stage's new start time

Fri 10:53 - Chile WRC 2 Pro after SS2
1.Ostberg 34m14.7s, 2.Rovanperä +04.0s, 3.Greensmith +24.3s, 4.Bulacia +54.3s

Fri 10:52 - Stage info: SS3
Espigado 1, 22.26km Another forest stage but less flowing and with fewer trees than the previous tests. It’s generally narrow, but fast, on a firm surface and peaks at almost 730 metres above sea level, featuring spectacular views of the Bio Bio region. A steep uphill section will work the cars hard.

Fri 10:50 - Chile after SS2
1.Tänak 32m49.2s, 2.Ogier +2.9s, 3.Neuville +07.3s, 4.Meeke +12.4s, 5.Latvala +13.4s, 6.Evans +15.9s, 7.Loeb +27.6s, 8.Mikkelsen +44.8s, 9.Suninen +45.1s, 10.Lappi +1m01.8s.

Fri 10:43 - SS2: Neuville
With the estimated time he was given, he appeard third in SS, 6.6s behind Tänak.

Fri 10:38 - SS3: New start time for SS3
Revised start time for Espigado 1 is 10.52

Fri 10:35 - SS2: Bertelli
In his brthday, he drops 1m21.2s compared to Tänak's time, but he admits he tries to get used to the conditions: "There is a lot of work to do with the steering wheel. I am not so used to this kind of surface"

Fri 10:29 - SS2: Loeb
The Frenchman found some big stone on the road and completes the stage 19.9s behind the quickest time: "It looks like we were driving over grease rather than gravel. Here, we had to take care of some big rocks, too"

Fri 10:27 - SS2: Lappi
He thinks mud is not exactly the problem: "For me, mud is not the biggest issue. It is the hard surface without any grip at all"

Fri 10:26 - SS2: Latvala
He finishes 13.4s behind Tának and he reckons he had some scary moments during the first few kilometers: "I particuarly struggle in long corners. The cars gets oversteering, but I'd say because grip is close to zero. I was trying to get to the finish. I had some scary moments soon after the start" today

Fri 10:23 - SS2: Mikkelsen
He lost some valuable time in this test: "I lost time because I am sliding around too much everywhere. This reminds me of Finland when it rains"

Fri 10:21 - SS2: Evans
He agrees with his colleagues regarding surface difficulties after almost matching Latvala's time: "I can't get any real feeling at the wheel of the Fiesta because we sping too much and there is no grip. These are really complicated conditions"

Fri 10:19 - SS2: Meeke
The Toyota driver is not exactly pleased with his pace at the finish line. He was 15.3s slower that team mate Ott Tänak: "The feeling here was horrible. Far too slippery. The Yaris is performing well, but I am not making it work"

Fri 10:18 - SS2: Tänak
The fastest driver right now in this stage made it to the finish: "I didn't feel well with my drive. The roads are extremely demanding. It is hard to get the right pace with our notes. The car is better now"

Fri 10:16 - SS2: Ogier
Sébastien is still feeling not at ease: "It is really hard to find traction in most of the places, but for sure the roads are really pretty"

Fri 10:13 - SS2: Tänak
The Estonian is getting the quickest section time near the end of the stage. Meeke, Evans and Mikkelsen were not able to beat his mark or Ogier's at halfway point.

Fri 10:01 - SS2: Split watches
After 11.72 km, Ogier and Tänak are quite even. The Frenchman is only 0.8s faster there.

Fri 09:56 - Underway again
Copec Rally Chile is underway with Ogier and Tänak on SS2.

Fri 09:50 - SS1: P. Heller
The Chilean ace didn't complete the first stage of his local event.

Fri 09:48 - SS2: Restart
Stage restart scheduled at 0950 hrs.

Fri 09:43 - SS2: Safety news
The stage was red flagged as the FIA safety delegate had not cleared the stage. It will restart with Sebastien Ogier once the safety delegate is clear of the test. Thierry Neuville will receive a notional time.

Fri 09:38 - SS2: Red flag
This special stage has been red-flagged for sfaety reasons. More information when we receive it.

Fri 09:36 - SS1 underway
Off he goes. Neuville sliding corner after corner in a stage which offers no less than 7 split watches

Fri 09:32 - Standby
El Puma stage kick off in just 1m. How hard can the longest section of the event be? Well, at least its name is ferocious. In Spanish, puma means cougar...

Fri 09:00 - Stage info: SS2
El Puma 1, 30.72km El Puma is the longest stage of the rally and extremely technical. It opens on a wide hard-packed clay surface with long corners and crests, before descending over the next 7km to meet the Carampangue river. It follows the river on a medium speed road before turning away uphill on a track full of sharp and narrow bends and under a thick canopy of trees. The test becomes wider and faster as it descends towards the finish.

Fri 08:58 - Standby
Crews are on their way to SS2, El Puma. With a 30.72 km distance, it is the longest test of the whole rally. Start time: 9:33

Fri 08:54 - Chile WRC 2 after SS1
1.Katsuta 12m30.4s, 2.A. Heller +01.1s, 3.Guerra +05.3s, 4.Martínez +09.2s, 5.Nobre +1m01.0s.

Fri 08:52 - Chile WRC 2 Pro after SS1
1.Ostberg 12m03.0s, 2.Rovanperä +02.7s, 3.Greensmith +10.9s, 4.Bulacia +21.9s

Fri 08:48 - SS1: P. Heller
The local ace was stopped near the end of the last section.

Fri 08:44 - Chile after SS1
1.Latvala and Meeke 11m35.9s, 3.Evans +02.1s, 4.Ogier +02.6s, 5.Tänak +02.9s, 6.Neuville +03.6s, 7.Mikkelsen +07.9s, 8.Loeb +10.6s, 9.Suninen +12.0s, 10.Lappi +21.3s.

Fri 08:39 - Split watches
WRC 2 pro drivers tackling El Pinar and Mads Ostberg's Citroën finished 10.9s quicker than Gus Greensmith's Ford.

Fri 08:36 - SS1: Bertelli
The Italian privateer is back to a gravel event after a long time: "It's been two years without enterng a gravel rally in a World Rally Car. It was a tricky stage, but I am pleased to be back at the wheel of this car"

Fri 08:36 - SS1: Bertelli
The Italian privateers is back to a gravel event after a long time: "It's been two years without enterng a gravel rally in a World Rally Car. It was a tricky stage, but I am pleased to be back at the wheel of this car"

Fri 08:33 - SS1: Suninen
Teemu is driving the second Ford Fiesta on the road, but he had some issues with foggy conditions: "It was foggy most of the time and I could not see well through the windscreen, so it was hard to get confident in some corners"

Fri 08:32 - SS1: Loeb
9-time world champion is trying to get to grips: "This was a fast and slippery road, a bit like Wales. I am getting used to the surface"

Fri 08:30 - SS1: Lappi
Some difficulties for the Citroën driver delayed him more than he would like: "I ran wide in a long corner after a watersplash and had to select reverse gear"

Fri 08:29 - SS1: Latvala
The Finn matches his time with Meeke's as fastest guys!: "It makes me happy to be one of the two quickest crews here, but I am taking things step by step"

Fri 08:27 - SS1: Mikkelsen
The Norwegian is taking the very early stages of the event smoothly: "I was not flat out is the fast sections, so I am taking it easy to see how it goes in the longer stage coming now"

Fri 08:26 - SS1: Lappi
His Citroën C3 WRC stopped briefly 8.4 kms from the start

Fri 08:25 - SS1: Evans
The M-Sport Ford driver did very well and is second behind Kris Meeke: "I think it was a good stage for us, even of not perfect. There are views similar to Wales, but not everywhere. I am pleased with this start"

Fri 08:23 - SS1: Meeke
Toyota's new recruit appears 2.6s quicker than the rest in this opening stage: "There are many places brokeb, but there is mud beneath, so finding grip is a hard task. We are having a good start in terms of times"

Fri 08:21 - SS1: Tänak
He also had a difficult moment in the same bridge as Ogier's: "The lack of grip is crazy. I stalled the Yaris and then could not restart. I guess there is one thing or two to fix in my car",

Fri 08:18 - SS1: Ogier
The champion said the surface is very slippery: "I am finding the stage different to what I saw during the recce, probably because of the fog and because it is very slippery everywhere. I stalled the car for a second corssing a small bridge".

Fri 08:16 - SS1: Neuville
He did a good time, but the Belgian is not entirely happy: "It was not a perfect start. I am struggling to find confidence in my pace notes".

Fri 08:14 - Split watches
First car on the road (Neuville) completed the stage, but Ogier was barely faster, although Tänak and Meeke seem to be pushing hard as well.

Fri 08:11 - Apologies
Our apologies that you have not been able to view our regular live text service so far this morning. We have had some technical issues, which have now been overcome and normal service has been resumed. Enjoy!

Fri 08:05 - Underway
The first ever Copec Rally Chile is underway with Thierry Neuville (Hyundai), Sébastien Ogier (Citroën) and Ott Tänak (Toyota) driving El Pinar special stage.

Fri 07:53 - Standby
Neuville on the line awaiting his 0800hrs start time.

Fri 07:49 - Tyres
All Michelin WRC drivers chose 5 LTX Force medium compounds to start the event

Fri 07:48 - WRC+ LIVE
Head to WRC+ to watch All Live from Copec Rally Chile, including every stage broadcast live, breaking service park news and expert studio analysis.

Fri 07:43 - Start intervals
Two-minute intervals for all competitors this time.

Fri 07:42 - Friday's running order
Participants will be running in championship order today, with title leader Neuville first on the road. Here's how the WRC runners will line up: 1.Neuville, 2. Ogier, 3. Tänak, 4. Meeke, 5.Evans, 6.Mikkelsen, 7.Latvala, 8.Lappi, 9.Loeb, 10.Suninen.

Fri 07:40 - Weather
Although partly cloudy according to the forecast, temperatures going from 9° to 15°C and no chance of rain should make a pleasant day for spectators in the Bio Bio area. There's some fog around.

Fri 07:39 - Friday's itinerary
The action begins at 8000 hrs with a loop of three stages before a service shortly before 1300 hrs. The last two stages of the loop are repeated this afternoon, before the day ends with a short asphalt street test in Concepcion. It's quite a long day for the crews (over 13 hours inside their cars).

Fri 07:38 - Friday's vital stats
Here's what's on the itinerary. Start: 0620hrs (first car out of parc fermé). Number of stages: 6. Stage distance: 125.27km. Finish: 2015hrs.

Fri 07:34 - So, what's happening?
After yesterday’s Shakedown and last night's opening ceremony in Concepción’s Independence Park, the rally starts its first leg in less than half an hour.

Fri 07:33 - WRC 2 points after Argentina
1.Guerra 43, 2.Veiby 40, 3.Gryazin 28, 4.A. Heller 27, 5.Bonato, P. Heller and Andolfi 25.

Fri 07:32 - WRC 2 Pro points after Argentina
1.Pieniazek 62, 2.Greensmith 58, 3.Ostberg 50, 4.Rovanperä 36.

Fri 07:32 - Manufacturers points after Argentina
1.Hyundai Shell Mobis 157, 2.Toyota Gazoo Racing 120, 3.Citroën Total 117, 4.M-Sport Ford 78.

Fri 07:31 - Drivers points after Argentina
1.Neuville 110, 2.Ogier 100, 3.Tänak 82, 4.Meeke 54, 5.Evans 43, 6.Mikkelsen 30, 7.Latvala 29, 8.Lappi 26.

Fri 07:30 - Non-starters
Kajetan Kajetanowicz returned to Poland after withdrawing his entry here following his early retirement in Argentina when the rear suspension collapsed.

Fri 07:28 - Entry list’s top names
Citroën (Ogier, Lappi), Hyundai (Neuville, Loeb, Mikkelsen), Toyota (Tänak, Latvala, Meeke), Ford (Evans, Suninen), Bertelli (private Ford), Greensmith (Ford WRC 2 Pro), Rovanperä (Skoda WRC 2 Pro), Østberg (Citroën WRC 2 Pro), Bulacia (Skoda WRC 2 Pro), Guerra (Skoda WRC 2), A. and P. Heller (Ford, WRC 2), Katsuta (WRC 2), Martínez (Skoda WRC 2), Nobre (Skoda WRC 2), Fernández (Skoda, WRC 2), B., V. and C. Israel (Citroën WRC 2), Cancio (Skoda WRC 2(, Vidaurre (Skoda WRC 2), López (Peugeot WRC 2), Etcheverry (Hyundai WRC 2), Rosselot (Mitsubishi WRC 2).

Fri 07:27 - WRC 2 Pro / WRC 2
The entry list in WRC 2 Pro (Lukasz Pieniazek’s absence might make things easier for Mads Østberg and Gus Greensmith and WRC 2 (Mexico’s Benito Guerra is the new leader in the standings) is considerably larger than in Argentina, so expect a tough fight in both classes as well. A list of R3 and R2 cars complete the 60+ cars taking part in Chile’s WRC debut.

Fri 07:24 - Preview 2/2
On the other side of the Andes, Andreas Mikkelsen was a brilliant second, his drive helping Hyundai get a 1-2 there and the Korean manufacturer is 37 points clear of Toyota. Citroën sent a new C3 WRC from its headquarters in France for Esapekka Lappi and this time Dani Sordo is replaced at Hyundai by no less than 9-time world champion Sébastien Loeb.

Fri 07:23 - Preview 1/2
By winning his second rally in a row (Corsica and Argentina) less than two weeks ago, Thierry Neuville comes here having taken the championship lead. He is 10 points ahead of Sébastien Ogier. The Frenchman is fresh from a podium finish, scored well in the Cordoban hills and relegated former leader Ott Tänak to third position (82).

Fri 07:23 - We're live
Through and the WRC app we want to bring you all the action from the championship's newcomer event.

Fri 07:22 - Good morning from Chile
We are in South America again, this time to welcome you to our live text coverage of Copec Rally Chile, round 6 of the FIA World Rally Championship.

Mon 06:06 - Copec Rally Chile 2019
Watch the 16min. Preview Magazine on WRC+

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Stage Name Winner Team Time
SS1 Pilbara I (9.71 km) NORA. MIKKELSEN
Hyundai Motorsport 5:17.2
SS2 Eastbank I (19.05 km) NORA. MIKKELSEN
Hyundai Motorsport 9:56.3
SS3 Sherwood I (26.68 km) NORA. MIKKELSEN
Hyundai Motorsport 12:51.1
SS4 Pilbara II (9.71 km) NORA. MIKKELSEN
Hyundai Motorsport 5:14.0
SS5 Eastbank II (19.05 km) BELT. NEUVILLE
Hyundai Motorsport 9:48.8
SS6 Sherwood II (26.68 km) NORA. MIKKELSEN
Hyundai Motorsport 12:38.1
SS7 Destination NSW SSS - I (1.27 km) BELT. NEUVILLE
Hyundai Motorsport 1:02.4
SS8 Destination NSW SSS - II (1.27 km) BELT. NEUVILLE
Hyundai Motorsport 1:00.9
SS9 Nambucca17 (48.89 km) BELT. NEUVILLE
Hyundai Motorsport 26:53.6
SS10 Newry17 I (20.87 km) FINJ. LATVALA
Toyota Gazoo Racing WRT 12:10.7
SS11 Raceway SSS (1.37 km) ESTO. TÄNAK
M-Sport World Rally Team 1:15.3
SS12 Welshs Creek (33.49 km) BELT. NEUVILLE
Hyundai Motorsport 17:44.8
SS13 Argents Hill (Live TV) (12.24 km) BELT. NEUVILLE
Hyundai Motorsport 6:42.4
SS14 Newry17 II (20.87 km)
SS15 Destination NSW SSS - III (1.27 km) IRLC. BREEN
Citroën Total Abu Dhabi WRT 1:02.3
SS16 Destination NSW SSS - IV (1.27 km) ESTO. TÄNAK
M-Sport World Rally Team 1:01.8
SS17 Pilbara Reverse I (9.93 km) GBRE. EVANS
M-Sport World Rally Team 5:23.1
SS18 Bucca16 (31.90 km) NZLH. PADDON
Hyundai Motorsport 16:57.4
SS19 Wedding Bells16 I (Live TV) (6.44 km) BELT. NEUVILLE
Hyundai Motorsport 3:55.5
SS20 Pilbara Reverse II (9.93 km)
SS21 Wedding Bells16 II (Power Stage) (6.44 km) FRAS. OGIER
M-Sport World Rally Team 3:32.6



León, México


Wind: 8 km/h