Dayinsure Wales Rally GB

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Sun 14:46 - Until then
Keep an eye on for all the latest news and analysis, and don't forget WRC+ All Live for stage recaps and lots of exclusive extras from Great Britain. Bye for now!

Sun 14:45 - We will return
On 25 October to bring you all the updates from RallyRACC Catalunya - Rallye de España the 12th round of the season. It is sure to be a cracker!

Sun 14:42 - Finish control
23 stages are in the books, so this is where we'll end our Live Text from Dayinsure Wales Rally GB.

Sun 14:41 - WRC standings after SS23
1. Ogier 3h 06m 12.5sec 2. Latvala +10.6sec 3. Lappi +35.1sec 4. Breen +1m 10.4sec 5. Neuville +1m 14.4sec 6. Mikkelsen +1m 15.9sec

Sun 14:36 - SS23: Huttunen and Greensmith
Jari Huttunen and Gus Greensmith round things out on the Great Orme Llandudno test. Huttunen sets the fastest time in WRC 2 and Greensmith finishes just 2.6sec behind

Sun 14:34 - Manufacturers’ championship points
1. Toyota - 317 2. Hyundai - 297 3. M-Sport Ford -273 4. Citroën -187

Sun 14:33 - Drivers’ championship points
1. Neuville - 189 2. Ogier - 182 3. Tänak - 168 4. Lappi - 104 5. Latvala - 98

Sun 14:30 - Sébastien Ogier
The five-time GB winner is speaking to Molly Pettit at stage-end: "It was a huge weekend, it was such a tough fight! Ott was so far ahead and then he had his trouble, and then Jari-Matti was so strong. I didn't think I'd make it in the forests, it was so tough, but asphalt is a surface I like and we managed to secure the victory."

Sun 14:28 - SS23: Ogier
Ogier is 0.6sec quicker than anyone at the first split, 2.9sec quicker at the second and he completes the stage 3.5sec quicker than anyone! He's taken victory at Dayinsure Wales Rally GB by 10.6sec!

Sun 14:25 - SS23: Latvala
The Finn completes the stage now 4.0sec down. He'll have to wait and see what Ogier can do.

Sun 14:24 - SS23: Latvala
Here we go then, the battle begins and at the first split Latvala is 2.3sec down on Neuville, but he'll have to wait and see what Ogier can do.

Sun 14:23 - SS23: Lappi
Esapekka Lappi pulls his Toyota into the stop control now, he's 5.8sec down but more importantly, he's secured his podium finish!

Sun 14:21 - SS23: Breen
Craig Breen finishes what is the closest rally to Ireland and a lot of fans have been on the stages supporting him. The Irishman drops 4.2sec on the stage, but remains ahead of Neuville by 4.0sec in the overall standings.

Sun 14:19 - SS23: Neuville
Our championship leader is the third i20 to reach the end and he lowers the fastest time bar by 0.9sec. Not the rally he would have wanted, but he should leave Wales retaining his championship lead.

Sun 14:17 - SS23: Mikkelsen
Two Hyundais complete the rally now as Andreas Mikkelsen donuts his way round the end of the stage and through the flying finish. And he matches Østberg's fastest stage time!

Sun 14:16 - SS23: Paddon
The first of the Hyundais onto this test is that of Hayden Paddon. The Kiwi finished 0.5sec of Østberg on the stage and remains ahead of the Norwegian by 3.2sec in the overall standings.

Sun 14:13 - SS23: Østberg
Mads Østberg completes his rally in the C3 WRC. He's up on both the splits and he sets the fastest stage time by 0.4sec. A shake of the hand between Mads and Torstein as they pull into the stop control.

Sun 14:11 - SS23: Tänak
Oh what could have been for Ott Tänak, it looked like he cruising to victory yesterday, until his radiator broke on the afternoon. He's 5.9sec down on Evans and leaves Wales with just four Power Stage bonus points.

Sun 14:10 - SS23: Evans
Onto our WRC crews now and Elfyn Evans is giving the home fans something to cheer as he tackles the stage in his M-Sport Ford Fiesta. He's faster than Tidemand, but that's expected because of the different class of the Skodas.

Sun 14:08 - SS23: Rovanperä
Kalle drops 1.5sec to his team-mate as he donuts around the roundabout and pulls into the stop control. That doesn't worry him though, he's won by 1m 34.2sec!

Sun 14:06 - SS23: Tidemand
Tidemand gets his rally finished now, he's set a time of 4m 21.0sec.

Sun 14:05 - SS23: Rovanperä
At the first split, Rovanperä has dropped 0.1sec to his team-mate Tidemand

Sun 14:03 - SS23: Rovanperä
Kalle Rovanperä is the next onto the stage, we've got two Skodas tackling the Orme at the moment.

Sun 14:01 - SS23
Pontus Tidemand gets the second run of Great Orme Llandudno underway now

Sun 13:55 - Road order for SS23
1. Tidemand 2. Rovanperä 3. Evans 4. Tänak 5. Østberg 6. Paddon 7. Mikkelsen 8. Neuville 9. Breen 10. Lappi 11. Latvala 12. Ogier 13. Greensmith 14. Huttunen

Sun 13:45 - Championship points as it stands
The championship has really closed up with just two rounds remaining, if the positions stay as they are then the top three will look like this: 1. Neuville - 189 points. 2. Ogier - 182 points 3. Tänak - 168 points.

Sun 13:33 - SS23
The stage will now start at 2pm.

Sun 13:24 - SS23
The stage is due to begin at 13:45.

Sun 13:00 - SS23
Only the top 14 cars will tackle the stage.

Sun 12:58 - SS23
The stage will get underway at 13:30, using a shortened route.

Sun 12:21 - SS23: Delay
The final stage of Dayinsure Wales Rally GB has been delayed following an incident unrelated to the rally near to the finish of SS23 Great Orme Llandudno.

Sun 11:35 - Short break
We'll take a short break for now while the crews regroup and get ready for the final stage - the second run of Great Orme Llandudno. The stage gets underway at 12:18.

Sun 11:32 - WRC 2 standings after SS22
Loubet retired from sixth. 1. Rovanperä 3h 11m 04.7sec 2. Tidemand +1m 35.7sec 3. Greensmith +2m 13.2sec 4. Huttunen +2m 59.0sec 5. Lefebvre +4m 22.0sec 6. Pieniazek +6m 06.7sec

Sun 11:21 - WRC standings after SS22
Ogier’s regained the lead 1. Ogier 3h 02m 13.2sec 2. Latvala +3.1sec 3. Lappi +25.8sec 4. Breen +1m 02.7sec 5. Neuville +1m 10.9sec 6. Mikkelsen +1m 11.5sec

Sun 11:17 - SS22: Huttunen
Oh Jari! We were so sure he was going to take the fastest stage time, but he lost time in the second half of Gwydir 2 and he has finished 0.6sec behind his fellow Finn.

Sun 11:16 - SS22: Greensmith
Gus puts a time on the board in his Fiesta R5, he's 5.3sec down on Rovanperä. He closes the gap to Tidemand to 37.5sec but surely it is too late for him to take second?

Sun 11:13 - SS22: Tidemand
Pontus is through to stop control now and he has dropped 10.9sec to his fellow Skoda Motorsport driver.

Sun 11:09 - SS22: Rovanperä
While one lead fight heats up, Rovanperä is keeping things much more under control. He negotiates the penultimate stage with a handy time if the splits to Tidemand and Greensmith are to be believed.

Sun 11:08 - SS22: Evans
Elfyn Evans rounds out the WRC entries and he is 8.1sec off his team-mate's mega stage time. Not too bad at all. "Probably better conditions second run through, nothing for us to fight for really. Hopefully Seb will win, he's had a good rally and it would be nice to see him win it. It'll be good for his championship."

Sun 11:04 - SS22: Tänak
Ott reaches the end of the stage and he is 6.9sec down on Ogier's fastest time. "I hope the spectators are enjoying the stage." Short and sweet from Ott.

Sun 11:01 - SS22: Ogier
Oh my lord! Sébastien Ogier take a bow, he's smashed it out of the park! He's 3.3sec quicker than Jari-Matti on the stage and has a lead of 3.1sec heading into the final test on the Great Orme! The thousands of fans in the seaside town will be in for a treat! Ogier tells Molly: "Big push, I want this victory so I'm going to fight for it!"

Sun 10:58 - SS22: Latvala
Latvala is 1.7sec up on Neuville at the final split and across the line he drops the time down by 2.0sec. Fastest time for him. "If he has two softs he can be faster, but if he has mediums then I raise my hat to him if he goes faster."

Sun 10:56 - SS22: Lappi
Lappi drops 3.5sec on the stage, he's still comfortable in third though. "I was really on th safe side, I'm a bit surprised about the time but on the otherhand I was never on the ditch. My job is just to bring the car home now and watch the battle in front of me. The next stage isn't the Power Stage so I'm just going to drive through."

Sun 10:52 - SS22: Breen
Breen has lost quite a bit of time as well, the Citroëns have struggled on this stage. He finishes 12.8sec down on the stage and he is just 8.2sec ahead of Neuville in the overall standings with just the second run of Great Orme Llandudno remaining. "We've taken a fairly dead soft tyre, so that hasn't helped.

Sun 10:49 - SS22: Østberg
Mads Østberg has lost a whole chunk of time somewhere in this test - he was only 0.1sec down at the first split but he's slipped to 12.6sec down at the third. Østberg has slipped behind the three Hyundais in the overall positions. He explains to Molly what happened: "I had a spin in there."

Sun 10:46 - SS22: Mikkelsen
Three Hyundais start, three Hyundais finish. Mikkelsen has a bit of right-rear damage, he finishes 7.5sec down in the end and falls behind Neuville in the overall standings. "Just understeered into a left-hander, hit something on the outside. Tricky to drive today, not feeling 100%."

Sun 10:43 - SS22: Paddon
Paddon completes the stage, 2.5sec slower than Neuville. "Some places have become a little bit muddier, the time is similar but there is more grip this time. Great atmosphere from the fans as well."

Sun 10:41 - SS22: Neuville
The Belgian is at the end of the stage in his i20, just one more stage remaining for him. "I had an okay run, we can see if we can try and get a little closer to Mads but it is going to be difficult I think. We were faster than Andreas this morning, so we need to see if we can Andreas and Mads."

Sun 10:39 - SS22: Paddon
At the second split, Paddon remains 1.4sec down.

Sun 10:39 - SS22: Mikkelsen
Andreas Mikkelsen is through the first split 2.6sec slower than the Belgian

Sun 10:35 - SS22: Paddon
Paddon has put the first split in the books and he is 1.4sec slower than Neuville.

Sun 10:30 - SS22: Gwydir 2
New tyres bolted onto the car, Thierry Neuville gets the penultimate stage underway.

Sun 10:18 - WRC 2 standings after SS21
1. Rovanperä 3h 01m 07.4sec 2. Tidemand +1m 24.8sec 3. Greensmith +2m 07.9sec 4. Huttunen +2m 58.4sec 5. Lefebvre +4m 11.2sec 6. Pieniazek +5m 52.8sec

Sun 10:17 - WRC standings after SS21
1. Latvala 2h 52m 42.6sec 2. Ogier +0.2sec 3. Lappi +17.2sec 4. Breen +44.8sec 5. Mikkelsen +58.9sec 6. Østberg +58.9sec

Sun 10:13 - SS21: Ingram
The fourth-fastest stage time for Chris Ingram, he's 4.2sec down on the similar Skoda Fabia R5 of Andolfi

Sun 10:12 - SS21: Camilli
Eric Camilli pulls through to the stop control next and he is 6.7sec down.

Sun 10:07 - SS21: Andolfi
Fabio Andolfi has pulled a corking time out of the bag, he's 3.4sec quicker than Lefebvre on this asphalt stage!

Sun 10:05 - SS21: Lefebvre
Stéphane Lefebvre has broken Rovanperä's hold on the stage wins today. The Frenchman has gone 0.7sec quicker than the Finn in his Citroën C3 R5.

Sun 10:01 - SS21: Loubet
Pierre-Louis Loubet has stopped on the Great Orme at the 2.2km mark.

Sun 10:01 - SS21: Huttunen
We sound like a bit of a broken record but Jari Huttunen has put in another good time on this test, he's just 2.6sec down.

Sun 09:58 - SS21: Tidemand and Greensmith
Pontus can't match Kalle, he's 6.2sec down. Meanwhile, Greensmith is 0.9sec faster than Tidemand but still can't match the young Finn.

Sun 09:52 - SS21: Rovanperä
Kalle is the first WRC 2 runner through to the end of the stage, not troubled by anything as he continues his superb run through this rally. He's in a class of his own. "Yeah, I think it was actually quite a fun stage, but I don't think it would be fun if you had to push because of all the kerbs on this stage, but it's all good."

Sun 09:49 - SS21: Evans
Elfyn gives the Welsh fans something to cheer as he powers his way through the streets of Llandudno. He is 5.1sec down after a very nose-heavy landing in his Fiesta. "The jump was a big surprise to be honest! It was horrific. The jump wasn't there when we recce'd it, so it was a surprise."

Sun 09:46 - SS21: Tänak
Tänak completes the stage now, 16.1sec down on Ogier. Has he had a problem on this stage? "I was full throttle." Hmm, no answer there then.

Sun 09:43 - SS21: Ogier
Ogier is taking the fight back to Latvala! At the second split he's 2.9sec quicker than the Toyota driver and across the flying finish he is 3.4sec quicker than Latvala! He is just 0.2sec behind the Finn with just two more stages to go! You're not going to want to miss a bit this. Ogier is fired up for the fight: "That is what we can try. It has been a difficult morning, it has been tricky this morning. The Toyota is very strong but we are going to keep pushing until the end."

Sun 09:40 - SS21: Latvala
He's not leaving anything to chance today, the Finn goes 1.2sec quicker than anyone - could this be another stage win for him?

Sun 09:37 - SS21: Lappi
Esapekka Lappi is the next to tackle the jump and pull through the flying finish. He is 1.9sec down on Neuville. "I guess they are still hoping to catch Seb but I think it is not possible. Jari-Matti did a great job on the last one, a really crazy one from him. No instruction from the team to catch Seb, but I think they would be happier if I could!"

Sun 09:34 - SS21: Breen
The front-bumper is hanging off Breen's Citroën as he tackles the stage. It doesn't seem to be slowing him down too much, he's 3.9sec down across the line. "I made a mistake here, I thought I was already at the flying finish so I braked and stopped the car early but then realised I had to carry on a bit more."

Sun 09:31 - SS21: Østberg
Mads is the next to negotiate the streets and he is 1.9sec down on Neuville. He's now level on times with Mikkelsen. "Still a long way to go."

Sun 09:28 - SS21: Mikkelsen
Mikkelsen clangs the lamp-post as moves off the Orme and into the centre of the seaside town. He's 2.8sec off the pace as he crosses the line. Not bad considering his wild moment. "Right-hand corner, negative camber, I just lost the grip. The car is fine."

Sun 09:25 - SS21: Paddon
He completes the stage now and eventually drops 5.0sec as he negotiates the final jump on the run to the flying finish. Neuville has moved ahead of the Kiwi by 0.1sec. "It would be nice if we could all move in front of Mads. I think the pace notes were all a bit too slow."

Sun 09:23 - SS21: Paddon
Hayden's dropped 2.3sec at the first split and 5.1sec at the second.

Sun 09:22 - SS21: Neuville
Neuville negotiates the streets of Llandudno and he reaches the end of the stage. How did he find this asphalt test? "It is actually very enjoyable, but I lost the bite on the brakes towards the end so I had to be careful!"

Sun 09:16 - SS21: Asphalt adventure
A change of surface for this test as Thierry Neuville powers onto the all-asphalt Great Orme Llandudno stage.

Sun 09:11 - Stage info: SS21
Great Orme Llandudno 1, 8.03km An asphalt test which winds around the rocky Great Orme headland before diving into Llandudno’s streets and finishing on the picturesque promenade after a specially- constructed jump close to the resort’s famous pier. The Orme is tricky with pavements and rock faces on one side and a stone wall shielding a drop into the sea on the other. It’s very easy to make an error here.

Sun 09:09 - SS20: Camilli
Oh so close for Eric Camilli! He was up through the splits, but he's lost a bit of time close to the end and is just 0.1sec slower than Rovanperä!

Sun 09:05 - WRC 2 standings after SS20
1. Rovanperä 2h 56m 27.4sec 2. Tidemand +1m 18.6sec 3. Greensmith +2m 02.6sec 4. Huttunen +2m 55.8sec 5. Lefebvre +4m 11.9sec 6. Loubet +5m 03.3sec

Sun 09:02 - SS20: Lefebvre and Loubet
Two French drivers next through to the stage end, Lefebvre is 15.3sec down and Loubet is 8.6sec off the pace.

Sun 08:57 - SS20: Huttunen
Jari Huttunen is through and his decent morning is continuing, he's second-fastest on the stage and is 4.2sec down on the 18-year-old out front.

Sun 08:56 - SS20: Greensmith
Gus completes the stage 5.4sec down on the fastest WRC 2 time, he's also taken the gap to Pontus down to 44.0sec - he'll hope Tidemand can't repair his Skoda to have any chance to claiming second. "Fine, was taking it easy, but my take a look at Pontus's car and see what happens next!" A stall halfway through talking to Molly! Could that be a little bit of karma for his cheeky sugestion of checking out Tidemand's car?

Sun 08:53 - SS20: Tidemand
Potential rear suspension damage for Tidemand's Fabia. He's got right-rear damage and it looks like he's crabbing towards the flying finish. He's 12.2sec down on Rovanperä. What does he tell Molly? "A small hit right-rear, we have some spare suspension arms so lets see if we can change."

Sun 08:50 - SS20: Rovanperä
Kalle completes the Power Stage now and continues his great weekend with a solid time on the power stage. Kalle's asked if his dad Harri has given him any advice: "He just told me to do your thing and it is going to be good."

Sun 08:47 - WRC standings after SS20
1. Latvala 2h 48m 17.2sec 2. Ogier +3.6sec 3. Lappi +14.1sec 4. Breen +39.7sec 5. Mikkelsen +15.2sec 6. Østberg +55.8sec Change of leader after the Power Stage!

Sun 08:46 - Power Stage bonus points
1. Latvala (5 points) 2. Tänak (4 points) 3. Ogier (3 points) 4. Neuville (2 points) 5. Lappi (1 point)

Sun 08:45 - SS20: Evans
Elfyn ends the stage now and he can't trouble the bonus point-paying positions. He ends the stage 10.1sec down.

Sun 08:43 - SS20: Tänak
A large moment for Tänak! He slides the car almost into a spin in a left-hander bit he keeps the throttle nailed and he keeps on going. He was up on the first two splits but he can't beat his team-mate - he's 0.7sec down. "It is very hard. I want none of my opponents to feel how I felt yesterday, it was the worst I've ever felt."

Sun 08:40 - SS20: Ogier
Ogier's lost the lead! He can't compete with Latvala's beast of a stage time, he's second-fastest on the stage but he has dropped to second overall by 3.6sec. How is he feeling? "I'm happy to finish this stage, it has been very tricky in there."

Sun 08:38 - SS20: Latvala
Good lord! That has to be the drive of the weekend from Jari-Matti Latvala! He takes no prisoners and lowers the fastest time by a huge 5.7sec. He looks knackered talking to Molly at stop control: "Well I can tell you it was an extremely difficult stage. It was very low grip and in one places I went flat over a crest and the car was already sideways and I thought there was going to be a big impact but we kept going. Big push."

Sun 08:35 - SS20: Lappi
Lappi is second-fastest on the stage so far, he's 2.6sec down on Neuville. How does he rate his performance on this test? "There are so many surprises on this stage, and the road is quite narrow so we followed the line from the others - sometimes in the ditch - it is impossible to keep it on the road. It will be a lot worse on the second pass, I wouldn't mind if we don't do it!"

Sun 08:32 - SS20: Breen
Craig is through to the end of the stage now, 21.1sec down on the fatest time. "I tried to go for it, but we went on probably not the best tyre this morning. I tried to give it everything in there and I just made a small mistake."

Sun 08:29 - SS20: Breen
Oh no! It was all looking so good for Breen but he's caught out by the slippery conditions on this stage and he spins the car!

Sun 08:29 - SS20: Østberg
Mads is 10.4sec down on the stage and he drops behind Mikkelsen in the overall standings. What does he tell Molly? "It is extremely difficult in there, I didn't have a rhythm to be honest, the grip was changing massively. It was some places so slippery, even a lot of mud dragged onto the road."

Sun 08:26 - SS20: Mikkelsen
Andreas is 7.2sec down at the final split and at the finish line that slips to 8.7sec. Has he had a problem in this stage? "It is hard to have a really good stage. I was feeling really bad yesterday so I didn't do any video training for today to know where to put the car."

Sun 08:22 - SS20: Paddon
Paddon's lost a chunk of time on the final split, he was 0.5sec up at the second split but he's now 2.9sec off the pace at the last one. He crosses the flying finish 2.9sec slower than Neuville. "It is so slippy, unbelieavable how slippery it was - even more than Monte Carlo. The pace notes weren't right, we were just following Neuville's lines."

Sun 08:19 - SS20: Neuville
Thierry reaches the end of the stage now, we can only wait and see how his time will put him in the bonus points. He tells Molly Pettit at stage-end: "I struggle with the handling, I tried but I'm pretty sure we will not get a lot of points with that."

Sun 08:17 - SS20: Mikkelsen
That's reflecting somewhat in his opening split, which is 1.6sec down on Paddon.

Sun 08:16 - SS20: Mikkelsen
Blimey, this is some start from Andreas - his Hyundai is sliding around like it has a mind of its own. He's far more sideways than either of his team-mates in the opening kilometres of this stage.

Sun 08:14 - SS20: Paddon
Hayden slides his way to the first split and he is 1.0sec quicker than his team-mate

Sun 08:08 - SS20: Live!
We are Power Staging, Thierry Neuville releases the handbrake and powers his i20 onto the stage.

Sun 08:02 - Stage info: SS20
Gwydir 1, 14.76km Gwydir has been lengthened and its variety could catch out some. It starts on a wide and open road, climbing uphill through crests and corners for the first 3km. After diving into the forest, thick vegetation makes the road narrow before the test crosses a public road and back into the trees. It remains tight but that all changes for the final 6km, which cover wider roads with fast kinks and curves ahead of a flat out blast to the finish.

Sun 07:58 - Power Stage
The Live TV Power Stage is next up on the agenda, and we won't be having a unique road order for this test - it's the same order that started the day, so Neuville is going off first.

Sun 07:55 - WRC standings after SS19
1. Ogier 2h 38m 43.9sec 2. Latvala +1.7sec 3. Lappi +7.5sec 4. Breen +14.6sec 5. Østberg +41.3sec 6. Mikkelsen +42.2sec

Sun 07:53 - SS19: Huttunen
Good one from Jari Huttunen, the Hyundai i20 R5 driver is just 1.8sec down on Rovanperä

Sun 07:52 - SS19: Greensmith
Not the start Gus would have wanted, he's 8.6sec down on Rovanperä and 5.3sec slower than Tidemand - he's now 50.8sec behind the Swede in his fading battle for second.

Sun 07:50 - SS19: Tidemand
Tidemand can't improve on his team-mate's time, he is 3.3sec down across the line.

Sun 07:48 - SS19: Rovanperä
Young Kalle Rovanperä starts off the WRC 2 crews heading through the end of the stage and he's set a 7m 34.0sec

Sun 07:47 - SS19: Evans
Elfyn Evans rounds out the WRC runners, he's 5.6sec off Lappi's stage-winning time.

Sun 07:47 - SS19: Tänak
Ott's stopped at the end of the stage in a time 6.3sec slower than team-mate Lappi. What does he say to Colin at the stop control? "All the same as yesterday, I'm feeling okay. The car is okay today."

Sun 07:45 - SS19: Ogier
Ogier just about retains his lead, but his margin over Latvala has all but evaporated - he's just 1.7sec ahead of the Finn after this opening test! "I don't know, I think it was a very tricky start with very tricky conditions. I didn't want to do a mistake, but that's how it is."

Sun 07:43 - SS19: Latvala
Jari-Matti's storming this morning, he's 1.6sec down on Lappi but his splits are looking good in comparison to Ogier! He tells Colin: "It was a very, very slippy stage. We had one moment but thankfully we managed to keep it on the road, Very, very difficult stage." He's put his all into that!

Sun 07:40 - SS19: Lappi
But then Esapekka Lappi smashes it out of the park! He lowers Breen's time by 5.4sec!

Sun 07:39 - SS19: Breen
What a time from Craig Breen! He's just completed the stage 4.0sec quicker than Thierry Neuville!

Sun 07:37 - SS19: Østberg
A relative novelty, the next car through the flying finish isn't a Hyundai - it's a Citroën! This is Mads Østberg completing the stage, he's 2.1sec off the pace. "Try to mix a lot of things from what we've learned over the weekend. It is not so bad, I struggled to find the rhythm in here but it was okay."

Sun 07:35 - SS19: Mikkelsen
Three i20s into the stop control and this one has the name of Andreas Mikkelsen on the side, he's 0.6sec down on Neuville. "It is cleaning a bit, but it is too dark, really hard to see anything. We should have put the light pods on for sure."

Sun 07:33 - SS19: Paddon
The Kiwi is through to the end of the stage and he's 2.3sec down on his team-mate. He says: "You can't read the grip at all, it is very slippery and you just can't see the grip on the road at all. I've got the right tyres for the forest but maybe not for the asphalt around the Great Orme."

Sun 07:31 - SS19: Neuville
Thierry Neuville successfully negotiates the first stage of the morning and he's chatting to Colin Clark at stop control. "Very slippy, very surprising. My pace notes were a little optimistic so at one point I had to slow down a little bit because I had a few small slides and I didn't want to risk anything."

Sun 07:29 - SS19: Mikkelsen
The third Hyundai of Andreas Mikkelsen is also into the stage and at the first split - 3.14km in - he's 0.4sec down on Neuville

Sun 07:27 - SS19: Paddon
The first split is in from Hayden Paddon, our second car onto this stage, and he is 0.2sec down on Neuville.

Sun 07:22 - SS19: Neuville
Let's hope Neuville's had to time to read our stage description because he's off into Elsi now!

Sun 07:21 - Stage info: SS19
Elsi, 10.06km A new stage to the rally. It is twisty as it climbs away from the start before turning onto a more open and faster road, where the forest has been harvested to give improved vision. Narrow technical tracks contrast with wider and faster roads all the way through, until a quarry leads into the final section and a tricky right corner just before the end.

Sun 07:18 - Tyres
Citroën/Tänak/Neuville/Mikkelsen - 5 softs Lappi - 5 mediums Latvala/Ogier/Evans - 2 soft and 3 medium Paddon - 4 soft and 1 medium

Sun 07:16 - Weather
It’s a bitterly cold morning in Deeside, with temperatures just above freezing. It is dry though, so that’s one consolation at least! In the first stage, the roads are frost-free, but there is some frost in the verges

Sun 07:15 - Road order
1. Neuville 2. Paddon 3. Mikkelsen 4. Østberg 5. Breen 6. Lappi 7. Latvala 8. Ogier 9. Tänak 10. Evans

Sun 07:12 - Sunday’s itinerary
The 10.06km Elsi test kicks off proceedings, with the Live TV Power Stage Gwydir in the unusual position of being the second stage tackled. After that it’s the first run of the crowd-pleasing Great Orme Llandudno test, before a tyre fitting zone precedes the second run of Gwydir. The rally-ends with a second run of the all-asphalt Great Orme Llandudno spectacular, which uses closed roads to run through the centre of the seaside resort.

Sun 07:10 - WRC 2 situation
Unless he suffers some serious bad luck, Kalle Rovanperä is nearly assured of victory in the support class as he leads team-mate Pontus Tidemand by more than one minute. Gus Greensmith is in a distant third and Jari Huttunen is fourth.

Sun 07:07 - What's the situation?
Heading into the final day, Ogier is in a lead we don’t think even he would have expected after Ott Tänak retired on Saturday afternoon with a suspected broken radiator. Just behind the M-Sport Ford driver are Tänak’s Toyota team-mates Jari-Matti Latvala and Esapekka Lappi, can they deny the Frenchman victory? Citroën drivers Craig Breen is fourth and Mads Østberg is fifth, with Andreas Mikkelsen in sixth, Hayden Paddon is seventh and championship leader Thierry Neuville is eighth.

Sun 07:05 - We’re live
On the WRC App and online at, remember you can also follow all the action on WRC+ All Live.

Sun 07:01 - Hello again!
And welcome to the final day of live text from another exciting edition of Dayinsure Wales Rally GB!

Sat 18:02 - Goodnight!
On that note, we'll call it a night from here in Deeside. The Live Text may be going to bed for the night but keep your eyes peeled on for the latest news and reports from a dramatic day in Wales

Sat 18:01 - WRC 2 standings after SS18
1. Rovanperä 2h 38m 53.3sec 2. Tidemand +1m 03.1sec 3. Greensmith +1m 48.6sec 4. Huttunen +2m 49.8sec 5. Lefebvre +3m 44.8sec 6. Loubet +4m 43.6sec

Sat 17:58 - WRC standings after SS18
1. Ogier 2h 31m 22.5sec 2. Latvala +4.4sec 3. Lappi +11.8sec 4. Breen +13.5sec 5. Østberg +34.1sec 6. Mikkelsen +36.5sec

Sat 17:56 - SS18: Lefebvre and Huttunen
Stéphane Lefebvre rounds off his day 10.5sec down in his Citroën C3 R5 and Jari Huttunen is 15.5sec down in his Hyundai i20 R5.

Sat 17:51 - SS18: Greensmith
Greensmith is second-fastest on the stage - he's 3.5sec down on Tidemand and his deficit to second has grown to 45.5sec

Sat 17:50 - SS18: Tidemand
Tidemand's taken 3.7sec out of Rovanperä on this stage, but he's still looking at a deficit of 1m 03.1sec to his fellow Skoda Motorsport driver.

Sat 17:49 - SS18: Rovanperä
Kalle Rovanperä ends another strong day for him, the stage times maybe aren't as spectacular as they were yesterday - but he's done what he needed to, keeping it clean and out of trouble.

Sat 17:47 - SS18: Neuville
Thierry Neuville is the next to put this day to bed, he's 4.5sec off the pace. He tells Molly: "We have seen that in previous years that the road is getting slippier so we lose the time there. Compared to the guys around me my time is not so bad, there is nothing to gain for me."

Sat 17:45 - SS18: Latvala
Latvala is 6.7sec down at the end of the stage but he's only lost 1.5sec to Ogier - the difference between them is now 4.4sec. "I stalled in the hairpin, the sun was coming really badly into my eyes. I tried to go round the hairpin in second gear but that wasn't right. It is a long day tomorrow, this is just a small mistake."

Sat 17:42 - SS18: Latvala
Latvala's lost 1.9sec to Ogier at the first split, that's not too bad for the Finn.

Sat 17:41 - SS18: Ogier
The Frenchman has finished the stage and he's 5.2sec down on Mikkelsen. How is he feeling? "I don't know, Craig is doing good times just ahead of me. Honestly, I'm flat out, I think the car doesn't suit these stages. I'm giving it everything I can and I'll do the same tomorrow."

Sat 17:38 - SS18: Latvala
A small stall for Latvala at the 0.9km mark - he gets going again but he'll have lost a bit to Ogier on this test.

Sat 17:37 - SS18: Breen
Craig was just 0.4sec down at the final split but he's lost time late on - he's 2.3sec down.

Sat 17:35 - SS18: Paddon
Paddon sets the slowest time on this stage, he's 5.7sec down on Mikkelsen after his stall at the start.

Sat 17:34 - SS18: Østberg
Mads is 5.6sec down, he's only 2.4sec up on Mikkelsen now - that's a battle that needs to be watched tomorrow.

Sat 17:32 - SS18: Mikkelsen
Mikkelsen ends his day now as he reaches stop control for SS18 - how did he find it? "It's been a really good day i have to say. Much better than yesterday, it is going in the right direction. Let's see what we can do tomorrow."

Sat 17:30 - SS18: Østberg
Mads Østberg is 3.4sec down at the first split point 4.82km into the stage.

Sat 17:28 - SS18: Paddon
Hayden Paddon stalled on the start! He's underway now though.

Sat 17:24 - SS18: Underway
A five-minute delay, but Mikkelsen is now underway.

Sat 17:24 - SS17: Camilli
Back on SS17, it's a cracker of a time from Eric Camilli who is 1.7sec faster than Rovanperä on the stage.

Sat 17:22 - SS18: Delay
A small delay to the start of this test, when it gets underway we'll let you know.

Sat 17:19 - SS17: Greensmith
Greensmith is 7.7sec down on the fastest time, he's now 42.0sec behind Tidemand in the overall standings.

Sat 17:18 - SS17: Tidemand
Tidemand loses another second to Rovanperä in WRC 2 - he's trailing by 1m 06.8sec now.

Sat 17:17 - SS18: Gartheiniog 2
We're almost underway with the last stage of the day but we'll keep you updated with the rest of the action from SS17 as well!

Sat 17:16 - SS17: Evans
The second M-Sport Ford Fiesta breaks the beam at the flying finish and he's 6.9sec down - the slowest time through the stage. He says: "Yeah everything is fine, I just don't seem to have a massive amount of grip, but everything fine."

Sat 17:13 - SS17: Neuville
Thierry is 5.2sec down at the end of the stage, how did he find this, the penultimate stage of the day? "I cannot do much more, I try not to take big risks either. Now Tänak is off, Ogier has the possibility to win - we need to get a good position for the Power Stage tomorrow."

Sat 17:11 - SS17: Latvala
Jari-Matti has taken up the Toyota charge perfectly on this stage, he's dominated it! He's got the fastest stage time by 1.7sec and he's now just 2.9sec behind Ogier in the overall standings! The lead battle is well and truly on! He says: "It is different now because Ott is retired and now it is key to fight for the victory of the rally. We are also fighting for the manufacturers' title but we need to be careful because if you don't get points you don't win anything."

Sat 17:07 - SS17: Lappi
Lappi's moved onto the podium places and he's 2.6sec down on the fastest time on this stage.

Sat 17:07 - SS17: Ogier
Ogier reaches the end of the stage now and he's 0.9sec down on Mikkelsen. He's talking to Colin at stop control: "It is a big fight for sure since the beginning of the day with us and Craig and Esapekka. It is a shame for Ott, he was definitely on another level this weekend. Now we are fighting for a win, not second place any more."

Sat 17:04 - SS17: Breen
Breen reaches the end of the stage and he's 2.9sec adrift of Mikkelsen's fastest time.

Sat 17:03 - SS17: Latvala
Latvala is really pushing on this one, he's 1.5sec up on Ogier's efforts at the 6.56km split.

Sat 17:01 - SS17: Paddon
Paddon just misses out on setting the fastest stage time! He's 0.2sec off the pace of Mikkelsen's Hyundai in his own example of the i20.

Sat 17:00 - SS17: Østberg
Mads Østberg can't beat Mikkelsen's time, he's 3.6sec down on the stage and he's only ahead of him in the overall standings by 8.0sec now.

Sat 16:58 - SS17: Mikkelsen
Andreas finishes the stage now and he's chatting to Colin Clark. "Quite damp but drying in places, I had a lot of sun in my eyes in places near the start - it was difficult to see - but then I was flat out after."

Sat 16:57 - SS17: Paddon
Hayden's really found some pace, he's just 0.1sec down on his team-mate at the third split.

Sat 16:54 - SS17: Paddon
Hayden Paddon has broken the timing beam at the 6.56km split and he's 1.0sec down on Mikkelsen.

Sat 16:51 - SS17: Østberg
Mads Østberg is through the first split now and he's 1.5sec off the pace.

Sat 16:45 - SS17: Mikkelsen
And the entertainment begins again! What will await us on Dyfi 2?

Sat 16:27 - SS17
Right, well after all that drama the next stage gets underway at 1645 so we'll take a short break to get our heart rates back to normal

Sat 16:19 - WRC 2 standings after SS16
1. Rovanperä 2h 20m 17.7sec 2. Tidemand +1m 05.8sec 3. Greensmith +1m 41.1sec 4. Huttunen +2m 31.6sec 5. Lefebvre +3m 32.4sec 6. Loubet +4m 25.2sec

Sat 16:15 - SS16: Huttunen
Back on Sweet Lamb Hafren, Jari Huttunen has set a decent time on this test, he's just 3.3sec down on the fastest WRC 2 time and is looking increasingly secure in fourth.

Sat 16:11 - Tommi Mäkinen
“They don’t know exactly what happened. Sump guard is broken and also radiator but we don’t know yet. I think he first lost sump guard and then broke the radiator. Water pressure is gone. It was such a good chance to go well and he was so good through all the stages. It is a big disappointment.”

Sat 16:06 - SS16: Tidemand and Greensmith
Pontus is through to the end of the stage and he's 2.2sec down. Gus meanwhile is 1.7sec off Kalle's stage time.

Sat 16:06 - SS16: Rovanperä
Kalle Rovanperä is the next to reach the stop control, the first WRC 2 entry. "Now it is dry and really good grip, but now there is typical Wales - slippery places."

Sat 16:05 - SS16: Evans
Elfyn Evans is the next through to the end of the stage and he rounds out the WRC runners. "Ott was parked up on the side, I didn't know it was him to be honest he was just parked up. Very low grip in some sections, difficult to find the balance."

Sat 16:03 - WRC standings after SS16
All change after Tänak's stoppage. 1. Ogier 2h 13m 48.3sec 2. Latvala +5.5sec 3. Lappi +10.8sec 4. Breen +14.4sec 5. Østberg +31.0sec 6. Mikkelsen +42.6sec

Sat 16:01 - SS16: Neuville
Thierry Neuville is also at the stop control for this stage and he has dropped 5.7sec to Mikkelsen. He's also told about Ott's retirement: "I just got the information now on the radio, that is part of the game - I told you it is not finished until it is finished. The championship is only over when we cross the line in Australia."

Sat 15:59 - SS16: Latvala
Jari-Matti drops 2.6sec on the stage and he is up to second now with Ott's issues. He's told about Ott's stoppage by Molly: "That is not good news, what's happened? Now, we need to focus and keep the concentration for the rest of the race."

Sat 15:57 - SS16: Lappi
Well with all that drama unfolding further down the stage, Esapekka Lappi has reached the stage end now 5.8sec down. "That is not so good news with Ott. I can't keep up with Seb and with Craig. It is nice to be in the fight for sure but Seb is going too fast, I've had no chance."

Sat 15:54 - SS16: Tänak
All Live is showing the pair are out and looking around the car. Martin Järveoja is directing Ott as he pulls the car into a safe place.

Sat 15:53 - SS16: Tänak
Tänak has stopped! The rally leader has stopped at the 3.7km mark on this test!

Sat 15:52 - SS16: Breen
Breen has also lost a bit on this test, he's 7.6sec down on what is looking like a storming time from Andreas.

Sat 15:50 - SS16: Paddon
Paddon doesn't have an answer to Mikkelsen's questions, he's 6.2sec down on his team-mate.

Sat 15:49 - SS16: Østberg
Mads is through and he's lost time on this test, he can't repeat his strong pace from this morning. He's 5.2sec down. "It is not going so well to be honest. I struggle a lot with understeer like on the last stage. I drive a lot more on the steering lock than on a straight wheel which means I'm losing a bit of time."

Sat 15:46 - SS16: Mikkelsen
Andreas Mikkelsen is into the end of the stage now and he's done it in 11m 26.6sec. He's speaking to Molly at stop control: "The feeling is getting better and better. I had four softs on the car in this stage, I don't know if that will be the right choice until I see the other guys!"

Sat 15:42 - SS16: Breen
Craig Breen's first split is in and it's a decent one! He's 0.9sec down on Mikkelsen.

Sat 15:41 - SS16: Paddon
Paddon's also got his first split in the books and he's 3.1sec slower than Andreas in the second Hyundai

Sat 15:39 - SS16: Østberg
The first split is in from Østberg and he's 1.4sec down on Mikkelsen

Sat 15:35 - SS16 weather
Well this stage was pretty wet this morning, but now? The Sweet Lamb complex is pretty dry and the cars are even kicking up dust!

Sat 15:33 - SS16: Mikkelsen
We're not messing around this afternoon, Andreas Mikkelsen is out into the second run of Sweet Lamb Hafren now

Sat 15:31 - SS15: Veiby
Ole Christian Veiby has stopped 12.7km into the stage

Sat 15:26 - SS15: Greensmith
Gus Greensmith finishes the stage now, he's a tenth quicker than Tidemand but still 3.6sec slower than Rovanperä

Sat 15:25 - SS15: Tidemand
Pontus follows his team-mate through to the stop control but he can't match the 18-year-old - he's 3.7sec down and Rovanperä's lead extends to over one minute.

Sat 15:23 - SS15: Evans
Elfyn's on five mediums and they seem to be helping him somewhat, he's just 3.7sec down - the fifth-fastest time on the stage. Did he know it would dry out this much? "Maybe not quite that much! But it is drier than expecting for sure."

Sat 15:21 - SS15: Tänak
Ott has a lot of time in hand, but we don't think he'll want to be continuing this pace for the rest of the afternoon - he's 6.1sec down on Ogier and matches Neuville's time. What does he tell Colin? "A lot drier than I was expecting, we had no information like this so a big surprise. We need to manage the rest of the loop."

Sat 15:20 - SS15: Neuville
Neuville is still off the pace this afternoon, 6.1sec adrift of Ogier. Is there an underlying issue with his Hyundai? "Everything is okay, I had a good rhythm but the tyre was moving around quite a bit. I need to tighten the suspension, it is too soft." So a few suspension tweaks needed, and another driver to comment on the lack of wetness on the stage.

Sat 15:18 - SS15: Latvala
Jari-Matti Latvala is slower than Lappi, and 3.8sec down on Ogier's stage time. He's down 5.5sec to the Frenchman overall. He continues the theme of observing how dry the stages are: "It is surprisingly dry conditions. I didn't drive this stage very well this morning, I did improve but the time's not good enough."

Sat 15:16 - SS15: Lappi
Esapekka can't match Seb, he's 3.4sec down on Ogier and Breen is now just 1.8sec behind the Finn - this battle is going to be great this afternoon. "I don't know what is the correct tyre choice to be honest, it was quite dry. I wasn't expecting it to be so abrasive. He [Ogier] is crazy and he is running off the road on some of the exits. I can't take those same risks."

Sat 15:13 - SS15: Ogier
Craig Breen's fastest time doesn't stand for long - Ogier lowers it by 2.0sec! "The guys behind are interesting! The day is very nice to be honest, very beautiful. Not as hard a push as this morning as the tyres are not as easy to manage."

Sat 15:12 - SS15: Breen
Good speed from the Irishman on this stage, he's 0.4sec to the good as he sets the fastest stage time. "It was a reasonable enough run, not quite flat to the square right. Always have good memories of that stage, shame we're putting it to bed for another year. Very surprised with how dry it was."

Sat 15:09 - SS15: Paddon
4.6sec dropped to Mikkelsen on this stage, the New Zealander couldn't keep up with his team-mate.

Sat 15:08 - SS15: Østberg
Østberg can't match his strong start from this morning, he's 5.9sec down as he reaches the stop control. He tells Colin Clark: "It was very difficult to judge. Obviously, we had a little bit wrong information and it is dead dry, I had to take care of my tyres."

Sat 15:05 - SS15: Mikkelsen
Mikkelsen is continuing to push right at the very end of the stage. "We're trying what we can, it is very dry now I think maybe the soft tyres might have been better."

Sat 15:02 - Afternoon tyres
Citroën/Lappi/Paddon - 5 softs Ogier/Latvala - 2 soft and 3 medium Evans - 5 medium Neuville/Mikkelsen/Tänak - 4 soft and 1 medium

Sat 15:01 - SS15: Paddon
Hayden matches Østberg's split time, 1.9sec down on his team-mate

Sat 14:59 - SS15: Østberg
Mads Østberg is 1.9sec down on Mikkelsen at the first split.

Sat 14:54 - SS15: Mikkelsen
Send it Andreas! He's not hanging around here, he's using every inch of the road in the opening kilometres.

Sat 14:53 - Sitting comfortably?
Then we'll begin - Andreas Mikkelsen is off into Myherin 2!

Sat 14:49 - Afternoon eyes on the skies
Well the sun is trying to make its presence felt in the service park, will that spread to the stages? We'll soon see.

Sat 14:45 - We're back!
The second run of Myherin will get underway in seven minutes!

Sat 13:11 - Technical break
We'll have a technical break now while the crews are in the tyre and light fitting zone in Newtown. Keep your eyes peeled on for reports on all of the morning's action.

Sat 13:07 - WRC 2 standings after SS14
1. Rovanperä 1h 56m 56.5sec 2. Tidemand +59.9sec 3. Greensmith +1m 35.8sec 4. Huttunen +2m 22.5sec 5. Lefebvre +3m 10.9sec 6. Loubet +4m 02.5sec

Sat 13:02 - SS14: Veiby
A decent run through for Ole Christian, he powers his C3 R5 through the stage just 1.5sec slower than former team-mate Rovanperä.

Sat 13:01 - WRC standings after SS14
1. Tänak 1h 50m 53.2sec 2. Ogier +48.0sec 3. Latvala +49.7sec 4. Lappi +52.2sec 5. Breen +55.4sec 6. Østberg +1m 08.1sec

Sat 12:59 - SS14: Camilli
Oh, Eric Camilli! He was up through the splits and looked to be on for a good time, but he's lost a bit late on and he's 1.7sec down on the fastest time in class.

Sat 12:56 - SS14: Lefebvre
Decent run for Lefebvre as well, he's dropped just 1.5sec on this test.

Sat 12:56 - SS14: Bogie
David Bogie is another of our non-priority runners tackling this stage - the former Scottish and British Rally Champion is just 1.3sec down on Rovanperä in his privateer Skoda.

Sat 12:54 - SS14: Cave
He's running as a non-priority on this rally but Tom Cave is having a great run, he's well in the mix with the other R5 runners. He's just 0.4sec slower than Rovanperä in his Hyundai i20 R5! He tells Molly: "We made a mistake on Dyfi and lost the rear, got stuck in a ditch. Some spectators pushed us out so thanks for them, now it's just about setting some good times really."

Sat 12:51 - SS14: Greensmith
Gus Greensmith is the next through to stop control and the Fiesta R5 driver is 5.5sec down on the fastest time. He says: "We had a spin two stages ago which opened up the gap, I think there was a miscommunication between which plan I was on, and what other people thought I was on." Hmm, a bit of a cryptic response from Greensmith there

Sat 12:48 - SS14: Tidemand
The Swede hasn't got the better of his team-mate on this stage, Tidemand loses 0.3sec to Kalle. "The pace is quite high I think, we are fighting with Gus Greensmith so we'll continue like this."

Sat 12:45 - SS14: Rovanperä
Kalle Rovanperä is the first WRC 2 runner through the stage. He tells Molly: "Of course it would be nice to win the rally, but it is still a long day today and tomorrow as well. This stage was really nice."

Sat 12:42 - SS14: Evans
Elfyn Evans rounds out the WRC runners on this, the 14th stage of the rally. He's 2.2sec down on Latvala. "Obviously, yesterday was a good day in the morning and today has been difficult to be honest to find that spark again. Okay the driving is not that bad, but you need that edge to make the difference."

Sat 12:39 - SS14: Tänak
Ott is our rally leader and he can't match his team-mate - he's 1.6sec slower than the Finn. What does he say to Molly? "I have my job to do, and the other guys have their job to do. The afternoon is going to be hard, especially if these roads get more polished - it is going to be as slippy as hell."

Sat 12:35 - SS14: Neuville
Neuville has a few less parts than he started the morning off with, his i20 now lacking a rear bumper. He's 1.3sec down on Latvala, the fifth-fastest time on stage. "We continue pushing. We went with the medium tyre choice on the front axle this morning, we were surprised by the grip and went off. We won't give up."

Sat 12:32 - SS14: Latvala
Jari-Matti's fastest! He's 0.6sec up at the flying finish and he's only 1.7sec behind Ogier in the overall standings now! This is going to be a great battle this afternoon. "It was a good run for us, it is interesting this stage - some places had good grip and others were very polished. The feeling in the car was very good."

Sat 12:30 - SS14: Lappi
Esapekka Lappi is up by 0.9sec through both the splits and he clips a couple of the banks on his way into the stop control, losing 0.6sec in the end. He tells Molly: "Yeah, I tried! At the finish line I had a nice lean on the bank - it was in the pace notes! I used the handbrake a bit and understeered into the bank slightly."

Sat 12:26 - SS14: Ogier
Ogier has been on the move this morning, he's up to second overall and he was up on Østberg through the splits, but he loses time late on and finishes 1.0sec down. "It is really, really close, up to position five it is only a 10 second gap so it is going to be a close fight."

Sat 12:23 - SS14: Breen
Craig Breen is the next through to the end, and the Irishman is 1.9sec off the pace. He tells Molly at stage-end: "I was nearly backwards in that last hairpin! I tried it with the R2 car a few years ago so I decided to try and do it again!"

Sat 12:20 - SS14: Paddon
Hayden Paddon completes the morning loop now with 100% less advertising banners attached to the car than Mads. He's 1.3sec down as he crosses the flying finish. "Just missing a little bit of grip. So, so close, just enjoying the stages. Hope I'll find a little more this afternoon."

Sat 12:18 - SS14: Østberg
Mads has clipped a sponsor banner and he's taken it along with him! Thankfully he's not got a lot of the stage left and he finishes 0.3sec faster than Mikkelsen. All smiles and laughter from Torstein and Mads as they pull into stop control! "Yeah, it was a Live stage wasn't it so you have to make sure you have some sponsors! The car is quite dirty so I picked up the flag in the stage to get a bit extra."

Sat 12:14 - SS14: Mikkelsen
A quick test this one, Mikkelsen completes in a time of 4m 29.1sec. "It was very, very dry, completely dry. I just hope there is no cleaning! It is 99% dry, not what I expected at all."

Sat 12:10 - SS14: Mikkelsen
That's probably as sideways as you can go without losing it! Andreas is really pushing his Hyundai and he just about avoids a spin.

Sat 12:08 - SS14: Mikkesen
Off we go then, the single run of Dyfnant is underway now!

Sat 12:00 - Stage info: SS14
Dyfnant, 8.30km Wide and flowing forest roads characterise much of Dyfnant, with some great corners to entice drivers. The tracks are dry and dusty apart from a muddy section three-quarters of the way through. The stage is the same as 2016 until the final 300 metres, which are driven in the opposite direction to last year and are much tighter.

Sat 11:45 - WRC 2 standings after SS13
1. Rovanperä 1h 52m 12.0sec 2. Tidemand +59.6sec 3. Greensmith +1m 30.3sec 4. Huttunen +3m 03.1sec 5. Lefebvre +3m 09.4sec 6. Loubet +4m 39.4sec

Sat 11:39 - WRC standings after SS13
1. Tänak 1h 46m 23.4sec 2. Ogier +48.0sec 3. Latvala +51.3sec 4. Lappi +52.6sec 5. Breen +54.5sec 6. Østberg +1m 09.1sec

Sat 11:34 - SS13: Greensmith
Gus is 3.8sec down on Kalle at stop control and he's lost another 3.5sec to to Tidemand in the overall standings. He's 30.7sec away from second now

Sat 11:32 - SS13: Skoda Motorsport
Skoda's Rovanperä and Tidemand are the first of the WRC 2 runners through to the end of the stage and Tidemand is 0.3sec slower than Rovanperä. The gap between them is now 59.6sec.

Sat 11:31 - SS13: Evans
Elfyn's carving through the roads in his M-Sport Ford Fiesta and he is the last of our World Rally Cars to put a time on the board. He's 4.6sec down. "It's been very frustrating after yesterday to get back into a flat-out rhythm. With the road conditions it's been hard to make a mark on things."

Sat 11:27 - SS13: Tänak
Tänak safely completes another stage, he's 1.0sec down but his lead is 48.0sec at the top of the standings so we can't imagine he's too concerned. "Yeah, it's been okay. I don't know why, but lacking a bit of power today but it's all consistent and the chassis is working well."

Sat 11:25 - SS13: Neuville
Thierry Neuville is the eighth fastest on the stage, he's 3.7sec down on Mikkelsen's fastest stage time. He's dropped behind his team-mate in the overall standings - down to eighth. He tells Colin: "Continue pushing this afternoon. I think we made the wrong tyre choice this morning because there is less grip than I expected."

Sat 11:23 - SS13: Latvala
The stage time shows Jari-Matti is just 1.5sec down on Mikkelsen, that's moved him ahead of Lappi into third overall. "I tried very hard, for sure I think overall it was a good stage for us. The conditions are changing quite a bit." "

Sat 11:20 - SS13: Lappi
Lappi is through to the end of the stage and he's the slowest through at the moment - 3.4sec adrift of Mikkelsen.

Sat 11:19 - SS13: Ogier
Ogier finishes the stage now, 3.3sec down on the fastest time. He is pretty happy with his morning so far: "I had a good first stage - a big push - but now there is a little less grip so we can't push like we did earlier.

Sat 11:16 - SS13: Breen
Another good one from Breen, he's 1.1sec off the fastest stage time. He says: "A bit of polishing in this stage, I'm happy - it's really enjoyable. The sun's half-out and it's good fun."

Sat 11:15 - SS13: Paddon
Hayden completes the stage now, 2.6sec off his team-mate's time. "A lot of wheelspin at points, when the road is a little more hard packed it is better. It's not what I expected. Probably should have been on the full soft, we're all fighting for a few seconds over 20km.

Sat 11:13 - SS13: Østberg
Østberg pulls the time back towards the end of this test, dropping just 0.6sec to Mikkelsen. Is he happy with his work so far this morning? "It is a little bit back and forward to be honest. The car is responding to what I'm doing. Not everything is perfect but I try to learn and adapt for every stage I do and it is feeling better and better.

Sat 11:11 - SS12: Cave
Tom Cave is back on the move again after his stoppage on SS12.

Sat 11:10 - SS13: Mikkelsen
Andreas completes the stage now as the sun makes its first appearance of the morning at stop control. Andreas is talking to Colin Clark at stage-end: "It was not bad, much drier than I expected today to be honest. Could have gone faster in some places but in others we were on the limit so pretty happy with the stage."

Sat 11:08 - SS13: Østberg
Mads has lost time on the splits, he's 2.1sec down on the second split at 6.88km.

Sat 11:07 - SS12: Solans
Nil Solans has stopped at the 2km mark in SS12

Sat 11:04 - SS12: Greensmith
Gus Greensmith has dropped quite a bit of time on this stage - his gap to Tidemand in the overall standings has stretched to 27.2sec

Sat 11:03 - SS13: Mikkelsen
Mikkelsen is onto Gartheiniog now, but we'll keep our eyes peeled on SS12 to see what happens with our WRC 2 crews

Sat 11:02 - SS12: Tidemand
Rovanperä is the first of the WRC 2 class through to the end of the stage, but his time is immediately bettered by Tidemand who lowers the bar by 5.6sec

Sat 11:01 - SS12: Cave
Tom Cave was having a good run this morning in his non-priority Hyundai i20 R5, but he's reported as stopped at the 9.8km mark.

Sat 10:59 - SS12: Evans
A bit of a gap to Evans - because of Suninen's retirement - and he finishes the stage now, 5.9sec down.

Sat 10:56 - SS12: Tänak
Good grief Ott, where did you find that time? He matched Østberg at the final split and as he reaches the flying finish he's 1.8sec quicker than anyone.

Sat 10:54 - SS12: Neuville
After his dramas on the previous special stage, Neuville completes this one cleanly, but he is 5.6sec down on the Citroëns

Sat 10:51 - SS12: Latvala
Latvala is quicker than his team-mate Lappi by 0.5sec and the hap between them overall is now 0.6sec.

Sat 10:50 - SS12: Lappi
A lot of the crews are setting the same times on this test - Lappi matches Paddon's time and is 3.4sec off the fastest. He told the WRC TV crew at the end that he wasn't brave enough in the slippy conditions.

Sat 10:47 - SS12: Ogier
Seb can't beat the fastest stage time, but he is second-fastest - 0.7sec behind the Citroën pair at the top of the standings.

Sat 10:45 - SS12: Breen
Good hustle from Breen! He matches his team-mate's time through Dyfi!

Sat 10:43 - SS12: Paddon
Hayden Paddon is the next through to stop control. He avoids sliding wide at the final corner and he's 3.4sec down.

Sat 10:42 - SS12: Østberg
Mads ticks another stage off and he's close to disaster! Metres before the flying finish he runs wide on a right-hander and he skirts the edge of the ditch! That's cost him some time, he's just 0.9sec up on Mikkelsen

Sat 10:38 - SS12: Breen
Craig Breen is having a decent run on this stage it would appear, at the first split he's just 0.9sec slower than his team-mate

Sat 10:35 - SS12: Paddon
Hayden Paddon has lost time on the first split, he's 2.1sec down on Østberg at the 3.69km mark.

Sat 10:33 - SS12: Østberg
Another good start for Mads, he's 0.3sec quicker than Mikkelsen at the first split

Sat 10:28 - SS12: Go
Off we go then, Andreas Mikkelsen launches his i20 onto Dyfi!

Sat 10:13 - 15 minutes until SS12
Let's see what it's got in store: Dyfi 1, 19.48km Dyfi, in the shadow of the Snowdonia mountains, is a GB classic. This year’s version is a slightly shorter form of 2016’s route and driven in the opposite direction to last year. It rises and falls on a good surface with plenty of fast and challenging corners. The entire stage is blisteringly quick, but drivers must beware a long fast right bend 700 metres from the finish, which has a bump on the inside and could throw cars up onto two wheels.

Sat 10:07 - WRC 2 standings after SS11
1. Rovanperä 1h 33m 13.4sec 2. Tidemand +1m 04.9sec 3. Greensmith +1m 10.8sec 4. Huttunen +2m 10.5sec 5. Lefebvre +3m 01.5sec 6. Loubet +3m 28.0sec

Sat 10:03 - WRC standings after SS11
1. Tänak 1h 28m 34.7sec 2. Ogier + 43.2sec 3. Lappi +45.0sec 4. Latvala +46.1sec 5. Breen +52.6sec 6. Østberg +1m 07.7sec Neuville has dropped to eighth

Sat 09:57 - SS11: Huttunen
Jari Huttunen immediately takes advantage of Lefebvre's time loss - he's the fourth-fastest through the stage and he's now fourth in class.

Sat 09:55 - SS11: Lefebvre
Stéphane Lefebvre has lost a chunk of time in his C3 R5 late on into this test - he's 1m 01.3sec down on the fastest stage time in WRC 2. He'll slip down the class standings as well.

Sat 09:53 - SS11: Greensmith
Gus can't repeat his stage-winning pace from the previous stage, he's 5.3sec down on Rovanperä

Sat 09:50 - SS11: Rovanperä
Kalle is on a good run here, his time can't be beaten by Tidemand - the Swede is 3.9sec down.

Sat 09:48 - SS11: Neuville
Neuville had stopped after the finish of the stage to give the car an inspection, but he's moving on again now.

Sat 09:48 - SS11: Evans
Elfyn Evans completes the stage now, he's 14.8sec down on the fastest time.

Sat 09:45 - SS11: Tänak
Ott Tänak has also reached the stage-end and he's put in a great time, just 1.7sec slower than Østberg. "Hard to say, it feels so difficult for the engine. It feels tough but okay, very clean run." Something to keep an eye on for the future.

Sat 09:44 - SS11: Neuville
Neuville has reached the stop control 51.4sec down on Østberg and he's lost second to Ogier. Indeed, he's dropped behind Paddon to seventh as it stands at the moment. He tells Colin: "At one point it has to come, when you're driving on the edge from the start of the year. It is my first mistake where I was stuck somewhere since Monte Carlo. The car is good."

Sat 09:41 - SS11: Neuville
Neuville's just passed the final split and he's 49.5sec down on Østberg.

Sat 09:39 - SS11: Neuville
Drama for Thierry! He was into a ditch! He slid wide on a right-hander 14.8km in and went into a ditch! He was shouting for fans to push him out the ditch. He's got going again now.

Sat 09:37 - SS11: Ogier
Ogier is 9.8sec down on Østberg - that's a cracking stage time from the Norwegian, benefitting from the early road position. What does Seb say about this stage? "I don't know, it is a bit more slippy. Hopefully the guys behind are not going that fast. I think it is getting more slippery so it is good to be in the front. Craig is doing a good time also. I'm not managing to be on the limit in there - it is tricky."

Sat 09:35 - SS11: Breen
Breen's second-fastest on this test, 5.1sec down on his team-mate, how did he find this one? "It is tricky definitely, I'm having quite a good run and the road is really polishing. I had a bit of an overshoot in the Sweet Lamb section but all okay."

Sat 09:32 - SS11: Paddon
Hayden Paddon's lost 11.4sec on this test. Has he had any problems or issues? "No, just very, very muddy. Maybe the medium tyre doesn't work so well on this stage but no problem."

Sat 09:29 - SS11: Østberg
Mads completes this test now 5.6sec faster than Mikkelsen

Sat 09:28 - SS11: Mikkelsen
Andreas has just arrived at the stop control and he's greeted by stage-end reporter Colin Clark. He says: "It was a little bit more tricky in this one, but we had a clean run. Did some changes to the car, so we had a little less understeer which was good."

Sat 09:27 - SS11: Ogier
Ogier is also having a slower run through this test, at the first split he's 2.9sec down on Mads

Sat 09:27 - SS11: Østberg
Østberg is having a great run through this test, he's 3.1sec up on Mikkelsen at the third split 12.95km into the stage.

Sat 09:25 - SS11: Breen
Craig Breen can't match his team-mate's opening split, he's got a 2.0sec deficit to the Norwegian

Sat 09:23 - SS11: Paddon
Paddon's lost quite a bit on the first split, he's 4.9sec down on Østberg.

Sat 09:20 - SS11: Østberg
Mads Østberg reaches the first split on this test 1.0sec faster than Mikkelsen

Sat 09:16 - SS10: Camilli
Eric has reached the stop control 54.3sec down on Greensmith

Sat 09:15 - SS11: Live!
Andreas Mikkelsen powers himself into the Sweet Lamb complex and gets SS11 underway

Sat 09:14 - SS10: Camilli
Eric Camilli has rear-left wheel damage in his Ford Fiesta R5 17km into Myherin

Sat 09:13 - SS10: Lefebvre
Stéphane Lefebvre is the next through to set a time in WRC 2 and he is 5.9sec off the fastest time.

Sat 09:11 - SS10: Greensmith
Gus Greensmith has gone fastest! He's lowered the benchmark time by 0.8sec. The Brit has closed the gap to Pontus to 4.5sec now.

Sat 09:10 - SS10: Tidemand
Pontus reaches the end of the stage now and he's dropped 2.4sec to his 18-year-old team-mate despite being up on the splits.

Sat 09:09 - SS10: Rovanperä
Kalle Rovanperä brings his Skoda into the stop control now as the first of our WRC 2 runners. How did he find this test? "It was not a bad stage for me, but not a good one also. We'll have to see, I think it is going to be a nice fight today."

Sat 09:06 - SS10: Evans
Elfyn Evans rounds off the WRC runners and he's 8.2sec slower than the stage-winning time of his team-mate. He tells Molly: "It is not where we wanted to be, and it is very slippery out there, we're just out there to enjoy it today."

Sat 09:03 - SS10: Tänak
The road is really slowing it would appear, Tänak is 3.1sec down Ogier but still has a 32.9sec lead at the top of the standings. "It is a long day, the road is polishing a lot - as you can see the times are slowing a lot. But I had a pretty good run, so I'm happy with that."

Sat 09:02 - SS10: Neuville
Thierry has completed the stage, and he's dropped 7.2sec to Ogier, the difference between the pair is only 2.2sec now. "We could expect that. The road is getting more slippy. It was an okay stage, a few small mistakes here and there but overall I'm happy with my drive."

Sat 09:00 - SS10: Latvala
Oh dear, what's happened to Jari-Matti? He's dropped 9.8sec to Ogier on the stage and he's fallen two positions in the overall standings. He's now 0.5sec behind Lappi. What does he tell Molly? "It is a surprisngly bad time, I surprised myself with how bad it is. I'm struggling with the understeer, I wanted to do some changes in the service yesterday but we ran out of time."

Sat 08:58 - SS10: Lappi
Esapekka can't match Seb's stage time, he's dropped 4.7sec to the Frenchman and he's dropped behind him in the overall standings. "You can use the exits if you are brave enough, but I wasn't. It is not good to be the slowest, but it is okay. These stages should suit the car but I can't use it, it seems."

Sat 08:55 - SS10: Ogier
Ogier's found 1.4sec in the final split and he extends that to a massive 2.9sec at the flying finish. He said he was going to go for it and he's showing it on this test! What a time. "It is always pretty slippery in there. I had a good clean stage, but yeah grip is really low."

Sat 08:53 - SS10: Breen
Craig Breen reaches the end of the stage and he's put a decent time in the books, 0.6sec down on Paddon

Sat 08:52 - SS10: Paddon
The Kiwi is on a charge through this stage, he's 1.2sec up on the fastest time through this opening test. He tells Molly at the end of the stage: "The first part of the stage was absolutely beautiful, consistent grip. The second part is a bit more shiny, with inconsistent grip."

Sat 08:49 - SS10: Østberg
Mads puts a time on the board now, and he is 0.6sec up on Mikkelsen.

Sat 08:48 - SS10: Mikkelsen
Andreas is at the end of the stage now and, surprisingly, he's fine with the slippery conditions. "Conditions were not so bad, not a lot of standing water. It was quite easy to judge the grip all over."

Sat 08:45 - SS10: Østberg
Mads is pulling the time back, at the 10.12km split he's 0.8sec to the good

Sat 08:42 - SS10: Paddon
Hayden Paddon though, is 0.2sec faster than Hyundai team-mate Mikkelsen at the opening split

Sat 08:41 - SS10: Østberg
The first split times are in, at the 5.77km mark, and Østberg is 0.6sec down on Mikkelsen

Sat 08:39 - SS10: Østberg
It's a second Norwegian on to this test as Mads Østberg powers his Citroën onto Myherin. His windscreen wipers are going and there is some mist hanging around in the trees.

Sat 08:36 - SS10: Mikkelsen
Andreas Mikkelsen is go and he is immediately challenged by the slippery conditions

Sat 08:35 - Stage info: SS10
Myherin 1, 20.28km A Rally GB classic kicks off Super Saturday’s action and it is the only stage identical to 2017. It is fast and smooth from the start with enticing corners early on. Two new sections introduced in the second half last year are retained, and the stage ends with a series of fast open bends overlooking a valley before a downhill finale to the finish. If there is early morning fog around, it will require bravery and confidence to get the best out of it.

Sat 08:33 - Tyres
Citroën/Mikkelsen/Tänak/Lappi - 5 softs Paddon - 5 mediums Neuville - 3 soft and 2 medium Ogier - 2 soft and 3 medium Evans - 5 medium Latvala - 4 soft and 1 medium

Sat 08:29 - Weather
It was wet overnight but it’s dry - for now at least - and very cold here in the Deeside service park. Expect the Mid-Wales stages to be slippery and muddy today!

Sat 08:26 - Road order
1. Mikkelsen 2. Østberg 3. Paddon 4. Breen 5. Ogier 6. Lappi 7. Latvala 8. Neuville 9. Tänak 10. Evans

Sat 08:23 - Service, what service?
There’s no mid-day service today, just a tyre and light fitting zone in Newtown to give crews something of a breather.

Sat 08:21 - Saturday’s itinerary
It’s a route through some absolute classics today with crews tackling Myherin, Sweet Lamb Hafren, Dyfi and Gartheiniog twice with a single run of Dyfnant to split the two loops.

Sat 08:17 - How’s WRC 2 going?
Well it’s very much the Kalle Rovanperä show in the support category as he leads Skoda Motorsport team-mate Pontus Tidemand by 58.6sec. Gus Greensmith is third, as the Brit looks to end his season on a high at his home event, while Stéphane Lefebvre is in fourth. Jari Huttunen is fifth and Pierre-Louis Loubet is in sixth.

Sat 08:14 - Retirement update
A number of those who retired yesterday, namely Elfyn Evans, Chris Ingram, Nil Solans and Eric Camilli have all restarted under Rally 2, except for Teemu Suninen. The M-Sport Ford crew were forced to permanently retire his Fiesta after damage to the roll cage was discovered.

Sat 08:11 - How’s it looking?
After a thrilling day of action yesterday, Ott Tänak leads the way, 28.8sec ahead of championship leader Thierry Neuville. Jari-Matti Latvala occupies third with his Toyota team-mate Esapekka Lappi in fourth. Sébastien Ogier is fifth after gearbox issues on Friday morning and Craig Breen shook off his ‘Friday curse’ as he ended the day in sixth.

Sat 08:08 - We’re live
On and the WRC App - available to download now!

Sat 08:05 - Morning all!
To those who are awake this early on a Saturday morning, welcome back to Live Text from the 11th round of the season Dayinsure Wales Rally GB.

Fri 17:27 - That's it for today
Friday's come to an end, so we'll call it a day for the Live Text as well. Keep checking out for the latest news and reports, and we'll see you again in the morning!

Fri 17:19 - WRC 2 standings after SS9
1. Rovanperä 1h 09m 12.7sec 2. Tidemand +58.6sec 3. Greensmith +1m 06.3sec 4. Lefebvre +1m 55.1sec 5. Huttunen +2m 00.0sec 6. Loubet +2m 53.8sec

Fri 17:19 - WRC standings after SS9
1. Tänak 1h 06m 04.3sec 2. Neuville +28.8sec 3. Latvala +31.3sec 4. Lappi +35.9sec 5. Ogier +38.2sec 6. Breen +48.8sec

Fri 17:16 - Malcolm Wilson
After a challenging afternoon for M-Sport Ford, Malcolm Wilson spoke to WRC+ All Live: “[Regarding Evans]: The car left here fine and then for some reason on the road section he encountered a misfire. He tried to replace a few things but that didn’t go to plan so he was forced to retire. We don’t really know what the problem was. It’s just typical of Elfyn’s year, he was doing well and then he’s had this bad luck.” “[Regarding Suninen]: The off appears to have been caused by a big impact with a rock just before the left-hand corner and it’s broke the suspension and he's gone straight off the road.”

Fri 17:11 - SS9: Huttunen
Jari Huttunen has slipped to fifth overall, he's lost 26.5sec on this stage and fallen behind countryman Lefebvre by 4.9sec

Fri 17:10 - SS9: Lefebvre
Stéphane Lefebvre sets a decent time on this stage in his Citroën C3, he's 8.6sec down on Rovanperä but has moved up to fourth in the class standings. He's been helped by Loubet losing more than one minute on this test

Fri 17:08 - SS9: Rovanperä
Kalle Rovanperä ends his day now, and guess what? He's got the fastest stage time by 3.3sec! Not the most surprising news you'll ever read, but that means he's won eight of the nine stages that made up this opening leg. He tells Colin at stage end: "It looks good again. I have to be happy, the first time on this stage it wasn't good but this time it was better. I wasn't completely flat out, on the second loop I could have gone much faster."

Fri 17:03 - SS9: Pieniazek
After his troubles earlier, Lukasz will no doubt be happy just to reach the end of this day. He's 22.9sec down on the fastest stage time.

Fri 17:02 - SS9: Greensmith
Greensmith can't overhaul Tidemand for second in WRC 2 on the final stage, he's 5.7sec down at the end of this test.

Fri 17:01 - SS9: Breen
Breen's put in a decent time on this test, 6.9sec down on Neuville. He turns the air blue as he chats to Scott Martin while pulling into stop control: "I'm sorry! Friday mate, completed it finally! It's been an okay day today, can't wait for tomorrow morning!"

Fri 16:59 - SS9: Østberg
Keep it steady Mads! The Norwegian runs well over a bank on the outside of the road just as he reaches the flying finish. It doesn't affect him and he finishes the stage 14.0sec down. "I'm getting a bit desperate because things aren't great with the suspension and I need to preserve the car. It is not easy to drive. When I was on the brake the engine stalled and I couldn't get it restarted, that should have been rally over really."

Fri 16:56 - SS9: Paddon
Next to greet Colin at the stop control is the third Hyundai of Hayden Paddon. He's dropped 10.2sec to his team-mate on this test. He tells Colin: "We just tried to have a clean day today. Road position played a bit of a role in things this afternoon. Hopefully we can have a good day tomorrow."

Fri 16:51 - SS9: Mikkelsen
Not the stage Andreas would have wanted, he's 10.9sec off the pace in his Hyundai i20. He tells Colin: "Really not on the pace today. Okay this morning the car didn't have a good feeling, but in the afternoon I had the feeling but just didn't have the speed."

Fri 16:49 - SS9: Suninen
Suninen has got the car stuck in a ditch, the crew are OK.

Fri 16:48 - SS9: Latvala
Further ahead, Jari-Matti Latvala comes so close to setting the best stage time, he's just 0.9sec down on Neuville. "It was quite an okay stage time I think. The rally has a long way to go."

Fri 16:47 - SS9: Suninen
Suninen has stopped at 3.5km into this test.

Fri 16:47 - SS9: Lappi
Esapekka drops just 2.1sec to Neuville on this stage, he's got a bit of damage on the front. Did he do that on this test? "I think this one. Really lucky to be here, there was a really soft inside and I got caught out and almost span."

Fri 16:45 - SS9: Ogier
Sébastien Ogier completes the stage 3.6sec down on Neuville and he loses more time to the Belgian in the overall standings. He tells Colin: "It would have been better to be further up. Still it is not a great time, it has got very slippy on the afternoon. Not the best day for us but we need to keep trying."

Fri 16:42 - SS9: Tänak
The Estonian finishes the stage 2.4sec slower, is this a case of preservation over speed? "Generally good this afternoon, just this one was tough. The previous two stages, the conditions were more consistent."

Fri 16:41 - SS9: Neuville
Neuville completes his Friday now, how has he found it all? "Things are working better, we have improved the set-up but the stage conditions are getting better as well, The conditions are much better for the handling of our car. I couldn't do more to be honest, I liked this stage and I was pretty much on it all the time."

Fri 16:38 - SS9: Latvala
Latvala is well onto the stage now, and at the first split point he's 1.6sec down on Neuville.

Fri 16:37 - SS9: Lappi
Lappi's on a charge in this final stage of the day, he's 0.4sec up on the championship leader

Fri 16:36 - SS9: Tänak
Tänak is continuing to lose time, he's reached the 7.27km split 2.8sec down on Neuville.

Fri 16:35 - SS9: Ogier
Sébastien has passed the opening split point now and he is 0.8sec down on the Belgian.

Fri 16:32 - SS9: Tänak
A rare sight today, Ott Tänak is slower at the opening split of this test. He is 0.2sec off Neuville's early pace.

Fri 16:28 - SS9: Live!
Thierry Neuville gets the last stage of the day underway now!

Fri 16:23 - A reminder of what Penmachno has in store
Penmachno 2, 16.95km The narrow northern part of Penmachno was last used in the 1990s and is joined to the wider southern part by an asphalt link road. After a fast start, the stage passes through a quarry, before a narrow dipping 600 metre section full of bumps and jumps, known as the ‘Cresta Run’. It’s a fast test with several hidden corners where accurate pace notes will be crucial. A hairpin slows the pace just before the finish.

Fri 16:15 - WRC 2 standings after SS8
1. Rovanperä 58m 28.4sec 2. Tidemand +55.3sec 3. Greensmith +57.3sec 4. Huttunen +1m 33.5sec 5. Loubet +1m 40.6sec 6. Lefebvre +1m 46.5sec

Fri 16:07 - WRC standings after SS8
1. Tänak 55m 45.5sec 2. Neuville +31.2sec 3. Latvala +32.8sec 4. Lappi +36.2sec 5. Ogier +37.0sec 6. Breen +44.3sec. Spin for Suninen dropped him to seventh.

Fri 16:05 - SS8: Tempestini
Simone Tempestini has reached stop control for Brenig 2, he's lost 3m 30.9sec to the leaders.

Fri 16:04 - SS8: Huttunen
The fourth-fastest stage time for Hyundai development driver Jari Huttunen has moved him ahead of Loubet and Lefebvre into fourth.

Fri 16:03 - SS8: Loubet
Pierre-Louis Loubet is up to fifth in class now, he was 25.4sec down on the stage but he's avoided issues in his Hyundai.

Fri 16:01 - SS8: Andolfi
After his issues earlier in the stage, Andolfi has reached the end 5m 08.3sec down.

Fri 15:59 - SS8: Rovanperä
The 18-year-old has a smile on his face as he reaches the stop control and who could blame him? He's 7.4sec quicker than anyone in WRC 2 on this stage! His lead is now 55.3sec. "I'm driving my normal drive, I think we have to be quite brave to get a good time. Every where you go it seems like it is very slippy. I was just taking it quite careful on this stage to avoid the rocks."

Fri 15:56 - SS8: Tempestini
Simone Tempestini has stopped 16km into the stage

Fri 15:56 - SS8: Veiby
Ole Christian breaks the timing beam at the flying finish and he's 15.0sec off the pace.

Fri 15:54 - SS8: Pieniazek
The Pole has finished the stage in his Skoda and he's 11.5sec down on Greensmith.

Fri 15:53 - SS8: Greensmith
Gus immediately knocks 6.6sec off the fastest stage time - good work that man! He's just 2.0sec behind the Swede now.

Fri 15:52 - SS8: Tidemand
Pontus marks the start of the WRC 2 runners through to stage-end and he's set a 17m 43.4sec for the rest of the class to aim at.

Fri 15:51 - SS8: Breen
Craig Breen completes the stage now in a time 16.4sec slower than Tänak, that's not a bad time considering the times of those just ahead. He's into sixth position overall. He says: "I tried my best, some time from Ott! The car worked well and looking at the guys around us we took good time, but we're up against it."

Fri 15:50 - SS8: Østberg
Mads has lost a big chunk of time as well, he's 21.9sec off the quickest time through the second run of Brenig. The Citroën driver tells Molly: "I think it is getting a lot slower to be honest. The heavy rain always cleans the roads and that's when the guys at the front benefit. I thought the stage was quite good, but you shouldn't lose 22sec with a drive like that so the grip must be fading."

Fri 15:48 - SS8: Paddon
Ahead of Andolfi, Paddon has completed the stage 22.1sec down on the fastest time. What does he tell Molly at stop control? "Really surprised by the time actually, it felt quite good. Looking at those times maybe the road is deteriorating?"

Fri 15:44 - SS8: Andolfi
In the WRC 2 class, Fabio Andolfi has stopped at the 9.1km mark.

Fri 15:43 - SS8: Suninen
Suninen has lost a big chunk of time, he's the slowest through the stage at the moment - he's 22.0sec down and he's slipped to sixth overall! Does he know what happened on this one? "I spun on one junction and I lost a lot of time."

Fri 15:42 - SS8: Mikkelsen
Andreas has lost 21.2sec, that's not a great time for Andreas, but he's happy with the car. "The changes are helping and the car is more consistent. Some small mistakes here and there, losing the front a lot with the understeer and I had to use the handbrake more than I would prefer."

Fri 15:40 - SS8: Latvala
Jari-Matti has lost a lot of time in comparison to Tänak, he's 16.1sec down and has slipped behind Neuville overall as it stands. What does he tell Molly? "It was not a good stage for us. I struggled to find a good rhythm, I hit a stone and broke the windscreen. Bit too cautious then after that.

Fri 15:37 - SS8: Lappi
Esapekka hasn't had a good run through this stage either really, he's dropped 8.6sec to his team-mate. He's just 0.8sec ahead of Ogier now on the overall leaderboard. "It is getting better, but still way, way too slow. I'm not brave enough, I'm scared of the mud."

Fri 15:35 - SS8: Ogier
Ogier is 7.2sec down on the fastest time so far and the gap to Neuville in the overall standings has also increased slightly. How did he find this test? "I tried to push hard, the time is not great but I pushed as much as I could on this one. There are more cars in front that we need to catch."

Fri 15:33 - SS8: Tänak
No let up from Tänak, he's 6.0sec to the good as he reaches the end of the stage. He says: "Feeling is okay, but got damage to the front-left wheel. It was quite a rough stage."

Fri 15:32 - SS8: Neuville
At the head of the field, Thierry Neuville powers through the flying finish now. He's talking to Molly Pettit at stop control. "The conditions are much better. The car was working quite okay, I had the feeling that this was better. Maybe a bit more we could do but there is more grip."

Fri 15:30 - SS8: Tänak
Tänak is really on a charge here, at the 24.89km split he's 4.8sec quicker than Neuville.

Fri 15:28 - SS8: Latvala
Latvala's first split is in and he's 5.0sec off Tänak's pace.

Fri 15:26 - Elfyn Evans
Confirmation that Elfyn Evans has retired after his misfire troubles on the road section.

Fri 15:25 - SS8: Lappi
Esapekka has also passed the first split point and he's 4.0sec off the pace of his team-mate.

Fri 15:24 - SS8: Ogier
Seb is struggling to match the pace of the Toyota, at the second split he's 5.3sec slower than Tänak.

Fri 15:23 - SS8: Neuville
At the second split he's 3.1sec down on Tänak, the Estonian is really motoring on this test.

Fri 15:21 - SS8: Ogier
The Frenchman is the next driver to break the timing beam at the opening split. He's 4.4sec down on Tänak.

Fri 15:19 - SS8: Tänak
Ott Tänak is exploring every inch of the stage and it's paying off for him - he's 2.3sec to the good at the first split 6.92km into the stage.

Fri 15:14 - SS8: Neuville
No time to waste, the second run of Brenig is underway now! Neuville is taking to the 29.13km test as we type

Fri 15:12 - SS7: Huttunen
Jari Huttunen has set another good time on Clocaenog, he's fourth fastest on the stage and he's 3.8sec down.

Fri 15:10 - SS7: Evans update
Elfyn has now stopped again, he's 11km away from the stage start.

Fri 15:09 - SS7: Rovanperä
He's the fastest through again, he's taken 1.7sec out of Greensmith's fastest support class time.

Fri 15:08 - SS7: Evans
Evans is on the move again, he's heading towards the stage start. He had a misfire in his Fiesta

Fri 15:05 - SS7: Greensmith
Gus is the second WRC 2 crew through to the end, he's 1.7sec up on Tidemand. Is he happy with that? "Another two seconds out of Pontus! I'll try and chase him. You can't not enjoy this sport!"

Fri 15:03 - SS7: Breen
Craig Breen rounds off the WRC crews and the Irishman is 5.0sec down on the stage winning time. He says: "Definitely could have done better than that, we'll go better in the next one."

Fri 15:01 - SS7: Østberg
Mads Østberg completes the stage now, also 3.6sec slower than the leader. The gap between him and Paddon remains at 1.6sec. That's for seventh overall. The Norwegian tells Colin: "The pace is not so bad, I don't think it is developing better - the conditions. I would like to be faster but I think we have almost reached the limit. We changed the suspension in service and it feels better now."

Fri 14:59 - SS7: Paddon
Hayden Paddon is the next to reach the flying finish - because of Evans' road section troubles - and he finishes the stage 3.6sec slower than the leader. "Difficult to tell if the changes have worked. Just keeping a comfortable pace at the moment."

Fri 14:55 - SS7: Suninen
Teemu Suninen matches Ogier's stage time, 1.9sec adrift of the fastest time. He's third overall as it stands and he thinks that was a good stage for him in his M-Sport Ford Fiesta

Fri 14:53 - SS7: Mikkelsen
Andreas Mikkelsen is the next to greet Colin at the stop control and he's 4.5sec down on the fastest stage time. "We made some changes to the car, it feels better and more like I want it to. The feeling in the car is much better now so let's see what we can do."

Fri 14:51 - SS7: Latvala
The strong Toyota pace continues with Latvala, he's second-fastest through the stage - 1.3sec down on Tänak. Small overshoot for Latvala as well. He says: "The car felt quite good. A couple of junctions I think I was coming a bit too close and braking a bit too late."

Fri 14:49 - SS7: Lappi
Esapekka is the next through to the end of the stage and he's 2.2sec off his team-mate's time - he's third-fastest on the stage. "No mistakes this time, better start definitely. The car was pretty nice now. We have changed much again, and it feels better."

Fri 14:47 - SS7: Ogier
Ogier completes the stage now, he's faster than Neuville but he's 1.9sec off the fastest stage time. He tells Colin: "The car is fixed. The grip is better now but I didn't trust it at the beginning. Good time from Ott."

Fri 14:45 - SS7: Tänak
Ott immediately lowers the fastest stage time now, he's 3.4sec to the good across the flying finish. "The road has a lot more grip than this morning so let's see how it develops. I think the guys on the mediums will be quick as well."

Fri 14:43 - SS7: Neuville
Thierry Neuville reaches the end of the stage now, what does he say at the stop control? "The grip was better, I was more happy with the car but now the car feels different as well. Maybe we can work a bit better with that setting."

Fri 14:40 - SS7: Evans
We're hearing there could be an issue for Evans on a road section before this test. More on that when we get it.

Fri 14:37 - SS7: Neuville
That's not hampering Neuville though, he's out on to SS7 now!

Fri 14:36 - Weather update
It’s raining in the service park. Not heavily, but enough to make its presence known.

Fri 14:34 - Afternoon tyres
An eclectic mix of choices for crews this afternoon: Citroën/Mikkelsen/Neuville/Lappi - 5 soft. Ogier/Evans - 5 medium. Suninen/Latvala - 4 soft and 1 medium. Tänak - 3 soft and 2 medium.

Fri 14:32 - Welcome back!
The cars have been in and out of service and we're getting ready to go live once again with SS7 in five minutes

Fri 11:51 - Service break
As the crews head back from Slate Mountain to Deeside for mid-day service, we'll have our own service. We'll be back in time for the second run of Clocaenog at 14.37 local rally time.

Fri 11:43 - WRC 2 standings after SS6
1. Rovanperä 36m 43.3sec 2. Tidemand +37.9sec 3. Greensmith +48.2sec 4. Lefebvre +1m 04.7sec 5. Loubet +1m 08.4sec 6. Andolfi +1m 16.0sec

Fri 11:34 - Slate Mountain: Bulacia
Marquito rounds things off for us in the WRC 2 class. First time through he dropped 6.6sec, and on the second he was 6.7sec adrift.

Fri 11:29 - Slate Mountain: Camilli
Eric Camilli has now put two times on the board in his M-Sport Ford Fiesta R5 and he was 3.8sec down on the first pass and 8.5sec down on the second.

Fri 11:26 - Slate Mountain: Lefebvre
Back up on the mountain, Stéphane Lefebvre is the next driver to complete both passes of the fan-friendly stage. On the first, he is 4.1sec down on Tidemand and on the second he's lost 2.5sec to Rovanperä.

Fri 11:24 - WRC standings after SS6
1. Tänak 35m 13.4sec 2. Evans +8.9sec 3. Latvala +15.4sec 4. Suninen +21.5sec 5. Neuville +21.8sec 6. Breen +22.9sec

Fri 11:20 - Slate Mountain: Rovanperä
On the first pass he couldn't beat his team-mate but he does it on the second! He's 0.6sec ahead on Slate Mountain 2.

Fri 11:19 - Slate Mountain: Veiby
In his first appearance in the Citroën, Ole Christian Veiby is making decent progress. On SS5 he's 3.8sec down and on SS6 he's lost 2.1sec.

Fri 11:16 - Slate Mountain: Andolfi
Andolfi has really improved on his two runs, on the first he was 2.4sec down but on the second pass he's gained a lot of time and he's 0.9sec off Tidemand's time.

Fri 11:15 - Slate Mountain: Greensmith
Gus Greensmith has rounded out his morning. He's 2.3sec down on the first stage and 2.5sec slower on the second.

Fri 11:12 - Slate Mountain: Tidemand
Pontus completes his morning with two passes through Slate Mountain. His first run is still the fastest time on the board, let's see how his second run stacks up now his rivals have had one pass to get used to it.

Fri 11:10 - Slate Mountain: Breen
Craig Breen is the last of our WRC crews to complete the stage twice. On SS5 he was 2.1sec adrift and on SS6 he's third-fastest! Just 1.9sec down.

Fri 11:09 - Slate Mountain: Østberg
Mads Østberg is the next to put his two runs in the books. On the first, he was 2.2sec down and on the second he was 3.0sec off the pace as the weather continued to deteriorate.

Fri 11:07 - Slate Mountain: Paddon
Hayden was 2.6sec adrift on SS5, and on SS6 the Hyundai driver is just 2.4sec adrift of Latvala's beast of a stage time. What does he say at stage-end? "The second time through a bit of fog was coming through. A nice little stage, a shame the fans couldn't see more but a bit of fun!"

Fri 11:04 - Slate Mountain: Evans
Elfyn Evans was just 1.0sec down the first time round and on his second taste of the mountain he's 2.2sec down - matching Suninen's time. He tells Colin: "It's been good. Difficult stage in here to be honest, the fog was moving around. But overall it's been okay."

Fri 11:00 - Slate Mountain: Suninen
Teemu was 1.9sec down on SS5 and on the second pass he's 2.2sec down. Two very decent times for the Finn, considering just how much the weather is worsening. "It's been a pretty okay morning. Really tough fight with all the guys."

Fri 10:59 - Slate Mountain: Mikkelsen
On the first pass he was 2.8sec off the pace, this time he's lost 3.4sec to Latvala.

Fri 10:58 - SS6: Latvala
Jari-Matti beats his team-mate's time though, he's 1.8sec to the good as he pulls into stop control. "It is still a long way to go, we'll be looking to change something on the differential at service."

Fri 10:56 - SS6: Lappi
Esapekka was 2.5sec slower on the first run of the stage, but now he's 0.8sec up on the second pass! That's the fastest stage time so far on SS6. "The water is coming more and more and more. There is a lot of standing water and the car is really feeling it."

Fri 10:54 - SS6: Ogier
Ogier is a lot quicker on the second pass of the stage, he's just 1.0sec down on Neuville this time through. He tells Colin Clark: "The morning was close to a disaster to be honest. The gearbox has to survive a 100km road section back to service, no one knows if it will hold on or not."

Fri 10:52 - SS6: Tänak
Ott can't beat Neuville on Slate Mountain 2, he's dropped 0.4sec.

Fri 10:51 - SS5: Latvala
Back on the first run of the stage, Latvala matches his team-mate's time and is 0.3sec down on Neuville.

Fri 10:50 - SS6: Neuville
Right, Thierry Neuville is now back out for his second run of Slate Mountain, the crews interlacing between their SS5 and SS6 runs from this point on. How did he find his second go at Slate Mountain? "We can't find follow the pace of the Toyotas, when we try we make mistakes. We are not setting any good times, it is frustrating but I'm sure we can solve the problem for this afternoon. We are missing grip and the car is not reacting when we're correcting our line slightly."

Fri 10:49 - SS5: Lappi
Esapekka Lappi is 2.5sec down across the flying finish on the first pass of Slate Mountain.

Fri 10:46 - SS5: Ogier
Ogier puts a time on the board and he is 3.8sec down - a legacy of his gearbox issues? "It is very difficult, there is a very tight hairpin and a start where I only have third gear."

Fri 10:44 - SS5: Tänak
Tänak has powered his way through this spectator-friendly test and he's dropped 0.3sec to Neuville, but he doesn't need to push too hard on this one. "It's tricky, there is no visibility on this one."

Fri 10:43 - SS5: Neuville
Neuville completes the first pass of Slate Mountain now, how did he find it? "Quite tricky, very narrow with a lot of stones. We had a good stage."

Fri 10:40 - SS5
It's going to be a busy one, with the two runs of Slate Mountain taking place back-to-back so the action is going to be fast and furious. Especially because there is heavy rain and low cloud!

Fri 10:39 - SS5: Slate Mountain
A new fan-friendly stage around a slate quarry. The road is challenging and fast with a big jump after 300 metres and a tight downhill hairpin shortly after. There are many different surfaces to keep the drivers on their toes.

Fri 10:38 - WRC 2 standings after SS4
1. Rovanperä 33m 59.9sec 2. Tidemand +39.2sec 3. Greensmith +44.7sec 4. Lefebvre +1m 00.0sec 5. Loubet +1m 03.3sec 6. Huttunen +1m 08.6sec

Fri 10:35 - SS4: Bulacia
Marquito Bulacia is through to the end of the stage and he's 53.1sec off Rovanperä's stage winning time.

Fri 10:34 - SS4: Ingram
Issues have befallen Chris Ingram, he's stopped at the 6.9km mark.

Fri 10:32 - WRC standings after SS4
1. Tänak 32m 38.0sec 2. Evans +9.0sec 3. Latvala +18.4sec 4. Suninen +20.7sec 5. Breen +22.2sec 6. Neuville +22.5sec

Fri 10:30 - SS4: Camilli
Eric Camilli has come through this stage with no ill-effects from his problems on the previous test. He is 20.5sec adrift of the fastest stage time.

Fri 10:28 - SS4: Huttunen
Jari Huttune has dropped time on this test in his i20, he's 28.3sec down on Rovanperä.

Fri 10:26 - SS4: Veiby
Meanwhile, Ole Christian Veiby has lost time on this test. He breaks the timing beam at the flying finish 1m 40.8sec off the pace.

Fri 10:25 - SS4: Rovanperä
Kalle seems to have done it again, he goes fastest by 3.3sec and he's provisionally taken his third stage win of the morning.

Fri 10:25 - SS4: Pieniazek
After his early problems, Lukasz Pieniazek is through to stop control and he's lost 1m 26.4sec

Fri 10:23 - SS4: Andolfi
Fabio Andolfi is through to the end of the stage 16.3sec down.

Fri 10:21 - SS4: Greensmith
Tidemand has put the hammer down on this stage, he's 11.1sec faster than Greensmith and has moved ahead of him in the WRC 2 standings.

Fri 10:19 - SS4: Breen
Craig Breen is through now with the seventh-fastest time, he's 7.7sec down. He's talking to Julian at stage-end: "Fairly flat to the square right in there, made a couple of adjustments to the car and I was carrying a lot more speed, but it seems I need to carry a bit more."

Fri 10:18 - SS4: Østberg
The Citroën driver is through to stop control and he is 11.4sec down - eighth quickest. What is his mood after this one? "I struggle a bit with the feeling to be honest. I feel I have no suspension left, the car is like a boat - I crash a lot. I have no feeling with the car."

Fri 10:16 - SS4: Paddon
Hayden has controlled his losses on this test, he's just 8.9sec down as he crosses the flying finish. He tells Julian: "A lot muddier this stage, really hard to read the grip, sometimes it is good and then other times it just goes away from you. A bit of fog for the last 3kms and I don't know what goes wrong with me - I end up going faster through the fog!"

Fri 10:13 - SS4: Evans
Elfyn Evans is just 3.6sec off the fastest time as he reaches the end of the stage in his M-Sport Ford Fiesta. Keeping on his good run this morning which has moved him to second overall. "Difficult stage, very changeable grip. I was being careful, it was difficult to read the grip to be honest."

Fri 10:12 - SS4: Pieniazek
Lukasz Pieniazek has stopped at the 1.6km mark.

Fri 10:11 - SS4: Suninen
Another solid time from Suninen, he's third overall as it stands and his stage time on this test is just 6.5sec slower than the fastest. How does he feel about that? "It was an okay stage, it was quite muddy and I think it is getting more slippy."

Fri 10:10 - SS4: Mikkelsen
Andreas has lost time on this test, 20.6sec to be exact, what does he say to Julian about this test? "I can't get any feeling with the car, from having grip I suddenly don't and it happens really quickly. It is hard to push when it is like this. I'm doing the best I can, but it is hard."

Fri 10:08 - SS4: Latvala
The Toyotas are loving this! Jari-Matti is 2.3sec slower than Tänak but makes it a Yaris 1-2-3 on this stage as it stands! "This stage was a lot better than the first two. Still I have understeer and hopefully we can sort it out. I don't understand because we didn't have it in the test, I'll have to work with the engineers."

Fri 10:06 - SS4: Lappi
Lappi has set a great time, he's 2.6sec down on his team-mate - he must have made an adjustment to the Yaris before this stage. "It is very slippy in places. A lot of grip changes but this is Wales Rally GB. A lot of surprises in the end. This one was a bit better but it was really tough. I don't understand Ott's speed to be honest."

Fri 10:03 - SS4: Ogier
A half-spin for Ogier late on, he's lost 16.5sec to his Estonian title rival on this test and he's reporting a problem in his Fiesta. "Gearbox problem, don't have first or second gear."

Fri 10:01 - SS4: Tänak
Ott continues his cracking start to this rally as he takes 7.5sec out of Neuville as he reaches stage-end. He says: "It was hard. So many grip changes and loose mud. When it is consistent it is nice."

Fri 10:00 - SS4: Neuville
Thierry pulls his i20 into the stop control, how did he find the conditions out there? "The feeling was that it was a little bit better. It was working a little bit better, but not like it should be. Once a little bit wide."

Fri 09:57 - SS4: Ogier
That overshoot at 5.5km has cost him a bit of time - he's 7.0sec down on Tänak at 7.27km.

Fri 09:56 - SS4: Ogier
Ogier overshoots a junction - the exact same one Neuville overshot! Definitely a very slippery corner.

Fri 09:55 - SS4: Lappi
Esapekka is 2.4sec down on his fellow Yaris driver at the opening split as some rain appears to be falling looking from his on-board camera.

Fri 09:54 - SS4: Ogier
Ogier puts a time on the board at the 2.51km mark and he's 0.8sec slower than Tänak but faster than Neuville.

Fri 09:53 - SS4: Tänak
Tänak immediately betters the split by 1.4sec as Neuville just overshoots a junction as he transitions from gravel onto asphalt.

Fri 09:51 - SS4: Neuville
Four splits on this stage and Neuville has set a 1m 35.7sec to get things going

Fri 09:47 - SS4: Neuville
The Belgian gets the third test of the day underway now as he charges into the forest.

Fri 09:44 - Stage info: SS4
Penmachno 1, 16.95km The narrow northern part of Penmachno was last used in the 1990s and is joined to the wider southern part by an asphalt link road. After a fast start, the stage passes through a quarry, before a narrow dipping 600 metre section full of bumps and jumps, known as the ‘Cresta Run’. It’s a fast test with several hidden corners where accurate pace notes will be crucial. A hairpin slows the pace just before the finish.

Fri 09:40 - WRC 3 standings after SS3
1. Williams 27m 19.4sec 2. Brazzoli +54.2sec 3. Lario +56.8sec 4. Cook 2m 08.1sec

Fri 09:34 - WRC 2 standings after SS3
1. Rovanperä 23m 11.1sec 2. Greensmith +30.3sec 3. Tidemand +35.9sec 4. Huttunen +40.3sec 5. Loubet +42.6sec 6. Ingram +43.8sec

Fri 09:31 - WRC standings after SS3
1. Tänak 22m 22.1sec 2. Evans +5.4sec 3. Ogier +7.3sec 4. Suninen +14.2sec 5. Breen +14.5sec 6. Neuville +15.0sec

Fri 09:27 - SS3: Ingram
Chris Ingram is tackling his second WRC 2 event after a debut podium last time out in Turkey and at the moment he's doing alright - he's 30.4sec down on Rovanperä

Fri 09:23 - SS3: Camilli
Eric Camilli is through to the stop control now, he's lost 4m 14.8sec after his issues on the stage.

Fri 09:20 - SS3: Lefebvre
Stéphane Lefebvre is through to the end of the stage in the factory Citroën and he can't compare to Rovanperä, the Frenchman is 44.5sec down.

Fri 09:18 - SS3: Camilli
Eric Camilli has stopped 20.9km into this test.

Fri 09:18 - SS3: Rovanperä
Where's he finding this pace? He's obviously had no issues with the conditions on this stage as he demolishes the fastest time - he's 26.2sec faster than Greensmith! Good grief. A thumbs up from the stop control marshal who shows Kalle the stage times. "The time looks quite okay, but this stage was really nice and technical. We had some hits from stones so we have to check the wheels now."

Fri 09:15 - SS3: Andolfi and Pieniazek
The privateer Skoda pairing can't match Greensmith's target time, Lukasz is 19.3sec down and Fabio is 17.3sec adrift.

Fri 09:14 - SS3: Greensmith
Gus has put another good time on the board, he's 2.3sec up on Pontus. He's not happy with his effort though: "It's not a good time, Eric and Kalle will go a lot faster than that. I made quite a few mistakes."

Fri 09:13 - SS3: Tidemand
The first car in WRC 2 is Pontus Tidemand, how did he find the conditions? "I think I'm too careful. Struggled a little bit with understeer, I don't think the settings are right."

Fri 09:11 - SS3: Breen
Decent push from Breen, but he's 10.9sec down. What does he think about his time? "The asphalt is covered in mud. Disappointing that we're back here, we'll keep plugging away at it. The asphalt isn't asphalt, it's just full mud."

Fri 09:09 - SS3: Østberg
Mads is 14.8sec down at the end of the stage, what are his thoughts on the longest test of the rally? "It was tricky, especially in the beginning I struggled a lot. Second half was a lot better, car was working better and I had a better rhythm.

Fri 09:07 - SS3: Paddon
A tough one for Hyundai this test, Paddon crosses the line 18.6sec down and he's got some damage to the rear aero element over the rear-left wheel. What does he say? "Just can't get a feeling. Probably not so happy with these tyres, they're a bit too soft. Went off a bit at a junction and lost a bit of time."

Fri 09:05 - SS3: Evans
Good push from Elfyn on this one! The local favourite is second - 3.0sec down on the stage - and second overall - 5.4sec down on Tänak. Decent job from the M-Sport Ford man. "There was more in there for sure, the majority was pretty good but we had a puncture alarm go off early on and there was a lot of communication. Thankfully it was just a false alarm."

Fri 09:02 - SS3: Suninen
Not a bad time from Suninen, is the third-quickest on the stage. Just 8.9sec down. A good effort for the Fiesta driver. "It was okay stage, on the asphalt section I was too careful on the muddy places. Not too far away from Seb so that's good."

Fri 09:01 - SS3: Mikkelsen
Andreas is the slowest through the stage so far, 23.2sec off the fastest time. He had a decent enough start, but seemed to lose chunks of time as the stage went on. There's a bit of damage on the rear-left. What does he tell Colin? "Trying to push, if I could push more I would be more sideways and we'd be all over the place. I don't know how the rear aero is missing."

Fri 08:59 - SS3: Latvala
Latvala is 14.2sec down on his team-mate, not the time he would have wanted either. How did he find this? "We have a lot of understeering on the car at the moment. I didn't have this on the test. The surface is too slippy, I can't get the front working."

Fri 08:57 - SS3: Lappi
Lappi hasn't had the run he would have wanted on this test, he's 16.7sec slower than his team-mate. There's a bit of small damage on the front-right of his Yaris. "The car is working, but no confidence. I cannot explain, it is just on me. It is very slippy, at least it feels, I'm just too slow."

Fri 08:55 - SS3: Ogier
Decent effort from Ogier here, he's second-fastest through to the end of the stage - just 6.4sec down. He tells Colin Clark: "It is difficult, I'm not perfectly comfortable. The grip is quite low and Ott seems to have set a good time."

Fri 08:53 - SS3: Tänak
The Estonian is 13.7sec up! What an effort from the Toyota man, that's going to take some beating! "I can say the feeling was not great but I guess it is because the conditions are really tricky - they are changing all the time. I want to have better feeling!"

Fri 08:51 - SS3: Neuville
Thierry Neuville is the first to negotiate the Brenig test, how did he find this one? "I did my best to be honest, but I struggled with understeering. The car is not doing what I want, I hit the chicance and I almost had to go backwards a bit."

Fri 08:47 - SS3: Ogier
No one can deal with Tänak's pace, Ogier breaks the timing beam 17.05km into the stage 4.2sec off the pace of the Estonian.

Fri 08:44 - SS3: Lappi
Lappi has lost a bit of time on the opening split, he's 1.7sec down on Neuville and 4.2sec down on his team-mate.

Fri 08:43 - SS3: Tänak
We'll have whatever Ott had for breakfast please, at the second split - 11.3km in - he's 5.6sec faster than Neuville! You wouldn't think he's starting second on the road

Fri 08:41 - SS3: Ogier
Ogier puts a split time on the board, he's 0.8sec up on Neuville but 1.7sec down on Tänak.

Fri 08:39 - SS3: Tänak
That question has been answered - Tänak is 2.5sec to the good at the opening split.

Fri 08:37 - SS3: Neuville
Thierry Neuville has reached the first split at 6.92km in a time of 4m 27.5sec, how will that compare to Tänak, who will be through the same point shortly?

Fri 08:33 - And here's what it's like...
Brenig 1, 29.13km The spectacular roads around Llyn Brenig provide picture postcard scenery. The stage skirts the lake for the first few kilometres, before taking in new tracks and rejoining the finale of 2017’s Power Stage. It continues on, crossing the public road into last year’s Alwen test for the final 10.50km. There are 4.12km of asphalt, meaning many surface and grip changes, while plenty of open sections ensure it’s hard to read the route. It’s high speed in places, with frequent square junctions linking the straights.

Fri 08:32 - SS3: Neuville
The action is coming thick and fast today, Thierry Neuville is onto the Brenig test now!

Fri 08:31 - SS2: Camilli
Eric Camilli has made a good start on this test, he's second-fastest on this test - just 1.6sec down.

Fri 08:29 - SS2: Lefebvre
Stéphane completes the test in his Citroën C3 R5, and he's 4.2sec down - this is a cracking stage time from Rovanperä.

Fri 08:28 - SS2: Huttunen
Hyundai development driver Jari Huttunen logs a stage time now and he can't quite match the pace of Rovanperä - 4.4sec down.

Fri 08:26 - SS2: Rovanperä
Kalle Rovanperä has set a great time, he's certainly not wasting any time here. His time on the board is 1.9sec better than Greensmith's.

Fri 08:24 - SS2: Greensmith
Go on Gus! He's 4.9sec quicker than Tidemand, he's had a good old run through this one. What does he tell Julian? "The last rally of the season, third in the championship, so might as well go for it and see what happens. Not going to do anything stupid, we want to get the result, but we've been playing the game all season so now we just want to go for it."

Fri 08:23 - SS2: Tidemand
Our first WRC 2 competitor through this 7.67km test is Pontus Tidemand. How did he find the stage? "Bit careful I would say, but no so bad stage to be first stage!"

Fri 08:22 - SS2: Breen
The second Citroën is quickly through as well, with Craig Breen 2.0sec down. Is he happy with that? "Really tricky and slippery in places. Just middle of the road trying to keep it safe. Flat to square right in the next one though." Good fighting talk from Craig!

Fri 08:20 - SS2: Østberg
Our first Citroën through the flying finish is that of Mads Østberg and he is just 1.1sec down on Tänak - matching Ogier's stage time. He tells Mr Porter: "It is a good stage, quite slippery in there. A few surprises, but we had a good push and the time is quite good so I'm pleased with that."

Fri 08:18 - SS2: Paddon
Hayden Paddon is the next to put Clocaenog 1 in the books, and he's 2.7sec off the fastest stage time. He says: "The shakedown stage from yesterday is like ice, this last part. The first part isn't too bad, but you just need to watch out for those corners that can catch people out."

Fri 08:16 - SS2: Evans
Cracker of a split time from Elfyn, he's just 0.4sec down at the split and he closes the gap ever so slightly at the end - he's second-fastest, just 0.3sec slower than Tänak! "That's okay. Massively changeable grip in places."

Fri 08:14 - SS2: Suninen
Teemu makes a small mistake in his M-Sport Ford Fiesta, he loses 4.0sec at the finish having only been 0.2sec down at the split. What does he tell Jules? "I missed one junction and lost the time."

Fri 08:12 - SS2: Mikkelsen
Andreas Mikkelsen is our second Hyundai on the stage and he is a tenth slower than Latvala - 2.6sec down on the fastest stage time. He says: "It was okay. I did two or three mistakes. It is very slippery which was a surprise in a few places. We were pushing quite hard, which looks like what everyone else is doing."

Fri 08:10 - SS2: Latvala
Jari-Matti can't match his team-mate, he's 2.5sec down on Tänak. He's 1.9sec down on the Estonian overall. "There was one junction that was slippier than I expected. I understeered a bit, killed the speed and that was it."

Fri 08:08 - SS2: Lappi
A half-spin for Esapekka costs him a chunk of time, he reaches stop control 6.6sec off the pace. He tells Julian: "Not a good start. I don't say anything." Not in a good mood at all.

Fri 08:06 - SS2: Ogier
Seb is through the flying finish and he's second-fastest - 1.1sec down on the Toyota. "It is very close so I think it is not too bad a start. Very slippery in there, I think the big one is coming in the next stage."

Fri 08:04 - SS2: Tänak
Tänak lowers the target time straight away, he's 1.9sec up on Neuville at the end of this test. He says: "Clean run, good run. Road changing a lot, it is slippery like hell - maybe even more so than yesterday. At the moment I'm on soft tyres but I can put some mixed on."

Fri 08:02 - SS2: Neuville
He completes the stage now and sets a marker for everyone else to beat. He tells Julian Porter at stage end: "Very slippy, really difficult to judge any of the grip. It was not a bad stage, generally I try to adapt myself and just make a clean stage."

Fri 08:01 - SS2: Tänak
The Estonian is onto this stage and at the 4.4km split he's 1.3sec faster than Neuville

Fri 07:58 - SS2: Neuville
Neuville just kisses a hay bale on a 90 degree right-hander but it doesn't seem to have put him off too much

Fri 07:57 - SS2: Live!
Thierry Neuville powers onto the stage now and he's taking to the forest tracks

Fri 07:56 - Tyres
Citroën/Hyundai/Latvala/Lappi: 5 softs Tänak: 4 soft and 1 medium Ogier: 3 mediums and 2 softs Evans/Suninen: 5 mediums

Fri 07:54 - Two minute warning!
We're getting the action underway in two minutes so make sure you're comfortable!

Fri 07:51 - Stage info: SS2
Clocaenog 1, 7.67km Clocaenog is a great taster of things to come – fast and smooth and a test drivers will love. It mixes the start and finish sections from when it was last used in 2016, with roads driven in 2017’s shakedown. It’s full of fast corners initially before a short section on narrower tracks. Just before the midpoint it returns to the fast stuff, with plenty of kinks and dips en route to the finish.

Fri 07:48 - Weather
Britain in the autumn is nothing if not unpredictable and today is no different. It’s not raining at the moment but SS2 is wet and there is some fog close to the stop line.

Fri 07:45 - Road order
1. Neuville 2. Tänak 3. Ogier 4. Lappi 5. Latvala 6. Mikkelsen 7. Suninen 8. Evans 9. Paddon 10. Østberg 11. Breen

Fri 07:42 - Friday’s itinerary (continued)
Crews will head back to Deeside for a swift service, before the first three stages are repeated again in the afternoon.

Fri 07:39 - Friday’s itinerary
The 7.67km Clocaenog test eases crews into the first day of the rally - centred around the North Wales forests - before Brenig, the longest test of the rally at 29.13km, uses closed asphalt roads for the first time thanks to the new closed-road law in Great Britain. After that is Penmachno (16.95km), which precedes two runs of the 1.63km Slate Mountain spectator-centred stage.

Fri 07:36 - How’s WRC 2 going?
Kalle Rovanperä got his rally off to a good start as he went 0.6sec faster than Skoda Motorsport team-mate Pontus Tidemand on the super special stage. Nil Solans is third, Stéphane Lefebvre is fourth with Fabio Andolfi fifth and Ole Christian Veiby sixth.

Fri 07:33 - How’s it looking?
Well, after yesterday’s spectator-friendly Tir Prince speed test it’s Toyota that leads the way with Esapekka Lappi ahead of Jari Matti-Latvala. Thierry Neuville is third, 0.4sec up on title rival Sébastien Ogier in fourth. Ott Tänak is fifth while Andreas Mikkelsen is sixth.

Fri 07:30 - We’re live
As always you can keep up with the Live Text on and the WRC App.

Fri 07:27 - Bore da
Or Good Morning, in Welsh, and welcome back to Live Text from Dayinsure Wales Rally GB

Thu 20:27 - Goodnight!
With the curtain-raising Tir Prince stage in the books, we'll wrap up the Live Text for this evening. But don't worry, we'll be back in action nice and early for SS2 which gets underway at 07.56 local rally time!

Thu 20:26 - WRC 2 standings after SS1
1. Rovanperä 1m 23.8sec 2. Tidemand +0.6sec 3. Solans +0.9sec 4. Lefebvre +1.5sec 5. Andolfi +1.6sec 6. Veiby +1.8sec

Thu 20:25 - WRC standings after SS1
1. Lappi 1m 21.6sec 2. Latvala +0.3sec 3. Neuville +0.3sec 4. Ogier +0.7sec 5. Tänak +0.9sec 6. Mikkelsen +1.7sec

Thu 20:23 - SS1: Camilli
Eric Camilli is driving the new VW Polo in Spain, but he's driving an M-Sport Ford Fiesta in Wales and he completes the stage 2.3sec off the pace.

Thu 20:21 - SS1: Tempestini
Our penultimate WRC 2 car is that of Simone Tempestini. He pushes his C3 R5 hard, but loses a touch of time and is 3.6sec down.

Thu 20:19 - SS1: Bulacia
Marquito Bulacia is another WRC 2 car onto the test and he is exactly 3.0sec down.

Thu 20:18 - SS1: Ingram
Another Brit onto the stage - Chris Ingram. He completes the test 4.0sec down on the fastest time.

Thu 20:16 - SS1: Lefebvre
Back to the Citroëns and this one has Stéphane Lefebvre behind the wheel. He is giving it some beans, but he can't match Kalle - he's 1.5sec down.

Thu 20:13 - SS1: Solans
Nil Solans is out in his gold-looking Fiesta R5 and he puts himself third - 0.9sec down

Thu 20:12 - SS1: Loubet
It's a second i20 R5 to entertain us now, and this one is driven by Pierre-Louis Loubet! He's 3.3sec down on the time to beat.

Thu 20:10 - SS1: Huttunen
Hyundai development driver Jari Huttunen is next up to the plate in his i20 R5 and he puts a time on the board 2.5sec down on Rovanperä.

Thu 20:07 - SS1: Rovanperä
Kalle celebrated his 18th birthday on Monday, can he mark the event with a stage win? Can't he just! He's 0.6sec quicker than his team-mate Tidemand

Thu 20:05 - SS1: Veiby
Ole Christian Veiby is tackling his first event in a Citroën C3 R5 after switching from Skoda and he's 1.2sec off the fastest time - a good start for the Norwegian

Thu 20:04 - SS1: Andolfi
It's another privateer Skoda to entertain the crowds and this one is pedalled by Fabio Andolfi. He's just 1.0sec off the factory Skoda of Tidemand.

Thu 20:01 - SS1: Pieniazek
Lukasz Pieniazek is out tackling the stage in his Fabia R5 and he is 2.3sec down on the fastest class time

Thu 19:59 - SS1: Greensmith
Gus Greensmith is next onto the test, alongside Alex Gelsomino, and he is 1.6sec off Tidemand

Thu 19:58 - SS1: Tidemand
Right, we're onto the WRC 2 class now and first up is Pontus Tidemand who is aiming to close the points gap to his team-mate Jan Kopecký, who is skipping Rally GB. His time is a 1m 24.4sec

Thu 19:56 - SS1: Neuville
Last, but by no means least, is Thierry Neuville. The championship leader said yesterday he's battling a cold but that doesn't stop him going third - with the same time as Jari-Matti, 0.3sec down.

Thu 19:54 - SS1: Tänak
Title contender two - Ott Tänak - can't continue Toyota's strong turn of form on the opener, he's 0.9sec off the pace and 0.2sec slower than Ogier

Thu 19:52 - SS1: Ogier
The first of our title contenders onto the test is Sébastien Ogier and he is third-fastest across the flying finish - 0.7sec down.

Thu 19:49 - SS1: Lappi
Perfectly scheduled as another Finn in a Toyota takes to the stage. This time though, it's Esapekka Lappi and he continues the manufacturer's strong start by going 0.3sec faster than Latvala

Thu 19:48 - SS1: Latvala
The Flying Finn gives us our first sighting of the Toyota Yaris tonight as he powers his way through the super special stage 1.4sec up on the rest of the field! Good effort that man

Thu 19:46 - SS1: Mikkelsen
Second Hyundai onto the course now at the hands of Andreas Mikkelsen. He's got strong pace here and makes it a Hyundai 1-2 at the top of the standings as he goes 0.2sec quicker than Paddon

Thu 19:44 - SS1: Suninen
It's another Fiesta onto the test now and it's Teemu Suninen's turn to stick a time on the board. His effort is just 0.3sec slower than Paddon and he's second-fastest through the stage

Thu 19:42 - SS1: Evans
Local favourite, and last year's winner, Elfyn Evans pulls his M-Sport Ford Fiesta onto the trotting track here in North Wales and he drops 1.1sec to Paddon

Thu 19:39 - SS1: Paddon
It's Kiwi Hayden Paddon onto the test now, and he powers his Hyundai i20 through to the end of the stage 0.6sec up on Breen's benchmark time

Thu 19:37 - SS1: Østberg
Craig's through in a time of 1m 24.1sec, now it's the turn of his Citroën team-mate Mads Østberg to take on Tir Prince. The Norwegian completes the stage 0.5sec slower.

Thu 19:34 - SS1: Breen
Craig Breen is onto the stage now, the first of our WRC runners after the British Rally Championship runners showed off to the spectators earlier on

Thu 19:33 - Tyres
Citroën and Toyota: Five softs Hyundai: 4 mediums and one hard M-Sport Ford: 5 mediums

Thu 19:30 - Start list:
1. Breen 2. Østberg 3. Paddon 4. Evans 5. Suninen 6. Mikkelsen 7. Latvala 8. Lappi 9. Ogier 10. Tänak 11. Neuville.

Thu 19:28 - Stage info: SS1
Tir Prince, 1.70km Thursday evening’s curtain-raiser is a short floodlit blast at Tir Prince trotting track and includes a slalom section, donuts and two eye-catching jumps. After a high-speed lap around long and flowing bends of the oval horse racing track, the stage ends with a twisty section on adjoining roads.

Thu 19:25 - Weather
It’s Britain, in the autumn, and the weather reflects it really, its been wet and muddy at points earlier in the day but at the moment it’s dry so we'll enjoy it while it lasts.

Thu 19:22 - WRC 2 crews
Pontus Tidemand will be hoping to put his Turkish disappointment behind him as he joins flying Finn Kalle Rovanperä at Skoda Motorsport. Gus Greensmith will take part in his home event in a Ford Fiesta as part of the M-Sport team, alongside Eric Camilli. Ole Christian Veiby will be making his Citroën debut in a privately entered C3 R5. Simone Tempestini is in another privateer C3 and Stéphane Lefebvre will be in a factory-entered example. After a great podium last time out, Chris Ingram is back out in a Fabia, as is Lukasz Pieniazek and Fabio Andolfi.

Thu 19:19 - Runners and riders
Three entries for each of the manufacturer teams - barring Citroën who have two C3s, one each for Mads Østberg and Craig Breen. Toyota are fielding Ott Tänak, Jari-Matti Latvala and Esapekka Lappi, M-Sport Ford’s represented by Sébastien Ogier, Teemu Suninen and Elfyn Evans. Meanwhile at Hyundai, Thierry Neuville and Andreas Mikkelsen are joined by Hayden Paddon.

Thu 19:16 - What’s happening now?
The rally gets underway with the crowd-pleasing Tir Prince super special stage. At 1.70km it’s a teaser of what’s to come over the next few days.

Thu 19:13 - What’s gone on today?
Well, this morning was all about shakedown and Teemu Suninen ended it fastest, 0.2sec faster than his team-mate Sébastien Ogier - who was level on times with Jari-Matti Latvala and Elfyn Evans. However, there was trouble for form man Ott Tänak who slid off the road and damaged the cooling pack on his Yaris. He came back to service, got it repaired, and finished 2.1sec off Suninen’s benchmark time

Thu 19:10 - Championship lowdown
Thierry Neuville heads into this gravel affair with a slender 13-point lead over in-form Ott Tänak, who has taken three wins in a row having managed his pace and looked after his Toyota Yaris at Rally Turkey last month. Sébastien Ogier is third, 10 points behind Tänak, and looking to keep up the run of drivers named ‘Sébastien’ winning the title stretching all the way back to Sébastien Loeb in 2004.

Thu 19:07 - We’re live
On and the WRC app, bringing text updates about the all the action from deep within the Welsh forests.

Thu 19:05 - Good evening!
And welcome to the 11th FIA World Rally Championship round of the season - Dayinsure Wales Rally GB.

Tue 10:47 - WRC ALL LIVE
`SS1 Tir Prince´ starts Thursday from 19:00 (UTC 1) LIVE on

Tue 10:45 - Dayinsure Wales Rally GB 2018
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SS21 Wedding Bells16 II (Power Stage) (6.44 km)


Pos Car No Driver Co-driver Team Eligibility Group Class Time Diff Prev Diff 1st
1. 5 BELT. NEUVILLE BELN. GILSOUL Hyundai Motorsport M RC1 2:35:44.8
2. 2 ESTO. TÄNAK ESTM. JÄRVEOJA M-Sport World Rally Team M RC1 2:36:07.3 +22.5 +22.5
3. 4 NZLH. PADDON GBRS. MARSHALL Hyundai Motorsport M RC1 2:36:43.9 +36.6 +59.1
4. 1 FRAS. OGIER FRAJ. INGRASSIA M-Sport World Rally Team M RC1 2:38:12.5 +1:28.6 +2:27.7
5. 3 GBRE. EVANS GBRD. BARRITT M-Sport World Rally Team M RC1 2:38:50.4 +37.9 +3:05.6
6. 11 FINE. LAPPI FINJ. FERM Toyota Gazoo Racing WRT M RC1 2:39:34.3 +43.9 +3:49.5
7. 9 GBRK. MEEKE IRLP. NAGLE Citroën Total Abu Dhabi WRT M RC1 2:58:43.2 +19:08.9 +22:58.4
8. 61 IRLR. DALTON AUSJ. ALLEN Richie Dalton RC2 3:00:24.4 +1:41.2 +24:39.6
9. 68 AUSN. QUINN AUSB. SEARCY Nathan Quinn ASN 3:00:48.2 +23.8 +25:03.4
10. 71 AUSD. HERRIDGE AUSS. HILL Dean Herridge ASN 3:05:37.1 +4:48.9 +29:52.3
11. 21 GRCJ. SERDERIDIS BELF. MICLOTTE Jourdan Serderidis WRCT RC1 3:08:10.2 +2:33.1 +32:25.4
12. 31 FINK. ROVANPERA FINJ. HALTTUNEN Kalle Rovanpera WRC2 RC2 3:09:01.1 +50.9 +33:16.3
13. 6 NORA. MIKKELSEN NORA. JAEGER-SYNEVAAG Hyundai Motorsport M RC1 3:13:24.5 +4:23.4 +37:39.7
14. 75 AUST. CLARKE AUSR. PRESTON Tom Clarke ASN 3:14:05.2 +40.7 +38:20.4
15. 79 ITAF. FRISIERO ITAS. SCATTOLIN Fabio Frisiero ASN 3:15:01.4 +56.2 +39:16.6
16. 77 AUSJ. O'DOWD AUSK. SHEIL John O'Dowd ASN 3:20:31.6 +5:30.2 +44:46.8
17. 62 NZLM. YOUNG NZLM. READ Ron Cremen Rallysport RC3 3:21:59.6 +1:28.0 +46:14.8
18. 80 AUSP. DUNN NZLD. NEAGLE Peter Dunn ASN 3:27:00.2 +5:00.6 +51:15.4
19. 72 AUSC. BROOKS AUSS. GLENNEY Craig Brooks ASN 3:29:45.5 +2:45.3 +54:00.7
20. 78 AUSL. BATES AUSD. MOSCATT Neal Bates ASN 3:42:18.7 +12:33.2 +1:06:33.9
21. 66 AUSR. PINTER GBRP. HALL Rhys Pinter RC4 3:43:39.6 +1:20.9 +1:07:54.8
22. 74 AUSW. MORTON AUSM. BENSON Warren Morton ASN 3:45:42.9 +2:03.3 +1:09:58.1
23. 81 AUSM. BEARD AUSS. BECKWITH Mark Beard ASN 3:47:44.4 +2:01.5 +1:11:59.6
24. 69 AUSE. EVANS AUSG. WESTON Eli Evans ASN 3:48:48.5 +1:04.1 +1:13:03.7
25. 76 AUSA. PENNY AUSK. PENNY Andrew Penny ASN 4:12:30.3 +23:41.8 +1:36:45.5



León, México


Wind: 6 km/h