Toyota solves Tänak brake issue

Toyota Gazoo Racing has confirmed Ott Tänak’s ADAC Rallye Deutschland final morning brake problem stemmed from an issue with the bedding-in process.

The Puuppola-based team has implemented an overhaul to the brake preparation procedure, with drivers now to undertake a final assessment of each set of pads and discs before the start of every rally.

Chief engineer Tom Fowler explained: “An investigation has revealed Ott’s issue was caused by a bedding-in problem. The pads and disc weren’t mating properly and across the loop of stages there was a gradual degrading of the bite.

“That wasn’t the main problem for Ott. The real issue was that this problem manifested itself on a front corner of the car, which gave an imbalance in braking and affected the handling.

“It’s possible this issue has been there for a while and only showed itself in Germany where the braking forces and temperatures are higher.”

The issue cost Tänak any chance of fighting for Power Stage points to add to his third consecutive Germany victory and Fowler said the team would take an old-school approach now.

He added: “We use a machine for the bedding-in process of pads and discs and the data from the machine indicated the job had been done properly. Obviously, we need to look more closely at that, but firstly we’re making changes to the process.

“The first of those changes is the easiest, which is getting the drivers to bed the brakes in themselves, or at least complete the process and make sure they’re happy with each set.

“To an extent, the drivers do this on the way to a stage, just to get a feel for a new set, but now we’re going to be doing all sets before the rally starts. It is, a little bit, going back to the old ways of doing it.”


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