YPF Rally Argentina


YPF Rally Argentina
Start Date: 25.04.2019
End Date: 28.04.2019
Timezone: UTC -3 -3
Website: http://www.rallyargentina.com


  • The contrast between soft roads in the Santa Rosa de Calamuchita Valley and rocky, narrow tracks in the Traslasierra mountains. 
  • Sandy gravel roads become heavily rutted for the second pass and moving out of the ‘rails’ can pitch a car off the road. 
  • Many river crossings in the valleys which become wide and deep in wet weather. 
  • Early autumn in the southern hemisphere brings a risk of fog and possibly even ice in the mountains.

Car Setup

  • Gravel suspension.
  • Drivers raise the ride height to cope with rutted roads for the second pass of stages.
  • Both soft and hard compound tyres likely to come into play.

Event History

  • First run in 1980 in Tucumán province in the north, when it was known as Rally Codasur.
  • The 1982 edition was cancelled due to the Falklands War between Britain and Argentina.
  • Moved to Bariloche, in the south, in 1983 but found its home in Cordoba in 1984.
  • Argentines are passionate soccer fans and in 2007 a stage was held at the River Plate Stadium in Buenos Aires while Cordoba stadium, home to Talleres, has twice hosted stages and the finish.


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