FIA World Rally Championship
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Info about becoming a driver in the FIA World Rally Championship

There are many levels in rallying, and multiple ways to get to the top.
In WRC, there are four main championship categories:

The FIA World Rally Championship

The FIA WRC 2 Championship

The FIA Junior World Rally Championship

The FIA WRC 3 Championship

You can find out more about each category by following the links above. Formal regulations can be found on the FIA's website.

Most WRC drivers are registered in one of the four main championships, but to compete in a WRC rally it is not compulsory to register for the whole series. Individual WRC events are accessible for anyone who has a valid International Rally License from his or her National Motorsport Federation (also known as the ASN).

Getting the International Rally License usually requires you to do an exam and a number of national events in your country, and you may first need to obtain a local and/or national license. For details on how to do this, contact the national ASN in your country. If you are unsure where to find them, the following link to the FIA's website may help:

Once you have an International Rally License, you are ready to come to a WRC event. You can enter an individual event, but many young drivers start by tackling one of the WRC's support championships.

For young newcomers in 2017, the Junior WRC is the best place to be. Specifically developed for drivers that are getting to know WRC and are 29-years-old or under on 1. january 1988, it features six rounds and close competition in identical two-wheel drive Ford Fiesta R2 cars.

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