Every sport has its own jargon and the World Rally Championship is no exception. If you’re baffled by rallyspeak, check out this glossary. If you come across a term that’s not here, let us know and we will see if we can add it.

WRC cars have spoilers, splitters and other shaped panels on the bodywork to direct cool air around the engine, gearbox and brakes and help keep the car firmly on the road – or flying level – at high speed.

Anti-Lag System, which keeps a car’s turbocharger spinning to ensure there is always turbo boost.

Ceremonial start 
Usually held on a Thursday evening when crews drive onto a podium, greet the fans and give a short interview before making way for the next car. Ceremonial starts often take place against spectacular backdrops or in the centre of the host city.

The navigator in the passenger seat who gives a running commentary through an intercom to the driver about directional changes and road conditions ahead.

An essential part of a rally car’s suspension. Each car has four – one connected to each wheel hub. Dampers absorb bumps in the road and keep the tyres in contact with the surface as often as possible.

Damper Settings 
Rally car dampers are adjustable to provide different characteristics. At the simplest level they can be soft or hard, but other factors like rebound or ride-height can also be altered. Drivers are able to adjust damper settings between stages. The degree of change is usually measured in ‘clicks’ of the adjuster wheel.

Driver Safety 
The crew sits inside a super-strong protective cell surrounded by a roll cage. They strap themselves in with six-point wide-strap safety belts, similar to those used in military fighter planes. The car also features side-impact protection and has an automatic fire extinguisher system and the crew wear flameproof overalls and underwear, safety helmets and a head and neck support system (see HANS device).

The part of the transmission which transfers drive from the front or rear differential to the wheel. Each four-wheel drive rally car has four.

The Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile, the Paris-based governing body for worldwide motorsport which regulates and controls the World Rally Championship.

Flying Finish
The end of a stage where the timing stops.

Gravel crews
See safety crews

Helmet, Intercom, HANS device/ Khalid Al Qassimi
Helmet, Intercom, HANS device/ Khalid Al Qassimi