Rally Italia Sardegna


Rally Italia Sardegna
Start Date: 13.06.2019
End Date: 16.06.2019
Timezone: UTC 2
Category: WRC2
Servicepark: ALGHERO
Website: http://www.rallyitaliasardegna.com


  • Rugged and sun-baked gravel tracks in the north of the picture postcard Mediterranean island ensure one of the season’s sternest challenges. Fast and narrow stages leave no margin for error, while intense heat combines with abrasive roads to test tyres to the limit.


  • Rugged and sun-baked gravel tracks ensure tough times amid stunning scenery in the north of the Mediterranean holiday island. 
  • Exciting super special stage at the former Ittiri motocross track near host town Alghero kicks off the action on Thursday evening. 
  • Friday’s leg is identical to 2018, featuring four familiar stages to the north-east with only minor route differences. All are driven twice for a total of almost 125km.

  • Saturday is the longest with nearly 145km of competition over a tightly-clustered group of three stages, which are driven morning and afternoon, in the Monte Acuto region. The highlight is the famous Micky’s Jump.
  • Sunday’s finale is unchanged from 2018, featuring two repeated stages covering 41.94km on the coast north of Alghero. It ends with the Sassari - Argentiera Wolf Power Stage, which contains a stunning final section alongside the sea.      

Iconic Stage

  • Saturday’s Monte Lerno – home to the iconic Micky’s Jump. If you like your WRC action of a high-flying nature, then it gets no better than here. Cars hang in the sky as the road drops away beneath them.    


  • Fast but narrow roads lined with bushes, trees or rocks right on the edge leave no room for error.
  • Hard base roads covered by a sandy surface, which is swept away during the first pass to leave rougher and rutted conditions for the second run. 
  • Thin layer of slippery gravel on the surface disadvantages early starters in the opening leg.
  • Temperatures approach 30°C so it will be uncomfortable in the cars with higher than normal stress on engines and transmissions.   

Car Setup

  • Gravel suspension.
  • Drivers raise the ride height for rutted roads during the second pass of stages.
  • Hard and medium compound tyres available.

Event History

  • Italy’s WRC counter was formerly a mixed surface event based in Sanremo, and known as the Rally of the Flowers when it was first held in 1928.
  • It formed part of the WRC from the championship’s beginning in 1973.
  • Michèle Mouton became the first and only woman to win a WRC round when she triumphed in 1981.
  • The rally moved to the Mediterranean island of Sardinia in 2004.

What’s new for 2019

  • Plenty of short sections, ranging from a few hundred metres to almost 3km, within familiar stages. They amount to just over 20km of new roads in comparison to 2018.

Top Highlights

  • There are few more photogenic start locations than Alghero. Relax in one of the many typically Italian cafes and watch the WRC stars depart on Thursday evening against a stunning backdrop of the town’s leisure port. 
  • Micky’s Jump #1 - one of the WRC’s iconic locations in Saturday’s Monte Lerno stage. Cars fly high and long as the road literally drops away beneath them. The steepness of the take-off, combined with the proximity of a sharp left-hander shortly after, make it a must-see. Take a look: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lNO284EPoZA 
  • Micky’s Jump #2 – if you enjoy it on Saturday morning, then there’s no reason not to stay for a second helping in the afternoon! 
  • Pay a visit to the podium ceremony in Alghero on Sunday afternoon. After the trophies and anthems are done, it is traditional for the winning team to dive en masse into the harbour to cool off. 
  • Fancy an ice cream? As well as hosting one of the championship’s most picturesque service parks, Alghero’s historic harbourside is rammed with a mouth-watering selection of Italian gelateria.



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