Wednesday | 20 May 2020

WRC+ Focus: Rally Finland 2003

From 18-24 May at, we are celebrating all things co-driving. Therefore, it felt only appropriate to take this week’s WRC+ Focus to co-driver Nirvana: Finland.



For any co-driver, there is no greater test for their skills than the rapidly quick roads of Finland, where breathing on stages becomes secondary, such is the speed in which pace notes need to be delivered.

As an international co-driver, there is the added pressure of the knowledge that few non-Nordic teams have achieved success on this ultimate speed test. In fact, prior to Finland in 2003, the topic of this week’s WRC+ focus, that list of winning co-drivers only included seven non-Nordic names – four of them Brits.

In 2003, there was one more Brit who was determined to add his name to that list and become the first British winner in Finland since Terry Harryman, almost 20 years prior to him: Michael Park.

Tune in to WRC+ Focus: Rally Finland 2003 and witness Park and his Estonian driver Markko Märtin lead the way in an historical Rally Finland which, for the first time ever, would not see a Finn standing on the podium.


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