Friday | 20 Mar 2020

WRC Promoter message

A WRC Promoter team member tested positive for COVID-19 following Rally Guanajuato Mexico.

The person self-isolated in the team hotel immediately after displaying symptoms while awaiting support from the rally’s chief medical officer and medical staff from the city of León.

Following confirmation of the positive test, the person is being treated by the Guanajuato state health department and remains in Mexico under their care.

The person was present only in the team hotel and the WRC TV compound, which was removed from the main service park area and media centre.

WRC TV personnel, FIA, manufacturer teams and other parties who potentially came into contact with the person were advised following confirmation of the positive test.

WRC Promoter has co-operated with the relevant local authorities to assist their investigations, following the guidelines of the Governor of Guanajuato, the city of León and the State Department of Health.