Thursday | 08 Oct 2020

When reggaeton and rally collide

What do the world of reggaeton and rally have in common? Two words: J Balvin.

This weekend, at Rally Italia Sardegna, there is a certain livery causing a stir, with observers noting car number 64’s J Balvin-inspired artwork. J Balvin, the Colombian singer, nicknamed the “Prince of Reggaeton” has a social media following in the tens of millions and his songs receive hundreds of millions of views.

A little further research reveals that the driver of the Skoda Fabia RC 2, Giuseppe Pozzo, has a special personal connection with J Balvin.

Interviewed by WRC TV on Friday, the Italian-national Pozzo explained that he is based in Colombia and is the boyfriend of J Balvin’s cousin, as well as being a close friend of J Balvin’s parents.

J Balvin (left) pictured with Pozzo


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When he began discussing with J Balvin his wish to drive in Sardinia, the global superstar was only too happy to assist in making it happen. “We were talking about this (rallying) and how crazy I am about rally. Now, here we are!

“[J Balvin] loves sport…he has a lot of respect for the drivers and that is the reason that we are here.”

Asked if J Balvin would be following his progress this weekend, Pozzo answered: “He will for sure follow the race.”

He is convinced as well, that J Balvin will enjoy what he sees. “I imagine that all people are going to fall in love with this sport. This is culture, this is art.

“Driving a rally car in such a beautiful landscape is like a piece of art to me.”

So, as for J Balvin joining Pozzo in the car in the future? Pozzo believes the answer to that is with J Balvin’s parents. “I will ask his father and mother to pressure him a lot!”

In terms of his own expectations for the weekend, Pozzo made it clear that he is in Sardinia to enjoy himself. “I hope to have a lot of fun, amuse people and spend a very nice time in Sardinia which is a charming island.

“I am in love with this island and want to compete with other people that have my level of passion, from the bottom of my heart.”

Interview with Giuseppe Pozzo (Spanish)

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