Saturday | 14 Mar 2020

Lappi and Ferm escape burning Fiesta

Esapekka Lappi and co-driver Janne Ferm have made a lucky escape after their Ford Fiesta burst into flames on Friday at Rally Guanajuato Mexico.

The M-Sport Ford crew arrived at the end of SS7 El Chocolate 2 with flames lapping the rear end of the car. Ferm leapt out from the car, before Lappi bravely drove it a safe distance from any onlookers before also exiting, as captured on WRC+.

It was only once he left the car, that the Finnish pilot realised the full extent of the fire. "I didn't realise how big the fire was, so I tried to still drive," Lappi told WRC+. "Luckily we are fine."

The incident lead to the cancellation of the following stage whilst emergency crews worked to put out the fire and clear the area, before action continued on SS9 Las Minas 2.



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