Monday | 29 Jun 2020

Kalle has eyes for dad Harri’s Sweden winner

He’s still only 19, he’s driven just three WRC rounds in a World Rally Car and has already made a huge impression on the sport’s top level by becoming the youngest driver to finish on a WRC podium in Sweden.

And like any good Finn, home is where the heart is for Kalle Rovanperä when it comes to selecting his favourite rally car.

Dad Harri scored his only WRC victory in Sweden in 2001 at the wheel of a Peugeot 206 World Rally Car. Kalle was only 134 days old when his father climbed onto the podium in Karlstad, but watching footage of that win has left a lasting impression.

“I would say the 206 [as my favourite car] for sure, that my dad was driving. I’ve always enjoyed watching these videos from early 2000s because the cars were I think quite nice,” Rovanperä junior said in an interview for our WRC Favourites series.

“The spec and everything was quite proper and it was still a totally different driving style to what we have now. I think the cars look cool and the driving style also is a bit more aggressive so it should be fun to drive them.”

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Rovanperä also reveals his favourite rally and the stage he enjoys driving the most in the interview, which you can enjoy in the video below.

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Video: WRC Favourites - Kalle Rovanperä