Friday | 15 May 2020

Coming up: Co-Driver Week

They are the often unsung heroes of the WRC. Occupying a cramped ‘office’, they are the managers, the human sat navs and the clock-watching co-ordinators of a rally car while the drivers on the other side of the cockpit go about their business behind the wheel.

They work late into the night writing and double-checking pace notes, before translating and calmly relaying their complicated shorthand with pinpoint accuracy and timing as the car in which they are seated bucks and kicks like a fairground rodeo ride. 

They must be ready to cajole, encourage and reassure when appropriate - only to slide into the background when the TV microphones, camera lenses and recording machines are thrust at their colleagues with whom they spend more time than their partners at home.   

Welcome to the life of a WRC co-driver.

Next week we turn the spotlight onto those who are so much more than navigators in a series of features, profiles, interviews and videos here on and across the official WRC’s social media channels.        

Co-driver Week, presented by Anonimo, starts here on Monday with an analysis of how the role has evolved over the years and look out for the first video clips in our top 10 co-driver countdown.    

What to watch this weekend

What to watch this weekend

Sit back and put your feet up as we provide you with another list of essential viewing on WRC+ this weekend.

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