Tuesday | 19 Jan 2016

WRC Promoter strengthens Lexar co-operation

WRC Promoter has reinforced its alliance with Lexar under a new agreement for the digital memory solutions brand to become an official partner of the FIA World Rally Championship.

Lexar is part of the US-based Micron Group and a leading global brand of flash memory products, such as memory cards, USB flash drives, readers, and storage drives.

It has been an official supplier to the championship since 2014 and will step up its support in 2016 to further improve the production of WRC TV’s programmes at all 14 rounds.

Lexar memory cards capture the spectacular in-car footage and telemetry in cockpit temperatures that can approach 50˚C in the heat of Sardinia or Mexico. They are also used by WRC TV’s camera crews to film external special stage footage.

Its memory card readers improve the imaging workflow for the production team in WRC TV’s on-site base by reducing transfer times for more efficient editing, while its USB flash drives allow broadcasters to easily share footage in huge file sizes.

It also supports the WRC’s accredited photographers by providing discounted professional services, including memory cards and readers.

WRC Promoter managing director Oliver Ciesla said he was delighted Lexar had increased its WRC commitment to become an official partner.

“Lexar’s support allows WRC to generate content for broadcast and online use in a variety of ways, ensuring we’re as efficient as possible in our TV production.

“The WRC environment is a harsh one, both inside and outside the rally cars. The reliability and performance of Lexar’s digital solutions enable us to provide fans with the drama and excitement from the stages in our programmes with both speed and quality,” added Ciesla.

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