Monday | 08 May 2017

WRC gallery - YPF Rally Argentina

This year's YPF Rally Argentina ticked all of the items on the photographic check list: Vast pampas plains, rugged mountain roads, huge water splashes, crowds of spectators and - for a welcome change - some beautiful weather.

With so much material to work with, it's no surprise that the pictures from our WRC photographic team look so good. Here's a selection of our favourites courtesy of Jaanus Ree and Andre Lavadinho.

1. [Main and below] The natural grandstand
Few vantage points can compare with a place perched high on the roadside rocks at the start of the high altitude El Condor stage.

2. Water splash
Argentina's WRC round is famous for its water splashes. The stages are littered with them, and knowing how to get a car across one at speed is vital if you want to do well. Too much caution and a driver will give away time. Too fast, and the force of the car hitting the water could blow apart the cooling system. Here's Thierry Neuville's Hyundai ejecting gallons of water through its bonnet vents.

3. Pampas plains
Argentina’s stunning Pampas plains host some of the fastest stages of the season. Here's M-Sport driver Elfyn Evans, picking the perfect line through the grasses.

4. Dazzling sunrise
Visibility was an extra challenge on Saturday's Tanti - Villa Bustos stage [SS10] which began at 0810hrs just as the sun was rising.


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