Thursday | 01 Sep 2016 interview: Jost Capito, Part 2

Part two of our exit interview with Volkswagen's outgoing team director, Jost Capito.

Read the first part here.

Q: Is there anything about the WRC you'll be pleased to leave behind?
JC: "Somebody suggested the politics, but I enjoy the politics. It's always good when you see there is room for improvement and you fight for it. That I will miss, there is no doubt. I won't miss the early morning, though - getting up at 4 o'clock..."

Q: If you can get time off, which rally next year would you choose to visit as a spectator?
JC: "I wouldn't mind - just the one I had time for. Probably not Wales - although they say there is no bad weather, only bad clothing, right? Actually, as Wales will be my home rally, perhaps it will be the only one I can get to. So there it is - Wales!"

Q: Are you proudest of your achievements with Ford or Volkswagen?
JC: "It's impossible to say which meant more. If you win the world championship, and then you win it again, you can't say one is better than the other. Also, it was a  completely different system at Ford and VW. At Ford I was working through a team in M-Sport - even though it was part of the Ford family - but you are faced by various strong team principals. At VW I had the same role I did at Ford plus the role of team principal, so it made it a bit easier!"

Q: If you could change one element of the WRC what would that be?
JC: "For me it has to be the shootout [where time differences between the cars are reduced, proportionately, on the final stage]. Perhaps shootout is the wrong word, because nobody is 'out', but I think it would bring rallying to the next level. It's a good way to attract the general pubic with something that is really exciting. I strongly believe it would not change the spirit of rallying because the main results would still be decided out in the stages, but it would make the final stage very attractive for live television and that, for me, is still the main objective. Social media is good at keeping people updated who are already interested. What rally has to do first is create more interest and excitement among the general public."

Q: Do you think any of the current crop of WRC drivers could make the switch to Formula One?
JC: "I think they are generally all too old. That's it. Do they have the ability? Yes, I think so. The drivers who are top in any motorsport category can be top in any other motorsport category because it's all about driving cars - whether that's on a rally stage or race circuit. We saw that with Kimi Raikkonen. Many people said what he did in WRC was not impressive, but I thought it was. He wasn't used to having to listen to a co-driver and he didn't progress through the smaller categories, he went straight in at the top - and he was competitive. But I think you have to decide early in your career what you want to do. Especially in rally, it takes a long time to gain the experience. Because of this, if you are at the top level in rally you are too old to enter F1."


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