Sunday | 15 Mar 2015

TiTanak's Mexico escape goes global

One week after Ott Tanak’s Ford Fiesta RS sank to the bottom of a Mexican reservoir, coverage of the terrifying incident continues to grip audiences around the globe.

Two videos of Tanak’s dramatic escape - one shot by a fan with an iPad, the other captured by an onboard camera - have been viewed more than 1.8 million times on the WRC Facebook page alone.

They have also racked-up 1.5 million views on the WRC YouTube channel and have been watched more than 100,000 times on’s video on demand system.

With more than 936,000 views, the fan cam clip showing the Fiesta RS leaving the road and sinking below the surface as Tanak and his co-driver Raigo Mõlder swim for the shore is the second most viewed clip ever on the WRC YouTube channel and is on course to take the number one spot from the 1.1m ‘WRC: What is rally?’ clip shortly.

Meanwhile the incredible story of Tanak’s accident, escape, and subsequent return was covered by news organisations around the world, making headlines in print and online from Europe and the USA to New Zealand and Thailand.

Here then, if you somehow missed them, is another chance to watch both videos:

Tanak video views on WRC channels

ChannelView count
YouTube channel exterior fan cam936,822
YouTube channel onboard cam530,250 video on demand100,000
Facebook exterior fan cam1,441,160
Facebook onboard cam385,262

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