Thursday | 11 Feb 2016

Swedish stage teams work through the night

Road grading teams have worked through the night to re-prepare stages ready for this week's Rally Sweden [12 - 14 February].

Organisers sent road-levelling machinery into the Vargåsen, Värmullåsen, Torsby and Fredriksberg stages on Wednesday night, hours after they were driven by competitors on the pre-event recce.

"We went out on the stages to grade them before the forecast cold weather arrives," explained Rally Sweden Clerk of the Course Stig-Rune Kjernsli.

"We want to make them good so that when the sub zero temperatures arrive we have a frozen gravel surface."

The grading process smoothed the ruts that appeared during the recce. "The surface now looks very good," added Kjernsli.

Competitors will recce the remaining Swedish stages today and these are expected to be re-graded tonight.

The rally begins on Thursday eveing with an opening ceremony in host city Karlstad from 1800hrs. The competitive action is due to get underway at 0851hrs on Friday with the 16km Torsby stage.

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