Sunday | 15 Feb 2015

Sweden's super Sunday showdown

Thierry Neuville, Andreas Mikkelsen and Sébastien Ogier start Sunday’s final leg of Rally Sweden covered by less than 10 seconds.

As the trio prepare to fight for victory over the final three stages, talked to them about the big Sunday showdown. 

Thierry Neuville
“I’m ready for the fight! All three of us deserve to win but I hope I can keep my position and bring it home for the team. I’m not feeling any nerves. I’m in a good road position, following the two guys in front of me. I’ll give it my best from the start and try to be on the maximum, then let’s see what’s possible. I’ve never felt so good in the car since we started with Hyundai. It’s great to see I can drive this car as fast as I could with other cars before.”

Andreas Mikkelsen
“There’s not a lot of mileage left, so we need to be on it from the first metre. I know my first win is possible, so I’ll give it absolutely everything. The Norwegian fans that are supporting me on the stages are a big motivation to drive quickly. Thierry and I have had many close fights before in the IRC and he won before in Italy, but I’ll try and get my revenge here.” 

Sébastien Ogier
“I have nothing to lose but I really believe in my chances so I’m going to go for it. Actually there will be no need for rivalry between Thierry and Andreas because I will beat both of them! There’s not many kilometres so it won’t be easy to make up 10 seconds, but I think it’s possible. The opening stage in Lesjöfors doesn’t have such great memories for me as I spent four minutes in a snow there last year. We’re all going to have similar conditions so it will be very exciting for all the fans.”

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