Saturday | 31 Oct 2015

Spooky launch for Sweden tickets

What do Andreas Mikkelsen, Hallowe’en and Rally Sweden have in common?

Not a lot, you might think.

But today’s (Saturday) mix of ghosts, ghouls, tricks and treats also marks the launch of tickets for next year’s Rally Sweden, the only pure winter round of the FIA World Championship.

And event organisers enlisted the help of the Norwegian, who celebrated his maiden WRC success in Spain last weekend, to launch ticket sales with an appropriately spooky video.

The event is based in Karlstad on 11 - 14 February, with the first full day’s competition on Friday spending much of the day across the border in Norway.

“Andreas is a rising star with a large fan base also in Sweden,” said Rally Sweden CEO Glenn Olsson. “And for a cross-border rally in both Sweden and Norway, he’s the big home favourite.”

Take a look at Mikkelsen’s Hallowe'en special below:

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