Monday | 19 May 2014

Short and sharp in Australia

Coates Hire Rally Australia (12 - 14 September) looks set to be the shortest event in the 2014 WRC calendar with just under 320km of special stages planned over the three days.

Information released by the organisers shows 20 stages are scheduled. Eight shire road tests will be run twice each, with four passes over a previously-announced new mixed surface super special stage in the New South Wales host town of Coffs Harbour.

The Coffs tests will be in darkness, two at the end of Friday’s leg and two to complete Saturday’s action.

The Cex Coffs International Stadium service park adjoins the super special stage, 3km south of last year’s town centre location in Brelsford Park.

Most of the shire stages are the same as last year, with some minor changes to improve spectator access. However, Friday’s Hydes Creek is new and the previous day’s shakedown will be run on different roads.

Included in Friday’s leg is the 50km Nambucca test, one of the longest of the season.

As well as being short, the rally will also be extremely compact. Two legs lie within a radius of 35km from the service park and the other stretches no further than 55km away.