Thursday | 08 May 2014

Rally Argentina on

Rally Argentina blasts into action at 1600hrs today (Thursday) with the opening super special stage in Carlos Paz.

There are many ways to follow the drama and excitement both today and throughout the weekend on The quicklinks on the right will take you to: 

Live Dashboard
The first stop for results and information from Argentina. Here you can access split times from every special stage, competitors’ times as they cross the finish line and real time overall positions.

Click the ‘itinerary’ button and you will find a full list of the stages, their distance, and when they go live.
 The ‘start list’ button gives you the competitor running order for the day.
 The ‘penalties’ and ‘retirements’ buttons keep you updated on which drivers have been hit with time penalties or have been forced to retire.

Live Radio
For live audio click the ‘live radio’ link to hear Becs Williams, Colin Clark and George Donaldson reporting from stage ends and service park with the latest news and interviews from the drivers the moment they finish a stage.

Live Text
Our minute-by-minute text update of what is happening out on the stages.

Live Stream 
And if you want to see for yourself what is happening in the service park, simply click the ‘live stream’ link for live pictures and features from the WRC TV team streamed directly from the rally hub.

And don’t forget you can keep to date with all the latest news whilst on the move by downloading the official FREE WRC app for smartphones.

Enjoy Rally Argentina!