Thursday | 15 Sep 2016

Poll: Toyota drivers in 2017

This week we have been considering next season’s FIA World Rally Championship team and driver possibilities. Today, we want to get your sense of what might happen at Toyota's all new Gazoo Racing WRC squad.

Toyota poll:

Who will drive for the Toyota Gazoo Racing WRC team in 2017?

On Wednesday, we identified a crop of drivers we believe will be on team boss Tommi Mäkinen's wish list. From established pilots to rising stars, Toyota has no shortage of options to choose from at either end of the experience spectrum.

But which drivers are most likely to be behind the wheel of Toyota's new Yaris World Rally Car in 2017? That's the question we're asking here.

We've whittled our suggestions down to a shortlist of seven. So cast your vote in our poll box and let us know what you think.

We'll let this poll run until Tuesday 20 September when we'll bring you the results.

Can't wait that long? Then head to the WRC Facebook page and share your opinion.


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