Monday | 22 Jun 2015

Podcast: What Mikko did next...

It's been seven months since Mikko Hirvonen bowed out of the World Rally Championship, and in the latest edition of the WRC Live Regroup podcast we find out what he's been up to since.

In an exclusive interview with Becs Williams, Hirvonen talks about stress-free living in Finland and balancing that with 'speed fixes' in everything from his Ford Escort RS 1800 rally car to a Top Fuel dragster.

Hirvonen also reveals more about his new career as test driver and writer for Finnish car magazine Tuulilasi - a role which recently involved getting behind the wheel of a Williams F1 car - and a test in a Dakar car that *might* mark the beginning of a future adventure.

So, no shortage of exotic vehicles for Mikko since he gave up the World Rally Cars - but even he was surprised by his favourite so far.

"The dragster that was the best thing I've done with four wheels," he said. "Somebody said to me that driving straight is a little bit boring - but it was absolutely crazy. It was so fast! I've always liked big American V8s, and just sitting in it, with the engine behind me the whole car was jumping around - it was so cool!"

Watch Hirvonen's dragster experience here.

As well as the Hirvonen interview, the new episode also includes a feature with Sardinia sensation Hayden Paddon who talks about his first WRC podium. Click here to listen.

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