Tuesday | 11 Feb 2014

Petter: I should have raced Henning!

Petter Solberg has revealed that watching his older brother Henning on Rally Sweden made him wish he had entered the event in a World Rally Car too.

Instead, Petter, the 2003 world champion, drove his Ford Escort Mk2 in the historic class that ran alongside Friday and Saturday’s WRC competition, with wife Pernilla as co-driver.

The Solbergs won the class in 2013 and did the same again this time, taking victory by 41.9 seconds from Sweden’s Arne Rådström in a Volvo 242.

“It was good fun. Instead of a nice dinner I took my wife out in a rally car,” Petter told wrc.com. “It’s great to get in some driving on such a fantastic rally – even though the conditions this year were quite special. Rådström was very fast, but it should be competitive if it’s going to be fun. He worked hard, and that was great.”

Solberg remains committed to rallycross in 2014, but admitted that seeing his brother take seventh place had made him jealous.

“For sure I was missing the WRC,” said Petter, whose own Citroen C4 World Rally Car was on display inside a grocery store in Torsby during the rally weekend.

“Henning did a very good job, especially when you remember he hasn’t been in a World Rally Car for a year. I thought it was a bit strange that he was able to go so fast when he hadn’t driven for so long. Then I was thinking to myself, bloody hell, I should have jumped in to do it myself!”