Monday | 23 Mar 2015

Paddon turns to WRC+ for tips from the top

Hayden Paddon has revealed that he made successful changes to his driving style at Rally Guanajuato Mexico after using the onboard camera comparison feature on WRC+.

Paddon reached for his laptop after Saturday’s third leg to see how his rivals had tackled the stages and to work out where he was dropping time.
“It was our first time in Mexico, and it’s always difficult when you’re learning the stages, but in some places on Saturday I thought we weren’t driving badly but the times were a long way away,” he told
“I went back to the hotel and watched the onboards and they showed we were overcommitting in places where maybe we should have backed off to keep the correct line and get a better exit. I was more worried about keeping my foot flat and not hesitating.

WRC+ can overlay both driver point of view (shown) and interior camera footage

“From watching the onboards I was able to pull it back a notch on Sunday. I came down a gear, for a slower entry but faster exit. It felt slower but it was a slight improvement in the morning. It’s something I need to work on.”
Originally designed to allow fans to overlay onboard footage from two drivers on the same stage, Paddon said the WRC+ feature also offered valuable insight to new drivers.
“It’s great for me because I’m still learning and have a bit of catching up to do. So I can sit there and compare drivers, see where they make up and lose time and take away the good bits. It gives a different perspective on things. But I imagine for the guys up ahead it’s not so good because it’s giving away a few of their secrets!”

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