Sunday | 01 Mar 2015

Ostberg: My style suits Mexico stages

Citroen’s Mads Ostberg is relishing a return to the energy-sapping, high altitude stages of Rally Guanajuato Mexico - and to conditions he believes give him an edge over his rivals.

The León-based gravel rally never drops below an altitude of 1,800 metres above sea level, forcing drivers to get accustomed to engines that are down on power by around 30 per cent. But DS 3 driver Ostberg, who prides himself on a neat and tidy driving style, has turned the lack of power to his advantage.

“On this event you need to adjust your driving to cope with the lack of power,” the Norwegian told “Make a mistake here and you cannot rely on the engine to power you out of it. Even a small mistake can prove very costly.

“But my driving style seems to fit well with this situation. I don’t make so many mistakes. I’m quite clean on my driving and this is one of the rallies where that pays off.”

Ostberg has impressed on his recent visits to Mexico. He led the 2013 event in a Fiesta RS before he was sidelined by a technical problem. He led again last year, in a DS 3, before an impact with a bank scuppered his chances of victory.

This year, Ostberg will have the latest 2015-spec DS 3, with upgraded engine, transmission, chassis and suspension. He will also have decent start position of fifth on the road - which should give him a cleaner road than those ahead.

“It’s a better start position than we have ever had before going into this rally,” Ostberg acknowledged. “If we have a good feeling at shakedown then for sure we have to take advantage of that and push hard right from the start.

“It’s a rally where we should have a good possibility to fight for a strong result. I would say it’s one of my strongest rallies of the year,” he added.

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