Monday | 15 Dec 2014

Ogier loses TV bet with German Spiderman

Sebastien Ogier may have been untouchable on this year’s rally stages, but he met his match on Saturday when he took on a 21-year-old trainee sports teacher in a German car park.

Ogier and the show’s presenter Olli Dietrich (centre) and challenge winner Jakob Vöckler

More than nine million viewers tuned in to watch Ogier in the final edition of Germany’s long-running ”Wetten, dass..?" (You bet) television show, which was broadcast live from the city of Nuremberg.

In the show Ogier went up against free-climber Jakob Vöckler, who had bet that he could climb up and down the outside of a multi-storey car park more quickly than Ogier could drive up and down the inside in his Polo R World Rally Car.

Sure enough, as Ogier drifted his car up to the roof, Vöckler ran up the outside like Spiderman. At the top, Ogier drove a tight and twisty course to the down ramp, while Vöckler sprinted across. The pair began the descent closely matched, but Vöckler reached the exit barrier a few seconds ahead to claim the win.

"Congratulations to Jakob. It was something quite new driving through a multi-storey car park to win a bet and was enormous fun," said Ogier.

Watch the clip yourself below...

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