Saturday | 14 Feb 2015

Ogier caught speeding seven times

World champion Sébastien Ogier has been handed a suspended time penalty after being caught speeding during the recce for Rally Sweden a remarkable seven times.

Event stewards handed the Frenchman a two-minute penalty that will remain suspended until 13 February 2016 if he does not reoffend.

However, if he is caught speeding again during a recce before that date, the penalty will be applied at the rally concerned.

Rally Sweden has a 70kph recce speed limit and the Volkswagen driver also received a 1232.50 Euro fine, at a rate of 25 Euros for each cumulative kph that he was over the speed limit

Yuriy Protasov (18 offences), Lorenzo Bertelli (seven), Michal Solowow (four) and Max Rendina (three) also received a suspended two-minute penalty and a fine.

Kris Meeke received a fine for two offences, but the Northern Irishman did not receive a suspended time penalty.

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