Thursday | 13 Aug 2015

Number crunching Rallye Deutschland

It’s less than a week until teams fire up their engines at ADAC Rallye Deutschland and many leading drivers are spending the week in the Trier area testing and fine-tuning their car set-up for round nine of the WRC.

Before things get too serious, wanted to throw a few facts and figures at you to provide a glimpse behind the scenes of the first pure asphalt rally of the 2015 campaign.

1,394,500 metres is the length of ADAC Rallye Deutschland. It comprises 374,430 metres of stages, 48,410 metres more than last year, and 1,020,070 metres of road section.

70,000 cable ties are used by the installation and removal teams to help with, for example, the erection of 7,700 notice and guidance signs for spectators.

5,500 bin liners will be used to keep the rally region clean and tidy.

3,000 volunteer helpers provide valuable assistance, including 2,000 marshals from all 18 ADAC regional clubs throughout Germany.

Approximately 400 national and international journalists have been accredited.

325 kilometres of cordoning tape, 41 kilometres of plastic fencing and 13 kilometres of metal fencing will ensure spectators are always on the safe side.

49 spectator areas have been designated for fans from which to watch the action. Each comes with at least one parking area.

12 kilometres of wires and cables are used by WRC TV to cover the rally. Six tons of TV equipment will be used to broadcast pictures and a TV helicopter will be in the air for several hours each day.

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