Monday | 04 May 2015

Nagle on his mixed winning emotions

When is the right time to celebrate your first WRC rally victory? According to XION Rally Argentina's winning co-driver Paul Nagle, that all depends on which side of the car you sit.

Nagle navigated Kris Meeke to a momentous win last weekend that left his driver overcome with emotion as they reached the finish line. Nagle however arrived at the end of the El Condor stage with his composure intact and a tight grip on his time card. So, what was going through his mind?

"A lot of people have said that I showed no emotion, but I did internally," The Irishman told Becs Williams in the latest edition of the 'WRC Live: Regroup' podcast. "But It was new to me. When do I give up my time card? Do I get up on the roof first? Do I keep my timecard in my pocket, or what? That 20 or 30 seconds when the camera was on us I was focused. My brain was in overdrive trying to work out what to do!"

Meeke meanwhile was able to savour the moment. "For a driver when he gets through the finish it's all but done, but I have to get him from the finish to the arrival control at the Service Park, get him into the technical zone, get him into service, get him out of service and then to the podium. Until I handed over that final time card at the podium my job wasn't over. Then I had a sigh of relief and thought, that's it, they can't take it away from us now!"

You can hear much more from Nagle in our special interview recorded in his home town of Killarney. The podcast also features exclusive interviews with Citroën Total Abu Dhabi Team principal Yves Matton and of course Kris Meeke.

Want a reminder of that final stage? Have a look at the video below.

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