Thursday | 06 Mar 2014

Mexico countdown: fighting talk part 2

Here's what the drivers are saying ahead of Rally Mexico:

Jari-Matti Latvala: “A place on the podium would be great.”
“The win in Sweden was a special moment for me, and has obviously given me an extra dose of confidence. The scrapping of qualifying means I, as the championship leader, have to be first out onto the route. It goes without saying that this is a handicap. However, rules are rules. We want at least to finish in the points. A place on the podium would be great.”

Chris Atkinson: “It’s important to finish with no problems.”
“Being in good physical shape will be very important. I’ve been doing some training in the middle of the day during the Australian summer when it’s 35 degrees and I’ve also done some exercise in the sauna to be as much prepared as possible. I think it is important to get to the finish with no problems, if we can do this we will get a good result.”

Elfyn Evans: “We’ve done a lot of physical preparation.”
“I’m not sure of exactly what to expect, but I have a good idea from the test. I’ve certainly never had to contend with so many long stages in a single event, but I am looking forward to the challenge. We’ve done a lot of preparation on the physical side, so hopefully that will prove effective and we can concentrate on looking after the car and setting some good splits.”

Mads Ostberg

Mads Ostberg: “I’m convinced we’ll be competitive.”
“We are still learning but every mile we cover in the car makes me happy. Although we have to bear in mind that Rally Mexico will still be our first rally on gravel in the DS3 WRC, I’m convinced that we’ll be competitive. I’m positive. A podium finish would be an excellent result.” 

Andreas Mikkelsen: “I’m ready to go again!”
“Sweden was a perfect weekend. Once you have made it onto the podium, you obviously want to do it again. However, you cannot lose your sense of reality and Mexico is completely new territory for us. My goal is the top five. After Sweden, I went home and spent some time with my family and friends. I also went to New York for a weekend to relax a little. I’m ready to go again now though!”