Tuesday | 01 Sep 2015

Kubica's rallying passion undimmed

Despite a difficult WRC season so far, and a challenging time on the most recent round in Germany, Robert Kubica insists he is still passionate about rallying.

In his second full season in the World Rally Car category, the former F1 star has crashed on five of the nine rallies he has started and pulled out of Rally Argentina after he lost confidence in the team running his car

At ADAC Rallye Deutschland earlier this month he received a five-minute penalty for an engine swap before the start, then retired on the second day after his Ford Fiesta RS swiped one of the rally's infamous concrete Hinkelsteins.

But despite the setbacks, Kubica insists he is committed to the sport that has always been close to his heart.

"When you do a sport you put in a lot of energy and passion and it becomes part of your life. And life is not always very easy on you, or comfortable and relaxing," he told wrc.com. "If I did not have passion for rally I would not be here - I could choose much easier and more profitable ways to use my skills.

"In the end I'm a racing driver - and more a circuit driver than a rally driver. I know a few things need to be improved for sure - both on my side and more generally."

Three months since he re-structured his RK World Rally Team, Kubica is convinced that a lack of experience is still the biggest factor holding him back.

"It's difficult to go against factory teams and experienced factory drivers. I have a team of very passionate people around my car but together we have little experience - and that makes it even more difficult," he said. 

"In this sport experience is fundamental, it's crucial, and you need time to get it. So we keep learning. Maybe one day I will become more rally driver than racing driver..."

Kubica is yet to decide on his plans beyond the end of the season. Having chosen to miss the next round in Australia, he will return to the championship at the Tour de Corse in October.

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