Friday | 25 Apr 2014

Jari-Matti Latvala: Hola Argentina!

Rally Argentina is just two weeks away, so caught up with Volkswagen’s Jari-Matti Latvala on his return from testing in Sardinia this week to put a few friendly questions his way about the South American event.

Q. Where does Rally Argentina sit in your list of favourite WRC rallies?A. Not in the top three – but in the top five.

Q. Three words to describe the rally?
A. Passion, atmosphere and challenge.

Q. What route will you use to get there?
A. I will fly from Helsinki to Frankfurt in Germany, and then onto Buenos Aires. From there I connect on an internal flight to Cordoba.

Q. How will you pass the time on the long flight across the Atlantic Ocean?
A. I’ll use the plane’s entertainment system to watch some movies and when I can’t use that, then I will read a book.

Q. Argentina is famous for its steaks. How do you eat yours?
A: I like it cooked medium, and served with a salad.

Q. Do you have any favourite memories of the Argentine fans?
A: During the recce you see people already by the side of the stages with their tents and fires. And that can be three or four days before the rally arrives!

No visit to Rally Argentina is complete without a steak!

Q. Have you visited Buenos Aires? What did you see?
A: Yes, I went there about five years ago and I remember some great restaurants. I think they were in the Puerto Madero area, next to the water. There is a great atmosphere in that part of the city.

Q. How will you get over the jet lag when you arrive?
A. I will go out a few days before the recce – I fly next Friday. When we get there Miikka (Anttila, co-driver) and I will probably go and play golf. It takes four or five hours for a round and it’s really relaxing. Then we’re ready to sleep!

Q. If you had to take home a souvenir from Argentina, what would it be?
A. Near the small town of Mina Clavero, where one of the Sunday stages finishes, there are some small shops that sell really good home-made items, like wooden spoons. They are all locally made, and of good quality so I would take something back like that.

Q. Dulce de Leche is the country’s most popular ice-cream flavour. What’s your favourite?
A. Vanilla. If in Finland, then mango.