Monday | 28 Apr 2014

In the hot seat: Mads Ostberg

The next stop on the WRC calendar is Rally Argentina.

It is undoubtedly one of the craziest rallies of the year, boasting stages that have been likened to driving on the surface of the moon and hordes of rally fans that simply don't know how to keep a lid on their emotions.

We caught up with Citroen’s Mads Ostberg to get his thoughts on everything from his best experiences in Argentina to where he will sit on the plane as he travels to the fifth round of the series:

Q: Rally Argentina is an iconic event. Where does it sit on your list of favourites?
A: “It’s definitely a fantastic rally and the passionate spectators is one of the reasons that I like it so much. It’s definitely in my top-five all time favourite rallies.”

Q: Can you think of three words that sum up Rally Argentina?
A: “Lots. Of. People.”

Q: What route will you take travelling to Argentina?
A: “I will drive to Olso from my house in Norway and then fly to Paris. I then connect to another flight that takes me to Buenos Aires in Argentina. I will stay there for three days because I have some PR activities with Citroen. After that I fly to Carlos Paz.”

Q: When you get on the plane, where do you sit?
A: “I am very lucky because I’ll be at the front. I even get one of those lie down beds!”

Q: How do you pass the time during a flight?
A: “The flight to Argentina is a night flight so I’ll probably watch a few movies. It’s a good time to see the movies that you don’t see at home. I’ll probably have a sleep, as well.”

Q: Are you a good passenger on a plane?
A: “I think so. I’m quite relaxed about flying. I trust the people who are at the controls.”

Q: Argentina is famous for its steaks. How do you have yours?
A: “Medium rare.”

Q: What is your favourite memory of the fans in Argentina?
A: “In 2012, I was standing at the start of a stage and there were thousands of fans around me. I decided to take my phone out and take a picture of everyone. Just as I did that, all of the fans started shouting and taking pictures of me. It was an amazing atmosphere – and that was only at the stage start!”

Q: What do you miss most about home when you’re in Argentina?
A: “It's always the same things no matter which rally you’re on. Everything is totally different, the food and everything. I generally always miss Norway, my fiancé and my own bed.”