Monday | 13 Mar 2017

In photos: Meeke's Mexican save

With a rally lead of 37.2 seconds, Kris Meeke could afford to take it easy though the final stage of Rally Guanajuato Mexico. Instead, he got caught out by a bump on a fast right bend and found himself in a car park full of spectators’ vehicles.

The story of Meeke's subsequent recovery to take the win by 13.8sec made the news right around the world. And rightly so. We can't remember a salvage job like this since M-Sport raised Ott Tänak's Ford Fiesta from the bottom of a Mexican lake in 2005.

Here, in pictures, is the story of Meeke's thrilling finale.

1. He's off!
Just 750 metres from the end of the 21.94km Derramadero Power Stage, Meeke's car drifts wide on a right-hander and slides off the road, through a hedge at the side of the road and into... a spectator car park!

2. Short stay car park
Kris manages to keep his cool and, guided by co-driver Paul Nagle, picks his way around the parked cars to try and find a way back to the stage.

3. Meanwhile, at the stage end...
Thierry Neuville and the leading Power Stage crews are following the live footage of Meeke's crash on the big screen. Neuville's reaction sums things up well.

4. Meanwhile, at the Citroën Total Abu Dhabi WRT...
It's a similar story.

5. He's back!
Somehow Meeke finds his bearings, finds the hedge and finds his way back onto the stage. His C3 has a puncture and is trailing stage marker tape, but is racing towards the line. But how much time has he lost?

6. He's won!
Relief all round! Citroen team boss Yves Matton said that when the car reached the line "we were absolutely thrilled and all the tension and drama just slipped away." For Kris and Paul it took a little longer. They both look shell-shocked at the Power Stage podium ceremony.

7. Meeke's reaction
"I'm a lucky, lucky boy."


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