Monday | 09 Nov 2015

First Pictures: Higgins’ McRae tribute Subaru

These are the first pictures of the Subaru rally car that will be the focal point of celebrations to mark the 20th anniversary of Colin McRae’s FIA World Rally Championship title success at Wales Rally GB this weekend.

The NR4-specification Subaru WRX STI has been entered by Subaru of America and will carry a distinctive livery that is reminiscent of the blue and yellow colours that adorned McRae’s title-winning Subaru two decades ago.

The car has been built by British preparation specialist, JRM, and is the newest production rally car in the world. It will be driven by seven-time Rally America Champion David Higgins this weekend and he tested the car in mid-Wales this morning as part of Subaru of America’s pre-event countdown.

“It definitely brought a lump to my throat to see the car in its blue and yellow livery and I’m sure it will be pretty emotional when Jimmy (McRae, Colin’s father) waves us across the start ramp on Thursday,” Higgins said.

“Colin was the guy that made drivers like me believe it was possible to make a career out of rallying and, along with Richard (Burns) who came along a little time afterwards, we have a lot to thank them for.”

Higgins is aware that seeing his Subaru at Wales Rally GB will be a poignant moment for many spectators on the Welsh stages and he’s vowed to entertain in a way that McRae would have approved of.

“I’m going to be very, very clean and tidy on the secluded parts of the stages but when we see the fans we’re definitely going to have to be a bit more spectacular,” he added.

Picture credit: Lars Gange & Ben Haulenbeek -

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